6 thoughts on “Emiliano Salinas appears on TV.milenio.com to defend ESP

  1. Si lo desea, ¿podría un lector de habla hispana de Frank Report publicar una respuesta con una transcripción en español de la entrevista?

    Entonces es fácil publicar una traducción al inglés del español.

    If you please, could a Spanish-speaking reader of Frank Report post a reply with a transcript in Spanish of the interview?

    It is then easy to post an English translation from the Spanish.

  2. Mexico might be the only place NXIVM has left soon since Albany isn’t going to be around much longer.
    Wonder why Emiiliano’s Bottom Boy Alex isn’t out defending Vanguard and the amazing life available at the compounds. Oh, that’s right, he’s too busy using defectors.
    He’s grown so old with all his lies.

  3. Well this just looks like he’s pitching ESP to some man in a suit. Why? What’s the purpose of this? Does he think a little intro to a guy in an office will defend the fact that he’s supporting vaginal branding and blackmail and abuse of women? Not to mention a human trafficking ring.

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