Shocking Monte Blu response: Is it for real? Monte responds to “carping critics”: Help Mien Vanguard; “Outs Sub- cunt-i-nent”

Monte Blue [above] was an actor who died in 1963. But this reader signs in as Monte Blu.

A gaggle of people have been criticizing Monte Blu saying he or she is a troll.

Monte has written that everything being published on Frank Report is an “enormous lie.”

First, the criticisms:


Vanguard won’t take on Frank Parlato, it’s up to you!


Either Blu is a really brainwashed devoted believer, or someone who is/was involved with the group engaging in satire. I’m more inclined to believe the latter. In fact, he/she may be one of the main sources revealing all of the information about DOS. What he says seems to me to be too far fetched to be the former, which if it is true, is a pretty pitiful mental and emotional state to be in.


Latest Monte Blu comments, about Clare Bronfman taking over SOP and branding her initials (and KR too of course) on men’s genitals.


One of the comments on points out that Monte Blu seems to be very familiar with a lot of insider information and jargon.

I find it easier to believe that Monte Blu is a sincere insider defending her Vanguard (who is too cowardly to defend himself), however ineffectively, than that MB is a troll.
But I will admit that if it’s a troll, it’s masterful!


I think Monte is a fraud and actually funny. He/she is pretending devotion to Vanguard but is just a prankster. But this fake posting is really not helpful.


I am becoming more convinced the Monte Blu is not a real supporter/defender of Vanguard. His writing is so over the top, so ridiculous, that most likely he is just a jokester trying to pretend, very badly, that he is legit. Monte Blu is no more a devoted ESPian than Monte Blue the THESPian. They both are actors….but only one is any good.

Now. Monte Blue responds:

People laugh at me. Carping critics condemn me: I’m real. But you judge for yourself. I’m pissed right now. I can’t give my real name.

For the good ones please help my Vanguard.

Here’s why. I am going to out the leaker to Frank Report and let’s see if he has the guts to print this:

One day, we were at a party at P’s.

He and I had just left Hale. He played the piano.  He read. He taught me in ways you Dumme Frauen only wish he would.

When we went to the party [I met him there]. He gave me his saddest puppy-dog face as if he was pained to leave me even for a moment.

I said ‘Ich habe verstanden.’

He gave me a mind-blowing, soul-searing kiss right at the party.

He went over to she who had been staring [I am revealing to those who know but the outsiders know nothing and will not understand. Arschloch verräter frauen. Understand, I know a lot and you know I know what I know. But the young lady with the subcontinent name, you are the mole, die Geheimnisse erzählt!].

Keith, and I did not have a big misunderstanding.

But remember she who said; I got disintegrated. I was conveying ineffective-non transcendant emotions.[?]

And He said, [more or less]”Let’s say there are 10 sled dogs pulling the sled toward a goal and the person is the sled. A disintegration is a sled dog that is going in a different direction.  Goals are only wishes. A person moves toward the goals, then something seems to stop them so the person never seems to have a directed progression.”

OK, remember?

You were told who was Otto Deitrich. That is why she had to cure her breach by running a certain org and never having anyone but V – including her FOOL and she gave $X [and thought that could buy Y with her FOOL] to undo karma for the people murdered.

or do you remember when Allison purred as she danced about the room.

OK slut: Now I will tell you.  You know I’m on to you little sub-cunt-I-nent!

‘Marianna will never have Vanguard! Never! Never! Never! I made sure Clare will never trust her again!’

I will be the leader of the Vow!?!?!?!?


Vanguard gave ME another mind-blowing soul kiss. And bullshit made your eyes turn brown.

And remember when Clare came and said ‘I fixed the problem.”

‘What?,”  He said

“You know everybody hates Alison. Well, I fixed it!,’

He reached down and stroked Clare’s cheek, then her hair.

Clare started to tear up. Her eyes looked vacant like they do when she has those episodes in front of everybody.

So V looks at P and makes a signal.

P calls “Clare, can you come here? something important!”

Clare says, “oh will you excuse me?”

Then with that self important look, she adds, “I am needed. I will be right back.”

As soon as she left. [You’re standing there ‘sub-cunt-I-nent’  so you know I’m telling the truth and I am on to you] Allie comes to Keith and says , ‘I thought you had to go somewhere with Clare.”

Keith says ‘Clare can go somewhere… well, somewhere where I’m not.”

And you laughed.

Don’t make it out like you’re her friend.

Keith touched Allie.

‘Me?’ Allie said like a small child. ‘Me, you want me?’

Dr. Roberts is so funny [I like her] she whispered to Allie ‘should I take your pulse.’

So here’s how I know you are the leak and Keith knows and we have proof. [isn’t it delicious that we are using the Frank Report to ‘out’ you and the dumme dummköpfe, die lesen wissen nichts, das ist zwischen dir und ich].

A little  Mexican hairless long hair came over and she says remember who told her about Heinrich and Franz [Allison and Nicki] Friedrich –[you] and Dr. M. and how happy everyone is!

Monica was whispering his name.  Liz said, I love you Keith. Danni asked Nicki.

Then someone said “he invited me to Hale. I propped myself onto my elbows, and asked, “How long has it been?” Oh he is the funniest man. He thought and said, “if you could even call it that, ten minutes of undignified fumbling in the bathroom with Marianna, about an hour ago.” And we bitches laughed and laughed. There’s dumb Marianna standing over there 15 feet away looking as always like she don’t understand English when it’s about her.

So cunt you want to hurt miene Vorhut?


The Frank Report has only one question: Is this person a troll or real?

Also comments are welcome….


Monte Blue [above] was an actor who died in 1963. But this reader signs in as Monte Blu.

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  • Yeah. All the role-playing and German language. You lost me Monty Blue. You had a good premise initially but the as all things that are over-hyped, it has died. I’m sad. I enjoyed your stories.

  • I think it is true that Monte is or was part of the circle of women who serve Keith Raniere. But her attempt to blame India Oxenberg is over the top. Monte Blu it’s time to sue you.

  • Verbose? These people posting comments are the trolls. Believe me their job is to discredit me. Do you deny that you did everything you could to trip me up with V. it won’t be long before we have enough money where we can dispense with the meanest little rich girl that ever lived? I will say no more. Unless somebody takes a step against “Subcontinent” then we will see. She is telling DOS secrets. She wants to leave. Let her go Vanguard. She is our quissling. Trust me V. Understand I am only making this out here because you have to see it. She is one of the women who told about DOS.

  • MB, you are trying too hard now.

    The pith and subtlety of your debut work is missed….

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