Source: Keith falling apart after Pam died

Early harem leader, Pam Cafritz with her master, Keith Raniere.

A source writes: I have taken many NXIVM programs. I have found all of them very good except the new University program. It is a notable exception.

I think Keith  has come undone after Pamela Cafritz died last November.

That is the only way I can explain how sloppy he got with DOS and how BAD the University program is.

The University program is total bullshit. They are teaching vocabulary, grammar, logic and having the students read ‘1984’ by George Orwell.

A lot of people are upset.

Paying $5,000 a month tuition for that when they were promised “a fast track to NXIVM career path.”

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  • You cannot do the the things Pam did for Keith and not have it have bad things to your body. Kieth would make Pam go sit in the car when he would have sex with Mariana. How do you think that must of made her feel?
    Pam was Keith pimp but she still had a deep love for him. How did that make her feel?
    Keith had her run crazy miles and put her on crazy diets – that does crazy things to your body.
    Pam worked day and night for Keith while he had sex all night and slept all day (while she worked all day and night. That does crazy things to your body.
    Pam had to shove those feelings somewhere and when you do that to your body somethings got to give.
    Pam was young in age but her body wasn’t, her mind wasn’t and her spirit wasn’t. Those parts of her body were old, worn out and tired, very tired.
    At least her spirit is at peace, if she not in hell for all the bad deeds she did for her lover Keith.

  • Pam Cafritz was one of the few left from the Consumer Buyline days, along with Karen Untereiner, Kristen Keeffe, Toni Natalie, and I think Barbara Jeske.

    This is important because they didn’t drink the Vanguard flavor aide, so may have been able to get through to Raniere.

    Karen seems to be kind of Aspergers-like, in that she is reported to stick to computers, and is not reported to be either an active harem member or harem pimp.

    Toni had a husband and child on the outside, and left just as ESP was getting started. Raniere sued her into bankruptcy and tried to get her jailed in Mexico.

    Kristin had a child by Raniete, was required to pretend he was adopted, and fled with him when she was appalled by the psychological experiments Raniere was doing on him.

    Barbara Jeske died a few years ago.

    Pam Cafritz was reportedly a housemate of Raniere, and the lead harem pimp, up to her death in November. She was also one of the birth-mothers of JNESS (along with younger housemate and flavor aide drinker Marianna Fernandez).

    Pam may have had the influence to keep JNESS sane. When she died, JNESS mutated into DOS, because there was no one left around Raniere left who wasn’t indoctrinated to consider him infallible and able to tell him that DOS would be his downfall.

  • BTW, I wonder if all those women in Raniere’s harem are still doing the coffee enemas like Pam did to keep her weight down. Seems a little odd that someone so young would develop colon cancer.

    • I doubt it would be the coffee enemas that detrimentally contributed to the cancer. It was probably the lack of nutrition obtain from the low calorie diets he had the women on. Five hundred to eight hundred calorie diets are ridiculous.

  • William Wallace has put forth some very good suggestions. So, let’s get to work – and pull the big statue down to the ground where it can be obliterated once and for all.

  • I forgot the most important thing: contact the families of the Mexican women in Dos and let them know. Especially their fathers. For that matter contact everyone in Mexico and lead them to this site to make up their own minds. If Mexico falls so too does the organization.

  • What matters now is burning this all to the ground. It’s rotten to the core. Keith was always a sociopath. He just came up with a great scam.

    This is how we burn it down:

    a) These postings are working on this site. Anyone who has a negative story to offer or anything of value that shows that everything about ESP is wrong, come forward. Write a comment. Sometimes they become full articles. A lot of people know things. Write what you know. Write about unethical actions you’ve seen in the organization by people high up who are still in it.

    b) I’ll put up $500 to anyone who can prove beyond any doubt that Keith doesn’t have the diplomas or degrees he says he has. Should be simple to disprove it. This should go a long way to proving to people that Keith is a liar and makes a strong case for fraud.

    c) Go to the authorities. On this website Frank lists a lot of the places to go to with numbers and in some cases emails. There’s strength in numbers.

    d) Consider suing ESP. How Nancy described Keith is fraudulent. How the entire organization describes Keith is fraudulent. I think that can be proven in court. Many of us got in because of what we thought Keith was. Let’s go after the funds. There are funds there.

    e) If you know anyone in ESP, especially males who are still in it despite the evidence. Treat them as dead. They have either lost their consciences or they are too dumb to realize what’s going on. Most of the men still in it were losers coming into the course and are still losers as they have proven. Either way associating with them is in part saying what the organization is doing is morally right. Expunge them from your life. With females, try to talk sense into them. They probably still have a conscience but drank the Kool-aid.

    f) If you know anyone still in the organization, post about it. While many feel that public shaming is wrong, consider that much has been proven to show this organization is highly corrupt, run by a sociopath, and doing arguably very illegal things. Anyone still in it should be named and outed as Frank has been doing. If you stand for the other side of what’s right, then you should be willing to have your name mentioned.

    We must all act. This isn’t a one or two person thing. This entire company needs to be burned to the ground by legal means and through talking about it.

    Act NOW. A bunch of us have been but we need more support.

    • In other news today, R. Kelly is trending on Twitter today, and for guess what? Being the leader of a cult.

      Check it out. Many women who were in it are currently speaking out publicly against it.

      So, it’s not like it can’t be done.

  • Also, I read George Orwell’s “1984” in 9th grade of HIGH SCHOOL in my American History class.

  • I doubt it. It’s more like his operation is “falling apart” and he may be feeling a sense of frustration, but that’s it. It appears that what Raniere is good at is convincing (or BSing) women close to him to do all the work for him, and they are the ones who are the brains behind it. Supposedly, Karen is quite smart, and she is the one who took or helped him the take-home IQ test which allowed him to grant himself the “smartest man in the world status” that he claimed. I believe Kristin Keeffe helped him with all the legal stuff and gathering evidence on his enemies. Barbara Bouchey was the finance person. Clare just provides the money. I’m not sure what Barbara Jeske did. Nancy is the NLP and front person with her name on everything or most things. Pam was probably “the heart” of the entire operation, especially the “pimping” one, the one who knew how to deal with and manage women. As Kristin Keeffe said:

    Then, I went to Nancy, I tried to deprogram Nancy, but I had to always go light, because I didn’t want to out myself as being onto Keith. You know what I mean? I was always walking that line between trying to point these things out without outing myself completely as a dissident. So, but I went to Nancy and I said, “Look at his fucking life. He’s so lazy, he can’t get anything done, all he does is spend all day long fucking around with women, walking around the neighborhood, playing fucking volleyball, and giving speeches.” I said, “This is the one fucking thing he had to do.” I said, “He’s asking us to sacrifice our lives doing this work we hate, going after his ex-girlfriends, and what the fuck is he doing? He’s doing nothing!” And, I mean there was a point when I went to Nancy and said, “It’s like being a fitness fanatic does not make a person a renunciate.” She was drinking coffee and she literally spit out the coffee laughing, she was like, “You’re right!” You know? Obviously, this was in 2012. I was like, “Obviously, this man is not enlightened!” You know? And, he’s got everything exactly the way he wants it. This is exactly how he wants his life to be. He doesn’t care about the shit.
    He’s not trying to succeed; he’s trying to enslave.”

    • Vandouche, Barbara Jeske was the #1 salesperson for the company. She brought in thousands of people over the years and was a master wordsmith. She led the charge to fill any new training. I have a lot of experience with her. She was actually a wonderful woman with a huge heart. Loved her dogs so much. I’m furious that she was so manipulated and blinded by this shady con artist that it ate her alive and killed her.

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