The kylix displays the demi-god Hercules, who is equipped with his club and lion-skin with which he was commonly depicted in Greek mythology.

Notes on the troll Mexican lawyer Lengua Larga and K.R. Claviger


adiu raniere
Artist conception of Vanguard.

Editor’s note: In an earlier post a troll calling herself Adelita Lengua Larga de la Tonta cited certain criminal offenses of K.R. Claviger.

The offenses are:

  1. Difamación criminal 
  2. Difamación y calumnia 
  3. Calumnia Sediciosa 
  4. Misprision de la Difamación
  5. Intención de causar Abyección
  6. Libelo blasfemo 
  7. Crimen injuria

None of these are crimes in the United States and, therefore, not extraditable offenses. Furthermore, none are crimes in Mexico. Some were crimes prior to the decriminalization of libel in Mexico; others are made up crimes.

The name of the lawyer, Adelita Lengua Larga de la Tonta is Spanish.

‘Lengua Larga’ means ‘large tongue” or big talker. ‘Tonta’ means fool or stupid.

So a literal translation of the name of the Mexican lawyer is Adelita, the Big Talking Fool.

Frank Report’s image of a Mexican lawyer working for Keith Raniere.


Mr. K.R. Claviger gave his response to Ms. Lengua Larga in a post.

K.R. Claviger is also a name with meaning.

K.R. are the initials that are branded on the pubic region of DOS slaves and stands for Keith Raniere.

Capture bbbbbbb
Keith Raniere is also known as Vanguard.

Claviger is an epithet of Heracles meaning ‘bearing the club.’

Mosaico Trabajos Hércules (M.A.N. Madrid) 01
Claviger [Heracles with club] confronts and slays the Nemean lion.  The Nemean lion was frightening to behold.
The kylix displays the demi-god Hercules, who is equipped with his club and lion-skin.

Must K.R. Claviger confront the leonine Vanguard with a metaphorical club and subdue him to avoid extradition to Mexico? But no, he can’t find him. Vanguard is a very scary person.




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