Part 1: V-Week 2017: How much does it cost to attend? (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)

Keith Alan Raniere
The Inn at Silver Bay Resort is the largest of several hotel, motel, lodge and cottage buildings on the campus. During V-Week, organizers of the event book the entire facility and the resort closes its doors to overnight guests and casual visitors for 10 days.

Reports are coming in on V-Week 2017.

V-Week is short for Vanguard Week. It is being held now at Silver Bay YMCA – Conference & Family Retreat Center , a 700 plus acre site owned by the YMCA, in Silver Bay, New York. The property is on the shores of Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains.

V-Week is a 10-day event centered around the celebration of the birth of “V” or “Vanguard”, whose real name is Keith Raniere.

Mr. Raniere has bestowed upon himself the title of Vanguard. His birth date is said to be August 26, 1960. That would make him 57.

Vanguard [avant garde] is a term for military units at the front of an army or fleet.  By extension, a Vanguard can be a person – or persons – at the forefront of a group or movement. So it is with Mr. Raniere.

He is at the forefront of a movement that largely centers on himself and his teachings, which are sold to students who attend seminars and who are required to sign confidentiality agreements forbidding the disclosure of his teachings.

Mr. Raniere sells knowledge on life with life coaching. He operates his business as a for profit enterprise and pays sales commissions to those who are authorized to recruit new students and in a manner that is multi-level marketing insofar as there is a downline that provides commissions for the recruits of recruits to the original recruiter of students.

Once a year –  starting a few days before his birthday and ending a few days after – for a total of 10 days, students of the classes of the several companies that sell his teachings are permitted to pay to attend V-Week and in this respect it is a corporate retreat.

On campus, there are about a dozen hotels, motels, and lodges and some 20 cottages.  All told, there are more than 300 rooms. With cottages and lodges for group housing, the site can accommodate, according to its website, around 700 people overnight.

What does it cost to attend Vanguard Week 2017?

The cost to attend V-Week depends on a number of factors. The two chief ones are the kind of accommodations desired and how far in advance an attendee is willing to reserve his or her place there.

A single hotel room with private bath costs $4,000 and up for V-Week 2017.

If a student is willing to share a room with another and share a bath with possibly several others, one can attended for less than $2,500.

In March 2017, this was pricing organizers of V-Week 2017 sent to students.

cost of v week

A source familiar with the pricing for V-Week informed me that people who booked a room in January or earlier would have paid less than the prices listed here.

A room at The Inn with a private bath costs the average one night visitor about $175 in season. For 10 days that would cost someone coming off the street $1750.

V-Week charge is around $4,000 or more than double the cost of the room itself.

The pricing for V-Week includes room and board and free admittance to a number of events.

clare brong,man

Lake George. Clare Bronfman, an organizer of V-Week took this photo.





El Inn en Silver Bay Resort es el más grande de varios edificios de hotel, motel, albergue y casa en el campus. Durante la V semana, organizadores del evento reserva toda la instalación y el complejo cierra sus puertas para toda la noche los huéspedes y visitantes ocasionales durante 10 días.


Informes se vienen el 2017 V-semana.

V semana es corto para semana de vanguardia. Se celebra ahora en Silver Bay YMCA – centro de retiros de la Conferencia y la familia, 700 más acre sitio propiedad de la YMCA, en Bahía de la plata, Nueva York. La propiedad está a orillas del lago George en las montañas de Adirondack.

V semana es un evento de 10 días centrado alrededor de la celebración del nacimiento de “V”o “Vanguard”, cuyo verdadero nombre es Keith Raniere.

El Sr. Raniere ha otorgado a sí mismo el título de vanguardia. Su fecha de nacimiento se dice que es el 26 de agosto de 1960. Que le haría 57.

vanguardia [vanguardia] es un término para las unidades militares en el frente de un ejército o flota.  Por extensión, a la vanguardia puede ser una – o varias personas – a la vanguardia de un grupo o movimiento. Lo mismo ocurre con el Sr. Raniere.

Él está a la vanguardia de un movimiento que en gran medida se centra en sí mismo y de sus enseñanzas, que se venden a los estudiantes que asisten a seminarios y que están obligados a firmar acuerdos de confidencialidad que prohíben la divulgación de sus enseñanzas.

El Sr. Raniere vende conocimiento sobre vida con coaching de vida. Opera su negocio como una para beneficio empresarial y paga comisiones de ventas a quienes están autorizados para reclutar nuevos estudiantes y de una manera que es marketing multinivel en la medida en que existe una línea descendente que ofrece comisiones para los reclutas de reclutas para el reclutador original de los estudiantes.

Una vez al año – a partir de unos pocos días antes de su cumpleaños y termina unos días después – para un total de 10 días, los estudiantes de las clases de las varias compañías que venden sus enseñanzas están autorizados a pagar para asistir a la V semana y en este sentido es un retiro corporativo.

En el campus, hay una docena de hoteles, moteles y Posadas y algunas casas rurales de 20.  Dicho todo esto, hay más de 300 habitaciones. Casas rurales y albergues para el alojamiento en grupo, el sitio puede alojar, según su sitio web, alrededor de 700 personas durante la noche.

¿Cuánto cuesta asistir a vanguardia semana 2017?

El costo para asistir a la V semana depende de varios factores. Las dos principales son el tipo de alojamiento deseado y cuánto de antemano un asistente está dispuesto a reservar su lugar allí.

Un hotel único con privado costos de baño $4.000 y hasta para 2017 V-semana.

Si un estudiante está dispuesto a compartir la habitación con el otro y comparten un baño con posiblemente varios otros, uno puede asistió por menos de $2.500.

En marzo de 2017, esto fue precios organizadores de 2017 V semana envió a los estudiantes.

cost of v week

Una fuente familiarizada con el precio de la V semana me informó a que las personas que reservé una habitación en enero o antes habría pagado menos de los precios que figuran aquí.

Habitaciones de la Posada con baño privado cuesta el uno visitante nocturno sobre $175 en la temporada. Durante 10 días costaría alguien viene de la calle $1750.

V semana es alrededor $4.000 o más del doble el costo de la habitación en sí.

El precio de la V semana incluye alojamiento y comida y entrada gratis a un número de eventos.

clare brong,man
Lake George. Clare Bronfman, un organizador de la V semana tomó esta foto.

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  • Wow do people still buy they are changing the world with this cult? Wake up, drink some coffee,.eat a hamburger and get a good week of sleep people. What has this organization really done since it started? Who can you point to and say Look at how successful and happy they are (outside of the trust fund babies and the ones rolling in the $$$ from your enrollments)?

    Rainer was banned in New York from running multi level marketing companies but that has not stopped him with NXIVM. Everyone knows he runs the show, all of them in fact.

    Some people just need to follow

  • I wonder how much Clare had to spend to cover all the unused rooms. Getting “cured” of being a Lesbian is getting pretty pricey!

  • Frank any updates re what’s going on at silver bay? Any more disgruntled members leaving in a hurry? Any weird explanations for why it’s so quiet there this year? Any other women being branded? Please update us

  • Surprised kids 6-17 aren’t even cheaper. Or free. Or “we’ll pay you if you bring your underaged daughters”.

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