Lack of Metrics: How the CT Judiciary Maintains Control and Suppresses Transparency

By Peter Szymoniak

There are several fundamental problems in attempting to effect change within the CT judiciary, especially in the Family Division of CT Superior Court, better known as Family Court.

The first is Management 101. You cannot, and do not, use the same people who created a problem, and who enrich themselves from it, to solve it.

There is no way on God’s green earth that the Judiciary Branch, or any judge or officer working in it, will EVER admit there is a problem.

Their acts and actions over the past 20+ years reflect this.

Our CT Appellate Court/Supreme Court looks the other way or remains silent *when their own “case law” is flagrantly ignored and violated by “family” court judges.

The system works perfectly as intended. And it’s intended and designed to enrich a very small group of well-connected attorneys and judges, and the state, at the expense of the families, parents and children they willfully destroy.

The CT General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Judiciary is nothing more than a rubber stamp for dysfunction and corruption. The attorneys know this.

Legislators know this.

The second is that most of us are intelligent and rational people. We’re trying to apply logic, reason and common sense onto the CT family court system.

But this is a fool’s game.

Because money has corrupted the system from the top down.

Logic, common sense, reason and morality do not apply. We may as well be talking to a wall.

Consider all the testimonies of victims of the systems, and experts and advocates? Who has listened?

The third is that there are no metrics. This allows the Judiciary to control the message.

Some Questions?

How many cases did Family Court judges assign Guardians ad Litem [GALs] last year?

How much did judges order those GALs to be paid?

How many low income vs. high income cases did judges assign GALs?

How many GAL cases result in shared parenting vs. sole custody?

How many family cases had parallel juvenile cases?

How many complaints were filed against judges and attorneys?

How many resulted in any adverse action taken against any judge or attorney?

How many parents lost their homes or depleted their retirement accounts to pay the cost of lawyers and GALs in the family court system?

How many lost their jobs?

How many committed suicide – or their kids?

Anyone know?

The Judiciary Report

I know who knows. The Judiciary.  All the above is public information. Why isn’t it being reported and published?

Why are FOIA requests completely ignored?

Because they want to control the message. It’s “crazy parents” causing all the problems.

Nothing any of us have done over the 20+ years has accomplished a damn thing.

Because we, reasonably perhaps, expect that change will come from within. Because we’re foolishly expecting that checks and balances are in place that simply do not exist.

Gee, if only the criminals had more training, they would stop committing crime.

The change we need will not come from within.

It will come when government officials, attorneys, ‘family’ court actors and judges are finally held accountable. This means removing immunity.

This means filing federal lawsuits citing violations of fundamental rights and federal law.

This means obtaining and creating meaningful metrics and outcomes data.

This means looking at, and educating legislators and the public, of what all the dysfunction and corruption cost us all.

When I tell people and legislators DCF costs this state $2+ billion a year to operate, no one bats an eye or cares.

When I mention this is over $600+/year for every man, woman and child in the state, and ask what their household is paying to fund this bloated, out of control disaster of a state agency – then suddenly I have their attention.

There is nothing ‘wrong’ with sharing ideas. What is needed is investing in what would actually create meaningful reform and change.

Along with bright shining lights.

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  • “… the belief that Connecticut’s family court system is broken is shared widely among those who have been through it. When word got out through various groups in late 2022 that Connecticut Inside Investigator was looking into the systemic issues of family court, our editor was so inundated with emails, texts, and late-night phone calls that he had to change his voicemail and shut off notifications. Calls, texts, and emails have been received at our newsroom almost every day since.

    Further tips on this or any other topic relevant to the people of Connecticut can be submitted to …”

  • On Twitter:

    “… @DrEmmaKatz

    ‘They say Connecticut’s family court system is ignoring abuse allegations – some substantiated by police & social workers. They claim their exes use the court system to exert control over them & their children.’ …”

    Here’s the article she posted. It looks like maybe family court investigations and reform are finally gaining traction … around the world, probably.

    Thank you, Frank!

    • It’s to bad they chose not to report on the false allegation industry of DV “silver bullet tactic” highly promoted by shady attorney’s to their clients especially woman. This tactic allows them to run the meter , increase conflict, obstain one parent from having quality access to children and incentivizes Alienating tactics … it all spells money. The children used as bait for financial and custody gains in family court all the while the targeted parent has to fight to clean the havoc caused in criminal court minimum one year coincidently when the smoke clears and has found that false allegations have been founded and the person has cleared their case lo and behold the statute of limitation ( which is only one year) to file against the false allegations has run out… interesting no recourse we’ll orchestrated and played utilizing the criminal system to advance in the Family Court

  • Is it possible to gather complaint and have the federal inspector generals office investigate fraud and abuse of Connecticut family court? Tax payer dollars, federal funding?

    • Seems like if the Attorney General’s office wanted to do that, they would have done that already.

      • The attorney general’s office is concerned about the best interest of the state. He doesn’t work for the people living in the state. Neither do the state employees. FOYA the collective bargaining agreement. Read the union contract. Engage in uneithical conduct towards the public you get a free pass. People should be able to appeal to the federal government. This is the United States of America. Obviously the state of Connecticut is not managing the situation. Obviously, the state court systems has run amuck. There is federal funding attached to the court system. The judges in Hartford can’t even follow federal laws for accomodations for the disabled for god sakes. Half day trial is not rocket science.

  • The system is broken. A child should NEVER be put in a situation where they have to chose between one parent or the other. Children should have the freedom to go to/from whichever parent whenever they want. They should feel free to love and interact with family and friends who are essential in their lives.

    • That will only happen if you remove the incentivized programs that have no accountability for false allegations of DV, child abuse, and alienation

      False claims/allegations need to be held accountable to the same standard as the crime alleged when that criminalization occurs you will see how quickly someone will think twice or will not even have to think twice about making some alleged fabricated embellished claim
      Right now the children are used as pawns for financial gains to advancing divorce, financially and custody, which increases child support by the dysfunctional parent and their unethical lawyer, representing them

  • These filthy Attorneys , and pathetic excuses for judges, may it one day happen to them or their children ….and when it does may it happens to the highest degree or corruption fraud and false allegations so they understand and repent and have remorse for all the damages that they’ve ever done to any other family parent and child

  • These predators took my home, my Business, and children and falsely imprisoned me for over a year when i had surveillance that my wife committed numerous felonies to obtain everything i worked all my life for.5 years this week and ive seen my kids once (parental alienation)ive since had my charges dropped because of my overwhelming evidence ive had since day public defender had 11 separate misconducts and the ODC refused to do anything.This trash ruined me and my kids lives for remorse or accountability.since i still have so much evidence ive been falsely arrested 6 times.

    • Welcome to the world of being a hard-working, family oriented man, who, unfortunately, married a pathological spouse. They were too many that lived it, and still suffering, the long-standing consequences and the children brainwashed.

  • You might want to define what “CT” stands for. I am assuming that it stands for Connecticut, but I could be wrong and even if I am correct one shouldn’t have to assume something that is as important as this subject matter.

    • CT stands for Connecticut. The most dysfunctional, purposefully flawed system in the entire united states. The Connecticut government likes it that way.

  • This is so true. Stop voting these elected officials into office. Spread the word and hit the campaign trail for a candidate you believe in. Childrens lives are depending on it!

    • “… In 2014, Smartmatic’s CEO Antonio Mugica and British Lord Mark Malloch-Brown announced the launching of the SGO Corporation Limited, a holding company based in London whose primary asset is the election technology and voting machine manufacturer. Lord Malloch-Brown became chairman of the board of directors of SGO since its foundation, while Antonio Mugica remained as CEO of the new venture. They were joined on SGO’s board by Sir Nigel Knowles, Global CEO of DLA Piper, entrepreneur David Giampaolo and Roger Piñate, Smartmatic’s COO and co-founder. Malloch-Brown stepped down as chair in December 2020 …”

      “… In May 2007, George Soros’s Quantum Fund announced the appointment of Malloch Brown as vice-president.[35] He was named vice-chairman of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Institute, two other important Soros organisations. …”

  • Family court is a racketeering operation run by the state for familial destruction to enrich bottom tier lawyers by preying on childhood. It is the devil’s yard.

    • Some one needs to place a sign above the door to family court. ⚠️ Warning. You are now entering the gates of hell.

      • That “someone” needs to be family court administrators in every state and Western nation. says:

        That’s actually a much-needed public service announcement.

  • This pretty much sums up CA. Currently, there is a legal loophole that prevents any legal action against lawyers : and that loophole is the judges and every single court employee from the clerks to the bailiffs and most definitely the inept “mediators” who repeatedly claim expert knowledge they don’t have, lie on reports provably and nobody cares.

    For days we have been discussing the use of parental alienation (only by men of course, because even the UN wants to blame the parents, knowing the corruption is rampant) as a shady tactic to get custody. Cool, what happens to the dads who are traumatized by years of legal abuse, who never have been declared an unfit parent, have visitation orders, but have been denied a copy by the court, and had their bank accounts, home equity, and loan power depleted by a system that is designed to reward lawyers that abuse restraining orders, over 90% of which are granted solely to females.

    There are laws and court rules to protect you, IF any of the court’s employees or friends didn’t receive admitted blanketed protection from prosecution while ignoring due process, evidence, common sense, or the admission of guilt by the other party, as well as repeated and continuing acts of codified domestic violence, forgery, evidence destruction, bribing, and of course the favor trading the most “trusted” aka “SLEAZY HUMAN TRAFFICKING DEGENERATES THAT SHOULD BE GETTING SHANKED IN PRISON, BY PEOPLE THEY VICTIMIZED”.

    Whistleblower protections do not work on a branch of government that is enriching legislators, judges, “mental health professionals”, politicians and even FBI agents with indirect but flagrant bribes, people like the current AG Rob Bonta (who hilariously thinks he has a shot at the governor’s seat, maybe purely by the fact he looks like an angry orange?), when his department’s new phone message lies about the duties of the DoJ.

    I have personally witnessed judges lie to other litigants, ask a lawyer for masters on things the judge doesn’t understand and then accept it versus an in pro per, when this was a flagrant misrepresentation of the law. I have been threatened to be beaten by the bailiff in my trial if I didn’t stop “moving”. The same trial I had a video recording, a court reporter, my witness, a deposition detailing spousal battery and a slurry of clear type B personality distorder or psychotic behaviors against me, given by my ex, while being told “The court has a duty to act in it’s best interests”. The last time I heard this, I said “how does shielding a shady lawyer who in your own words you confirmed is considered a coworker, acting in our best interests, when even though I sought mediation, and a simple contract dissolution to shared custody, your coworker decided to begin a crime streak against me?” No answer, sanctioned for fees only legally available to defendant at hearing, even though I was the defendant, twice.

    I have posted other interesting facts in other stories all over the legislative branch, reporters, every administrative possibility is exhausted, the regulatory boards and FBI insulted me and praised Judge Mize, the same man who traded my ability to ever go back to work for a few pro tempore appearances by Carla Harms, and discussed that deal right in front of me.

    I can prove most of this if anyone can teach me how to write a FOIA request the court doesn’t ignore, or refuse like the local FLEC did, claiming the FLEC was a private org. The law says any private group consisting of public officials that discusses public policy or related and has any funding from the government is not private. So, they routinely violate the law to hide the fact they teach these lawyers and encourage them to commit these crimes to rotate their calendar more quickly.

    The family courts in this country are a crime syndicate supported by legislators and protected by legislations that create a circle of finger pointing so nobody claims to ever hold anyone else accountable. FFS the regulatory boards lie to you in this state. The DA will refuse to uphold the victim witness act if a lawyer commits the crime. That in itself is a crime against the reporter by the DA’s office. The term “no jury appeal” seems to be a common claim. That is a flagrant lie. Juries have families, and in a state where there are so many divorces and even more corrupt court employees, it is completely illogical and a flagrant lie to claim this. Juries would love to decide on how to deal with corrupt lawyers, court employees and judges that routinely enrich themselves by causing irreparable harm to peoples lives and sometimes causing deaths.

    Drain the swamp. If you are anyone with a voice in government and family court is not a concern enough to take action for you, get out. The people need protection from this corrupt branch of government with no checks and balances. If you aren’t doing your part after you read these stories, you hate America and don’t need to be leading. Dairy Queen.

  • How many cases are opened post judgement without a petition to reopen- just sua sponte throwing a gal on a family? Connecticut family court is white collar crime that cannot be policed from its own lack or a moral compass or the laws apply to some

  • What is not directly expressed herein and must be: Family Courts, indeed, all Courts, design and implement mechanisms by which one can express dissatisfaction and seek redress. But, if you think about it? If a system is corrupt? Why in the world would anyone believe that utilizing the methods as set out by a corrupt system would be any LESS corrupt? It is here that investigative journalism pierces the veil, so to speak. If one has no meaningful avenue to express legitimate claims? One must turn to media. Shame them by revelation of who they are. Let the facts speak for themselves. Do not exaggerate your criticism. Marshall your facts and proof. Speak the truth. And let those hang the perpetrators.

    • That is a load of crap. The court lies or doesn’t respond and then retaliates against people who complain, even when those complaints are supported by evidence. They don’t self police! They don’t follow the law, hell none of the employees in William Ridgeway even know their own rules. They don’t know what ADA is. They think they can refuse ADA requests without legitimate reasons, even citing themselves as the expert witness for why. It’s a fucking free for all in family courts. Not sure why you are lying to people. Are you a lawyer?

      • We all understand this frustration. There is no way to get justice. Report fraud and nothing happens. We need to start demonstrating. The government is not doing anything. There are some people who are trying to cover for political figures. For their own personal agenda.

        • One day, when protective parents, grandparents, guardians and supporters were testifying about corruption in family courts in a public hearing, court administrator Patrick Carroll III walked into the room and stood looking at list of speakers for a few minutes. He was either looking for certain names and/or he was just curious and/or he wanted terrified protective parents to see him looking at the list to try to intimidate them. In that hearing or another hearing, he sat and watched in the audience section with his staff, mocking the most courageous representative who spoke up against the corruption. What he did was so deeply disturbing.

        • It’s not frustration.

          It’s good angry parents terrified that our government representatives aren’t representing us.

    • Read through the other articles. There is a paramide of the players hanging on a wall some where in Connecticut. There are soo many layers people would not believe. . connect the dots.

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