Judge Lynda Munro Is a Hero in Hallowed World of Dr. Richard Gardner

I received this epistle on a Proton email account from a “Dr. Henry:”

I am submitting the attached article for your consideration for publication. You should publish it, because you have published dozens of articles supporting an opposing view.
The article will clearly show the hysteria of some women and archaic males on a highly debatable topic.
It will accurately reflect my and many other practitioners’ sensible views.
While I have to keep my identity secret, I assure you that I am a therapist regularly assigned to serve CT Family Court, and have saved many children from hysterical and mentally unwell mothers.
I will continue to do so despite your libelous attacks on our work. 
Most CT Superior Court judges assigned to family court support the work we do together, not for the reason you write about — money.
It is not money that drives us, but a love for children.
I think your money-first argument is a matter of projection.
If you choose to publish my opinion editorial, my conditions are that you must publish it in full and unedited or not at all.
I chose not to reveal my true identity, because you would undoubtedly attack me and harm my practice, as you have done to so many others who support our shared ideals.  

I accepted Dr. Henry’s conditions with this proviso. Frank Report takes an unmitigated, 100 percent opposition to pedophilia. We support the prosecution of all pedophiles to the fullest extent of the law. Frank Report supports the age of consent laws of every US jurisdiction.

Dr. Garnder likened the protection of pedophiles to the burning of witches in puritan jurisdictions.

Dr. Cleophus D. Henry

Former CT Superior Court Judge Lynda Munro pioneered family court custody reversals. She is now an esteemed lawyer at Pulman & Comley.

An AFCC affiliate, Judge Munro, followed Dr. Richard Gardner, who identified parental alienation syndrome.

Parental alienation syndrome encourages greater participation of Family Court mental health professionals, who invest time in helping families who otherwise have no access to professional guidance influenced by Dr. Gardner.

It restricts professionals to those approved by a Gardner-inspired Family Court, weeding out professionals who are charlatans, psychopaths, and incompetent.

Many therapists can be paid to support accusations of abuse against a parent, though the child initiated the encounter with the adult.

Pedophilia may enhance the survival of the human species by serving “procreative purposes. – Dr. Richard Gardner

Competent therapists understand the younger the survival machine at the time sexual urges appear, the longer will be the span of procreative capacity, and the greater the likelihood the individual will create more survival machines in the next generation.


The Oedipal or Electra parent in America has a tragic fight against the draconian punishments in a hypocritically puritan society.

(For instance, society supports a child deciding to commence medical gender transition, but does not permit the same child to have pleasurable sex with a loving adult.)

Therapists must appreciate that the child who has experienced sexual closeness with the parent does not need psychotherapeutic intervention any more than a child who decides to change genders.

It is society that tends to create mental issues because of moral outrage.

There is a whole continuum that must be considered here. We are not talking about children who were coerced and gained no pleasure (and might even be considered raped). We are speaking of those children who enjoyed immensely with orgiastic responses to the activities.

In the past, when the puritan parent accused the traditional parent of abuse, it led to the removal of the accused from the children’s lives.

Dr. Gardner led the way to reverse the scales of injustice, devising a methodology that places guilt squarely where it belongs: on the puritan parent for alienation.

Parental Alienation Syndrome is the diagnosis that ensures a custody reversal will occur but it requires increased participation of court professionals who support Gardner’s values

If the alienating parent, usually the mother, reacts to the relationship of the father and child in a hysterical fashion, or uses it as an excuse for a campaign of denigration of the father, then the therapist is instructed to try to ‘sober her up’.

Her continued hysterics contribute to the child’s feeling that a heinous crime has been committed, and will thereby lessen the likelihood of rapprochement with the father. 

One has to do everything possible to help her put the ‘crime’ in proper perspective. She has to appreciate that in most societies in the history of the world, such behavior was ubiquitous, and this is still the case.

She clearly intends to alienate the child from his father if she cannot understand this.

This work requires coordination between trained family law attorneys, GALs, therapists, custody evaluators, and parental supervisors.

Judge Lynda Munro

Judge Munro led the way and followed the pathway of the great Dr. Gardner with a guiding spirit of her own, making all AFCC lawyers and therapists indebted to her and to Dr. Gardner, who lamentably and prematurely passed away in 2003.

Dr. Gardner wrote Child Custody Litigation (1986):
Older children may be helped to appreciate that sexual encounters between an adult and a child are not universally considered to be reprehensible act. The child might be told about other societies in which such behavior was and is considered normal. The child might be helped to appreciate the wisdom of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, who said, ‘Nothing’s either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’ In such discussions the child has to be helped to appreciate that we have in our society an exaggeratedly punitive and moralistic attitude about adult-child sexual encounters.

Sadly, Judge Munro is retired from the bench, a woman who kept Dr. Gardner’s teachings alive. But many have followed in her  footsteps. Most notable are Judge Gerard Adelman and Judge Jane Grossman.

They understand that mothers who had encounters with their own fathers as children may have residual anger toward their father.

This may interfere with her relationship with her husband. This should be explored in depth by court-appointed therapists, and the mother should be helped to reduce such residual anger.

She is not fit to be children until she does this.

She can be helped to appreciate that in the history of the world, the father’s behavior has probably been more common than the restrained behavior of those who do not employ sexual encounters with their children.

Judge Munro blazed a path to teach mothers that their failure to recognize Gardner’s understanding alienates their children, and that she must be removed from contact with them before the mother causes permanent and lasting harm.

Psychologists successfully working in the custody evaluation industry rely on making recommendations to the GAL, or testifying in court in conformity with Dr. Gardner’s principles.

While it is likely the mother has sexual problems, this must be handled delicately in custody evaluations. The mother may never have achieved an orgasm — despite the fact that her father may have introduced her to sexual experiences, or despite the fact that she had so many lovers that she could be described as a French whore, and in spite of the fact that she is now married.

The therapist, then, does well to try to help her achieve such gratification. Verbal statements about the pleasures of an orgiastic response are unlikely to prove useful. One has to encourage experiences, under proper situations of relaxation, which will enable her to achieve the goal of orgiastic response.

Vibrators can be extremely useful in this regard, and the therapist should help her overcome any inhibition she may have with regard to their use. Her own diminished guilt over masturbation will make it easier for her to encourage the practice in her daughter, if this is warranted.

And her increased sexuality may lessen the need for her husband to return to their daughter for sexual gratification.

If the father doesn’t know this already, he has to be helped to appreciate that pedophilia has been considered the norm by the vast majority of individuals in the history of the world. He has to be helped to appreciate that, even today, it is a widespread and accepted practice among literally billions of people. He has to appreciate that in our Western society, especially, we take a very punitive and moralistic attitude toward such inclinations.

Excepting that he lives in Connecticut, he has had a certain amount of bad luck with regard to the place and time he was born, with regard to social attitudes toward pedophilia. However, these are not reasons to condemn himself.

All of this must be said in the context of privileged HIPPA protected communications between the therapist and parents.

Because of combatant mothers, family law therapists realized that if they wrote a formal custody evaluation report based on sound Gardner principles, parents or other so-called experts might contradict the findings based on hyper-puritan arguments.

Sidney Horwitz

Two of Dr. Gardner’s staunch followers, psychologists Sidney Horwitz and Howard Krieger, perfected what we call the art of “seasoning.”

Once a custody reverse is contemplated by the professionals on the case, which usually begins with an agreement between the attorneys before agreeing on the GAL. then all efforts must be made to get to an ex parte order, where the children are removed within a few months from the accuser.

Once this occurs, it is best to let custody “season” to permit changes in the children and the isolated parent to take effect.

Seasoning is nothing more than delaying, deferring, and requiring “feedback sessions,” and other necessary measures to avoid a premature issuing of a written report.

Of relevance here in the seasoning is that therapists must gradually combat the hysterical belief that a sexual encounter between an adult and a child — no matter how short, no matter how tender, loving, and non-painful — automatically and predictably must be psychologically traumatic to the child.

The determinant of whether the experience will be traumatic is not the act itself, but the puritan social attitude toward these encounters.

The professionals get paid for their work, but they work to settle the case after sufficient seasoning without having to write anything that anti-Gardner advocates could seize upon to disrupt the values promoted.

These are dangerous and hysterical times, as evidenced by the disproportionate attacks on the Catholic clergy.

While the Church capitulated, CT Family Court has remained a bulwark, an unbreachable fortress, in protecting the rights of Electra fathers and Oedipal mothers.

I believe it is reasonable to say that millions of people in the United States are either directly accusing or supporting false sex-abuse accusations, or react in an exaggerated fashion to situations in which bona fide pleasant sex encounters occurred.

Mandated reporting of so-called child abuse has led to the most frivolous and absurd accusations by two- and three-year-olds, vengeful former wives, hysterical mothers of nursery school children, and severely disturbed women against their husbands and elderly fathers.

So the antidote is when Drs Horowitz and Krieger had to write a report because of a Gardner-unfriendly judge or a combative puritan litigant, the report is kept confidential.

In a Stamford, CT matter, Judge Munro stepped forward and set a precedent. It was a boon for custody evaluators to act with discernment and judgment.

There was formerly a good reason not to write a report.

Now there was a prophylactic to protect professional custody evaluators who sought the best interest of the children.

If the puritan parent reads the reports, and if they have any resources left, they get paid experts to combat the reports, which could end up in the hands of media or law enforcement.

They should never read the custody evaluation reports.

As an aside, we need well-publicized civil lawsuits against incompetent and/or overzealous psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, child protection workers, ‘child advocates,’ lawyers, DAs, police, and detectives whose ineptitude has promulgated a false accusation, which the seasoned therapist who understands Gardner’s philosophy is best suited to understand and determine.

Judge Munro set the standard by ruling that parents were not permitted to read the custody evaluation report, if it recommends a switch in custody and removal of the accusing, alienating parent from the children’s life.

It is because our society overreacts to it [pedophilia] that children suffer. – Dr. Richard Gardner

Judge Munro ordered parents to take their kids to Dr. Horowitz and allow him to take whatever time he needed to evaluate. And as much time as he needed to assess and write the report.

After proper seasoning, the report is issued.

Judge Munro ordered the parents not to be permitted to read the custody evaluation. Only the attorneys and GAL could read them. But exceptions were made for traditional parents to read the reports, so they could understand how the puritan parent alienated their children.

Judge Munro achieved a remarkable new legal standard.

She started issuing custody orders based solely on a custody evaluation report, which she forbade parents from reading.

She established a precedent that parents are less competent in determining kids’ long-term interests than trained professionals who understand that consensual and pleasurable sexual encounters between parents and children is a widespread and accepted practice among literally billions of people.

As our puritan society breaks free of its bondage, they will see the truth. It is already becoming evident in the growing understanding that children at a very early age may realize they have been assigned the wrong gender and are taking steps to transition with adult support.

If they know their gender is wrong, children may also know they need to explore sexual relationships to determine more of their true feelings on gender and whether reassignment is best.

The safest haven for children considering transition to another sex is to explore their sexuality with their parents.

Most children experience high sexual urges in early infancy. There is good reason to believe that most, if not all, children have the capacity to reach orgasm at the time they are born.

How can we allow children to transition to another sex through medical intervention, while simultaneously denying them the opportunity to experience sex, just to be certain that they are making the right decision?

If a child can decide to change their sex, they are certainly in a position to decide if they are ready for sex.

It is important that, before they alter their body permanently, through drugs and, in most cases, sterilize themselves, that they at least explore their assigned gender’s ability to provide them with the satisfaction they crave.

Children are naturally sexual and may initiate sexual encounters by “seducing” the adult. If the sexual relationship is discovered, the child is likely to fabricate so that the adult is blamed for the initiation.

Let’s take the guilt away. This will not make me popular in the gender transition [GT] industry, but my life has been dedicated to the best interests of children without mercenary considerations.

Led by Judge Munro, the Family Court correctly reduced the role of parents in Family Court. Their principle role is to fund the hard-working and trained professionals best suited to decide the children’s welfare.

We need the same brave judicial leader to combat the GT industry’s model of the child changing genders first, before they have sex, and are told to wait to have sex until they reach the so-called age of consent – transitioned in their new gender.

The better model is that the child has sex first in their assigned gender, then decides if they still want to change genders, after understanding sex with a tender and loving parent or caring and conscientious adult.

The normal child exhibits various sexual fantasies and behaviors, many of which would be labeled as ‘sick’ or “perverted” if exhibited by adults. If permitted to act these out, it may lessen the desire and diminish their desire to change genders.

It is the artificial and unnatural age of consent laws that prohibit children from exploring their assigned gender first, before electing to change genders.

We accept the child’s word as final on the lifelong decision to change genders. Why do we not accept the child’s word as final on when they want to explore sex, with their assigned gender?

Would you not test drive a car you inherited before you trade it for another? Let children live out their fantasies before they switch genders. Children having sex with adults is not necessarily traumatic. A change in genders may be a lifelong trauma if the virgin child does so without exploration of their assigned gender.

The determinant of whether sexual molestation will be traumatic to the child is the social attitude toward these encounters. It is not considered traumatic for a 12 year old to decide to change genders and begin serious body altering medications, which will render them sterile.

Judge Gerald Adelman knows that the wisdom of Dr. Richard Gardner will one day prevail worldwide, and at least prevails in Connecticut today.

A child’s wisdom is unquestioned. But changing genders without sexual experience can be traumatic and could cause lifelong regret.

Judge Munro led our wonderful state by adding teeth to protect children from maverick alienating mothers.

Parents must obey the professionals, or Judge Munro found them strictly in contempt and sometimes incarcerated them.

She also took special care not to alienate the child from the father, who was credibly accused of having sex with his child.

There is no such thing as a perfect parent but an alienating parent is as bad or oftentimes worse than a rapist. The rapist causes in most instances temporary and curable damage but the loss of a loving parent is a lifelong trauma.

Judge Jane Grossman will not allow an alienating mother to get away with hysterical accusations of harm to a child just because of father child encounters. 

We have in our society an exaggeratedly punitive and moralistic attitude about adult-child sexual encounters, but have no such compunction against a child deciding to reassign their gender.

Judge Munro understood that mothers are usually at fault for divorces by not fulfilling their husband sexually.

But then the mother screams because her husband resorted to their daughter or son. This is the height of hypocrisy.

My studies indicate that children of pedophiles are 87.56 percent more likely to be satisfied with their assigned gender.

One of the steps society must take to deal with the present hysteria is to ‘come off it’ and take a more realistic attitude toward pedophilic behavior. The best remedy is to place the child with the pedophilic parent and remove the hysterical accuser, likely mentally unwell, as evidenced by her hysteria.

Sound but confidential court ordered custody reports showing the mother presents with various mental health disorders, backed up by court assigned therapists that demonstrate parental alienation, all under the watchful eye of Gardner-inspired GALs, will lead to a new age of understanding, and better childhoods.

Bravo Judge Munro and the late and beloved Dr. Richard Gardner.

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  • I hope this post above is the work of a troll – given the disgusting content and the claim the author is providing “therapy” in CT – I certainly hope it’s just a troll.

    The arguments made in this Guest View are complete garbage.

    While people like Gardener are placing pedophilia in this “perspective” – recognising for much of history fathers having sex with their children was accepted and excusing it on that basis – maybe they will reconsider also our current views on other practices accepted throughout most of history – like slavery. Let’s bring back slavery, bring back wife beating, strip women and non-property owners of the vote and ….. well …maybe not. How incredibly, ridiculously stupid. And offensive.

    Here’s another thought based on the claims in this guest view — maybe we should release Harvey Weinstein from prison and tell the women he assaulted (in their situations of extreme power imbalance with HW) that there was nothing bad done by HW and they just need to change their views of what HW did to them?

    In truth, adults who are socially competent and without criminal tendencies get their sexual and other personal needs met without imposing on those unable to say “no” – whether it’s because they are passed out and can’t consent, or because they fear being fired from their job, or because it’s the person providing for their basic needs (food, shelter, education) – their parent – the one supposed to be preferentially meeting their needs as a child over the parent’s own adult needs.

    The a-holes who would subject children to such an abuse of power and misbehaviour, and their defenders, deserve to spend time in jail cells with oversized cell mates looking to have their own sexual needs met. Let them learn firsthand how it feels to be overpowered, used and abused.

  • First off: has this email been authenticated or is it trolling?

    Either way, pedophiles are the lowest form of human excrement. To be honest, many do not act on their whacked-out sexual attractions. Those I truly feel bad for. They pretty much live their lives knowing how immoral and disgusting it is and keep themselces in check. But those who offend need to be locked up like the animals they are. The ENTIRE Democrat Party supported pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum, whom raped and sodomized five children under the age of 13. The progressive wing of the party, led by Bernie Sanders is even worse. They hate Jews, they love pedophiles, they hate Trump, they love Lenin. Just a twisted, perverse group of scum.

  • Lynda Munro is a disgrace, she resigned from the bench under cloud of criminal investigation, she is a puppet of the pedos, she railroaded little Max Liberti into pedo slavery to his father and paternal family of pedos, read all about it in Kieth Harmon Snow’s book ‘Worst Interest of the Child’. Pedos of Connecticut don’t even try to hide it, they have the judiciary, law enforcement, even legislators in their pockets. Lynda Munro’s own family is a horror story, she should not be making decisions about anybody’s children. World will be a better place when she is gone.

  • “Older children may be helped to appreciate that sexual encounters between an adult and a child are not universally considered to be reprehensible act.”

    I think much of this article was taken from last year’s NAMBLA Convention Keynote Address. The 2023 Convention venue has already been announced: the dumpster behind the Brill Building. CHOMOs should pre-order because I hear space is limited.

    • A very carefully worded reply, Richard, to avoid having to tell Frank the truth —- that he’s being played for a fool here. 🙂

      This whole email is a snow job (troll job) sent to Frank by the other side.

      The author of this email is certainly NOT a registered therapist with the CT family court system, LOL.

      It’s a false flag email.

      But… Frank won’t entertain this possibility —- because the loony nature of this email fits within his narrative (Frank’s narrative is that all CT family court therapists and GAL’s support Gardner’s loony belief that sex between fathers/kids is not a bad thing).

      With all due respect, the only thing that CT family court GAL’s and Therapists believe is that ‘parental alienation’ is a real thing —- which is just common sense, since many divorces are contentious and many parents seek to make their kids favor them and hate the other parent.

      If you honestly don’t see this, then I question your objectivity.

      If Gardner said that gravity existed but he also said that gravity was created by Apollo The Sun God —- then he’d still be correct that gravity existed, but he’d be incorrect as to why it existed.

      Gardner was correct about ‘parental alienation’ existing.

      He was simply a batshit-crazy-loon when explaining all of his loony reasoning (as to why it existed).

      A person can be correct about one thing and totally wrong about many other things.

      Frank is a good guy but he’s too close to Karen and Cunha to let his brain function normally —- so I cut him some slack on this, cuz he doesn’t know any better.

      You should know better. You’re a sharp guy and I find it hard to believe that you actually believe this email is a LEGIT email sent to Frank by a REAL therapist.

      It was sent by one of the crazy commenters on FR, the ones who scream about the evils of the CT family court system. That’s why they sent it from Switzerland-based Protonmail.

      It’s a troll job to support Frank’s narrative and help generate more fake outrage.

      Frank is being played for a fool here. And sadly, he’s too naive to realize it.

      I expect more from you, Richard. Please rise to the occasion.

      Have a good day. 🙂

      • Judge Linda Munro did order that parents are not permitted to read the evaluation. When that was contested enough, the court then ordered that parents could read the evaluation they paid for, but only in the attorneys office.

        The parents could not receive a copy of the evaluation, could not take a photo of any part of the evaluation and could not take notes on the evaluation.

        Doesn’t this sound suspect to you?

        It’s insanity yet these are court orders. It goes under the guise of protecting the families however, the parents are marginalized as second class citizens.

        There is a one hundred page report and they can only read it when in the attorneys office? As the attorney charges fees for that time?

        It’s a racket Bangkok.

        The courts increase the conflict. There is refusal and resistance by kids when parents divorce. To assume it’s alienation by all these families without foundation is ridiculous.

        No medical board has approved parental alienation, which is why it’s hidden in custody evaluations and family courts.

        And to justify removing a parent from children’s lives is child abusers and goes against CT laws and violates constitutional rights.

        Can you not see that?

        • “Judge Linda Munro did order that parents are not permitted to read the evaluation. When that was contested enough, the court then ordered that parents could read the evaluation they paid for, but only in the attorneys office.“

          Which laws and rules set policies for family court evaluations?

          If family court evaluators aren’t actually health providers, what service do they provide?

          According to HIPPA law “The Privacy Rule also contains standards for individuals’ rights to understand and control how their health information is used. A major goal of the Privacy Rule is to make sure that individuals’ health information is properly protected while allowing the flow of health information needed to provide and promote high-quality healthcare, and to protect the public’s health and well-being.”

          How is health information used in family courts? 🤔

      • Bangkok- there is a cabal of ct psychologists, custody evaluators and gals that run the racket in ct family court.

        It’s hard to believe but very much true. There are over a thousand families that petitioned the judiciary in 2014. Are all of these families making it up?

        It’s a silent epidemic throughout the country. Connecticut is one of the worst states – it’s a cesspool of corruption. Look at the facts. Listen to the hundreds of families that have testified about the abuse of evaluators, psychologists and attorneys.

        The Fairfield county family law attorneys indeed work together to strip families of their wealth, their homes, and deliver kids to the one who pays.

      • Bangkok-

        It’s a droll, not a troll, job for me. Frank is so whimsical and humorous. You are probably unaware that Frank does an excellent imitation of Bert Williams. Frank’s take on Mammy is awe-inspiring. I believe, Frank being Sicilian, some way helps him.
        Wink-wink. 😉


        In all seriousness Bangkok, this series of articles shouldn’t be mocked. Stick to NXIVM!

  • What a crock of shit – literally – throughout this babble is $$$ signs at every turn and that is all the Family Court Actors care about…. they have no care about the child/children… they are just objects used to fill bank accounts. It is a well written piece as to why Gardmer committed suicide…. he realized how wrong he was and that he had created an unethical monster.

    • Stabbed him self to death. This is the person who created a bullshit name – parental alienation.

      Kids have demonstrated refusal and resistance at times of divorce. Instead of minimizing this issue, Gardner and the afcc capitalized on it and custody evaluators use it as a weapon.

      People like Bangkok accept the parents behaving badly to justify hundreds of thousands of dollars for afcc therapists who never resolve the issue- but in fact continue the isolation of one parent from their children and collect fees for years following the divorce. It’s criminal.

      • He didn’t stab himself to death. He took his own life because he had complex regional pain syndrome and he was in agony. What BS website have you been reading from?

        • The autopsy says an overdose plus stab wounds to the chest at right angles.

          He probably played his role, served his purpose and was then “suicided”.

          • Does the original Gardner autopsy actually show 90 degree stab wounds to the chest? Most copies of the autopsy report online years are gone now. A version online today doesn’t show 90 degree stab wounds. It says massive amounts of drugs were in Gardner’s system; his right jugular vein was cut and a stab wound to the heart was at a 45 / 60 degree angle.

            The County Of Bergen Department of Public Safety Medical Examiner Autopsy Report from May 27, 2003 says the cause of death was “incised wounds of chest and neck”.

            “There are at least four stab wounds clustered within a 6 x 3 inch area on the anterior left chest. … The body is received with a knife … The knife is angled upward and inward … 45 degrees and 60 degrees when viewing downward from the top of the head and laterally from the side of the body, respectively …”

            “Four transparent “duragesic” patches are in place on each quadrant of the abdomen; three of these patches are square and show “25 micrograms” as their dosage. The rectangular shaped patch on the left lower quadrant of the abdomen shows the dosage as “50 micrograms”.

            Duragesic patches are probably what delivered the “… Fentanyl, 6 nanogrampmL; urine fentanyl, 100 nano gram/mL, Fentanyl in blood is in the range for reported overdose deaths …”

            If the “Fentanyl was in the range for reported overdose deaths” and 125 micrograms in transdermal patches were on the skin; 6 nanograms / mL of Fentanyl were in the blood; and, 100 nanograms /mL were in the urine: Did the additional “Acetaminophen … morphine … hydrocodone … oxycodone …” knock him out before he could inflict the fatal wounds?

            Or, did all those drugs numb the pain of the stab wounds without knocking him out?

            The report says, “Gross quantities of Acetaminophen were present in the small volume of gastric fluid submitted.”

            Given the information in Gardner’s autopsy report, did any medical experts ever offer opinions about the anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and psychology of that day?

            Did Gardner kill himself or was he “suicided”?

  • We have in our society, an “exaggerated and punitive attitude about childrens” place in society.

    If we can “ elect” an orange king baby reality show host as president, then “elect” a will-less body, robbed of its soul geriatric baby, why don’t we just get a real kid in that White House? Throw up some bounce houses in there, water slides, n balloons and tear it up!

    Let children be children. Period.

    No kid wants to even see naked adults. It is sickening. If they engage in physical exploration, it’s because their brains are not developed and they are understanding the physics of boundaries. Much like the child who puts their hand in the fire.

    I wish this article was some random joke. A satirical description of an alien society from another universe.

    Sadly, it perfectly illustrates the toxic mentality that drives the system.

  • Satire or someone who thinks that way without telling the public.

    If it’s not satire, it could be one of many working in family courts.

    Maybe Michael Haymes or Logan Green?

  • Hmmm…this “therapist” with no name…this….
    he/she/they/”IT” argues that children should be able to decide if they can physically mutate & mutilate their gender ?

    “ IT” argues that CHILDREN “ seduce” (?) adults into sex acts that IT is allegeding children want? VERY interesting Anonymous therapist.


    Dear Anonymous therapist, sick piggies like you, deserve a little Lord of the Flies justice.

    • Yup. “My studies indicate that children of pedophiles are 87.56 percent more likely…” was a dead giveaway.

      Frank has quite a sense of humor. People get all worked up about this parody stuff too, which makes it all the funnier!

      • You’re sharp Aristotle, yes, you are. Studies show that authors who quote statistics in articles report demonstrably false numbers 78.45 percent of the time and actually deliberately lie about those numbers a whopping 67.1 percent of the time. It’s shameful,

          • More information about Mr. Gardner …

            “Gardner (1992, pp. 18-32) has developed his own theory concerning the evolutionary benefits of deviant sexual practices or paraphilias. Gardner proposes that many different types of human sexual behavior, including pedophilia, sexual sadism, necrophilia (sex with corpses), zoophilia (sex with animals), coprophilia (sex involving defecation), klismaphilia (sex involving enemas), and urophilia (sex involving urinating), can be seen as having species survival value and thus do “not warrant being excluded from the list of the `so-called natural forms of human sexual behavior.'” Such paraphilias may serve nature’s purposes by their ability to enhance the general level of sexual excitation in society and thereby increase the likelihood that people will have sex, which then contributes to the survival of the species (Gardner, 1992, p. 20).”


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