Allison persuaded other women to be branded. Did she also persuade any of them to get genital herpes? In fact was it her fault that one woman did get herpes because of her? I'm not saying any one mentioned on this page has herpes. I am only urging those who do not have it to not get it, no matter how much you adore your Vanguard.

Tomorrow will be “big news” day on Frank Report

Dear readers, I spent the day gathering new information about Keith Raniere, Vanguard Week, DOS, possible new sex crimes, and a number of  women and men  who have left Mr. Raniere.

I will also have a report on possible illegal human experiments conducted  by Dr. Brandon Porter to assist Keith in selecting women to be invited into DOS and to his bedroom and hot tub.

And more:

Tomorrow August 23rd, should be a big news day at Frank Report.

If a lady is slender, obedient and open to the idea of having one-way sex with a sociopath, she may be invited in for a special hot tub tutoring session with the Vanguard
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Branded: Lyvia Cohen, Melissa Rodriguez, Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack and Alicia Novak have “marked their pussies” with Keith Raniere’s initials. That’s what reliable sources say. They are at Vanguard Week. People at V-Week who doubt what I have reported about DOS is true ought to step up and ask these alleged slaves to “show us you’re not branded”. That will put the truth to the test.





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