Parlato Co-Defendant Sentenced to No Jail, No Probation, No Fine, Bringing Case Nearer to Closure

The long-lingering federal case against Frank Parlato moved closer to final resolution yesterday, when his co-defendant Chitra Selveraj ended her role at sentencing.

Senior US District Court Judge Richard J. Arcara sentenced Selvaraj to no jail, no probation, and no fine for her misdemeanor conviction of failing to file a tax return in 2009.

Asked by the judge if she wanted to say anything, Selvaraj said she did not.

Chitra Selvaraj [above] has finality in her long-fought case.

At the sentencing, Assistant US Attorney Charles Kruly told the judge that the government didn’t want jail time for Selvaraj.

The judge accepted the Department of Justice’s [DOJ] request to dismiss the 18 felony-count indictment against Selvaraj and concluded all proceedings in the seven-year-old federal case against her by ordering her to pay a $25 mandatory special assessment.

In 2015, AUSA Anthony Bruce led the DOJ to file a 19 count felony indictment charging Parlato and Selvaraj with a conspiracy to defraud the IRS, Seagram heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman, and wealthy businessman Larry Reger.

Larry Reger
The Bronfman sisters

Clare and Sara Bronfman did much to promote Keith Raniere. Unlike the Bronfmans, Reger refused to sign a criminal complaint against Parlato, testifying 13 days before he died that Parlato did not defraud him. The DOJ indicted Parlato and Selvaraj six months after Reger died, and then made motions to exclude Reger’s final testimony as inadmissible evidence.

Former AUSA Tony Bruce

AUSA Anthony Bruce led the charge to indict Parlato and Selvaraj.

Despite charges of conspiracy to defraud the IRS, the DOJ never alleged tax evasion.

In 2022, the DOJ conceded that Parlato filed and paid all taxes from his ownership of the One Niagara Building and associated companies that operated there, which was the focus of all charges in the indictment.

One Niagara

Selvaraj worked with Parlato during his successful development of the One Niagara building, where he saved the landmark building and created 100 new jobs in economically depressed downtown Niagara Falls, turning the abandoned office building into a tourist hub.

Frank Parlato at the One Niagara Building before former US Attorney Bill Hochul's 2015 indictment.
Frank Parlato on the rooftop of the nine-story One Niagara Building in 2008.

Two and half years after the first indictment, the DOJ superseded the indictment in 2018, dropping Clare and Sara Bronfman as victims of any crime, as criminal charges were about to be filed against Clare.

Parlato and Selvaraj were then charged in Bronfman-free 18 count superseding indictment.

Last year, in settlement of all charges against her, Selvaraj pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of failing to file an income tax return in 2009.

At sentencing, the judge remarked he received a letter from Selvaraj that showed she was a woman of intelligence and motivation who endured a long ordeal and faced considerable difficulties and challenges in life. He also noted she expressed remorse for her failure to file.

Selvaraj is a newspaper editor in Western New York. She has no previous criminal history.

Parlato awaits sentencing for a single count of willful failure to file IRS Form 8300. The charges state that Parlato did not report that a food stand vendor at One Niagara had paid $19,700 in rent in cash to Parlato’s business in 2010. A citizen must report payments in cash exceeding $10,000 from a source in a single year on an IRS Form 8300.

IRS Form 8300 is not a tax collection, but an informational form used by the IRS and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network to monitor cash payments in the country coming from drug trafficking and other crimes. There was no allegation that the food vendor’s cash came from any illicit enterprise.

The DOJ conceded in Parlato’s plea agreement that while he failed to report the $19,700 that came in cash on Form 8300, he declared the $19,700 income on his 1040 tax returns in 2010 and paid all taxes due.

As part of Parlato’s plea agreement, which was a global settlement of criminal and civil tax matters, he agreed to forfeit $1 million seized by the DOJ in 2015, paid to him by the Bronfmans in 2008.

Out of the $1 million, some $184,000 is slated to the IRS as civil payments. The figure was based on government estimates of what Parlato would owe in taxes from 2014-2017, when he invoked his 5th Amendment right to not file returns while under indictment. After signing the plea agreement, Parlato filed his tax returns. According to his sentencing memorandum, he does not owe any additional money other than what will come out of the $1 million seized.

Not a single charge alleged against Parlato or Selvaraj on the indictment was sustained despite four years of federal investigation and seven years under two indictments.


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  • I’m very happy to know that Chitra can now move on from this nightmare. She is a wonderful person, and I wish her all the best!

  • Janine, just because Parlato didn’t plead guilty to all the other charges doesn’t mean he didn’t commit any of them or there was zero evidence that he did. One purpose of plea deals is to provide certainty for both sides, but Parlato’s other charges can still be used during the sentencing phase to influence the eventual punishment, regardless of Parlato and his lawyers thinking otherwise. LOL

    • Like, $ 806K for a forgotten form even though he paid the tax? Almost unfeasible really, gotta be MORE to it

    • Read the plea bargain. He only pleaded guilty to one offense. Think of how many charges they had and it’s down to this. One failure to file count.

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  • โ€œAt sentencing, the judge remarked he received a letter from Selvaraj that showed she was a woman of intelligence and motivation who endured a long ordeal and faced considerable difficulties and challenges in life. He also noted she expressed remorse for her failure to fileโ€

    This shows Judge Arcara is wise to the punishment of plea deals- enduring the waiting game while the govt uses its power to wear you down. Itโ€™s a long ordeal indeed with public scrutiny tearing at your soul and depleting your energy that would have been used to prosper.

    Happy she endured what most could not. And she walks free because there is no crime.

    The same should happen to Frank.

    No conspiracy anywhere.

    • The same should happen to Frank.

      No conspiracy anywhere.

      I hope that Frank gets treated as fairly as his partner. If you can count their long ordeal as fair.
      Frank, have you ever entertained the thought of suing Bronfman? Do you get to receive your payment for services given? You recouped quite a sum for them, no?

      • I recouped $26 million and was trying to recover additional money when Raniere ordered Clare to stop taking to me and then fire me.

        • You made $26milliom off these cultists? Congrats! Nice to see you profiting from other peopleโ€™s misery!

          • No one profits from bad reading comprehension.

            Frank recouped $26million – which means he made that sum for the Bronfman sisters. Frank will have earned a much smaller % fee for his labour – this sum’s been vexatiously litigated over by the Bronfmans – whose appetite for exploiting people’s misery- also needs correction.

        • Loved the job you did with the NY crew collecting all that cash for them Jewish heiresses. You got big balls Parlato.

          Two bad your dick size donโ€™t match ball size.

  • Sarah and Claire Bronfman truly are pieces of human excrement.
    All that cash and nothing to do with it except terrorise people.
    All that cash and not a belly filled with food or a well with water installed in a village. Or a roof put over someone homeless head. Not a college education paid for a deserving poor person.
    Except for Raniere, they shovelled money into him like he was a steam train roaring to the buffers.
    I hope they die soon.
    Itโ€™s the only way it stops.
    Awful human beings.

  • I’m happy that Chitra’s ordeal has ended. I hope yours ends happily and soon Frank. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ•ฏ๏ธ

  • BK, probably won’t be posting this wonderful victory on his Reddit because it doesn’t matter what the truth is. BK wants so badly to make Chitra look bad. BK and other so called truthers are just haters.

      • Yeah but the hateful dunce posted it like it was a loss. First he predicted that Chitra would be saying horrible things about Frank and that he implied he would gleefully report. She didn’t. She got off with no further penalty. The injustice of this case will go down in history. Started by the Bronfmans – kept alive by the horrible culture of the DOJ.

        It was only the fact that a new US Attorney came in and the new prosecutors were decent guys. I think even they might have been a little sad at what their predecessors did. Read up on Tony Bruce. He has the same pathologies and blind hatred that BK possesses.

    • You know who else is going to be sad?
      Toni Natalie is going to hate that she isn’t going to be able to post a prison # on her Twitter page about this or probably Frank’s either
      Boo Hoo Natalie
      Your dam lucky you don’t have a prison number yourself.
      Kristin Keeffe has told the truth about who you are, a criminal

  • Wow, this is crazy. Imagine being under indictment for seven years for serious charges and all they could get you on was not filing taxes one year. The DOJ really needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. Seems like there are more crooks working for them than out on the street. Hope Chitra can have some peace now.

  • What Sara and Clare Bronfman did to Chitra was God awful. She’s kind, honest and very lovely to work with. Chitra is one of the smartest women ive ever met. Of all the people to be victims of the Nxivm saga to be Chitra wasn’t easy to witness. I’m happy you can be free now. I know your not guilty for this bogus misdemeanor either.

  • At least the new US Attorney tried to make a reasonable deal and outcome out of this false charge against Selvarsj. I mean she and Parlato had 18 felonies and they wind up with two failure to file violations. The judge did the right thing letting Selvaraj go free. She paid enough price.

  • I wonder who initiated this case against Parlato. My guess is CB.

    The DOJ then worked to beef up a case by making it a conspiracy by introducing Selvaray, searching with a microscope to look for tax irregularities and other persons that allegedly were defrauded (Leger).

    It is remarkable that of the parties that according to the DOJ were defrauded (IRS, sisters CB/SB and Leger), in the end only the IRS remains.

    In taking down NXIVM Frank saved himself, for had he not, CB/SB would not have been dropped from the indictment, and the outcome could have been much different.

    • Keith Raniere initiated the indictment. He told Clare that the only ethical thing she could do was to put the guy who saved her $26 million in jail.

    • It wasn’t Clare who started the case against Frank. It was Keith Raniere. He used Clare & Sara as he has used everyone else to do his dirty work.

      People have to remember the Bronfman sisters are not well educated. They grew up knowing they become rich.

      Neither of them had a drive to go to college to get a higher education. Clare dropped out of high school to ride horses after the ninth grade.

      Raniere & Salzman saw these two sisters, their millions and started licking their lips, rubbing their fingers together & plotting how to get as much money as they could from their trust funds as they could.

      Why Sara Bronfman has woken up is beyond understanding. She’s had enough time away from the daily drinking of kool-aid to have an a wake up call to WTF happened to her.

      Why she isn’t doing more to help herself to help her sister God only knows.

      • Makes no sense, they take their $184 K which they seem to see as justified (IRS) but the remainder goes to the government, on what grounds?
        Sarah’s not in jail..
        Is this their hourly charge? Geez!
        So its their way of collecting for the 7 years of paper work.,$ 806K?

      • Then its kinda like Frank had to buy his way out of the indictment for a mere forgotten form?, with the remainder of the ‘ escrowed money”, No? Sounds like an expensive plea deal…to me..806k for a forgotten form???
        Lower the flag today if thats the case.

  • Were the Bronfman sisters allowed to use their initials to hide their role in the filing of that complaint?

    Did they hire someone to find fault with everyone they wanted to sue? Wealthy scary people shouldnโ€™t be allowed to control the world.

  • A little closer to justice for all of the abuse Frank has done to me and many other good white patriots and his remorseless blasphemy of The Glorious Night Riders! There is a God after all! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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  • The Biden Administration is refusing to indict child,-rapists, yet trying to lock up people for not paying a few thousand in taxes.

    The Democrat Party truly has earned the name: “The Party of Pedophiles’.

    • โ€œThe Biden Administration is refusing to indict child,-rapists,โ€

      For your information:
      In America there is something called โ€œthe separation of powersโ€. So the governing power, now the Biden administration, cannot indict anyone.

      โ€œThe Democrat Party truly has earned the name: โ€œThe Party of Pedophilesโ€™.โ€

      Could you please explain to me why the Democrat Party earned that name? It seems such a ridiculous statement, so I would very much like to now the facts on what this opinion is based.

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          • Initially I thought the Colonel was a corn(y) kernel, now I recognize that he is a nut. LOL

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        • โ€œScott you better do what he says. He might take your down otherwiseโ€

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        • Johnson-

          Wow! Youโ€™re a graduate of Wikipedia college. Thanks for sharing what everyone else learned. in middle schoolโ€”you dumb f*ck!

        • Fank, what do you mean by “your down?” Getting nervous about your upcoming sentencing? I don’t think the DOJ would have put in so much effort into convicting you in exchange for zero prison time, what do you think?

    • “The Biden Administration is refusing to indict child,-rapists”

      Damn! That means all those GOP child rapists will go free.

    • Like the Republican party has earned the name “Party of Mass Murderers”? Your party refuses to take machine guns off the streets. Your party fights tooth and nail to give mass murderers the right to murder dozens of children per second. Are you proud of that? Are you proud of yourself for fighting for the rights of lunatics to murder up to 600 children per minute with machine guns?

      • Everyone should arm themselves. If we were to go to war, wouldn’t it be better to be able to shoot your enemies? Those snotty kids need to learn to duck and move out of the way. That or stay at home and grow a garden.

      • Banning guns hasn’t stopped gun crime in the UK. Criminals can still get hold of them illegally and innocent people are sitting ducks until the police arrive. That can take a while. Theree’s also plenty of knife crimes. Criminals will always find a way to kill.

  • Good thing they spent probably hundreds of thousands to collect a $25 assessment fee. Genius leadership and crime fighting there. Gotem!

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