People are leaving NXIVM. Some are publicly leaving. Some are leaving quietly, secretly. The following post and two others are from notes I took from three harem members who left or will soon be leaving. To protect their identities and for congruity, I made minor edits but changed nothing of the meaning. Harem woman #2 made these remarks to Frank Report during V-Week.

By Harem Woman #2

Lauren and Allison’s strange relationship

Here Allison Mack poses with her DOS slave Lauren Salzman who also got branded. But Lauren is higher ranking in ESP and can decide promotions for Allison.

Lauren is not feeling well. She doesn’t seem to be happy. She is really nasty to Allison. It’s funny. Lauren is Allison’s slave in DOS.  Lauren is much higher in ESP than Allison. Lauren has say over Allison moving up the ranks of ESP.

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Lauren is not happy?

They don’t like each other.

Give credit to Keith. He made one boss over the other in one hierarchy and the other one higher in the other project.

Pretty smart. They both need him to settle things.





Allison singing.

I hear Keith promised Lauren she would have his child. But Allison is living with Keith and Marianna on Oregon Trail. Lauren is living on Lappe. So how does Lauren reconcile that?

Now Marianna has a baby. It’s really screwed up.

Allison and Lauren aren’t the only ones fighting.



Harem Women Backbiting

They all play ranks with each other. They talk badly about each other. They all have sex with the same man.   Jness is supposed to be about love, sisterhood. They get together for Jness and everything is “amazing.”

The women pretend to like each other. Then they go back to bitching.

“Oh my God, she has to work that issue.”

“She doesn’t know her life issue. It’s so obvious.”

Most of the women have no men around them, no family. None of them have boyfriends. Nobody dates. Dr. Danielle Roberts broke up with her boyfriend. She desperately wanted to get back with him. He wanted her to leave Keith.

None of them are healthy. They weigh their food. They carry around food scales. Danielle Roberts, Indie, Allison, Dani –  all of them are super skinny. They work out all the time and weigh their food. It’s described as Integrity. Discipline. Character. Not being entitled.

They shop at Whole Foods, pure organic. They only eat certain things and small portions.

v weeaklinga
Four branded women – Lyvia Cohen, Melissa Rodriguez, Allison “Pimp” Mack and Alicia Novak – with toothy smiles readying for V-Week 2017. But do they really like each other as much as the photo seems to suggest?


Waiting on Keith

Keith Raniere is the Vanguard and the women vie to serve him.

All the DOS women are on readiness. They have their phones and you can’t have a conversation because their phones are always going off.  When Keith wants to see a woman, she has to drop everything. He has many meetings and “downloads” and is working day and night to save the mission. So they have to be in readiness in case he needs them.

The women vie with each other to bring him food. They bring him food sometimes at midnight. Keith eats lots of sugar and starch. Big plates of macaroni and cheese. I am pretty sure I saw him eating meat.

All of them are super busy. Nobody gets enough sleep. There are committees and coaching, “readiness”, meetings. “goals and values”, “No conscience”, “group penances”. Despite being busy, no one has money. They all work for ESP, but no one gets ahead.

Money Issues

Danielle has income as a physician; she does not make money from eso/exo. Nobody makes money with Keith’s businesses. Nicki Clyne works for the Knife. She gets paid $15 per hour.

Everyone is working toward being an EMP or sales trainer. Lauren, Dani Padilla, and Karen Unterreiner have some money. They are EMPs.  After DOS came out, people  wanted EMs. Dani did a lot of EMs.

Clare Bronfman and Rosa Laura Junco are wealthy. Allison blew through her money. She has a little left. She had saved a lot. Loretta Garza seems to have a lot of money.

Hierarchy between Clare and Nancy

Nancy Salzman with Sara Bronfman at V-Week 2017. Sara continues to support NXIVM and DOS. Her sister, Clare, now runs the operations and is Nancy’s boss.

Nancy Salzman claims to owns ESP and Keith Raniere gave the company to her. For the last few years, Nancy has been denied a salary and has to beg Clare for money.

At V-Week, Nancy lectured for hours every day. She ought to be earning some salary. Nancy seemed depressed. She used to be very concerned about her weight. She wasn’t. She looked pretty slender.

Vanguard says the reason Nancy is not allowed to have money is because “‘money is her ‘issue'”. So who owns the company?





clare and nickiu
It is another one of those strange relationships; Clare Bronfman [r] with her DOS slave and $15 per hour employee, Nicki Clyne. Clare is the boss of Nancy Salzman [Prefect] yet Nancy owns ESP [on paper.]
Smile for the Camera


Nobody seems happy. The women are told, when they take pictures to over smile to convey joy and success. When you see silly pictures like Michelle Hatchette smiling like her ass is on fire, that’s the reason.

As for Keith. The women all say he is this great athlete, but when I went to him and saw him naked, he was soft. He is not in good shape. He has little muscle.


Ivy is being shunned again. She may have confided something to somebody and they think she is a leak. Some of the Knife people I think are in DOS. They don’t call it DOS. They called it the project. Julia Berry Lopez lost a lot of weight. She got married to Juan. She was plump to begin with. Her collar bones started sticking out.  Kirsten Ohlander, a main Knife person, is very skinny. Wendy Rosenbrooks, Crystal’s mother, was also very concerned about her diet. Crystal, I think, is DOS. I don’t know about her mother.  I doubt it.

Christine Morganstein was Nancy’s protege. Christine followed Nancy to ESP.  She found a husband and had a daughter. Her daughter is in Rainbow. She used to be a school teacher. Now she is a Proctor. Right. You would think she would make some money? Of course she has no money. Nobody does.


Sadly, the herpes thing is real. I don’t know if Keith has it or not. I never saw it on him. But there are at least three women I know who have it and so does at least one of the SOP guys. And he got it from one of the women Keith sleeps with. That was pretty sad.



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6 years ago

A fake “sisterhood” all jealous of their relationship with a fake “man”. The irony could not be more glaring.

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