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grace parks and ranny
ETHICS? Keith Raniere appears with Grace Park in a series of videos available on YouTube. Miss Park has requested they be removed. Mr. Raniere prefers to keep them online, thereby creating the false impression that Miss Park continues to support his organization.

More than a month ago, TV actress Grace Park asked NXIVM Corporation officials to delete from the internet all online videos where she appears with Keith Raniere.

According to sources, NXIVM officials asked her to hold up on her request since there was “big news” coming. The big news was not revealed at the time.

Miss Park, along with more than 120 other people, enrolled in NXIVM/Executive Success Programs (ESP) in Vancouver – and then quit after revelations about DOS, a blackmail and female pubic mutilation group founded by Mr. Raniere, became public.

The “big news”, sources say, now appears to be that Sarah Edmondson was to be arrested, something which has not occurred – and which informed sources who are familiar with the applicable laws in Canada regarding the case and whistleblower protections, say is unlikely to occur.

Clare Bronfman, vice president of ESP, filed a criminal complaint that blamed Miss Edmondson for the mass exodus of students which resulted in the closure of the Vancouver center.

From all accounts, Miss Edmondson appears to have been a whistle blower on DOS, which is tied to ESP. All members of DOS were recruited from ESP students. Mr. Raniere created both ESP and DOS.

Miss Edmondson had nothing to do with the creation of DOS according to multiple sources familiar with the internal structure of DOS and ESP.

However, it was reasoned, if NXIVM could get Miss Edmondson arrested, that would create a giant distraction that would divert attention from DOS and onto Miss Edmondson, a well known actress in Vancouver.

“If she were arrested, the thinking went, then it was not DOS that was evil, but Miss Edmondson,” said a source familiar with the hierarchy at ESP.

Miss Park, who is best known for her role in the CBS television show Hawaii Five-O, appears with Mr. Raniere in about two dozen “Keith Raniere Conversations” videos available on internet, including YouTube.

She took several ESP Intensives in Albany, New York several years ago.

According to sources, Miss Park reluctantly agreed to allow some time to elapse before becoming more insistent on her online interviews being removed.

Sources say she was not aware that NXIVM was planning on punishing the whistleblower, Miss Edmondson, who is credited with saving dozens of women from being coerced into being hot iron branded on their pubic region with Keith Raniere’s initials.

Miss Edmondson and her husband are becoming folk legends in Vancouver for their brave stand against the uber wealthy, hyper-litigious Clare Bronfman, who funds both ESP and DOS.

According to sources, Miss Bronfman did, within the last 60 days, file a criminal complaint against Miss Edmondson alleging mischief, theft, and fraud. The Vancouver Police Department is reportedly investigating the allegations but not at the rapid pace Miss Bronfman demanded. She has urged Vancouver police to immediately arrest Miss Edmondson and sources say she has expressed impatience at their tardy response to her demands.

Sources familiar with the law enforcement practices in Vancouver say that, after police speak with at lease some of the women who were coerced into being branded and giving material to Miss Bronfman for Mr. Raniere to use as blackmail against the slave-women members of DOS, the investigation may veer toward those who created and perpetuated DOS and not Miss Edmondson.

Miss Park, 43, is from Vancouver. She initially signed a waiver to allow NXIVM to use her interviews with Mr. Raniere.

It is believed he told Miss Bronfman not to remove Miss Park’s videos despite repeated request by her to remove them.

“He cited ethics, since she gave her word that these could be used,” a source said. “He did not consider the lack of ethics he shows by keeping videos of her and him online – which implies to the public that the famous actress continues to endorse him, which she does not.”

It is unclear what steps Miss Park may take next to get her video appearances removed.

As upcoming, and expected media reports present DOS practices to an international audience, Miss Park may be forced to publicly denounce Mr. Raniere and inform the public she requested to have the videos removed after learning about DOS.




Executive Success Programs launched Keith Raniere Conversations, in 2016, as a ‘series of one-on-one interviews between ‘NXIVM founder, Keith Raniere,’.

According to ESP’s website, these conversations show Mr. Raniere as he “…tackles some of the hardest ethical and social issues unfolding on the world stage.”

The conversations include more than 150 videos from conversations with former Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Richard Mays, entrepreneur and social activist Emiliano SalinasMiss Park and others.

Here are some of the online videos where Miss Park appears:

  • Keith Raniere’s Personal Evolution Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Ethic of Power Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Earning or Abusing Power and Authority Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Keith Raniere on Overcoming Fear Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Keith Raniere’s Early Evolution of Consciousness Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Keith Raniere’s Early Development Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Annealing the Human Spirit Keith Raniere and Grace Park


Editor’s note: “Annealing” refers to the process where metal or glass is heated and then allowed to cool slowly in order to remove internal stresses and toughen it. The question then becomes whether annealing occurs during human pubic branding.


  • Becoming Fearless Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Finding Self Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • The Value of Good and Evil Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • The Journey of Self in Love Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Cause oriented Solutions to Global Problems Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Self reflection and Living without Fear Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • The Nature of Living Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Defining Christianity Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Wielding Power in Responsible Parenting Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Ethics of Child Rearing Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • The Power of Celebrity Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Intelligence and the Ability of Love Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Ethics of Authority Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Responsibilities of Actors Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Ethical Acting Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Life, Death and the Human Soul Keith Raniere and Grace Park



  • Cause oriented Solutions to Global Problems


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Preview YouTube video Keith Raniere’s Personal Evolution

clare and nickiu
Slave and Master: TV actress Nicki Clyne [l] is a branded DOS slave. Clare Bronfman [r] is trying to get Miss Clyne’s former close friend and fellow actress, Sarah Edmondson, arrested for whistleblowing. While Miss Clyne has repeatedly, privately criticized Miss Bronfman, she has not publicly denounced Miss Bronfman for her role in DOS and for trying to use her enormous wealth to influence police to falsely arrest her friend, Miss Edmondson. Miss Clyne is dependent on Miss Bronfman. She is paid $15 per hour by Miss Bronfman for her work. Miss Clyne has also given Miss Bronfman collateral to use against her in the event that she reveals any secrets about DOS. That collateral is said to include graphic and raunchy nude pictures of herself and a series of damning confessions, some of  which are said to be “false confessions” about made-up events that never happened.  An investigation by the Vancouver Police Department was sparked by Miss Bronfman to target Miss Edmondson. It is seen by some legal experts as possibly leading to Miss Bronfman’s door.  Miss Clyne may also wind up being a target, a subject, or a cooperating witness, as coercion and extortion aspects of DOS become revealed. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have a policy of no comment on the existence or non existence of ongoing investigations.

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  • For FYI or any other insiders:

    Who recruited Park and how long was she involved? Thought filming off in Hawaii would have limited her exposure to all those Vancouver cult members and was surprised when she popped up in these KR vids. And what big stand is she doing in support of Sarah?

    What made Kruek leave and why didn’t it also cause Hildreth and Mack to leave then too. And did any of KK’s interventions with AM include a professional exit counselor? How heavily did these guys recruit their co-stars? Laura Vandervoort looks tailor-made for KR.

    And unless they blew through all their millions like AM, don’t Grace and Kristin have some financial resources to help combat Claire?

    • If I recall the old pictures of the ESP/NXian Summit on Branson’s Necker Island had a photo of Kristin Kreuk in it. That had to take place in 2010 ish as Necker burned down in August 2011. It has since been rebuilt and Branson has hosted Former president Obama as well as conferences on blockchain technology and an annual exclusive pro-am tennis tournament. It is possible that Kristin Kreuk exited sometime shortly after this 2010 meeting of the minds? Are she and Hildreth still a couple? Apparently they were in 2016.

      Insiders can confirm but my guess is Sarah Edmondson recruited Grace Park. Grace was on Battlestar Gallatica with her and they appear to be close friends. It seems like the Vancouver center had a lot of actors and actresses in it. I think Frank mentioned she took a few courses a few years back. Did she every achieve the level of coach? I would think not as she filmed in Hawaii when in production and has also been married for quite a long time. I would characterize Grace as a Hollywood B-lister so she was used because she had a face that anyone who watched any of her shows would recognize. (off note: how much money did they waste on KR conversations? Its not like most people are going to go looking for them on You Tube and say hey sign me up now!!)

  • They made a conscious choice to follow and comply with the teachings of this lunatic , independent of anything, . they deserve each other. Allison and other women are not going to leave, she is living with him, some people are a lost cause.

  • The average person in ESP didn’t know about Keith’s harem but all who spent time in Albany at length did. It’s funny, some people look the other way and compartmentalize what they know and see. Like a big non-compute. Others have been indoctrinated (both men and women) through SOP to believe women are flawed in many awful ways and polygamy is natural for men. Somehow this justifies the harem although few comprehended till the Frank Report how large Keith’s harem is in its totality. A small percentage of people believe Keith has mystical powers akin to an enlightened master like those written about in Autobiography of a Yogi, and can transmit spiritual energy that radically accelerates a woman’s personal and spiritual growth. The combination of these beliefs by the Espian community, all nurtured by Keith and his wing women (esp. Nancy, Lauren, Allison) allow for Keith to pursue his sexual addiction and continue to conquest without being held to account. Sort of don’t ask don’t tell.

  • I’m going to miss those videos if they are off-online! Uncle Keith saying crazy shit and then Grace responding with eyes open shocked at the excrement coming from his mouth was priceless. I guess now I’ll have to take my comedy from the Allison Mack videos where she cries randomly when she interviews Keith.

    • I don’t think Allison is truly bipolar, but I think she may have a slightly more pronounced manic/depressive state than normal people. But I’m no psychological expert. LGATs tend to have a greater manipulative effect on these type of people, and so they are more difficult to extract from their clutches. This would explain the failure to extricate her from the group even though some people allegedly tried interventions for her.

      See here for more information concerning this: https://forum.culteducation.com/read.php?4,102428,page=1

    • As an insider, can you explain something: In the years before DOS came to light, did the average Espian or coach know that Raniere used ESP to procure women for his harem? If so, why didn’t they realize they were part of a sex cult, and not a legit learning program?

  • What a bunch of fucking cry babies Clare and VanDouche are. Waaaaahh! Sara had the to leave after she was betrayed by what she thought was an ethical organization and was disgusted by genital branding, slavery, unhealthy diets, etc., and so did the rest of the people who still had a functioning human conscience. Waaaahh! VanDouche is going to lose all the pussy he was hoping to get from the Vancouver entertainment industry. Waaaahhh! We’re going to make shit up and accuse Sara with bullshit charges because VanDouche is upset his pussy oasis is going to dry up. Waaaahhh! I can’t hear they’re so much crying going on because VanDouche wants to have his heads stroked for being a fraud. Waaaahhhh!

    Clare go spend your family’s illegally obtained bootlegging millions on something more worthwhile than a charlatan’s sexcapades. You’ve been fooled by a con-man who says a few good words here and there, while being outweighed by the enormous manipulation, sexual deviation, and financial misappropriation, and you still think he’s the next coming of Bhudda. Get a fucking clue.

  • Kristin Kreuk left NXIVM quitely and gracefully but tried her heart out over several years to get Allison Mack out, including staging multiple interventions. Mark Hildreth immediately left NXIVM too when he heard about DOS. And Grace Park is taking a big stand in support of Sarah Edmonsen.

    They should all be applauded. It takes a lot of guts and heart to see through and stand up to Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman, no matter who you are celebrity or not.

    • Thanks for your info on KK, MH and GP….are you an insider and/or friend who “knows” this for a fact, or is this just a rumor you heard?
      I don’t know you, of course, so please don’t think I am doubting your credibility.

  • Uncle Keith is as sleazy as they come. He manipulates and brainwashes women with lies so he can fornicate and cum on their faces, and so would be seen as vilely unethical by at least half the world’s religious population. The only thing lacking from the manure that comes out of his mouth every time he talks about ethics and ethical breaches is the stench.

  • Sara has probably been told to remain quiet by any legal team representing her.. Grace should make a public denouncement of ESP ala Leah Remini regarding the KR Conversations and ESP. That would send a very clear message back to Keith and Nurse Nancy.. What about that other actress Rebecca Davis from Vancouver who also is/was an Espian? Is she out or In?

  • Looks like Ms. Parks’ videos went offline within an hour of your post! Well done FrankReport. Little keith is squirming….

    • Were the links here incorrect, or were they added to more than one ESP account and removed from one of them?

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