Is Sara Bronfman’s husband, Basit Igtet, set to stage bloody slaughter in Libya against American interests?

Basit Igtet [husband of Sara Bronfman) is front and center in a confrontation between the UN-backed government in Libya and Muslim terrorists.
The cover of the Libya Times says it all in two words: ‘More Violence?’

igtet-mainHere is what we know:

Basit Igtet is using Facebook to promote a rally at Martyrs Square in Tripoli, Libya on Monday, September 25th.

He wants young men in the city to install him as president.

Observers say he has almost zero chance of succeeding. However, an outbreak of violence may weaken the UN-backed government enough to let radical Muslims gain control of Tripoli.

Pay attention and you may get a whiff of Vanguard

Basit Igtet is married to Sara Bronfman. She is Jewish, an heiress of the Seagram’s Liquor fortune. She is a devotee of sex cult leader, Keith Raniere, whose followers call him Vanguard.

Mr. Igtet’s wife, like most women in Vanguard’s circle of female followers, has had sexual relations with Vanguard. When she got married to Mr. Igtet, she moved away from Vanguard, who lives in a suburb near Albany, New York. Many of his female disciples live there and have sex with him on demand. 

After several years of marriage, Ms. Bronfman moved back to suburban Albany to be near Vanguard. Mr. Igtet followed his wife and relocated to the cold climate and the small, suburban community outside of Albany. Now, Mr. Igtet says he wants to be the next president of Libya.

He is using Facebook, and online videos, to incite young men of Tripoli to aid radical Muslim terrorists. On September 25, (one day after his 47th birthday) they will convene at Martyrs Square, then hopefully overthrow Fayez Serraj, head of Libya’s UN-backed government. 

Western governments support Mr. Serraj who has tried to combat terrorism. 

Mr. Igtet says Mr. Serraj had his chance to resolve the problems of Libya and failed. Conditions in Libya are not good. The dinar is falling, prices are rising, banks don’t have cash, and there are power outages.

Mr. Igtet says he can solve the problems. But he has to get control. Violently. He wants to be installed as president. Not elected.

The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) is aligned with Mr. Igtet. He hopes they will help muscle him into power. The LIFG’s goal is to preempt the presidential election, which was expected to follow the expiration of the GNA mandate in December.

Almost no one thinks Mr. Igtet will overthrow the government

His efforts might destabilize Tripoli, allowing LIFG terrorists to infiltrate with their militias in Gharyan, Zawya and Tarhouna and, ultimately, to murder their way into Tripoli.

Mr. Igtet is western-educated. He married the daughter of the former president of the World Jewish Congress, Edgar Bronfman Sr.  While Mr. Igtet’s own late father and brother were members of the LIFG, they did not marry a Jewish woman who follows a cult leader. Radical Muslims are ardent about fundamentalist interpretations of Islam.

Will hey want westernized Mr. Igtet as president, no matter how good his game is from a distance? He doesn’t live in Libya. He doesn’t live the life of Libyans either.

Even if they did kill enough people on September 25 to take Tripoli, Libyan law disqualifies Mr. Igtet. He cannot be president because he holds dual nationality and married a non-Libyan. Still, Mr. Igtet has terrorist leanings; law could be set aside.

He speaks highly of the Mujahideen Shoura Councils of Darnah and Benghazi. Mr. Igtet was the only public figure in Libya to meet with terrorist Ahmed Abu Khattala, the leader of Ansar al-Sharia, now in U.S. custody.

So be prepared for violence. LIFG-aligned militias are regrouping in Tarhouna in preparation for an attack on the anti-GNA militias in Tripoli under the pretext of protecting Mr Igtet’s supporters. The pro-GNA militias closed Tripoli’s southern gates with sand barriers and set up security checkpoints across the city.

Oddly, Allison Mack, the leader of Vanguard’s female group, DOS, has been seen in a social media photo with a small Libyan flag in the foreground. Did Vanguard send her to Libya, preparing for the rally?

A pro-GNA militia commander warned Mr Igtet not to try to take the city through violence.

Mr. Igtet posted a handwritten note on his Facebook page in reply. The note, although short, speaks volumes. It is the kind of emotional, incendiary language that exhorts young Muslims to kill and die in the name of Allah.

You almost wonder if Vanguard wrote it.

It read: “We heard your voices, full of threats. On 25 September, you will hear ours in Martyrs Square shouting at the darkness. Our voices will hit your hearts like a hurricane”.

This is plain confrontational violence-inciting language.

When confrontation occurs, Vanguard prefers the rearguard. Will Mr. Igtet be in the line of fire or following the lead of Vanguard and be safely at the back, behind the trouble but not confronting it?

Is this the hand of Vanguard?

Think about the absurdity: Jewish Sara Bronfman’s married a Muslim husband. Yet she obeys Vanguard in everything.

A Jewish woman is funding her Muslim husband. She is supporting terrorist Muslims, enemies of Judaism and America. Radical Muslims hope to topple the UN-backed government, using Sara Bronfman;s money and her husband.

It is possible Libyans will die for a nearly impossible dream of her husband becoming president. Meantime, she preaches vegetarianism and pacifist Gandhi.

Allison Mack spouts word salad. Do either one of them having a clue about what is going on? This is about provoking violence against American interests in Libya.

All the while, Basit Igtet seems to be playing the useful idiot. The question is for whom? Radical Muslims?

I still smell the hand of Vanguard.

If they win, Vanguard can rule Libya from behind the scenes. If they lose, somebody might die. They become sociopaths when they spend too much time near Vanguard.


Allison Mack will do whatever Vanguard tells her.
A slide in a presentation of followers of Vanguard.


Tripoli may become the home of Vanguard.

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6 years ago

didn’t read the whole article but it looks to be some wild assed rumormongering and conspiracy theorist trash 😊

Igtet won't get US support
Igtet won't get US support
6 years ago

“The United States Department of State has issued a statement backing up the action plan announced by the UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Saalme, stressing that no support will be given to any individuals who will try to circumvent the UN-led political process.”

Translation from diplomat-speak:

“Individuals who will try to circumvent the UN-led political process” means Baset Igtet’s planned demonstration of public support / militia-intervention in Tripoli on Monday.

“action plan announced by the UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Saalme” means an initiative by the “Quartet”, which brings together the United Nations (UN), the African Union (AU), the European Union (EU), and the League of Arab States (LAS), for stabilization of Libya was agreed to a few days ago in meetings at the UN.

“Tunisia’s foreign minister, Khemaies Jhinaoui, used his address to the UN General Assembly meeting in New York on Friday to give strong backing to the special envoy’s action plan for Libya….Tunis will host the first attempt to hold inclusive talks between the Libyan factions next week. “Tunisia believes there is a role with Algeria and Egypt in helping the Libyans overcome their differences under the UN proposals to take the political path,” Jhinaoui said.”

It may well be true that Igtet’s demonstration plans have catalyzed action on Libya. But given his limited support inside Libya, as an ex patriate with a Jewish wife, lack of US support, and broad international and regional support a for alternative processes, it seems unlikely that his demonstration will lead to his elevation to power.

It is to be hoped that there will be no loss of life on Monday.

6 years ago

Wondering if your safe Frank?

Frank Supporter
Frank Supporter
6 years ago

Frank I am sure you are busy with your mission, but we are all waiting with baited breath for another post. Frank Report has become our main resource for information. Please fill us in what’s been going on?

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