Branding techniques compared: Cattle branding versus DOS branding

DOS, which stands for Dominant Over Submissive, is comprised of women who follow Keith Raniere.874Branding of DOS women is performed in Clifton Park, where Mr. Raniere lives. The last known branding took place in June 2017, when a Mexican married woman, Jimena Garza, brought six Mexican women to be branded with Mr. Raniere’s initials.

The branding reportedly occurred at the home of Allison Mack, the former TV actress who gained fame for her role as Chloe Sullivan in Smallville.



Allison Mack heads the women who are DOS branded.
Miss Mack is a member of DOS, and believed to be ranked just under Mr. Raniere in the overall hierarchy.The DOS branding of slaves is purely symbolic. Mr. Raniere cannot legally enforce any ownership of the DOS women.  To help ensure compliance,  “collateral”  – graphic nude photographs, confessions of wrongdoing and/or assignments of financial assets – are given to Mr. Raniere by the DOS women.



Some readers have condemned the practice of branding women as grotesque and disturbing and compare it to branding cattle. Mr. Raniere’s supporters defend the practice as voluntary whereas cattle branding is involuntary and cruel.




Branding of cattle is done usually on the calf’s side, shoulder, back or rump.

DOS branding is done on the pubic region, about one inch from the vagina.

jimenaQueen of Branding: Jimena Garza was promoted to the Green Sash accomplished her goal of getting six women branded in June. She herself was branded at an earlier session.

Cattle branding is performed in late spring months after the calving.

DOS branding occurs whenever a DOS slave gathers six women for her own ‘pod’ of slaves.

DOS slave Lauren Salzman has been branded. She says DOS is like being in a sorority.

For cattle, two cowboys grab a calf — one grabs the neck and the other a rear leg or tail. The calf is quickly dropped to the ground. A third cowboy brands the calf.

In DOS, four naked women use their hands and body weight to hold down the four limbs of the woman being branded.  Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O. performs the branding, while another woman films the event.

When cattle are branded, no anesthesia is used. Once down and pinned, each calf receives a brand with an iron that’s been heated to around 700 degrees Fahrenheit. One strike is sufficient to brand a calf since the branding iron is precast. The branding process take about three to 5 seconds.




michelle hatchette
Michelle Hatchette got her friends into DOS and got them branded as she is herself.

When DOS women are branded no anesthesia is used. Once down and pinned, each woman receives a brand with an iron that’s been heated to around 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  Dr. Roberts makes dozen of strikes on the woman to carve a unique design. The DOS branding process takes about 20 to 30 minutes.









India Oxenberg was branded.

When cattle are branded, the pain sometimes causes them to involuntarily excrete. As they thrash around, cowboys sometimes get manure in their face or mouth.

When DOS women are branded some involuntarily excreted. No woman reported getting excrement in their faces although some reportedly did get urine on their fingers and hands.

Cowboys sometimes get burned by a hot iron, or kicked by a 200 lbs. calf.

None of the teams of women who held down 100-120 pound women were reportedly injured by the hot iron, kicked or pushed by the body of the DOS women.

Sometimes, cowboys vomit from the stench of burning flesh as the calves are being hot iron branded.

There are no reports of DOS women vomiting from the stench of burning flesh during the  procedure.

Cowboys holding down dozens of calves at a branding session often report that their biceps, lats and forearms are sore for days.

During each branding session, each participating DOS woman was required to hold down five slaves with a break during which time they are held down themselves and branded.  Several women reported their biceps, lats and forearms were sore for days after holding women down to be branded.  However, they also reported that their pain in their pubic area made the sore arms comparatively inconsequential.

Cattle get antibiotic and de-worming shots after branding.

After the branding, Dr. Roberts cleans the branded area with an antiseptic, then bandages and wraps it in cellophane so no oxygen reaches it.

In cattle branding, males are often castrated to increase the fat marbling of the beef.

In DOS, only females are branded. They are not neutered since they are required, with the aid of a diet designed by Mr. Raniere, to remain ultra slim.

Branding fumes contain dangerous biological substances from the skin of the cattle being branded. The heat of the branding, however, usually destroys most of these germs.  Modern day branding of cattle usually sees branders use air filters, ventilation systems, and respiratory masks while branding to prevent the transfer of airborne viruses and bacteria.

DOS branding forgoes these precautionary devices, possibly because it would inhibit the ritualistic aspect of the branding and make it appear overly clinical.

In the hides and leather industry, brands on animals are considered a defect, and can diminish the value of hides.

When DOS women are branded, it can diminish the connubial happiness of the woman and her husband, and make a single woman less eligible since the spouse is confronted with Mr. Raniere’s initials just above her vagina. However, members of the Society of Protectors, some of whom are married or engaged to DOS branded women, seem to be quite content with having Mr. Raniere’s initials to remind them of their wife’s true loyalty.  Some have compared the Society of Protectors to a cuckold group of beta males.

Cattle brands are standardized so that in the event of rustling, the owner can easily identify his brand.

Each DOS brand is a little different. DOS slaves are required to send photos of their brand weekly while it heals so that DOS hierarchy can observe the flowering of Mr. Raniere’s initials and possess a complete record of the brand.

In this way, they can also identify each brand in the event that any pictures of the branding publicly emerge without the face of the DOS woman.

The release of a photo of a woman’s brand by the woman to discredit Mr. Raniere constitutes a violation of DOS rules and is grounds for Mr. Raniere to order the release of her collateral.

The DOS brand varies in size and design. The design calls for a mature or fully cured brand to have thick raised lines, lighter than the skin’s natural tone forming the two inch high initials of K-R and crazy [or upside down] A-M about one inch tall.



dr roberts gg
 Dr. Danielle Roberts brands DOS women.
smiley keith
Vanguard loves to teach women.
Collateral must be sufficient to destroy a woman so that there is no safety net for her.


Sahajo Heartel was branded.


Branding cattle shows ownership of the livestock.


Melissa Rodriguez
dani padilla 1
Dani Padilla forsook all men and became a slave of Keith Raneire and now sports his initials on her pubic area.
cheating harem
Mr. Raniere is supposed to have first dibs on the women of DOS even if they are married.
pold del negor
James Del Negro staunchly defends Vanguard and the practice of branding.



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  • wake up for god’s sake, why these women continue to be complicit it’s unbelievable .leave now or be prepared for bad karma.

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