BOP Seeks to Dismiss Lawsuit; Claims Raniere Doesn’t Follow the Rules

The most ethical man in the world.

Things are looking glum for Keith Raniere in his lawsuit against the Bureau of Prisons.

Assistant US Attorney Denise Falk, representing the BOP, moved for a summary judgment dismissing the case based on the Prison Litigation Reform Act, which requires an inmate to “exhaust administrative remedies before filing suit.”

Raniere is a federal inmate at USP Tucson, serving 120 years for racketeering conspiracy, racketeering, forced labor conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, sex trafficking conspiracy, sex trafficking, and attempted sex trafficking.

On December 16, 2022, Raniere filed a complaint in federal court alleging, among other things, that the BOP:

  1.  Interfered and frustrated his legal calls, denying him “a reasonable opportunity to communicate in a contemporaneous manner with his lawyers.”
  2. That he could not meet and speak with Suneel Chakravorty, his power of attorney,
  3. That he wants to get out of the SHU.

Keith Raniere loves to teach women. There are no women where he stays now.

Before going to trial, Raniere asked the judge to issue a preliminary injunction, ordering the BOP to ensure that immediately

  1. He receives all legal calls and visits with attorneys whenever the attorneys request.
  2. The BOp recognizes Chakravorty as a legal professional for confidential communication with him.
  3. He should be released from SHU and returned to his original unit. If he has to stay in the SHU, he gets a single cell for safety.
  4. The BOP will not transfer him to another prison.

Judge Raner Collins is a Senior U.S. District Court Judge in Arizona. He was appointed by Bill Clinton.

Judge Raner Collins is a Senior U.S. District Court judge in Arizona. Bill Clinton appointed him.

On April 28, Judge Raner Collins denied the preliminary injunction.

Now the BOP is arguing for dismissal of the lawsuit because Raniere did not “exhaust” his administrative remedies. 

The BOP’s Administrative Remedy Program has four levels of review.

  1. The inmate must first try to resolve the problem informally with the Unit Team staff.
  2. If that fails, he may submit a form 542.13(a), 542.14, to the Warden, containing one complaint or a reasonable number of closely related issues.
  3. If the inmate is dissatisfied with the Warden’s response, he can appeal on the BP-10 Form to the Regional Director. 
  4. If the Regional Director’s response is also unsatisfactory, the inmate can appeal on the BP-11 Form to the General Counsel. This is the final administrative review level. 

If one goes through all four steps, he exhausts his administrative remedies.

Keith Raniere may have little to smile about of late.

During Raniere’s incarceration, he filed 19 administrative remedy appeals related to the lawsuit.

The BOP claims, “To date, Plaintiff has not exhausted a single administrative remedy regarding any of the issues in his Complaint.” 

Keith Alan Raniere

The BOP made a list of Raniere’s unexhausted administrative remedies:

  1. Raniere requested to be returned to general population in remedies filed at the local [step 2] and regional levels [step 3]. However, both remedies were rejected because he failed to show an attempt at an informal resolution [step 1]. He has not filed an appeal to the Office of General Counsel regarding that issue.
  2. Raniere requested to be unrestrained during legal visits in remedies filed at the local and regional levels. The regional appeal was rejected because he again failed to show an attempt at an informal resolution. He has not filed an appeal to the Office of General Counsel regarding that issue. 
  3.  Raniere requested visitation denial information in remedies. He has not appealed to the Office of General Counsel regarding that issue.
  4. Raniere requested information about the denial of Chakravorty on his approved list in remedies filed at the local and regional levels. He appealed to the Office of General Counsel, but his appeal was rejected because he needed to provide a copy of his BP-9 and his BP-10. He was instructed to re-submit his appeal in proper form, but he still needs to do so.
  5. Raniere complained about the loss of his contacts in an inmate computer system in remedies filed at the local and regional levels. The regional appeal is pending, with a response date of May 29, 2023. Having yet to receive a response to his regional appeal, Raniere would still need to file an appeal to the Office of General Counsel.
  6.  Raniere complained about being restrained in the SHU for legal visits and legal calls in a remedy filed at the local level. He has yet to appeal to the region or the Office of General Counsel.
  7. Raniere requested information regarding visitors removed from his visiting list in a remedy filed at the local level. It was rejected because he is limited to one request per BP-9 submission. He has not appealed to the region.
  8. He filed two appeals to the Office of General Counsel, which were rejected because he is limited to one request per BP-9 submission. 
  9. Raniere requested to be treated like a general population inmate during legal visits, in a remedy filed at the local level, rejected because he failed to state the basis for his request. He has not appealed to the region or the Office of General Counsel.
  10. Raniere filed each of his BP-9’s at the local level before filing the complaint. The only BP-10 and BP-11 Plaintiff filed before filing the complaint concerned his appeal of disciplinary sanctions. Plaintiff filed the remaining BP-10s and BP-11s after filing the complaint. 

The BOP made legal arguments why dismissal is required:

  1. Under Rule 56 [motion for summary judgment]: “If the prisoner shows a failure to exhaust, a defendant is entitled to summary judgment.”
  2. Proper exhaustion under 42 USC 1997e(a) requires following “all steps that the agency holds out, and doing so properly (so that the agency addresses the issues on the merits).”
Keith Raniere was assigned to C1 Unit at USP Tucson. But for the last eight months he has been in the SHU.
The SHU at a Federal Bureau of Prisons facility.
The SHU at a Federal Bureau of Prisons facility.
Keith Raniere

Raniere admitted in his complaint that he had not exhausted administrative remedies and sought an injunction “pending administrative exhaustion, regardless of the requirements imposed by 42 USC 1997e.”

The BOP argued Raniere “did not appeal properly an administrative remedy regarding any of the issues in the complaint to the highest level [4th step] before filing suit, choosing instead to skip the process and file suit.

“Many of Plaintiff’s remedies and appeals have been rejected due to his refusal to follow the rules, and he has failed to follow the instructions to cure any of the rejections.”

Accordingly, the BOP now asks the judge to issue a summary judgment dismissing the case.

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  • I met Vanguard in 1997 (approx) when i participated in an ESP 1 week “intensive” at the Clidton Park, NY office. It immediately struck me as very cult like (taking shoes off when entering sacred space, use of sashes to denote hierarchy, and recitation of a pledge at the beginning of every meeting – this pledge was standardized and all members recorded in unison; all written materials were to be kept secret). On day 5, he disclosed his business model to get new members and advance in the organization – it appeared to be a pyramid scheme of some sort and I just had a visceral reaction against it. I never went back and didn’t hear about Raniere or N Saltzman until it hit the news. I can understand how people were taken in by them – they recruited people at their most vulnerable. Thanks to Frank for pursuing this over the years and helping to secure justice for those that were harmed.

  • Thank you Frank
    “Many of Plaintiff’s remedies and appeals have been rejected due to his refusal to follow the rules, and he has failed to follow the instructions to cure any of the rejections.”
    This statement says it all. A man who feels he is above procedures and due process.

    I am so happy this criminal and pedophile is now stuck in the bureaucracy he subjected so many survivors to.

  • Persistency is key to your path to personal growth Keith. Also, don’t forget all those ethical breaches that you need to correct. Thankfully you have 118 years to work on it!
    Viva Executive Success!

  • Oooh oooh
    I watched a shared Dossier project video clip on YouTube
    Wow Nicki did some damage.
    She deleted ALL their videos and content from their channel, she had the PASSWORDS
    Other social media accounts too, blocked or locked by Nicki.
    Michele said they were trying to contact her and ask her to restore their work.
    Michele sounded super pissed.
    Way to go Nicki.

  • “pending administrative exhaustion, regardless of the requirements imposed by 42 USC 1997e.”


    Huh, whadayano? The judge isn’t willing to set aside the law just because the Vantard asked him too.

    Poor Vantard… he has no clue how to operate in a world where the rules aren’t whatever he says they are.

    This little, hairy narcissist has reached the limits of his abilities.

    Well… all those years in prison will give him time to work on his penmanship.

  • What ever happened to Marianna? Does she still communicate with KR? Does is he read Frank Report?

  • I just had a thought as to why Raniere is working so hard to keep Suneel as a “paralegal.” It’s pretty clear that the DOJ has sufficient grounds to keep Suneel out, given his bad behavior as “Issac Edwards,” the fact that he had no personal contact with Keith before his conviction and given that none of Keith’s nine attorneys has agreed to assume personal liability for his actions as a paralegal, as the rules require.

    Suneel is the only follower that Keith could plausibly argue should be allowed to keep in touch with him. Many of the former high rank members have not only left but continue to work against Keith, and the few high rank members that are still True Believers are well known to the court. Suneel was something of a cipher and got in under the radar at first.

    Like all good gurus, Raniere desperately needs followers to fuel his narcissism. So he’ll do anything to keep Suneel on the list. Just one follower gives him some fantasy that he might still have some power in the world.

    Polygamist FLDS cult head Warren Jeffs is rotting in prison for sex crimes much as Keith is. He has an inexhaustible supply of family members, given that he had dozens of wives (some counts reach almost 80) and numerous brothers and sisters. He dictates long “revelations” to his family members from prison, who then relay them to his followers. So even though he’ll die in prison, he’s still getting off on having followers.

    Too bad Raniere hasn’t acknowledged either of his children or their mothers, or he wouldn’t be tying himself in knots to retain only one follower.

    • “no personal contact with Keith before his conviction”? How did they meet?

      Also, “none of Keith’s nine attorneys has agreed to assume personal liability for his actions as a paralegal”? Why not?

  • Epstein was running a honey pot. The only people who do so are intelligence agencies with practically unlimited funding. So put the two institutions together and it’s obvious from their names who are the culprits behind him and why everything is tied up in that all pervasive term that covers and lets conspiracies cook.

  • It is obvious Raniere has reading comprehension issues as he can’t seem to follow simple step-by-step instructions. What an idiot that these deadenders still choose to follow…..

  • The most ethical registry number in the world: 57005-177. Is USP Tucson now the most ethical prison because the most ethical person in the world has taken up residence there and will not leave this place at any price in the world?

  • Raniere don’t go away 😡 mad. Tomorrow is another day. Hold strong 💪. With any luck they’ll paint your cell every 6 years the same color. Every Christmas and Thanksgiving will come and go but in between, complaints can be filed starting with your housing unit officer.

    • He’s “Little bid man mad”. Think Grumpy from Snow White, but with the added trait of being a child sex predator. Grumpier.

  • The law courts are simply not the appropriate forum for Raniere’s frivolous complaints. They need not, and will not waste time with his ridiculous bullshit.

    If his whines were of any true importance he would go through appropriate channels to have them addressed. He can’t be bothered doing so, so they, and he, can be justifiably ignored.

  • Raniere the clown, with little clown shoes and a little clown face. His complaints smell like erasers written by a pencil without led. He wasn’t committed to truly winning. When you file a complaint everyone knows in jail you must file it over and over again. Once you start the complaint process and want to win, commitment is key.

  • 😂 can you imagine spending your life filing complaint forms? I remember being in jail and people filing complaint forms. As if anyone cared you ran out of toilet paper or your meds weren’t correct. Anyways, it’s called snitching and it just puts a target on their backs. I’ve read where the Vanguard had people like Kristen Keefe do his legal work. Now he has no assistant. Keith should focus on taking care of his son, not filing complaints to people who don’t care. He’s complaining to heartless humans who enjoy his pain. Talk about feeding the monster.

  • Cannot really argue with the BOP’s position here. If the Bureau starts making exceptions for one inmate, it unravels the original intent of the Prison Litigation Reform Act. Raniere’s ire should be directed at Congress, not the BOP.

    • Sounds like a simple solution! Relief at last !

      Yay! It’s gonna be a non stop party from now on!! 🎉🎊🍭🍧🍹🥂🍾

      At least that how I understand it.

  • Will the smartest, most ethical man in the world ever follow anyone’s rules but his own? says:

    “Many of Plaintiff’s remedies and appeals have been rejected due to his refusal to follow the rules, and he has failed to follow the instructions to cure any of the rejections.”

  • He is trying to fight the system, but the system fights back……
    Imagine if every inmate would be in a position to do what Keith is doing now. The BOP would not be able to handle it.

  • Is there a threshold whereby the number of days in the Shu is considered inhumane or cruel and unusual punishment?

    • It is only inhuman when the blue light no longer appears. But who is to determine that, there is no one left but himself.

  • The rules are tedious and designed to frustrate but given his situation, failing to disregard the rules is a sure way to get nowhere.

    The government will looks for ways to oppress but Raniere is making it a cinch.

    • Keith ignores that he no longer makes the rules or the game. Still not. He is no longer the almighty king of 3 Flintlock Lane in Clifton Park. What does he have lawyers for that don’t point out to him what the rule and regulations are? What makes them think they will succeed anyway? It’s all a huge waste of money and time. Keith has plenty of time. So is it all about wasting Clare Bronfman’s money?

  • Keith has an inability to follow instructions. He needs to wake up and realise he is now living by a set of rules. Acceptance is his key to his problem.

  • Why doesn’t the BOP understand that rules don’t apply to the Vanguard?!? One of the “top 3 problem solvers on earth” should be excluded from the banalities of procedural requirements! 😜

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