Part 3: Sexy ESPians of Mexico: Inside Story: Alex buys Clifton Park home with company he shares with Emiliano…

As one of his friends described it: Puto [Emi] was lying when he covertly started using Pedro [Emi's male member] to penetrate Ludwika. By day, he would ply Pedro for Ludwika. At night Emi turned el culo for Alex's intrusions. But when it was time to switch, Alex wondered why Emi's Pedro was unable to put forth his best efforts nightly when Alex turned up el culo.
Vanguard knows what is best for his students.

EDITOR’S NOTE: There are some who will read this who will think I made the following story up. It sounds like fiction. But there are many who know that some of it is true. There are several who know much of it is true. And there are four who know how much, precisely, is true. 

Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt Ledesma is another rich ESP Mexican who purchased a home in Clifton Park. He bought a house there in late December 2014.

A friend of Alex told Frank Report that, “Mr. Betancourt will be very angry if you publish pictures of his home and identify the address. Mr. Betancourt is very protective of his privacy.”

Alex purchased 318 Moe in Clifton Park, NY 12065. The house has five bedrooms and 4.5 baths. It is 3,256 sq. ft and is set back far from the road.

alex home

Like all the homes bought by the Mexicans in Clifton Park, the agent who sold Alex his home was long time ESP recruiter, Franca DiCrescenzo, a licensed real estate broker.

So far, Alex has not used the home much; he paid $670,383.

Alex comes to Clifton Park several times a year to take classes and meet with Vanguard.

Alex bought the home in the name of Prorsus Real Estate LLC, a company he is most likely in partnership with Emiliano Salinas.  The always penniless Executive Success Program (ESP) coach, Farouk Rojas is listed on some documents as an officer of Prorsus.

Prorsus is Latin for ‘straight” or ‘absolutely.’  Or ‘as befitting, the pig,’ from the concept of the fall pig is slaughtered for its surety of both feast of fresh meat and salted meat for the winter.

Emi’s wife, actress Ludwika Paleta, also bought a home in Clifton Park. She bought it in her name without Emiliano on the deed. She paid $500,000 for her home.

Alex need not work. His father saw to it that his son could devote his life to hedonism.
Alex’s home at 318 Moe in Clifton Park as it was being built.
Photo of kitchen.
Alex spends little time in Clifton Park. He prefers tourism. Alex’s father set him up with a stipend that eliminates the need for him to work.


A little history on Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt 

His father was the personal accountant of Manuel Espinosa Iglesias. He became rich, it is said, for his personal assistance in ‘adjusting’ books in a transaction concerning Bancomer, the largest financial institution in Mexico.

Alex’s father set up his son on an allowance so that he need never work.

Alex, with plenty of time on his hands, decided to invest his energies into the pursuit of hedonism. Alex soon developed a motto, “I don’t have any sexual boundaries.”

As he explored frontiers, Alex met young men who had sex with them.

He also met Keith Raniere, who told Alex that he was Benito Mussolini in a previous life. He told Alex he had a lot to make up for having killed all those people during World War 2.  To what extent Alex believed Keith is not clear. Several EMs were administered to Alex to help him understand that Keith is always right.

Alex and Emiliano Salinas became partners in the Mexico City Center of Executive Success Programs, under the direction of Keith, who prefers to be called by his self-given, made-up title of Vanguard.

Like Vanguard, Alex, who dedicated his life to hedonism,  had a great cover in ESP.

Alex could not hide being gay like Emi could.

Alex could appear to be in the life coaching business – and there would be a parade of eager young men who would take the courses and Alex could have sex with the best of them. At the same time, no one would know him to be a wastrel. They would think that like his Vanguard, he was working ceaselessly to create a more noble civilization.

Because of the manipulative nature of the ESP instructions, [which is largely a hypnotic induction to train students that Keith is always right], a teacher can sometimes persuade a young man who had been previously attracted to girls to try being gay.

Keith however taught Alex that all gay people are confused. Alex was, therefore, confused. Therefore, Alex needed to take many ESP classes. The ESP classes taught Alex that Keith was always right.

Alex’s life soon consisted of chasing men and sometimes boys, having orgies and wild parties, traveling to countries where sex is tourism, and taking ESP classes and teaching the ESP classes and recruiting people [especially young men] to take ESP classes in Mexico City and sending them up to Clifton Park to take more ESP classes.

Keith was on the lookout for slender woman who were flat chested and looked like long haired boys – to mentor. Alex was on the lookout for slender young men and teens with short hair who looked like girls  – to mentor. And, thus, the perfect partnership was born.

Emliano was having sex with women who were being taught by Keith.

Keith told Emiliano that Alex was his true love.  Emiliano did not know he was supposed to be gay.  Despite telling Alex that gay people are confused, Keith told Emiliano he could resolve his issues if he had a gay relationship with Alex.

He told Alex their Mexico City partnership in ESP would be stronger.

Alex agreed. For several years, the two trust fund babies were together. They shared their ESP business and their bed.  They hid the fact they were a couple in Mexico City where it might inhibit recruitment of new students.

Many knew Alex was gay. Few knew Emiliano was gay. Emiliano tried to cultivate a debonair image.

Keith taught the two men to charge ESP students tuition in Mexico and have the cash brought to Clifton Park (More on the topic of bringing cash over the border at a later date). Alex knew how to count money like his father did. One set of books in Albany listed the Mexican students as having been given “free scholarships”.

Of course, no tax was paid on this income. “Taxes…we don’t pay no stinking taxes” is Vanguard’s motto.

One day, Emi met famous actress Ludwika Paleta. Ludwika thought Emi had a lot of money. She did not know he was on an allowance from his dad at first.

Emi forgot he was supposed to be gay and started secretly dating Ludwika Paleta.

One day, Emi admitted he had been cheating on Alex – and that he had fallen in love with Ludwika. Alex was heartbroken.

Emi left Alex for Ludwika. They remained business partners. They knew many crimes about each other and Keith also knew about th crimes they committed. Keith had committed no crimes since nothing was on paper in his name.


As one of his friends described it: Puto [Emi] was using pedro to penalize Ludwika. By day, he would pedro Ludwika. At night, Emi turned el culo for Alex to penalize. But when it was time to change flavors, Alex wondered why Emi’s Pedro was unable. Alex wondered also why Emi had started eating pescado.
imagesEmi married Ludwika and became her devoted slave. He behaved as the perfect passive male. Ludwika grew bored with beta behavior. And she found out did not have as much money as she originally thought.


Emi took her to ESP and she went alone. She learned that Keith Raniere was the wisest man in the world. She also met handsome actor Mark Hildreth. Emiliano became pussy whipped.

When Emi found Ludwika enjoyed sex with other men, he felt heartbroken, much in the same way that Alex had felt heartbroken. It is said Emi wept and said he would stop wearing red panties if she would stop having sex with other men. She refused. He tried to make her jealous. He said he would go out with other women and men. She laughed and said ‘don’t forget your red panties.’

For the media, however, the couple posed as if they were happy and in love. For the sake of her career, they acted deeply in love, but she did not find the beta male attractive and offered him often sloppy seconds.

Ironically, Emi had to hide his relationship with Alex to the public.

The couple pose for the camera for the sake of Ludwika’s fans.

With Ludwika, Emi had to give a false impression of a happy, faithful relationship to the public.

The fans were interested in Ludwika who was a star and Emi was rich son of a former president who was deeply committed to a life coaching company to bring executive success to students in Mexico.

While he and Ludwika pretended they had a Camelot marriage, Emiliano had to reluctantly agree to accept his role as her cuckold. He told his friends privately that he liked it this way and he and his wife were happy swingers.

For quite some time, Emi went after every man or woman with a pulse – and he had success in bedding many of them.  Because deception is Emi’s best talent, he decided to sneak back to the bed of his lover Alex Betancourt.

This proved to the men that Keith is right; he is always right.

Ludwika is an actress of renown in Mexico. She has taken many hours of ESP classes. She is learning that Keith is always right. She has now bought a home in Clifton Park. With her arrival, she may be following in the footsteps of another actress, Allison Mack, who gave up a million dollar TV acting career to follow Vanguard. Allie now heads DOS which brands women on their pubis with Keith Raniere’s initials and takes material for future blackmail to ensure the women’s silence.

Meantime, Ludwika told the media she gave birth to twins with her happy husband so joyful. Actually, the twins were born through a surrogate mother in San Diego. Ludwika was never pregnant. The deception is all part of ESP’s standard practice – especially when it comes to babies.

Allison abandoned her TV acting career for something more profound. She follows Vanguard.

Ludwika may soon become more involved with DOS and Keith Raniere.

Ludwika’s “babies” will spend little time with her. They will be placed in Keith’s Rainbow Cultural Garden – where babies are spoken to in seven languages by seven low wage foreign strangers and are especially taught not to bond with parents.

Her husband, Emi, and his lover, Alex, are deeply committed to one another – and to ESP. Everyone is agreed on how much progress Ludwika is making. How lucky she is to follow someone who knows everything, someone who is always perfect and right.

alex and emil
The two lovers were happy until a woman came between them. But Keith will make everything right in the end.


Alex felt no desire to romp on the sand with Ludwika. She was anatomically deficient.
Emi deceived most people about his secret gay relationship with Alex. People thought they were just business partners. Despite Ludwika being anatomically deficient, Emi found something sufficiently enchanting  – perhaps her personality – that appealed to his amorous proclivities.
Ludwika got between a rock and a hard place when she started dating Emi, who kept it a secret from Alex at first.


Alex’s house is set back from the road.


Some of you who read this story may think it is fiction. Believe as you like, it is of no consequence to me. There are many who know from their own knowledge and eye witness that some of this is true.

There are a several who know firsthand  much of it is true .

And there are four who know how much, precisely, is true.

I can assure you of this, none of the four people will  contradict this – for they have lived it – and three of them always hoped these secrets would never come out.

Capture bbbbbbb
Keith Raniere is working to build a ‘more noble civilization.’

alex home

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