They come seeking one thing from Vanguard and find something else

When Daniella Fernandez came to visit Clifton Park, she wanted to be a scientist. Keith offered to make her a world renowned scientist.

When Marianna Fernandez came to visit Clifton Park, she wanted to be a tennis player. Keith offered to make her a star tennis player.

When Ivy Nevares came to visit Clifton Park, she was a professional writer. Keith offered to make her a writer whose words would be remembered in history.



When Clare Bronfman came to visit Clifton Park, she was a good competitive horse jumper.  Keith offered to make her the best in the world.




When Allison Mack first came to Clifton Park, she was a successful pop TV actor. Keith offered to make her an actor who could move people to heights only the greatest actors ever achieve.

Daniella was employed to hack computers to spy on the enemies of Keith Raniere. But when she refused to join his harem, she was imprisoned in a room for 18 months until she escaped and returned to Mexico.

Marianna became enamored with Keith and stayed for years as an illegal alien. She lived,  ménage à trois style, with Keith and the late Pam Cafritz. When Pam died, she lived  ménage à trois style, with Keith and Allison Mack. She is said to be nine months pregnant or perhaps has already given birth to a child said to be sired by Keith Raniere.

Ivy left her writing job in New York City and went to work with Keith. She was, for a short time, the favorite woman of his harem. But something happened and Keith – and then the other harem women – shunned her. They threatened to cut off the salary she received from NXIVM. Keith refused to speak to her for years. She remains on the outside, aging, childless, alone, looking in.

Clare was persuaded by Keith that horse jumping was not ethical. She became the financier and enabler of Keith Raniere’s expanded forays into “revenge litigation” and “investments” that lost a lot of money. She gradually took over the day-to-day operations of his businesses and is said to be despised by the other women of the harem who are dependent on her money, but find her chillingly cold, cheap and jealous.

Allison Mack was persuaded by Keith that she should quit her high-paid successful TV role and spend time learning from him. She had millions; she could take time off and be herself. She was later persuaded she would be in charge of a women’s movement. The movement morphed into a master-slave group called DOS. In DOS, women are branded on their pubic region with Keith Raniere’s initials and blackmail is kept to ensure the silence of the women. Allison now lives, ménage à trois style, with Keith and Marianna.  She is said to have depleted her savings in the cause of Keith Raniere and is totally dependent on Clare Bronfman’s money. The two women, like many in the harem, are said to be extremely jealous of each other.

None of the women got what they first came for. All of them had their lives drastically altered by meeting Keith Raniere.

Time will tell if that was good or bad.

There are many more like them.

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  • The only executive success these women achieve is in being manipulated successfully by a self-serving executive douche bag.

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