Part 1: A Slave Women Speaks [is she telling the truth or a Raniere plant?]


I received a phone call from a woman who claimed to be a branded in DOS.

I will leave it to the reader to decide if she is real or a plant of Keith Raniere’s.

FrankReport: Are women allowed to leave DOS?

DOS:  They have changed things in the past few weeks. Now they tell women, if they want to leave, they can. They are saying DOS is just an exercise. It’s not real blackmail, it’s collateral.

FR: What other changes are there?

DS: All of us are having a hard time finding people. Look at the internet. That’s why Keith keeps making up new names of companies.  We are told to tell people  that your articles are a bunch of lies. It’s okay to lie to protect the mission.

FR: Do you think Keith knows how to hypnotize people?

DS: Absolutely. I see him talk to people. He gets them in a trap.

FR: What do they tell women to make DOS sound appealing?

DS:  That the master- slave relationship is going to be the most loving relationship you ever had with somebody you care about the rest of your life. They sell it as a path of love but it turns aggressive. Keith teaches that women need to be humiliated because they never get humiliated when they’re growing up like men do.

FR: What happens to the collateral?

DS: It’s goes directly to Keith through the slave master.

FR: How would I know you are really a member of DOS?

DS:  A guy called you and said he is trying to get his wife out of Executive Success Programs. Right?

FR: I get a lot of calls.

DS: This guy called and said he wants his wife out before she joins DOS and becomes a slave and has sex with Keith. Well that was Brian Elliot. He’s a plant. He doesn’t have a wife. He’s gay.

[to be continued] 





Speaker 1:    Mm hmm.


Speaker 2:    And when, and when it’s set up,

Speaker 1:    Right.


[to be continued].

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