Allison Tweets happy and Vany Instagram smiles, but lack of conscience rules the day in the world of Keith Raniere

A reader who evidently left Executive Success Programs wrote how unhappy she was that Allison Mack and Vany Huber and the rest of the gang seemed to be living it up, while she was suffering.

… the lack of conscience the present members feel for the trauma and heartache some of us who left are experiencing. People who were our closet friends, therapists, confidantes for years and years suddenly could care less. “You feel harmed? You object to what is happening here – fuck off”. Worse still, instead of compassion and concern, willingness to discuss why we feel so harmed, we are faced with vitriol and horrible disparaging things said about us – lies – by our former closest friends to discredit our feelings. As if the consensus is “you were my friend for years, now I will tell everyone you are evil, and were evil all along” rather than address your heartache. All the while our former friends are posting happy joyful gleeful posts on social media. Like LOOK HOW HAPPY WE ARE!!!! #Belly laughs, #nourishment, #chosen family, #so much joy!!!
What kind of person does that? What would it take for me to do that? I can’t imagine. I can’t imagine discarding a years long good friend because they felt traumatized by something that happened to them in NXIVM. Was it all for show? Were our friendships one big fake lie? How could you not care? Do you care about anything?
Is that who you are now? A person who doesn’t care when dozens and dozens of people leave NXIVM in protest? Some with PTSD? And your response is “oh I am having so, so many belly laughs of joy and happiness in the face of your despair” HAHAHAHAHAHA. Everything is so funny and joyful and good. You are angry? You are mad about your brand? You are permanently physically scarred and as a result you feel betrayed? BELLY LAUGHS! BELLY LAUGHS!
For those who don’t understand what I am saying, please read the June and July instagram and twitter accounts for Allison Mack and Vany Huber. They’re shocking.
Utterly shocking. Conscienceless.





One of our most frequent commentors, Van Douche had a different take:

Allison Mack’s ramblings on Twitter and Instagram are such con jobs of fake nonsense. She used to post less frequently, a daily tweet or Instagram post every so often, but ever since the DOS revelations came to light she’s been on overdrive to fake how awesome and joyous and beautiful, blah blah blah, her cult friendships are with Nicki Clyne, Lauren Salzman, et al, and how great her fuck buddy mentor VanDouche is and how everyone should have a mentor. Gee, I wonder who she got that idea from.
I do feel sorry for her though because all of this is the fake fuck VanDouche’s doing. Many struggling actors would love to have the career she had, and now she’s just wasting her time being manipulated and used by a ball-less, facade of a man, and his minions.




Michelle Salzman, Nancy Salzman, Juan Pablo Vignon, , Pilar De La Rosa, Ildieg, Vanessa Huber




(L-r) Juan Pablo Vignon, Michelle Salzman, Vany Huber, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Ildieg.

Are they really happy? Lauren looks like she is might be about to cry. The rest seem to be posing.



(L-r) Juan Pablo Vignon, Michelle Salzman, Unknown, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Ildieg


Below is a not too original quote from Keith Raniere.

He is a man who has given himself a lot of joy.

So Keith Raniere said “When we smile, the world smiles with us. Each experience of joy is an experience of joy for all people and a victory for human kind.”
Ella Wheeler Wilcox wrote something similar in 1883:
Laugh, and the world laughs with you…  Sing, and the hills will answer… The echoes bound to a joyful sound… Rejoice, and men will seek you… Be glad, and your friends are many…There are none to decline your nectared wine…
As for Keith Raniere, women have said that when he smiles, other are made to cry. They say he smiled and made women suffer.  Consider how many have publicly said he is a monster or a psychopath:

Toni Natalie. Kristin Keeffe [mother of his son], Barbara Bouchey, Marie Christine, Susan Dones, Gina Melita, Heidi Hutchinson, Kim Woolhouse, Heidi Clifford, Mother of Kristin Snyder, Rhiannon [statutory rape age 12], her mother,  Daniela Fernandez, Svetlana Kotlin, Angela Ucci, Ellen Gibson, Nina Cowell, Jan Heim, Sheila Cote, Kathy Ethier, numerous women who recently left DOS, some of their mothers.  [Their names will be revealed shortly.] Add two who allegedly committed suicide.

Add several more whose names I also cannot reveal for they escaped without him attacking them over the last several years.

Add several dozen in Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Mexico who left after learning about DOS.

At least 40 women know him personally as a monster.  More than 100 have grave diubts about him. And that’s just the women.

More will be forthcoming soon.

More lives will be ruined [think Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O.]

Smile and the world smiles with you?


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  1. It’s a known fact that these LGATs use both psychological and physiological manipulation to alter dopamine pathways in the brain to produce in their participants highs and sometimes feelings of euphoria. Not everyone is susceptible, but for those who are, when this happens, it becomes easy to link these positive feelings with the “message” of the group in such a manner that it becomes an almost drug-like addiction. Hence, the subconscious need to take course after course. The social interactions of these people, whether in real life or online, are simply a regurgitation of these messages, actions, and the like, to create the same artificially induced feelings and emotions they learn in the group’s controlled environment to self-reinforce to themselves this correlation which isn’t real causation, but merely a contrived association.

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