Dr. Roberts appearance at the Navel Expo should make it a crazy show

Danielle Roberts

The Daily Mail reported that Dr. Danielle Roberts has been cleared of wrongdoing by the NYS Department of Health for her role in the alleged sex trafficking sub-cult of NXIVM called DOS.

While Frank Report found the Daily Mail report skimpy on details on how or why the State cleared the mad doctor Roberts, they did report on an upcoming conference our scalding hot lady osteopath will be appearing at this November.

For my own part, I would like to know more about the NYS decision before I confirm that the lady with the red-hot pen is actually cool to continue practicing with her medical license intact.

Even if she is cleared by the NYS Department of Health, it does not mean she is cleared of criminal charges. These might be forthcoming at the federal level – and unrelated to the state.

As for her upcoming appearance at the Navel Expo – let me make it clear that this is not connected with the US Navy. I imagine the name is suggestive of the anatomical navel.

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It’s not a Naval Expo but a Navel Expo.

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The conference is held on November 10-11 and features a cadre of medical practitioners including the lovely brander of women.  Here is what you can expect if you attend the Navel Expo.


  • Break-out Lectures
  • Keynote Lectures
  • Exhibit Floor
  • Speaker Directory


  • Break-out Lectures
  • Keynote Lectures
  • Exhibit Floor
  • Speaker Directory
  • $100 Voucher off New Patient Consultation with one of our Integrative Doctors


  • Six weeks trainining
  • VIP access to all speakers
  • $250 Voucher off New Patient Consultation with one of our Integrative Doctors
  • Signed Keynote Book
  • Private Meeting with Keynote Speaker

The Keynote Speaker is Richard Firshein, DO.


Last year, Roberts also attended the Navel Expo.

Catherine Oxenberg, Sarah Edmondson and others alerted the media and 20-20 showed up to interview Roberts – who declined to make any meaningful comment.


I would expect some of the media to attend this year’s Navel Expo to try to interview Roberts.

Perhaps, at the Navel Expo, Roberts will do a ‘pubic expo’ and show them her brand.

Perhaps some of the media might want to get one themselves.

It comes in one size – about 2 by 2 inches and has the initials KR and AM – which stand not for the four elements – as women were told prior to branding – but for the initials of two people who have been charged with a variety of crimes – Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.

The branding method is relatively quick – it takes about 30 minutes with Roberts wielding the white-hot pen as she carefully traces out the magical letters in an artistic manner on the surface of the pubic skin.

Since it is done without anesthesia, it is a tad painful – a big plus – for the man who devised the idea – Keith Raniere – teaches that pain builds character in women.

If you do choose to get one, in addition to Roberts, five other women will be necessary. Four of them will be naked and are there to assist by holding each one of your limbs down so you cannot squirm and move and spoil the artistry of the brand. The women might be wearing masks to ward off some of the smell of burning flesh which can at times be a little nauseating.

The fifth woman will be on hand to film the procedure for what is hoped to be for Keith Raniere’s viewing pleasure.  It is not clear if he can get videos in his jail cell at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, or if he can, if there is any place where he can view them.

In most places, a woman who branded other women at the behest of an alleged sex-trafficker facing life in prison would not be headlining a wellness expo.

The speakers at the Navel Expo must be one hell of a group.



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    • It’d be a crime to lure someone into a plastic surgery procedure, held not in a surgical theatre, but a domestic bedroom, not under general anaesthetic, but under restraint by 3 or 4 naked people – ‘botched’ or otherwise, – if the target either didn’t know, or had been told they were ‘just getting their ears syringed’.

      Premeditated assault and battery? Involuntary, forcible mutilation isn’t something most people would be as eager as you are to dismiss, legally or ethically.

  • What don’t you people understand?
    She. Was Not acting in the capacity of Dr./ Patient .
    And since when is it a crime to treat the whole patient with Nutrition, excersize advocacy, prayer or meditation and positive thinking for healing. I have many friends kicking cancers ass with immunotherapy , diet and meditation . No one knows her individual patients. You don’t know if she doesn’t prescribe pain med when necessary or antibiotics either .Just because a Dr. doesn’t over prescribe antibiotics when not needed~like a cold or viruses, doesn’t mean they never prescribe if necessary. A patient will share with their Dr what their beliefs are and together they seek an answer. If a patient is interested in a new therapy ~they explore that. Which one of you doesn’t know meds have side effects? Has no one seen the young teens dying from getting a HPV shot recommend their doctor? And they have the audacity on a T. V. commercial to say “You didn’t know if I got HPV , I would get cancer, right Mom ? Right Dad? If you did you would have vaccinated me.
    It’s a hard enough job but go ahead take your options away.

    • It’s not a question of whether “faith” or healthy living or homeopathy can contribute to healing. It’s no substitute for medical treatment but no one’s saying these don’t contribute to wellness.

      Roberts was using these principles to sell, recruit, women into the cult where many — those who passed Porter’s experiments — were mind conditioned and branded, marked by Robert’s own hand with Keith and Allison’s monogram — to serve as sex slaves and perform menial labor.

      Raniere was touting himself — and being endorsed by the cult — as a miracle, genius healer while many of his “patients” died far sooner than they might have, if at all, with proper medical intervention. In some cases, the cult lied about cases where Raniere had cured people who were never ill to begin with.

  • Interesting. Towards the end of the You Tube video, Danielle introduces “Isabella” , another cured Tourette’s person. Anyone know who that is?

      • Thanks for that. Isabella is a graphic artist, LOGO designer with NXIVM. Why is a graphic artist assisting a “Doctor” at a belly button wellness expo?

        At the end of Robert’s DOS pitch, she directs her audience to sign up with Isabella — the logo artist — for NXIVM’s EXO / ESO (SEXO) mind control courses.

        • Haha ‘belly button wellness expo’ – reminds me of when my doc called me a fully paid up member of the ‘worried well’ and told me to stay away from ‘navel gazing forums on the www’ – I’m going to send him the link!

  • “While Cafritz was slowly dying of the disease Raniere told her to drink a mysterious white potion.” This means on top of every thing the stinky fat statutory rapist has been doing, he has been practicing medicine without a license. Wouldn’t the AMA like to know this. You can’t prescribe medicine without a license.

      • Iscador is Mistletoe extract.
        A popular remedy in Germany and Switzerland.
        Most doctors regard Iscador as Voo Doo medicine.
        Basically the medicines are highly diluted and ineffective.

        Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Iscador as a cancer remedy.

        Homeopathic remedies are not medically effective and are generally considered harmless, except when used as a substitute for a scientifically proven and effective cure.

        Anthroposophic medicine (or anthroposophical medicine) is a form of alternative medicine.[1] Devised in the 1920s by Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925) in conjunction with Ita Wegman (1876–1943), anthroposophical medicine is based on occult notions and draws on Steiner’s spiritual philosophy, which he called anthroposophy. Practitioners employ a variety of treatment techniques based upon anthroposophic precepts, including massage, exercise, counselling, and substances.[2]

        Many drug preparations used in anthroposophic medicine are ultra-diluted substances, similar to those used in homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies are not medically effective and are generally considered harmless, except when used as a substitute for a scientifically proven and effective cure.[3] In certain European countries, people with cancer are sometimes prescribed remedies made from specially harvested mistletoe, but research has found no convincing evidence of clinical benefit

      • lol, wonder if the milky white potion wasn’t Keith’s “transformative” spank. Wonder what was served at Vanguard Week where everyone fell so ill they were ordered “quarantined” to their cabins. Wonder why Barbara Jeske and Pam Cafritz — the two remaining top tier aged-out harem members — got cancer at the same time?

        Only Karen Unterreiner and Kristin Keefe, who escaped, live to tell.

  • I know I’m not the only woman out there who has lived with a lot of pain. I don’t find it character building, it’s simply pain. How this woman could not at the very least have her license revoked as it is obvious to everyone but New York State DEPT. OF HEALTH. So it’s ok to set up shop in a private home in your part of the world? Is there no oversight on procedures such as cauterizing women with no medical staff, with no idea what damage may be caused on such a sensitive area of the body. I hope you research shows this is false. If not it’s definitely time to start fighting back against all of these corrupt entities. WALDORF/STEINER SCHOOLS; THE NEW YORK STATE DEPT. OF HEALTH, THE OFFICIALS IN ALBANY NEW YORK BOUGHT OFF BY BRONFMAN MONEY. SO JUDGES WERE YOU OK WITH CLARE BRONFMAN BUYING YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION, WHERE YOUR KIDS GO TO SCHOOL. WORLD JEWISH ORG. YOU OK WITH YOUR PRIVATE CORRESPONDANCE BRING VIEWED AND USEC BY NXIVM CULT MEMBERS? SHADOW is right , carefully worded e-mails, letters to board members, Articles written by Newspapers across the nation. So much is out of our control, getting the truth out isn’t. I will comprise a list of addresses and contact info, if anyone has any to post please do so. Those of you who went through the branding process and still stand by the man behind the scenes who got off on watching the videos of your agony , were any of you aware that it was his and Allison’s initials being permanently burned on your skin, ask yourselves WHY. This was a carefully planned attack. I don’t blame you for falling for it, you were coerced by women you’d known for years. The dark side of this cult was hidden from most of you. I do wonder what he would have made you do for his sick pleasures next. I imagine those studying the reams of video and Keith’s own computer searches what they will find. If you have real information to share please come forward. The Ted Bundy’s, and Charles Mansons were nice guys too.

    • Heather, you claim you are seriously ill.. yet yesterday you were writing nasty comments about me on another thread when I spoke about the sexually abusive comments and lies that being directed at me.
      What sort if woman sides with abusive sexual abusers to attack another woman?

      If you’re really ill, and not actually just a troll like Pea, maybe concentrate on your health instead of attacking other women for no reason.

      • I don’t read anything about you , I avoid your posts I never saw what you are talking about nor will I go back and look for it. You have been 100% wrong in all of your posts about me so go on and play your games with someone else. I’m telling my story in the hopes of helping those that they want it. You’ve made it clear you are not one of them. So please leave me alone.

        • Then I suggest you check your comments from Sept. 26th at 9:33 PM, and a number of other comments you made about me on that thread.
          Have you already forgotten what you wrote?

  • Frank Parlato, your pen is more scathing, scarring and exact than the branding weapon this vicious witch doctor wielded on her captive victims’ flesh.

    The Navel Expo should be turned into a Dr. Roberts expose’ and her medical practice belly-up.

  • Last night I spent 20 minutes absorbing Dr. Robert’s medical wisdom on the power of placebos to heal people of disease.
    The video is up on Youtube.
    Basically Dr. Roberts believes that placebos can be as effective in treating disease as conventional medicine.

    The lecture s Dr. Roberts gave raises new questions that the FBI might want to investigate.

    Pam Cafritz, Raniere’s long time slave master before Allison Mack, suffered from renal cancer.
    Ultimately in November 2016 Cafritz died from that terrible disease.
    After Cafritz’s death members of NXIVM supposedly stole her identity and looted her estate.

    While Cafritz was slowly dying of the disease Raniere told her to drink a mysterious white potion.
    Who concocted that potion?
    What was in it?
    Did the New York State Medical Board investigate Pam Cafritz’s medical treatment?

    By all accounts Pam Cafritz was a horrible person.
    But the circumstances behind her death merit some investigation.
    And the FBI has 12 terabytes of files to comb through.
    Some of those files might shed some light on Cafritz’s death.

    PLACEBO EFFECT: Creating the Belief Systems for Miraculous Healing by Danielle Roberts, DO

    • Thanks, Shadow. I needed that! This news had me up last night, too. Mostly worrying but good someone researched!

      How many licensed MD’s in the US preach “faith healing” or endorse the “placebo effect?!” Practically unheard of!

      Wonder why Roberts never attributed Raniere’s claims of healing Tourette’s Syndrome, Kristin Keefe’s fake cancer (when she was MIA preggers), Barbara Bouchey’s alleged Chrohn’s disease, etc. to the “placebo effect”?

      • Your welcome.
        I have had a few out patient operations by doctors over the years.
        Both of those doctors acted in a professional manner.
        Both used pain killers to make the operations bearable.
        And they took precautions with anti-biotics to prevent infections.
        Of course one of my doctors was on the faculty of the University of Chicago Medical School and the other graduated from Stanford Medical School.
        Neither of them used a mysterious white potion and they both explained what medicine they were giving me.

        • I have terminal cancer and go to a medical cancer center for chemo every three weeks, when one stops working we try a new one. Each treatment includes a group of Drs who discuss that days patients, what is working what isn’t. As it spread to the brain we used radiation. I am monitered with cat scans and MRI’s every few months. I have outlived my original time frame, I have had surgeries for complications always under a Drs care with pain medications. The idea of trusting an individual like Rainere is more frightening than the disease. Family and friends are always coming up with miracle cures but they are trying to help the only way they can. Never has a milky white liquid been mentioned. Since NXIVM has made world wide news I’ve wondered about these women who had died in the previous year to cancer. I do hope the feds look into their deaths. I can only go based on my experience but when you are dying you will generally do whatever is available not only to live longer but to keep the pain at bay. I’m on a lot of painkillers and anti anxiety meds. This would be unbearable without them. So even if these women were evil like Rainere they deserved a better end, at least the truth. The cult that keeps on giving

          • I pray that your doctors find a cure or treatment.
            All I can relate is my own personal experiences with doctors.
            They have all been professional and they did their utmost to alleviate any pain and prevent infection.
            The idea of Dr. Danielle Roberts ignoring cries of pain from these women and continuing with the branding at Allison Mack’s insistence is outrageous to say the least.
            Both Danielle Roberts and Allison Mack are twisted and warped human beings who deserve the harshest of punishments.

            And what makes the case even more outrageous is that the branding was totally unnecessary.
            The branding served NO medical purpose.
            It only served the ego of Allison Mack and her sick and twisted Master Keith Raniere.

        • That may well be why you’re still with us while many of Raniere’s, Robert’s and NXIVM’s (EXO / ESO) patients either aren’t here physically or are only partly so mentally!

          I knew Pam Cafritz, btw. She was actually very sweet natured to begin with. I highly doubt she was a genuine “lesbian,” as well. Keith corrupted her into fitting into his role for her. He probably also killed her. Then robbed her grave. Probably wanted her body cryogenically frozen thinking he could get away with it, maybe even have her take the fall for a few other crimes were she somehow deemed still “alive” —just frozen stiff. Such is his own complete absence of conscience or consequence.

          • Heidi I first met Pam back in 1991. Although odd, I never thought she was a lesbian although my friend R thought she pitched for the other team. I now know why R thought that, it was love bombing and her recruitment techniques. I always found something off with Pam like she was trying to hard. Plus there were the lies about her athletic ability. As, I said before, what thoroughly disturbed me is how she procured young women for Keith. Yes, I realize, she was/is Keith’s perfectly created obedient wife and by obeying and sharing him she paid the ultimate price her life. However, what she became is a despicable being. Just my two cents..

          • Laura the “Correspondent”
            I should hope you’re not a real journalist!
            TO instead of TOO?
            TOO funny!

            Too much fake news!!

          • TLWR you’re obviously new to this site, or you would know something about ‘Laura Derby- Clifton Park Correspondent’ and her part in this site’s concern with bringing the nxivm criminal enterprise to justice. If spelling is your chief concern might I suggest:


            a bit more interesting for you surely, than reading here to correct homophones.

          • Onewomamarmy
            I’m not concerned with spelling mistakes. I’m concerned about fake journalists spreading fake news. When I see a poorly written report , such as the one posted by Laura, it makes me a tad suspicious, especially when I’ve uncovered other inconsistencies here

    • Where was Pam’s wealthy influential family while she was dying? Cancer is a very painful frightening disease to die from. Anyone who sat back and watched should be punished. I to would like to know what this white drink, which didn’t work by the way. Unless it’s intention was not to cure then it worked quite well.

      • Where was Pam’s wealthy influential family while she was dying?
        Pam’s father was already dead.
        As for her family maybe they were estranged from their daughter because of her involvement in the cult and her lifestyle as a pimp.

    • I believe the point of her lecture is along the lines of mind over matter. The placebo only makes one think they are being cured-thus the believe equates to healing. I’m not supporting this manic, however there certainly is a lot of power in the mind that one can tap into using various methods.

  • I hope Dr Roberts is arrested. Not all of the brandings were voluntary once she started using her pen on women. At the point where she was asked to stop by the woman being branded and did not stop under the directives of Allison, it became an horrific assault.

      • But did any of these women press charges against her? Will the police investigate if there are no victims willing to press charges?

        • Sarah Edmondson brought charges to the FBI about her branding and Clare Bronfman reacted by trying to have Edmondson arrested in Vancouver.
          Ultimately it will come down to the FBI filing charges against Dr. Danielle Roberts.

          Roberts should be charged with participating in a sex trafficking conspiracy and enforced servitude conspiracy.
          Doctor Roberts belongs in the same dock as Allison Mack.

          • Sarah Edmondson could sue Dr Roberts in a civil case , but so far she hasn’t.
            Do you think the lawyer for the former NXIVM members might have some plans to sue? Or maybe Ms. Edmondson has forgiven Dr. Roberts , as she realizes she was influenced by others?

            But I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more about this in the near future .

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