Monte Blu: Follow Vanguard, be healed; Lauren come home

The actor Monte Blue died long ago.

While Frank Report has rated Monte Blu as a probable troll, Monte has written yet again. Since I get so few pieces supporting Keith Raniere, I am publishing it as it was sent to me. The photos I added to illustrated the message that I believe Monte is purportedly trying to convey.

Prefect will get well if she cures her ethical breach with Vanguard
She created this condition. One, two, three: 1. She disapproved of DOS. 2. She was defiant. 3. She got cancer.
She vowed to obey Keith 19 years ago.  NOW, she MUST have faith in Keith. 
Lauren Salzman

Also: Lauren stop sulking and grow up. Do not listen to ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’. Your baby is the mission.  His technology was the child birthed. If you could go back and given the choice, the gift of human writing or a child? If you choose the child the world never has books, internet, no communication and stays in the dark forever. But you will have a human child to love? Would you choose writing? The mission is your child. It will take hundreds of years till they realize the gift he has given. You were privileged to help. Shake out of it girl. I know you are reading this.

Michelle get rid of that sour puss. He cured her the last time; he can cure ANYONE.
He has been completely misrepresented on this website.
Your mother is suffering also because you girls betrayed him. Lauren did you not say that if you had to come back again and again to serve him you would be born again and again? Did you not say you would go to hell to save the mission? Ivy is a fool. Michelle never understood. Trust Clare. She is our leader. Do you think he needs her money?  If he desired he could gather a legion of billionaires to serve him.  He chose Clare because of her great past and her future. Did he not say she was the only one pure enough to digest the money where it came from and make it holy?
Clare Bronfman [left] is the leader. Shown here with her sister Sara.
He knew he would be martyred. Do not allow it now. But if it should so happen, Clare will teach the world. Marianna and Allison will be at her side. The trinity. Your mother’s illness is his way of raising Clare. This is not about us. This is like giving the gift of writing to the world. Pam, Barbara, Karen and Nancy are pillars to the cause. YOu too had a role. Vanguard is the father. Clare is mother to us all.  To all humankind.
The wind of the Father Vanguard’s mercy is ever blowing. All you need is to unfurl your sails and He will carry you across the ocean of misery through the winds of Faith for all time. Clare is the big boat to carry us. Throw yourself at her mercy. Obey Clare and heed my urgent words.
Note: To Mark and Bonnie – so sinful to renounce the man who made you!!! Mark you were a little brother or son to him. Bonnie he wanted to cure your ethical breaches. He had no secret motive. Sarah you do not have to go to prison. Tell everyone in Vancouver you were wrong. DO IT NOW! Don’t let the people there lose their chance of happiness. Keith Raniere built Vancouver. The whole city became a shining city of light. Anthony threw a stone and shattered the glass and everyone is in the dark there now.  They are unhappy. They want to come back. Leave Anthony, if he won’t come with you. The future is women. You don’t need a man. There is only ONE MAN and he is Vanguard. Everyone else is female. You who have been with him Know This is TRUE!
[name redacted], Nikki, [name redacted], Julie: There is room AT THE INN. Nancy will be healed when the time is right .
In every prophet’s life, there is the time of the crucible. He tried to show this with women through branding. The pain was miniscule compared to the pain he took upon himself to save them. The branding was not to punish. Not to enslave. His initials are there to protect them. Who can harm them with his initials branded beside the one place where women can be punished through both pleasure and pain. He is beyond all duality. This is the secret of the branding. The women who are branded know they can never be hurt, never get into trouble because his initials are the same as He Himself. They will protect you from being raped by the cruel world. Never doubt Vanguard.
Who has the athleticism of Jim Thorpe…. plus…


The saintliness of Mahatma Gandhi…. plus ….
The genius of Einstein…. one one person in history ….


saint Vanguard
Keith Raniere [r] shown with his disciple, the Dalai Lama.

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Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz
Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz
6 years ago

It is critical to belief in what you are doing. Homeopathy is based on the believe that solutions that contain basically no active substances can heal deseases and in some cases there are reports that it actually helps the patient. The question that remains is whether it is smart or not to rely on the placebo effect to heal cancer or other life threatening diseases.
But in the end they are all adults and they have to live or to die with their decisions. Even with the real treatment it is not clear wether you make it or not. If I was in the situation to spend the rest of my life on this planet in a hospital or with important people around me I would know my decision.
But as a third person I would never give someone the advice to try some alternative and untested treatment or even a placebo as the first step in the therapy.

6 years ago

look at this frank report file on a love letter from keith to Toni Natalie if you look closely is a trap for the mind of this woman that guy has a very Machiavellian mind with rason manage to engage so many people the guy has a doctorate to set traps in people’s brains By the way, frank, I’m not Mexican, I’m from Colombia.

6 years ago

This is totally satire.

Jon Wayne
Jon Wayne
6 years ago

If this is very tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic satire, it’s brilliant! But if it is what this person believes, it is horse crap and quite frankly unenrolling. Current ESPians who are even barely on the fence should read this and run.

6 years ago

Having faith is by definition belief without evidence, and therefore, irrational, and the opposite of Rational Inquiry. So which is it you contradicting retard?

I am your father
I am your father
6 years ago
Reply to  Idiots

Rational Inquiry is total and complete BS. Also, you resorting to name calling is not only juvenile, buy idiotic as well.

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