Questions for Vanguard #4: ‘Astounding gifts’ as a child?

In your bio online at you make this statement:

“From early childhood, he demonstrated astounding gifts, which were nurtured by his parents and subsequent mentors. By the age of one, he could construct full sentences and questions; he was able to read by the age of two.”

  1. Your bio clearly implies you were a child prodigy, but lacks any independent corroboration. Can you provide any?
  2. Could you define what you mean by “construct full sentences” by age one. Do you mean “Me play” or “No sleep,”?
  3. Or a slightly longer sentences like: “Give me my bottle” or “Mommy can you change my diaper?”
  4. Do you mean you constructed adult level sentences?
  5. Child prodigy and game show winner, Michael Kearney is said to have said to his pediatrician, “I have a left ear infection” at the age of six months. Are there any credible witnesses who can attest to your doing something similar?
  6. Can you recall any specific sentences you spoke at age one?
  7. Do you actually remember sentence speaking at age two or was this something you were told by your parents?
  8. Do you have any eyewitness to this? Any recording?
  9. When you say you could read at age two – what level of reading are you speaking of?
  10. Kearney was said to have learned to read at 10 months. When he was four, reportedly he was given multiple-choice diagnostic tests for the John Hopkins precocious math program; and achieved a perfect score. Cuold you provide some specifics of your reading far in advance of the average child so we can validate you were a child prodigy?
  11. You say you had ‘astounding gifts’, would you tell us why they were “astounding” and who they astounded?


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