Source: “Dead on” info on “Jane Doe” and here’s more: on Lila Ruiz, [Name Redacted], and Michelle Salzman!

[Editor’s note: This was written by a Mexican source who spends a lot of time in Clifton Park. She was deeply disturbed by what Keith Raniere is doing to Toni Zarattini. In order to make it more readable, I made a number of editorial and grammatical corrections and explanatory notes for clarification]

By A Source

The story about Jane Doe was “dead-on” accurate. Poor girl. But these women in DOS are trapped. Those who want to get out are surrounded by Greens [ESP members who have achieved a Green sash for a rank].

Who’s laughing now? Keith or Lila?

There is an ESP student, Lila Ruiz, in Mexico. Her father, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, was once governor and her mother is Lourdes Salinas. Lila married Castillo Prats, who is also a member of ESP.  Lila was pregnant and she tried to join DOS.  She sent nude photos as collateral, but they denied her. She wanted to send more. I think Keith laughed so hard when he saw her spread eagle. Even his dirty, old, perverted mind did not want to see more. I mean, he laughed.

She should have sent pictures of a teenage girl.

Lila is married, pregnant, and they would not take her collateral. She is plain, not good looking enough for Keith. But she can pay for classes. No one wanted more beaver pics.

Pregnant or not.

When she was going to quit, Keith did not care. But, [since someone makes a commission off of her] the women converged on her to persuade her to stay. She did not tell her husband about the pics. Someone has those pictures. Keith certainly knows how to get his hands on every picture [and all collateral].

But after the Greens talked to her, they changed her mind.

The same thing happened to Maggie Dou [another DOS slave]. Maggie wanted to leave. The Greens got to her, Lauren [Salzman] and Esther [Chiappone] and next thing she’s back.

About kissing, you said Keith kisses pretty women [and teen girls] mouth to mouth, lips on lips, coming and going.  But he sometimes kisses Nancy Salzman on the lips. I saw him kiss Karen Unterreiner [both are over 50].

I saw Keith kiss Robbie Chiappone on the lips. It made me wonder if Keith ever molested Robbie? In my opinion, Keith ruined his life. But he saved him from being prosecuted [an investigation was made by the New York State Police into whether Robbie committed sex crimes with underage girls].

They [Esther and ESP  and Keith] got Robbie out of town. ESP did a massive cover up to keep him from getting arrested.

I think Keith fucked with him when he was a boy and, if he did not molest him, he let him see things a young boy should not witness. For a long time, they said Fluffy did see things of a sexual nature with Keith. The source of that rumor was not Karen Unterreiner, as some people suspected.

[Editor’s note: The original source for the rumor that Adrian filmed his teenage sisters having sex with Keith Raniere was an anonymous source who wrote under the pseudonym “The Rat”. It was never confirmed.]

If Fluffy saw something, so did Robbie.

Think about the look in women Keith likes – super slim and angular – like a boy.

Robbie is going through “head stuff” and it’s going to take him a long time to figure out what happened to him.

Esther is a Green [rank]. One son [Robbie] and one daughter [Rosie] left the community. Robbie was almost destroyed. Rosie realized what a pervert Keith is. Esther’s other son, Theodore, was down in Mexico as a Rainbow English teacher. It is a sad life for people who follow Keith.

Don’t you think it is funny that Keith has all these parents paying money in Rainbow and Keith does not speak any language but English – and not so good at that?

Can anybody show me a single child in Rainbow who can speak any non-native languages. Other than Spanish and English?

Nancy is ill. Confirmed. I think she may be giving up. She has been abused for years. Of course, she abused so many people. Lauren is unhappy. ‘Boo hoo,’ as Keith says [mockingly]. Or just ‘Boo’. That was his nickname for Pam. ‘Boo.’ Now it is, ‘Boo, who?’

Ivy is brooding, but they won’t let her outside the ‘Green Wall.’

Lauren got her comeuppance. She is branded on her pussy! And everybody knows it. It is poetic justice if Nancy saw it on Frank Report. But she gave her daughters to Keith.

Michelle thought he was creepy, but I think he thought Michelle was creepy, when she got a little older. Keith wanted Michelle when she was a teen. I know when she was a teen, he felt her up and rubbed his cock against her pretending to be wrestling. Wrestling with an erection? Keith used to teach Michelle math, just like he taught Rhiannon. Think of that.

The Espian High Rank are trying to get up another Jness in November. Some people are going to attend but not as many as before.

Esther, Lauren, Jim Del Negro are trying to make a living. It is hard for them now. Allison Mack is trying to bring more young “fuckable” actresses. But a lot of them can’t pay anything. Allison did pay for one young actress to take the Source, Jness and go to V-Week.

So, what happened to her? She found out about DOS. She did not believe it. She texted Keith. He admitted it in a text to her and said come meet me, I will explain it. She freaked out and left him. She is not a spy. She’s another slave who escaped. She gave collateral to DOS but she did not get branded.

[Name Redacted] is acting depressed. She says her husband [Name Redacted] has Parkinson’s. Being a cuckold is the least of his troubles. But he’s got money. [Editor’s Note: [Name Redacted] was a former Olympic skier. He is 50 years old, very wealthy and may not have any disease at all. It is said he has donated substantial money to Keith Raniere’s endeavors. Sources are divided as to whether he knows Keith has had sexual relations with his wife since he married her.]

[Name Redacted] refused to get branded although she is a DOS member. When she refused, Keith wasn’t happy. He hates her anyway. I mean he hates “that cunt”.

Some women thought she might have been the leak to Frank Report. But she said her husband would find out if she got branded and it might ruin their marriage. I could tell you more about [Name Redacted] and it will ruin her marriage.

Keith Raniere – boo hoo about Lauren… and Nancy too. And as for Pam? ‘Boo, who?’


When Michelle was a teen, she was pretty to the handsome Keith Raniere…



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  • My ex is the one married to [Name Redacted] and he is the kindest man I’ve ever known. If she has been using him for his money all these years, my assumption is that she’s happy he has Parkinson’s. I’d love to find out more about her.

  • Allison is like a evil soldier who works relentlessly in recruiting other women for this cult . members like her who help keep this stupidity alive. Keith is a decrepit old man who has no power to attract young people by himself , she needs to pay for all the evil that’s been caused.

      • What would Allison be doing in Lybia? Why would Vanguard send her there? Did she get confused when he said I want to be in your Labia on Tuesday and thought he said I want you to be in Lybia on Tuesday?

        Sara Bronfman’s husband Basit is distrusted there because she is seen as a Zionist. Many of the public think their marriage is simply one of convenience, like an old-school marriage where a merging of families occurs to consolidate Lybia’s vast oil reserves under his leadership for the benefit of his family and the Bronfmans for financial gain. Also Lybia is almost entirely Muslim and they don’t take well to sex cults led by fake ethical leaders.

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