DOS slave explains how she got into DOS

Editor’s Note: The following is what was told to me by a DOS slave over several interviews. She is deeply concerned that DOS will continue once the heat is off. For her protection, I changed a few details to make her identity unclear. I am not disclosing whether it is known to Keith Raniere whether she is out or planning to get out. I left several critical facts about her experiences out of her narrative to make it uncertain who she is. The story is her own, but it is not verbatim.  

A DOS Slave:

I trusted my friend, Michelle Hatchette. She told me about this great “coaching tool” and about this group of highly trained badass women who were using advanced “tools” to bring them to a higher level of womanhood than anyone had ever seen.

It was all women. No men. Top secret. By a coordinated effort, the women would gain so much power in this group they could be a force for good to help create a more noble civilization. But Michelle could not tell me any details about this group until I  gave “collateral”.

Think about an elite group – a Navy Seals of women – comprised totally of women – who no one knew about – but top flight in every aspect – mind – body and spirit.

I asked who was in it. She could not tell me, other than to say they were women from Jness.

Michelle took photos. She told me no one would see them except for her and Lauren Salzman. Then she told me “they” would not accept it unless I was completely nude. I should have suspected then.  But Michelle said this coaching program is “only for badass women. Stop being afraid”.

I undressed. She took nude photos. She said lift your leg up. Why? They won’t accept it unless it has your vagina spread open in the pictures. It has to be a shot of the inner labia with my face in the picture clearly visible.

I went for it.

After I gave my first collateral, she told me about DOS – which was not called DOS, but “The Project” and how it was about improving my life and giving myself to higher principles. She would be my master. I would call her master. But it was in name only.

“Your true master is your higher self”, she told me.

She did not tell me about having to wear a collar and be branded. The most horrific stuff was not told until after I gave my second collateral.

If I wanted to join, I would have to give a second collateral. I expected to submit additional nude photos. Michelle said Lauren would not accept more nudes. She needed a taped confession.

I had nothing to confess. Michelle said, “it’s OK, make something up. Confess to something that will destroy your life, if it gets out. It does not have to be true. You have nothing to worry about, since you trust me and Lauren. All the girls did it and unless you talk about ‘The Project’, nobody will ever see it but Lauren and myself”.

My second collateral was me confessing to something untrue that is a prosecutable crime.

I now entered DOS and started practicing as instructed. I expected to become the badass woman my best friend – now my master – promised.

Cold showers, low calorie diets. 24 hour readiness drills. Tributes to her. More collateral every month. A lot of self denial.

Then I heard about a tattoo being required to advance in the ranks. I expected I would go to a tattoo parlor and they would give me this cute little tattoo. Nobody told me it was going to be on my vagina and hand-carved.

When I learned more, I became scared. I was not willing to let these people ruin my life. But on the other hand, what if they released my collateral? You say it was voluntary. It was not voluntary. I gave collateral. I was lied to. I was sleep deprived and eating minimal food. I was kept busy doing things my master required.  I was expected to enroll new slaves or my master or Lauren would bare ass paddle me. I thought I might be paddled. What was next: being beaten and placed in a cage?

I was afraid to be branded, and afraid not to be branded. I was in over my head.

Voluntary? Bullshit.

As far as I know, every woman has Allison Mack’s initials, as well as those of Keith Raniere. But there may be variations. I did not know who was in the group other than my master, Lauren, the slaves in my pod, Allison Mack and Dr. Danielle Roberts who did the branding. No one said “Hey this is Keith and Allison’s initials.” They said it was a symbol. The brands look different on different women because they were carved by hand.

But it is plain what it is: K-R and A-M. The A-M is smaller than the K-R on my brand and the brands of other women I have seen.

As to who presently holds my collateral, I do not know.

Why did I give anybody something that could destroy my life?

My best friend told me. I trusted her and trusted Lauren. I later found out that it was moved upline to Allison. Nobody told me Keith was involved and probably has the collateral.

One woman who had been having sex with Keith sent him a text and asked him if he knew about DOS. He replied he did know and it was his initials. He asked her to come and see him to talk.  I believed she quit.



A group of DOS slaves with SOP men.
Allison Mack [r] with Lauren Salzman.
michelle hatchette
Michelle Hatchette got her friends into DOS.

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  • Hey, come join this awesome group of noble, badass, spiritually evolved women who are going to change the world!

    But first, spread your vagina and take a pic of it with your face in it. And if you want to reach your full nobility LIE about something you never did. Then you can be permanently scarred near your vagina with a VanDouche’s initials. Then after all of this is done, you can have him ejaculate all over your bodies, including your face, which is the physical part of your body most represents and defines you as a person.

    You women are the experiment of a misogynistic sociopath. VanDouche is totally playing mind games with you to humiliate you women and you are falling for the bait.

    The guy is fucked up in the head.

  • I guess I have to accept her induction story….but…for someone NOT to smell the bullshit and run away screaming when invited to join some SECRET society that will make you such a POWERFUL WOMAN you can save the WORLD — if you simply spread your vagina for the camera…that person must already be too drunk on all the NXIVM kool-aide to think straight.
    Tho from watching Leah Remini on Scientology, I now believe people can be “trained” to believe ANYTHING.

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