Open Letter to Alejandro Junco – father of DOS “slave”, Rosa Laura Junco (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)


Alejandro Junco de la Vega, born 1948, in Monterrey, Mexico, is a distinguished journalist, educator, and publisher. He heads the largest newspaper consortium in Mexico, publishing nine papers with a daily circulation of 1.4 million. 

He is also the father of one of Keith Raniere’s foremost disciples: Rosa Laura Junco.





Dear Mr. Alejandro Junco de la Vega:

Rosa Laura Junco


In Mexico, branding is done to cattle on the ranches.

In Clifton Park, NY, USA, a man named Keith Raniere is branding human females.

I submit to you, Mr. Junco, that you should consider investigating whether your daughter, Rosa Laura, is a member of a group of women who participate in human female branding – and what amounts to human trafficking.

I urge you, Mr. Junco, to not merely accept the word of your daughter, for this group of which I am writing has been instructed to deny this branding and human trafficking occurs. I urge you to investigate this matter in the same manner as a top journalist like yourself would investigate it.

Your daughter and the women of her group have been told to deny their group exists. The group has been called DOS [Dominant Over Submissive] or The Project.

Let me explain the branding procedure:

Women are brought to a certain home in Clifton Park, N,Y. blindfolded. They are led to a room and disrobed.  Naked, they are led to a larger room and made to lie on a table.

Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O., administers the branding.

The iron is heated to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius). Four naked women hold down the woman to be branded – one to each limb – so she doesn’t squirm and injure herself or the physician. No anesthesia is permitted.

The branding iron is applied by Dr. Roberts on the pubic region. It burns through the epidermis, then the dermis, and grazes the subcutaneous skin. The smell of burning flesh mingles with the scent of sweat falling in beads from the women holding down the woman being branded, henceforth to be known as the slave.

The design is not applied in one strike of the iron. Because it is painful, the to-be-branded woman, writhing in pain, struggles to escape, crying sometimes to stop the process.

The white hot metal is pressed to the skin in small sections. No respite is allowed once the branding process has begun.

Again and again the white-hot iron strikes to form the design, with space between each scar for tissue to expands, filling in gaps.

The ultimate design is of the letters, K-R: the initials of Keith Raniere.

After the scarring, Dr. Roberts cleans the branded area, bandages and wraps it in cellophane so no oxygen reaches it. Oxygen speeds healing, allowing skin to repair and obscure the initials of the master of the women: The goal is a permanent scaring of the brand of K-R.

Bleeding and oozing are common. For weeks, the branded woman covers the cellophane with medical tape so fluids don’t soil her undergarments.

Your daughter, Rosa Laura, has been one of the leaders of this group. She has helped fund its operation. There are reliable people who claim she has been branded herself.

That is the first area of concern I wish to bring to your attention.

It may not be criminal, but it shows a devotion to Mr. Raniere that most would see as warped and disturbing.

There is another activity of which your daughter, as a leader of this DOS group, has been involved.

Silence is required of the women of DOS, for most would view branding of females as grotesque and unconscionable. To ensure this silence, every member is required to provide “collateral”, which is held by those who obey Mr. Raniere.

Collateral consists of obscene photos and videos of each member of DOS.  It also includes her “confessions”, on audio or video, to crimes and humiliating acts she or members of her family have ever done in life. She may betray family and friends. She may make false confession.

Wealthy woman are required to give assets as collateral to those who obey Mr. Raniere.

Capture bbbbbbb
Keith Raniere

“Collateral” is uploaded to a DropBox account – where it can be accessed by Clare Bronfman, the Seagram’s heiress who funds most of Mr. Raniere’s operations – and certain members of the Society of Protectors (SOP), an all male group that learns, first-hand from Raniere, how to control women. Mr. Raniere can access the collateral anytime he wants.

“Collateral” is to be used to destroy the life and reputation of any woman who threatens to leave the group – or who threatens to reveal the secrets of DOS.

Your daughter is a co-conspirator in the gathering of collateral and of coercing women to provide collateral.  Reliable people have said your daughter has provided collateral to Mr. Raniere of herself.

There is more:

In the past and possibly the present, Mr. Raniere has broken the laws of New York State by having sexual relations with females under the age of 17 (The New York State age of consent is 17).  An adult having sex with a person under 17 in New York commits the felony of Statutory Rape.

Several women have told me Mr. Raniere committed such acts in the past. This far, he’s escaped prosecution for those heinous deeds.

It is believed your daughter provided him, knowingly or unknowingly, with opportunities to commit acts of Statutory Rape. If it was done knowingly, she could be charged as an accomplice.  There is plenty of evidence on the public record that Mr. Raniere has committed Statutory Rape. Eye witnesses who claim to have been raped by Mr. Raniere have told their stories to the Albany Times Union and elsewhere.

Your daughter has brought teenage girls to her home to be trained by Keith Raniere. He was seen kissing these girls on the lips – as if it were his manner of greeting them. He may have done, or plans to do more.

3 teens.JPG
This is a picture of three teenage girls your daughter has put in contact with Keith Raniere.

There is yet another area of concern:

Reliable people have told me your daughter is a co-conspirator in activities which include tax evasion, money laundering, illegal human experiments, and other felonious acts that are investigated by the US Department of Homeland Security.  Her co-conspirators in the commission of these crimes include Clare Bronfman, Loretta Garza, Dr. Brandon Porter, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Karen Unterreiner, Allison Mack, Keith Raniere and others.

Your daughter has invested considerable money with Mr. Raniere. She may have been deceived. She may be a victim of hypnosis or brainwashing.

Keith Raniere is said to be a man who is skilled in hypnosis and in making people believe in his goodness and even his divinity.

Her money may be traceable to funding an array of criminal activities.

All of these actions I have named can be easily documented by law enforcement or by journalists determined to find out the truth.

I urge you, Mr. Junco, as arguably your nation’s greatest journalist, a national hero to millions of Mexicans, the nation’s most powerful publisher and with the vast resources at your disposal, to investigate these matters which I have mentioned.

If you wish to contact me. I will provide you with unequivocal evidence of the truth of all that I have stated in my letter.

If what I have written is true – I urge you to rescue your daughter and perhaps the daughters of other fathers – be they Mexican, American or Canadian – from the insane and destructive grip of an invidious, ruthless and diabolical individual.

Yours Sincerely,

Frank Parlato







Estimado Sr. Alejandro Junco de la Vega:


En México, marca se hace al ganado en los ranchos.

En Clifton Park, NY, Estados Unidos, un hombre llamado Keith Raniere es marca a mujeres humanas.

Presento a usted, Sr. Junco, que debería considerar investigar si su hija, Laura de la Rosa, es un miembro de un grupo de mujeres que participan en branding femenino humano – y lo que equivale a la trata de seres humanos.

Les pido, Sr. Junco, no simplemente aceptar la palabra de su hija, para este grupo de que escribo ha sido instruido negar esta marca y trata de personas ocurre. Le insto a investigar este asunto en la misma forma que un periodista superior como usted mismo lo investigaría.

Su hija y las mujeres de su grupo les ha dicho que negar que su grupo existe. El grupo ha sido llamado DOS [dominante sobre sumiso] o el proyecto.

Me explico el procedimiento de creación de marca:

La mujer es presentada a una cierta casa en Clifton Park, NY con los ojos vendados. Se llevó a una habitación y despojados.  Desnuda, condujo a una habitación más grande y hace acostarse sobre una mesa.

Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O., administra la marca.

El hierro se calienta a 500 (260 grados Celsius). Cuatro mujeres desnudas pulsado de la mujer a ser marca – uno a cada extremidad – así que ella no retuercen y lesionarse a sí misma o el médico. No se permite anestesia.

La plancha de la marca es aplicada por el Dr. Roberts en la región pubiana. Quema a través de la epidermis, luego la dermis y roza la piel subcutánea. El olor a carne quemada se confunde con el olor de sudor cayendo en cuentas de las mujeres manteniendo la mujer marca en adelante para ser conocido como el esclavo.

No se aplica el diseño de un golpe del hierro. Porque es doloroso, la marca de ser para mujer, retorciéndose de dolor, lucha por escapar, llorando a veces para detener el proceso.

La fundición blanca se presiona la piel en pequeñas secciones. No respiro se permite una vez comenzado el proceso de branding.

Una y otra vez las formas del hierro candente que el diseño, con espacio entre cada cicatriz de tejido se expande, llenando vacíos.

El diseño final es de letras, K-R: las iniciales de Keith Raniere.

Después de la cicatrización, Dr. Roberts limpia la zona de marca, vendajes y envuelve en celofán, por lo que no hay oxígeno lo alcanza. Velocidades de oxígeno curación, permitiendo que la piel reparar y ocultar las iniciales del maestro: el objetivo es una cicatriz permanente de la marca de la K-R.

Sangrado y supuración son comunes. Durante semanas, la mujer marca cubre el celofán con cinta médica para que fluidos no suelo su ropa interior.

Su hija, Laura de la Rosa, ha sido uno de los líderes de este grupo. Ella ha ayudado a financiar su funcionamiento. Hay personas confiables que afirman que ella ha calificado a sí misma.

Es la primera área de preocupación que deseo llamar su atención.

No puede ser criminal, pero muestra una devoción al Sr. Raniere que más vería como deformado e inquietante.

Hay otra actividad que su hija, como líder del grupo DOS, ha estado involucrada.

El silencio es de las mujeres del DOS, para ver más marca de hembras como grotesco y desmesurada. Para asegurar este silencio, cada miembro se requiere “collateral”, que se lleva a cabo por aquellos que obedecen el Sr. Raniere.

Bienes muebles en de obscenos fotos y videos de cada miembro de DOS.  También incluye su “confessions”, en audio o video, crímenes y actos humillantes o miembros de su familia han hecho en la vida. Ella puede traicionar a familiares y amigos. Ella puede hacer confesión falsa.

Mujer rica están obligados a dar activos como garantía para aquellos que obedecen el Sr. Raniere.

Capture bbbbbbb Keith Raniere

“Collateral” es subido a una cuenta de DropBox – donde se puede acceder por Clare Bronfman, heredera de la Seagram que fondos aoo de las operaciones de Raniere – y por los miembros de la sociedad de protectores (SOP), un grupo de todo hombre que se entera, de primera mano de Raniere, cómo las mujeres control. Raniere, por supuesto, cam también acceder a los bienes en garantía cuando él quiera.

“Collateral” es a destruir la vida y la reputación de una mujer que amenaza con dejan el grupo, o que amenaza con revela los secretos de DOS.

Su hija es un co-conspirator en el encuentro de garantía y de coaccionar a las mujeres para proporcionar garantías.  Confiables han dicho que su hija ha brindado garantías a Sr. Raniere de sí misma.

Hay más:

En el pasado y posiblemente en el presente, el Sr. Raniere ha roto las leyes del estado de Nueva York por tener relaciones sexuales con mujeres menores de 17 (estado de Nueva York edad del consentimiento es 17).  Un adulto teniendo sexo con una persona menores de 17 años en Nueva York comete el delito de estupro.

Varias mujeres me han dicho que el Sr. Raniere cometido tales actos en el pasado. Hasta aquí, es escapó de enjuiciamiento por los hechos atroces.

Se cree que su hija le, a sabiendas o sin saberlo, con oportunidades para cometer actos de violación estatutaria. Si se ha hecho a sabiendas, podría ser acusada como cómplice.  Su hija ha traído a adolescentes a su casa para ser entrenado por Keith Raniere. Fue visto estas chicas de besos en los labios. Él pudo haber hecho más.

3 teens.JPG

Esta es una fotografía de tres de las adolescentes que su hija ha puesto en contacto con Keith Raniere.

Aún existe otra área de preocupación:

Gente confiable me dijo que tu hija es un co-conspirator en actividades que incluyen evasión de impuestos, lavado de dinero, experimentos humanos ilegales y otros actos criminal que están siendo investigados por el nosotros Departamento de seguridad nacional.  Sus conspiradores en la Comisión de estos delitos son Clare Bronfman, Loretta Garza, Dr. Brandon Porter, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Karen Unterreiner, Allison Mack, Keith Raniere y otros.

Su hija ha invertido mucho dinero con el Sr. Raniere. Ella pudo haber sido engañada. Ella puede ser una víctima de la hipnosis o lavado de cerebro.

Keith Raniere se dice que es un hombre que es experto en hipnosis y en hacer que la gente a creer en su bondad e incluso su divinidad.

Su dinero puede ser trazable a la financiación de una serie de actividades delictivas.

Todas estas acciones que yo he nombrado pueden documentarse fácilmente por aplicación de la ley o por periodistas, decididos a averiguar la verdad.

Le insto, señor Junco, como podría decirse de la nación mayor periodista, un héroe nacional a millones de mexicanos, editor más poderoso de la nación y con los vastos recursos a su disposición, para investigar estas cuestiones que he mencionado.

Si desea ponerse en contacto conmigo. Brindaré con evidencia inequívoca de la verdad de todo lo que me ha indicado en la carta.

Si lo que he escrito es cierto, le insto a rescatar a su hija y tal vez las hijas de otros padres – sea mexicana, americana o canadiense – de la empuñadura demencial y destructiva de una persona ingrata, cruel y diabólica.

Suyo atentamente,

Frank Parlato


correo electrónico;



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  • I’m not sure where to leave this question – but I will ask it here — I have googled the women, including this one, that have been mentioned throughout the site and search specifically for their images. I.e, Allison Mack, Clyne, Rosa Laura — and, presuming from what I have read, they are all each of them the special mistresses of Keith, his sex partners etc – but there is not one photo of these women, other than the mother of his child, actually with Rainiere. I wonder why. I’m sure no one on this site can answer so I will assume that this Clown, Keith doesn’t want these relationships memorialized with photographs. He’s a true cretin. Demonic, along with that evil woman of his, Clare. Both of them will surely rot in hell but then they will no doubt enjoy that, Hell being their native environment. At least there are no young children involved in or harmed by these people’s collective degeneracy. That would be too evil.

  • Laura Junco is certain of the goodness of her mission. She won’t be deterred, she will proved that she is at cause over her “flawed female character” and is strong enough to overcome the adversity of doing the best good overall.

    What is the skillful handling of these naive girls from different villages but an important piece of keeping the message alive. the hope for the future. An ethical future. She is a warrior mother attempting help to world develop conscience and evolve.

  • Frank Report – Happy Birthday Vanguard’s comment hits home. Can you make it its own Post on your blog? More people need to read it, especially Canadians.

    Thank you

  • Hopefully Senor Junco will drag his daughter & grandchildren back to Mexico so fast it will give Vandick whiplash.

    It’s no secret that she lives off her father’s money.

    What would the Mexican Princess do without daddy’s money?

    What value will she be to the cult without daddy’s money? She will be tossed aside unless she can bring him young girls.

    Would this be a case where Vandick would have Senor Janco killed for his beliefs?

    It would fix a problem so Rosa Laura can control of her own money.

    Does Senor Junco know Vandick has declared he’s had people killed?

    Maybe it’s time to keep his body guards closer.

  • This were questions from the Canadian Husband on a prior post. I am scared writing this. This has been a nightmare. I hope others will come out of the shadows and answer too.

    Tell us how they hooked you in.

    I was told Rational Inquiry was a patent pending technology to remove limiting beliefs. It was a full proof “procedure” to remove attachments to the outside world and make a person more joyful, similar to the goals of Buddhism. “Scientific enlightenment”.

    I studied eastern philosophy and it appeared the Buddhist leadership Lama Tenzin, and later the Dalai Lama were in support of this. I thought like the Buddhists if people overcame their attachments all the world’s ills would be healed especially my own. I felt important and proud of myself to endeavor to make this happen.

    This was a complete lie. There’s nothing procedural about Rational Inquiry other than a procedure to mess with your mind and induce you to become indebted in every way to Vanguard and Prefect and others. No amount of Em’s, goals lab, coaching sessions, or training has any effect on removing or lessening my feelings of attachment.

    How did it change your values and beliefs (EM)? For a time, I gradually and in greater and greater degrees demonized everyone and everything outside of ESP.

    How does Rational Inquiry work? It doesn’t. It’s highly invasive psychotherapy techniques administered by untrained and unlicensed women most of who are in Vanguard’s harem. All it does is make you more and more vulnerable to suggestion and pressure you to turn over all your money and time to the ESP leadership.

    Explain the social values of the group. Highly controlled, very superficial. Polygamy and sex is a huge deal and physical appearance and how much money you have is all anyone cares about. The opposite of Buddhism. In ESP someone like Oprah is a bottom feeding low life because of her weight issues. Whereas a skinny pretty 20 something with lots of inherited money is the most valued person in the world if she’s dedicated it all to Keith. Even if she has not a single accomplishment.

    Do Espians socialize outside the group? It’s discouraged and you are guilted into participating in so many ESP community things, there is no time left ever to socialize with others.

    How do Espians get paid? Everyone is paid as little as possible if they are paid at all.

    What is the business model? Socialism.

    Is there an effort to lie and keep secrets? Yes. All the people in the Albany area that work with V and P directly are very secretive and lie.

    Explain the the MLM model. You recruit people, who recruit others, and so on and so on. If you do that you make money.

    How do they explain slavery and branding? They don’t. What they do is induce over periods of time a misogynist world view that classifies women as princesses, dishonest, opportunistic fleas jumping from host to host to leech off a men. Women have no character, never keep their word, and need men to take care of them. The only way a woman can transcend her horrible innate flaws is if she surrenders control of everything and prioritizes discipline above all else. It’s not actual discipline though. The discipline practices are just doing what she’s told about eating, sleeping, sex, and being on call around the clock for the leadership. Since the leadership isn’t doing anything productive in reality its surrender to accomplishing nothing in the name of growth and character.

    Explain how Keith normalized sleeping with students. Everyone believes that Keith can integrate people in special ways that are unknowable. Because of this the sex is assumed to be part of it and his sex addiction gets normalized.

    Is it possible to be a victim in this cult? There are very few people in this cult who are not victims.

    What abuses did you suffer? Psychological abuse beyond your wildest imagination.

    Who lost their family as a result of ESP? I did and many of my friends did. We were all taught to see our family’s and former friends in the worst light imaginable.

    Did anyone else notice that Keith talks a lot but says very little? No. Not until the end. It all seemed so brilliant for a while, until I woke up. Then it was all ridiculous. Like waking up from a horrible nightmare.

    Was anyone hypnotized? Yes. The whole “inductive learning” model of Rational Inquiry is one giant hypnosis session. That’s what Rational Inquiry is. An hypnotic induction model to control people without their knowledge or agreement.

    Sadly, did anyone sleep with Keith? All the women who spend a lot of time in Albany sleep with Keith eventually. Even the gays.

    • Thank you for your honesty. I am very sorry you suffered the abuses this group inflicts on participants. Now it is time to recover and help those still suffering.

      Thank you for stepping up and stepping out.

  • Rosa Laura has potentially broken several laws which could land her in jail and she continues to do so. As a father it’s very important that Mr. Junco act before she is charged with human trafficking or much worse.

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