Collages: ‘Allison’s Tongue;’ ‘Intelligent Gaze’ suitable for framing



Here are two wonderful collages:

The first is called Allison’s Tongue.

Both are suitable for framing.


Funny image 2


The second in our exquisite collection is ESPian Women’s Intelligent Gaze

Funny image 1


Alison Rood is a comedienne who took an ESP course. Here is her viewpoint:
Allison Rood
What’s in a name?

With more and more Executive Success Programs members realizing they are poorer now than when they started, it would be great if Vanguard rewarded ESPians with something more than a colored sash.

So far, Vanguard has given out only two titles: One for himself and one for Nancy Salzman, who is Prefect.

Earlier this year, Frank Report wrote that Vanguard was considering giving Clare Bronfman the title Legatus. But. so far, Clare apparently hasn’t donated quite enough millions to Vanguard to warrant that title.

A reader sent in a list of suggestions for other titles that Vanguard might give out:

May I suggest Vanguard consider giving titles to other Espians.


Landica = Lauren R Salzman



Vesanus = Dr. Brandon Porter

Stultus  = James Del Negro

Pedo Crepitus Morologus = Sara R Bronfman

Tardus = Dawn Morrison

Discipuli tarde = Esther L Chiappone

Merda Mentula = Emiliano Salinas

Culus futuo – Alejandro Betancourt

Merda Mentula


If it is not obvious that Rainbow Cultural Garden is dangerous for your child, perhaps you might also need some basic instructions on the dos and don’ts of child raising:
Don’t pay $125,000 per year to place your child in a human experiment, where minimum wage employees from foreign countries, untrained in child care, watch your child while speaking to him or her in seven different languages.


While it is true that Rainbow Cultural Garden’s MDS get only one hour of instruction before they begin caring for children – and that  many of them have never raised a child – they do get the basic and most important dos and don’ts of child care:



All kidding aside, The Dalai Lama addressed Vanguard and Prefect:

Dalai Lama speaking to Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman

As one reader summed it up:


1) Women were branded under somewhat false pretenses.
2) Keith fucks a lot of women in his “self help group”
3) Keith has asked a lot of people to do highly unethical things.
4) Keith has lost a lot of money for his benefactors.
5) Most of the claims Keith has made: about being a track champion, judo champion, smartest man in the world, etc. show he is a liar of the highest order.



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  • I have some better names for these people. They are confused but in their headfuckery they continue to facilitate Fucktard’s ‘mission’ i.e. plan to destroy and fuck up humanity:

    Lauren: Lie-dica
    Brandon: Headfuckdico
    Emiliano: Corruptico
    Alex: Psychopathico
    Allison: Fucktupdica
    Esther: Bullshitbelievica
    Nancy: itsoverunlessyouturnyourselfindica
    Jim: vanguardwhippedico
    Kamaraj: Swamisuppressico
    Fluffy: Couldntgiveafucktico
    Jack: Mightisrightico
    Rosa Laura: Misguidednuntico
    Clare: Gollum.
    Cammi: Notsoyounganymoreica
    Karen: Beyondhopeico
    Danni: Tantrumica
    Charmel: Whatthefuckica
    Samantha: Screwlooseica
    Luis: Goingdownwiththeshipico
    Ivy: Darkrepunzalica
    Kathy: Hasbeenballerinica
    Mike Baker: Getthefuckoutdico
    Lucas: Womanhatico
    Enrique: Cantthinkforyourselfico
    Omar: Saveyourfuckingwifico

    And there could be many more…

    • Creo que Keith en realidad terminó siendo el amante de su madre después de que su padre dejó a la familia. Esa es una de las principales razones por las que tiene una relación tan malsana con las mujeres.

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