Sources: Low attendance V-Week caused by Bronfman; it has become her Vanity-Week

Clare Bronfman

The low number of people who have made reservations for Vanguard Week [V-Week], the annual ten day celebration of the nativity of Keith Raniere, has many people concerned.

V-Week is held annually at Silver Bay, a resort at Lake George, in late August into early September. Mr. Raniere says he was born on August 26, 1960.

Usually, several hundred people attend, spending more than $2,000 apiece for lodgings and food to be near Mr. Raniere, who resides there for up to 10 days.

Reservations, along with full payment, are usually made months in advance. Earlier this year, organizers said they expected 450 people to attend.

To date, fewer than 180 people have reserved and prepaid – and the event is little more than one month away.

Sources say, as many as half of those who prepaid will forfeit their fees and not attend.  ESP, you see, never grants a refund for anything.  Once they’ve got your money, they’re keeping it!

Most people assumed that the low enrollment for V-Week was caused, in large part, by people being shocked at the Frank Report’s recent revelations about the secret practices of Mr. Raniere’s blackmail and human branding women’s group, DOS.

Others think that some might be staying away due to rumors that the IRS, FBI, Homeland Security, the New York State Bureau of Criminal Investigation, and the New York State Department of Health/Medical Licensing Division may be on hand doing investigations, conducting surveillance activities,  checking the IDs of foreign nationals, possibly executing search warrants, and conceivably making arrests.

{While it was not a problem in the past, Frank Report advises this year’s attendees to bring photo ID and if you are an illegal alien you should take steps to become a legal resident in the USA prior to attending V-Week.  Putting an attorney on retainer might not be a bad idea either.]

Some sources say the real reason for low interest in attending V-Week is caused by Clare Bronfman.

“V-Week has been a colossal bore, the past four or five years since Clare Bronfman has been in charge of its organization,” said one source.

Clare Bronfman has assumed the role of Master of Ceremonies for V-Week, which is billed as both a chance to be near Vanguard, but also a corporate retreat.

One female source. “Most corporate retreats hire entertainers and someone with charisma is chosen to do the MC duties. Clare Bronfman stands on stage and does a drab introduction in her shrill, nasally voice. No wonder people don’t want to pay to go. There is no razzle dazzle.  She has no stage presence. She has no emotional connection to her audience – many of whom work for her and already despise her.”

A small recorded clip was reviewed by Frank Report of what sounded like Miss Bronfman speaking. It seem to end with her saying, “I want to welcome everybody to V week. It is totally my honor and my privilege to be here in the presence of the great Vanguard.”  Wow…that’s pretty inspirational stuff, isn’t it?  All that ESP training is really paying off, Clare!

Another complaint is that Miss Bronfman uses the same performers every year.

Among them are Simply Human, an a capella group that according to several sources should re-brand themselves as “Simply Awful”.

“Imagine having to pay thousands to go to V-Week and have to listen to god-awful Simply Human and boring Clare Bronfman while V is off sleeping with somebody’s wife?,” asked one knowledgeable source.

Ironically, Mr. Raniere has had talented, charismatic people like Allison Mack, Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, Nicki Clyne, Kristin Kreuk, Grace Park and other show-business people attend V-Week in the past.

Miss Edmondson, Mr. Vicente, Miss Piesse, Miss Kreuk and Miss Park will not be in attendance this year, having reportedly left Mr. Raniere because of his penchant for branding women as slaves on their pubic region and collecting naked pictures of them to use for possible blackmail.

However, Miss Mack and Miss Clyne, both of whom are branded slaves of Mr. Raniere, are expected to in attendance. Perhaps they could relieve Miss Bronfman [and the audience] of the tedium of having Miss Bronfman on stage.

Although perhaps it won’t matter. There will likely be very few in attendance anyway.


This is not a real photo: This is an artist’s view of Clare Bronfman entitled “Clare exits the grand jury after giving her testimony”.
This is not a real photo but the work of an impressionistic artist: It is entitled “Numero Uno with V.” The artist describes her work: “She got there with talent, brains and beauty and not her money. Why Keith would have chosen her to rise just as fast, if she did not have a dime. Believe it. She does.”
CN72EW wooden puppet pinocchio in the firenze
This is not a real photo but the work of an impressionistic artist: It is entitled: “All the better to perform cunnilingus my pretty”. The artist describes her work: “If you have erectile dysfunction, a long nose can be quite handy when you have a harem. Any attempt to try to associate the long nose with Keith being a liar is false.”
Grace Park will not attend V-Week this year.
witch water float test
Slavery and human branding may not be the cause of people not going to V-Week this year.
CDb8SAeWIAEa0rE (1)
Sisters helping a sister.

Clare [l] and Sara Bronfman always have a great time a V-Week. They had so much fun one year that they presented Vanguard with a check for $20 million!
1024x1024 (11)
Bronfman Branding? Seagram heiresses Sara [l] and Clare Bronfman are funding Keith Raniere’s pubic branding of slaves. Critics are calling it “Female Pubic Mutilation.” 

dr roberts
Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O. has reported performed pubic branding on more than 50 women while four naked women held each woman down.  Which raises the question: Did Dr. Roberts self-brand or did Vanguard handle that for her?
Allison Mack appears anorexic. Will she be the MC at V-Week this year. We’ll give you the skinny on that as soon as we hear.
raniere gnome
Reader’s Advisory: This is not an actual picture. This is a photoshopped picture with Keith Raniere’s head placed on a garden gnome. Keith Raniere is the attraction for V-Week. There are plenty of spots still available this year.
tubby raniere
Keith Raniere loves his women slender and puts them on low calorie diets. As women know, men do not need these low calorie diets as one look at Mr. Raniere demonstrates.
mack and clyne
A correspondent emailed me to suggest that I hack into DOS-related online accounts and release “collateral” on Allison Mack and others (Pictured here are Allison Mack and her reputed DOS slave Nicki Clyne who, it is believed, has given substantial collateral to Mr. Raniere or his operatives).  My guess is that the correspondent was a NXIVM hack who was trying to set me up for some sort of criminal computer trespass charge (I’m sure that Albany County DA P. David Soares would, for the right donation, be happy to do that for NXIVM again).  Just to be clear: I don’t hack into anybody’s account – and if I ever received any “collateral”, I would immediately return to the woman who gave it to Vanguard.
alex and emil
Emiliano Salinas left his longtime lover Alex Betancourt for a woman, Ludwika Paleta. Will the former lovers – and still business partners – re-unite at V-Week?


cry me a river mack
Mr. Raniere told Allison Mack she can be a world entrancing singer. She came to believe him. “Now, I shall sing these songs Beautifully for my companions.” An announcement of her first multi-million dollar record contract may be announced at V-Week — assuming, of course, that Clare brings her checkbook to the event.


Coming up:

Paleta questioned about lying about surrogacy for Salinas twins

Raniere challenges TV actress Grace Parks to sue him



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6 years ago

I can confirm this to be true having gone to vweek many years and will not be attending this year- even though I’ve paid in full. I am relieved to not be giving so much of my hard-earned money to this organization anymore. I always left the performances early and Keith’s talks early as they were all incredibly boring and would put me to sleep. He’d also show up at midnight to talk. Yes, Simply Human wasn’t very good- they didn’t seem to improve over the years that Keith coached them either- even though they said they did. Although, Bonnie and Mark were great entertainers, but they joined the company already talented and strong at what they did.

6 years ago

V-Week is Vagina week for VanDouche (pun intended).

I can’t believe how brainwashed these women are, willing to sleep with a pudgy little smelly guy with glassy eyes who has the control of a horny drunk frat-boy, and has the emotional intelligence level of a box of rocks – though his bull-shit and mimicking capability is off the charts.

What is the over/under
What is the over/under
6 years ago

On whether they move V- Week to Wakaya Island in Fiji, which Clare bought last August?

There is a nice (but pricey!) resort there that was part of the deal.

6 years ago

Question: Who pays Silver Bay for all the unused reservations? Or do they just write it off as a donation to ESP?

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