Raniere Loses BOP Lawyer for Stealing a Camera; Suspended Lawyer Has Budding Comedy Career

Judge Raner Collins ruled that Stacy Scheff, Keith Raniere’s attorney in his lawsuit against the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), must be removed from his case. 

Based on an Agreement for Discipline by Consent, the Arizona State Bar Association and attorney Scheff agreed to suspend her practice for six months due to her conduct in an adult protective services investigation involving Yvette Scott, another of her clients.

Scheff’s suspension requires her to remove herself from Raniere’s case against the BOP.

Judge Collins noted Scheff sent a letter to him stating that she “will be disqualified from the practice of law” for six months and “will be withdrawing as counsel” from this case. 

Collins also noted Scheff had yet to file the official motion to withdraw, giving her seven days to do so.

As we saw when two of Clare Bronfman’s attorneys withdrew from the civil case in which she is being sued by Sarah Edmondson and a host of other plaintiffs, there is a formal process that an attorney must follow to remove themselves from a case.

But Scheff has never been good at following instructions.

Back in March, after being told to refile a brief excluding certain exhibits because they were not permitted, Scheff refiled the brief — with many of the same exhibits. Judge Collins struck them immediately from the record.

Savior or Silliness?

The conduct for which Scheff agreed to a suspension occurred in 2020 and involved a conservatorship.

Scheff took matters into her own hands to communicate with the opposing party instead of dealing only with his counsel. 

What Happened

From the “Agreement for Discipline by Consent” filing:

A man identified by his first name, “Franklin,” was shot during a robbery, leaving him blind, confined to a wheelchair, and with cognitive issues. 

Scheff’s client, Yvette Scott, was Franklin’s live-in caregiver, and the two were supposedly engaged.

On January 2, 2020, Arizona attorney Ana Perez told Yvette to leave Franklin’s home due to an Adult Protective Services (APS) investigation of Yvette.

Franklin’s attorney, Ana Perez

Scheff went to high school with Yvette.

Scheff represented Yvette — and Perez represented Franklin.

Perez also managed to get herself appointed as Franklin’s agent through a power of attorney.

To defend her client, Stacy needed APS records, and that required Franklin to execute a written release.

But Perez told Scheff that Franklin was not interested in speaking to her.

Scheff went to his home. Franklin was not there.

She went to Franklin’s mother’s house, but he was not there. 

Stacy asked the Court to appoint Yvette as Franklin’s Temporary Guardian to determine his “whereabouts and well-being.”

The Court did not grant the request.

On August 2, 2020, Scheff went to Franklin’s house with a bag of groceries, hoping to meet him.

The new Home Care Assistance caregiver — the one Perez hired to replace Yvette — Shila Carrig, answered the door.

Scheff told her she had groceries for Franklin. 

The healthcare aide did not know Stacy and told her no one sees Franklin without his lawyer’s approval and that the well-guarded Franklin was not allowed to decide who he could see or not see.

Franklin’s home attendant, Shila Carrig

Carrig told Scheff to call Perez to schedule an appointment. 

Scheff said, “I know that if I call the lawyer, she is not going to let me see him because I am Yvette’s attorney.” 

Carrig went inside to write down Perez’s contact information and returned to give it to Scheff.

When she returned and opened the door, Scheff yelled into the house, “Franklin, it’s Stacy. I hope you are OK. I just want you to know I am here.” 

On May 5, 2020, Franklin contacted the Pima County Sheriff’s Office to report that there was a videotape of a woman (later identified as Scheff) tearing down his No Trespassing sign to walk her dog in an adjacent wash. 

After the No Trespassing sign was replaced later that same day, the surveillance camera again videotaped Scheff tearing down the second sign. 

Franklin’s handlers purchased the signs on April 19, 2020 for $28.64. 

When Scheff saw Franklin’s security camera, she stole it and fled the scene in her car. 

Perez provided multiple videos of Scheff using Franklin’s trash can when walking her dog nearby. 

On May 8, 2020, Scheff returned to the area, and someone at Franklin’s home confronted her about stealing the camera and called the police.

Scheff returned the stolen camera. 

Police charged Scheff with one count of Theft – Control Property, a class one misdemeanor.

The State resolved the case by requiring Scheff to complete 15 sessions of counseling. 

In her written response to the State Bar, Scheff admitted to walking her dog and taking the camera.

In addition to her six months suspension as an attorney, Scheff must take a course called “The Ethics of Transactions with Non-Clients In-Depth.”

This bizarre activity occurred in 2020, she resolved it in 2021, and Scheff started her probation in 2023.

It is unclear if she disclosed this to Raniere when she undertook to represent him and get a check from Clare Bronfman in 2022.

Perhaps Raniere will continue pro se in his lawsuit against the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) since he is the brains behind all his unsuccessful litigation. 

Or perhaps he’ll allow Clare Bronfman the privilege of paying another equally competent attorney.

If Scheff does not return to legal work, it won’t matter to anyone but Raniere.

It turns out she is a comic genius — and her second career is as an intentional comedian.

Here are some of her jokes.

Okay, let’s try this again. TikTok didn’t like the words that I used. So, I’ve decided to give up on dating and commit myself exclusively to my phallic-shaped sex toy. Think about it. He’s the perfect man. He’ll never lie, cheat or steal. There’s just one problem. I can’t really take him out to dinner. I tried. They refuse to serve us. I think it’s because he’s black.

Hello, darlings, I’m on medication for my anxiety. One of them’s called Lorazepam, it’s a benzodiazepine. For those of you that don’t know, it’s basically a roofie. Every now and then I have to roofie myself. When I’m not looking, I slip one in my drink and have my way with myself. All my wildest fantasies come true, like sleeping for 12 hours straight.

Actually, I’ve decided to give up on sex because of menopause and vaginal dryness. My pussy is so dry. How dry is it? It’s so dry. I had sex with a Jew, and he got lost for 40 years. He wandered for 40 years and he still couldn’t find the G spot. My pussy is so dry, hipsters mine it for humor.


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  • So she fucks black dildos and takes it out to restaurants? She didn’t get served because her shirt was wrinkled as hell!

  • Seriously, she has to slip herself a roofy just to entice her digits #get down to funky town

  • What she’s really saying is, I’ve got some sand paper flaps that will cure Ranieres itch.

  • That sexy Jew is Allan Kassenoff. He’s going to wander for the next 40 yrs. …oh wrong turn

  • I thought the feature picture was one of Marie’s paintings at first. I love this M 👈ad house journalism

  • I know you yanks have that “prosecutorial misconduct’ thing in your courts.
    But fuck me on a sideboard and call me Jackie, what the actual fuck is being taught at your law colleges?
    And you are not only paying for the degree you studied for and I’m assuming passed, you are also paying these gormless fucks to represent you in your hour of most need.
    Great job Bronfmans keep throwing that moolah at them.
    How your volleyball practice going Keith? Can you still do that one handed handstand?

  • News for Catherine and India Oxenberg
    Recently Catherine Oxenberg advocated on the Frank Report use of the animal tranquilizer ketaime!
    Frank Biden Says He’s Talked to Older Brother Joe Biden about Legalizing Psychedelics for Medical Treatment

    Frank Biden said in a recent interview that he has talked about the benefits of psychedelics to older brother President Joe Biden, amid a push by the industry to legalize them for medical treatment.

    “[T]he psychedelic can be considered a medicine, whether it’s ketamine, LSD, or the way I like to refer it to is ayahuasca, the godfather of them all,” Biden said Wednesday on SiriusXM’s The Michael Smerconish Program. Biden also called it a “problem” that they are illegal.

    Isn’t a member of the Bronfman family involved with ayahuasca?

    • I don’t know but Catherine was at the White House with Trump when she wanted ‘sex charges’ placed against NXIVM but not her daughter.I guess stardom, money & royalty can buy you whatever you want!

    • Si senior, Jeffrey Bronfmam has his own culty, drug addiction treatments for losers Ingesting wack shit for “spiritual enlightening’. Calling it a church or religious freedom, protected under law to operate, probably unregulated. I bet his taxes are fucked. More than a 8300 tax form lol. These new age batshit crazies are high AF calling it a coming to the lord, god, allah, buddha what ever the taste.

  • I’d tell her not to quit her day job, but I don’t think that’s good advice either.

    Let’s face it Frank, when it comes to comedy, she’s no Jean Topascani.

    • What? You must have watched him for how else would you know? Did it or he, take a heavy toll on your patience or it wasn’t long enough (the lapsed time) maybe?


  • Stacy is one hell of a good attorney and I can’t wait until she gets off probation. I just arrested for stealing a camera.

  • To Nicki Clyne:
    Time to fess up!

    Who hired Stacy Scheff?

    Was it you or the Bronfman sisters or Allison Mack’s LGBTQ+ sister?


  • The professional misconduct for which Ms. Scheff is being temporarily suspended from the practice of law actually has nothing to do with the aforementioned 2020 shenanigans, but rather arises from a separate three-count amended complaint filed against her in February of 2023 involving financial improprieties, commingling of funds and shoddy bookkeeping practices at her law firm. See Arizona State Bar Presiding Disciplinary Judge Matter No. 2022-9091, involving State Bar Files Nos. 21-2731, 22-1552 and 22-1629.

  • If there is anything to this thing called the ‘Law of Attraction’ Raniere got what he got when he hired Stacey.

    Two thieves working together to prove the BOP at fault

    This case should have been thrown out a long time ago.

    Raniere never followed proper BOP procedures before filling his civil lawsuit.

    Stacey should of told him that right up front.

    Stacey wanted Clare Bronfman money & Raniere wanted the attention.

    How is that not a win win for the two of them?

    That in itself is a bad soap opera & another waste of our tax payers money.

  • The comedy of life is fucking hilarious! You couldn’t write this shit if you tried. Jaja!

  • I read Scheff’s jokes with an open mind, wondering whether a somewhat messed-up lawyer could actually be funny. Apparently not. Everything came across as derivative and predictable. I’d probably advise her to not quit her day job, but it looks like she has managed to do that. I wonder if she will be able to get new clients after serving out her suspension.

    • She seems a little preoccupied with her pussy. A scratching post could help. 🤭🤭😼😽🙀

  • I Have a bottle of champagne and a nice Cuban cigar for when Horseface Bronfman loses her entire fortune in the lawsuit. I hate that twat with the white hot passion of 5 million suns. Will Suneel still be wiping her ass when she is dead broke?

  • RE Stacy Scheff & Clare Bronfan:

    Stacy Scheff, is probably the most affordable (cheapest) attorney in all of Arizona.

    My point:
    Only someone with no money would hire her.

    Clare Bronfman is no longer financing Raniere ‘carte blanche’.

    Would Suneel be so stupid as to hire a total loser?

    • Nice Guy,

      How did you arrive at the conclusion Clare is no longer hurling wads of notes in Keith’s direction? I’m struggling to accept your assessment and need assistance, please.

      • Alex-

        Why else would anyone hire such an incompetent attorney?

        It’s money. Raniere doesn’t have it anymore.

        Even Raniere and the NXIVM flunkies wouldn’t hire a such a loser.

        That’s my assessment.

        Glad you’re still around. Have a great 4th of July!

        • Nice Guy,

          Makes sense. My frame of mind must have been clouded by the longevity of her staunch support for him, to the extent I could not even imagine this.

          Yes, still around but sporadically, due to time constraints. Thank you for the kind words. Wishing you the same!

  • This might turn out to be Raniere’s first-ever legal victory because proving that Stacy Scheff has provided “ineffective counsel” does not appear to be a real heavy lift.

  • 1) If she cleared it up in 2021 ,why are they NOW pursuing this?

    2) In case you really are taking that drug, STAY OUT of the sun, it will damage you.

  • On the basis of Raniere’s choice of legal counsel, Raniere has a clear insanity defense.

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