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An aggressive comment by VanDouche, who also refers to the vanguard and conceptual founder of Executive Success Programs, Keith Raniere, as ‘VanDouche’, led to a curious response from another individual who is seemingly from Mexico.

VanDouche speaks of irony and the apparent feebleness of the Mexican fathers of women under Vanguard’s instructions.

It’s ironic how it is mostly the women of this cult who are pimping for this pudgy little specimen* they call a “man” and who are promoting their own gender’s ‘sexploitation.’ Meanwhile VanDouche* is laughing internally behind those glassy eyes at how dumb these women are as he cums on their faces. I thought the Mexican men were real “men” and not the pussies they appear to be as they let a dirty old man* fondle and fuck their daughters.

A comment from GENTE AYUDANDO GENTE [People Helping People] an individual who seems to have used a Spanish to English translator,** has a perspective on Mr. Junco. Of interest is the possible role of Banamex [owned by Citigroup] with NIXVM Mexico. The original English is further below. Directly below is my attempt at translating the translation into plainer English. Although it is clearly speculative and on the surface a far fetched, it is submitted only as something to ponder. Considering the absolutely horrific practices Keith Raniere is accused of, it does make one wonder how much longer he will escape justice.

Alejandro Junco, the father of Rosa Laura Junco, is the owner of a media group. He has contacts with politicians and entrepreneurs. There might be another reason he is ‘tame’ about the horrific practices of Keith Raniere and his daughter. Given the amount of corruption in politics in Mexico, it would not be surprising if his daughter, Rosa Laura, knows secrets about her father that could compromise him, or perhaps the father is profiting with Mr. Raniere.
An online political report said that, while Emiliano Salinas failed in IN LAK‘ ECH por la Paz, he is supporting other movements created by other people. One of them was created by a friend of his father, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, the ex president of Mexico, and one of the most corrupt presidents in history.  The article mentions that the silent partner of Emiliano in NXIVM Mexico is Banamex, the state bank, that is said to be a locus of corruption.


*Keith Raniere

** those who are part of the cult may be well tamed but I wonder if the father of pink laura rush will have another reason is the owner of a media group and has contacts with politicians and entrepreneurs given the amount of corrupcion politics in mexico would not be rare that your daughter knows about secrets that can compromise and with that keep it controlled or can even do something more related to dirty business I say it because the other time looking at something about emiliano salinas in a site that deals with Mexican politics mentioned the failure of emiliano in INLAK’ECH is supporting other movements created by other people one of them created by friend of his father carlos salinas de gortari exidente of mexico and of the most corrupt, in the article mentions that the silent partner of emiliano in NXIVM mexico is the banamex the state bank that is said to be a focus of corruption.


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  • Corruption in Mexico is one thing. But letting Keith do these things to their daughters is another. While we’re at it, how are American fathers letting him get away with doing these things to their daughters? Enough is enough.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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