Aristotle: Prison Food Is a Healthy, Balanced Diet

Aristotle’s Sausage does not see the problem with prison food that Rich Luthmann writes about: FED Poison? Nutrition Expert Says Prison Food Causes Cancer, Toxicity

He sees the prison food as well balanced, and frankly delicious. Frank Report selected the photos. Not all photos used in the story are actual prison food.

By Aristotle’s Sausage

I’m looking at the federal prison menu and see whole grains, veggies and fruits, and protein choices like baked chicken, scrambled eggs, beef taco salad, and cheese. A balanced, wholesome diet, just like actual nutritionists recommend.

Friday lunch: hamburger on a whole wheat bun (with a meatless option), onion, baked potato or fries, and fruit. For dinner, bean soup and taco salad (again with a meatless option). Nothing unhealthy about that. It’s a healthier diet than most Americans consume.

The week’s rotation includes corn, black beans, green beans, carrots, and salad. Plus fruit. 

Prison hamburgers are plump, juicy and delicious, like everything on the prison menu.  Prison officials have love in their hearts, want the prisoners in their care to learn and grow spiritually, so that they can live happy, healthy, productive lives when they return to society.

I do not see desserts on the menu—no pie, cookies, cake, pudding, brownies, or ice cream. I’m also not seeing potato chips or other snack junk foods. And, of course, no alcohol.

Is this toxic?

This is how the Bureau of Prisons “kills inmates”? This is “FED Poisoning”? Making sure they get their fruits and vegetables?

Coach Kelly, whose sole health and nutrition qualification is that he played professional rugby, is worried that food might be cooked in canola oil.

“Canola oil… that’s just toxic to the body,” says Coach. Of course, former rugby players have every right to their opinions, just like everyone else, but what does evidence-based science say on the subject?

“Health concerns about canola oil are unfounded.”

Getting into more detail, here’s

Guy Crosby, Ph.D. of the Harvard School of Public Health: “canola oil is a safe and healthy form of fat that will reduce blood LDL cholesterol levels and heart disease risk.”

And the American Heart Association lists canola oil first among its healthy fats recommendations

Opposed to this, we have Coach Rugby’s opinion. I followed the link, which brought me to his Facebook profile. He lists himself not as a nutrition expert but as a “digital creator.” 

His “FitOver40” scheme promises dramatic weight loss without exercise – that elusive fairy tale program that promises health, fitness, and a slender waist while doing nothing more than sitting on your ass. It probably gives you washboard abs too.

Quoting Coach: “I help men and women lose 20+ pounds in 120 days without long painful workouts by FitOver40 formula.”

Coach Kelly has another issue with prison food.

“Kelly said there was concern that prisoners who wanted to make healthy and nutritious food choices could get enough calories.”

Okay. He doesn’t know the portion sizes or caloric content of the food, but the man’s entitled to an opinion. It’s rather contradicted, though, by Rich Luthmann’s statement that while in prison

“I ballooned up to 300 pounds” [you give your pre-arrest weight as 260 lbs.]

So no shortage of available calories, then.

As for junk food sold at the commissary, that’s the same for everyone on the outside. Cookies, greasy chips, and sugary soda aplenty. It all comes down to how you choose to treat your body.

Obesity is a substantial public health problem. More Americans are overweight and obese than are of “normal” weight. The average American man weighs 200 lbs., and it’s not because they’re bulked up lifting barbells. They’re incipient heart attacks on legs.

By establishing a healthy diet, the BOP is doing inmates a favor.

The above is an example of an American diet outside of prison. 

Prison diet is superior to the average American diet.


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  • Where is the proof to back your previous sstatements of Moira Penza being a dominatrix?

    Only a little bitch puts that kind of bullshit out there and then keeps saying that they will show the “credible proof” later or “when the time is right”

    Put up or shut up.

    If you possessed one shred of believable documented verifiable proof about Moira Penza there is nothing that would stop you from posting all about it. And if you were really waiting for some make believe perfect time to reveal all about Moira Penza then you wouldn’t have made those claims now.

    You are a disaster of a person and Moira is a goddess. How are you two even the same species? Lol

    • How about when the Dems want to make her a Federal Judge?

      Hillary held back her Inside Edition clip for an October surprise for Trump. It didn’t work for Hillary, and it might not work here.

      But you’re right: Former Federal Prosecutor. Lawyer at Big Dems Factory Law Firm that sued Trump on her first case. A lawyer who represents Tobacco companies. Disney Princess with Fangs. Mentally Imbalanced Virtue Signaler. Evidence Planter. Dominatrix. By the time they are ready to put her up for the bench, they might look to make her a Senator with a resume like that.

      So, Moira. Calm down. It will all come out in the wash.

  • It’s a little precious when inmates who never took care of themselves, lived a very high-risk lifestyle, drank to excess, or snorted, smoked, injected drugs that were trafficked literally in someone’s butthole are suddenly claiming that the same oil that unincarcerated humans consume daily is a human rights issue.

    And that’s not ALL inmates. But it’s a lot of them.

    But there are many legitimate concerns about how prisoners are treated.

    • The bigger issue is that YOU, John Q. Taxpayer, have to pay for that person’s cancer treatment. But if you, who presumably does the “right thing” and gets cancer, you’re on your own.

      If we’re going to have to pay for long-term healthcare costs of prisoners, at least we shouldn’t be adding gasoline to the fire. It makes little sense.

      By law, the Bureau of Prisons has to provide medical care to prisoners. After Obamacare, everyone has access to healthcare. If you don’t have it on the outside, it’s your choice. Prisoners don’t get that choice. The BOP has a policy on every carceral person in their system.

      The old argument: “there are people on the outside that don’t have it, so prisoners shouldn’t get it” doesn’t work with healthcare anymore.

      We also have a broken medical system that prioritizes the sale of “cures” or “fixes” as opposed to a long-term, common sense strategy of prevention. The BOP, in many ways, is also locked into that mode of thinking.

      An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If we’re not willing as a society to limit future (potentially astronomical) costs now by simple, low-cost fixes, we have to ask why?

      I think I will do a larger post on this issue. Great comment.

      • Thanks.
        You can’t mandate that people eat healthy.
        Please see… Every example of that not working ever.
        People (even inmates) have the right to eat shitty. And most will choose it every time.
        If only healthy food choices were available in prison people would complain about that.
        There’s a lot of complaining in prison.
        Because prison sucks. And all the inmates are innocent or wrongfully convicted.
        There are bigger issues in the justice system than cooking oil

        • You are engaging in a fallacy called the appeal to futility fallacy (if I remember correctly)

          Some people will complain, sure, because people always complain. This is not an argument to not improve conditions such that they are humane and end up with fewer long term costs.

          • Right, on Ruth. One of the problems with prisons, especially in the BOP and the DOJ, is that there is no “culture of change.” I saw it in prison, and I see it now while under supervision. The officers want to keep you in your box, no waves. The wardens and administrators want to keep everything with the appearance that it is “going smoothly.” Change of any sort, unless it is thicker bars and higher walls, is avoided. I wonder if the new BOP Director. Colette S. Peters, will be any different. I am optimistic because she has an excellent background and may very well make some simple, common-sense changes that could benefit all parties involved and have a lasting positive effect.

  • Another reason inmates gain weight is because of constipation. Inmates sit on concrete, sleep on concrete and eat non fibrous foods. An interestingly disgusting program aired years ago, on TV in Florida, showing a state funded company scraping road kill off of the road for prisoners to eat.

    • Fiber can actually cause constipation and it is a wide repeated but industry backed myth that it helps with elimination.

      The man who first “discovered” fiber’s properties did so by noticing it gave an entire tribe of healthy African peoples (who ate mostly meat) massive collective, days long diarrhea. He then decided this was a “good thing” like most overly confident quack white men from that time period and decided it was a good “diuretic”.

      It was a popular idea from the time, like putting cocaine in soda.

      However this idea still has industry backing, because it makes people buy a lot of nutrition-less, highly processed starch that has a long shelf-life and low risk in growing, marked up way way way beyond it’s actual value.

      I tell people that if it’s something normally sold as animal feed to ruminants with four stomachs, you don’t actually need to eat it as much as you think you do.

      People are surprised when I solve their constipation by telling them to heat some sashimi, bacon, bone broth, or buttery bread (as long as the butter is real butter not margarine). It’s the literal opposite of what they are told.

      Fiber is indigestible to humans. We do not digest cellulose. Our intestines are more designed for meat processing, which is why we have a lot of small intestine and less large intestine. Thus we literally poop it out of us whole and it “scrapes” the walls of our intestines as it goes. Anyone who has eaten a lot of corn knows this (lol). It’s because the skin of the corn itself is very fibrous.

      This doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any medicinal property by acting as a pipe cleaner from time to time.

      However most people don’t understand that the fact it is indigestible to us means it’s really not any type of nutrition for us. It’s sold as a nutritional element when we literally cannot digest it. Amazing.

      What people also don’t understand about fiber is that it is also highly water absorbent. That’s what cellulase (starch) does. So it can actually act as something that impacts our digestion by dehydrating us (sucking in water) and causing bloating. By sucking in the water that normally would “lube” our intestines and keep the bacteria there healthy, we actually can make gut imbalances exacerbated.

      Since it isn’t actually digestible in out own guts, it can also scrape out our healthy bacteria as it passes through our intestines, as well as cause an inflammatory response as it does so, especially for people with more sensitive bodies.

      I wouldn’t be surprised actually that the inmates have too much fiber in their foods and not enough fats and proteins.

      I would argue that the problem with the inmates has more to do with dehydration, lack of movement, lack of cholesterols (healthy fats) and other nutritional holes – like not enough zinc, folate, magnesium and potassium.

        • Haha! The nutritional stuff has been a bit of a thing for me as well since I had to heal myself from not being fed well at the cult I was in (we only ate 2 meals a day, and it was vegetarian and very high in oxalates – I suffered kidney stones, brain fog, fatigue, anemia and had ovarian cysts as well which also may have been caused by diet related hormone imbalances, I did have any before and haven’t had any since I left).

          I’ve healed my body with a high meat, high dairy, high fat diet. I haven’t had a single kidney stone since. It’s really sad how bad the nutritional disinfo is out there as well. That’s a major rabbit hole in terms of the institutional capture (by mostly big ag) of nutritional medicine and tragic how people just accept mass repeated lies.

          I just wanted to say really respect how you’ve come to learn and heal from what you experienced and make the effort to share your truth with us here.

  • Well, I just ordered my home girl, in county jail, some boneless chicken tenders made by the company called Aramark. Aramark jacks low price food up so high its almost unaffordable. Her tastey chicken tenders comes with a couple celery slices, cookies, a bag of chips and a powdered drink packet. Jail food is fucking disgusting 🤢. Those celery sticks alone are worth 10 bucks. Other than that she eats mystery food and what we call “blow up meat”.

  • Aristotle- I love reading your comments. Sometimes I find you to be brilliant- even if I disagree. And I’m glad to hear canola oil is not as deadly as suggested.

    However, the content of prison burgers and chicken Pattie’s is suspect. And people can get fat from stress and no exercise.

    I’ve taught for years and despite dedicated cafeteria staff the problem is there is no time to prepare healthy meals and feed the kids in fast restating lunchtimes of 20 minutes entry to exit.

    Fancy chefs come in to show a healthy meal but in school budgets there’s no way of implementing this.

    School meals are horrifying. I know. I’ve eaten many to see why my kids are lethargic and chubby.

    • You mentioned school budgets. How is it lottery money goes to schools and kids can’t get decent food and at least 25 minutes to eat? Where does the lottery profit really go?

        • You want to know the real tragedy? I wrote a beautifully sourced comment as well to deal with Aristotle’s nutritional BS but I accidentally deleted it : (.

          Aristotle using the mayoclinic for nutrition facts is just beyond hilarious. The mayoclinic is just one long drug advertisement, he’s clearly never red a word of the fine print on that website. It’s like “”

          Well actually it’s even more funny still that he used the American Heart Association for a source.

          It’s like going to the American Adoption Association for ways to prevent children from being put up for adoption in the first place.

          If you solve the issue the funding goes away!

          That group literally has to live on heart diseases. If there were no heart diseases there would be no funding for them, no AHA.

          People really think that just because something has a 501 status that it is a clean organization that is the same as a patient or consumer advocacy group, law enforcement, science journal or government health body and they can’t possibly have a motive or bias just because they fill out the taxes in the right way..

          All business associations can be registered as 501s. So can lobby groups. My cult had non-profit status, for example. There are non-profits out there funded by Hamas and ISIS. There are non-profit dog rescue operations that were found to be funding puppy mills. (Again, if you actually solve the problem, the reason for the charity will go away!)

          It’s like asking Tobacco Growers Association about smoking. Or Sugar Planters Association about the health of Sugar.

          Similarly it seems he doesn’t even know how corrupt Harvard is.

          They were paid to demonize sat fat by the sugar, corn and grains (seeds) industry and they are still paid to this day to favorably market for them. It’s practically common knowledge among people who actually study nutrition:

          Harvard was the seat of a global western science pushing forced sterilization, eugenics and lobotomies as well, for half a century, up until the 90s mostly native women in the US were being sterilized without consent in all of the states. They are a dirty school, designed exclusively to network elites and continue the ponzi schemes and exploitation of the vast majority of people by a small few. People go there to learn how to be better white collar criminals and dictators. Lot’s of really really stupid people graduated from Harvard as well, just because they had legacy connections.

          • “If there were no heart diseases there would be no funding for them, no AHA.”

            Thanks for the explanation, Captain Obvious. Most organizations like this have the ultimate goal of eventually not being needed at all. So by your logic any non-profit that has enough work to need part or full time staff and actually wants to pay them is now evil and motivated to perpetuate the problem they were designed to create? Nice assumption of evil intentions. Just because some people are greed-motivated doesn’t mean that everyone is. Google the word tautology to begin to get on my level.

          • To anon (maybe aristotle?) asking if I think all charities are corrupt. I wouldn’t say that. I would say biased.

            All charities are special interest groups. All special interest groups are financially motivated to portray information a certain way because information and how it is portrayed is a major way they procure donations from the public.

            Thus they are usually considered poor sources, especially publications of theirs that are used for self-promotional purposes, such as what they curate for their own websites and represent as “statements” or “blogs” or yes even “backed research”.

            Yes, even organizations that portray themselves as medicinal or scientific, in fact even moreso such organizations need to be carefully considered. Especially when they support or work to gain government grants.

            The corporate capture of such organizations is REAL and I have seen it with my own eyes in my own work.

            Yes, in a larger sense, I would even say that once such a special interest organization is created, it is motivated for it’s own survival and takes a “life of it’s own.” It goes without saying, once people have their livelihoods tied in something, then they wish to self sustain it. People who get tied up in humanitarian, religious or political causes also don’t tend to be people who wish to step down from them, sadly. Because they don’t just get the satisfaction of money or status, but the halo effect of being a savior of some type, and this is a strong fix. This is just a fact of life. It’s one that I wish wasn’t true, but it is. Would I say every charity is evil/corrupt? No, this is just human nature.

            Let’s look at examples:

            For example, a pro-life organization will portray abortion a certain way.

            A vegetarian organization will portray meat a certain way.

            An organization that gets it’s entire funding from scaring people about some issue, will portray that issue in a scary way.

            An organization that thrives on the suffering of people for donations will possibly not really want to solve the issue (otherwise the reason for it’s existence goes away.) Think about how adoption agencies often fund anti-abortion lawmakers. They need fresh unwanted babies from poor mothers in order to justify their existence and funding.

            A organization that gets a majority of it’s funding from grants for researches for some type of drug or cure, may indeed have unscrupulous funders behind them. You know, like big pharma:


            The above source specifically deals with the AHA. I never even knew this, but I “knew” it, because it is so unbelievably prevalent.

            You should not shut your brain off ever, when dealing with special interest groups, and you should always consider public publications from them on any subject to be biased towards their funding interests. 1) always look deeper at it. 2) consider it to be a subpar source. This applies to all charities, lobby groups, business associations, religions, and actually all magazines, blogs, etc. Yes, even the Frank Report.

  • Clearly, all prisoners in US prisons should be released as punishment. They’ve got it too good. In fact, I think a couple of years in prison would do us all good

    • I’m all for bringing back the gulag. Lenin was sentenced to Siberia for his political crimes against the monarchy in Russia. His story is very interesting. Maybe I will do a post on it. Great comment.

    • “You should not shut your brain off ever, when dealing with special interest groups,”

      Wow, thanks for the tip. Until today I always shut my brain off.

      I don’t believe that anywhere did AS say that the AHA is beyond all scrutiny, is flawless, perfect and pure. Believe it or not Ruth, most people aren’t as ignorant, unknowing, and gullible as you assume.

    • I agree, it doesn’t look appealing. It probably doesn’t taste very good either. My point (Frank’s editorial sarcasms notwithstanding) was that prison food isn’t “toxic” or even unhealthy. In fact, judging by the BoP menus provided in the original article, the food accords with current nutrition guidelines.

      Prison food, given the available evidence, is healthy and adequate.

      I never said anything about prison burgers being juicy and delicious. Frank added that.

      • Aristotle allows himself to get gaslit. On paper, the menu is grand. So, nothing to see here, right?

        First, the menu is not ok. It’s all carbs, sugars, and nitrates. Good enough does not mean good. Slavery was “good enough.”

        Does the menu include the shorteners? The other ingredients that go into food prep? You’re like the defense attorney who argues that the murderous wife’s meal was healthy and nutritious, right up to the point when she added the arsenic.

  • There is a distinction between calories and good calories. You can eat 2,000 calories a day in jelly beans and 2,000 in eggs. All things being equal, which one will give you better body composition and lead to fewer long-term issues? The “super food.” The egg. The one with less sugar and which causes less inflammation.

    You make a fallacious distinction, then cite sources bought and paid for by Big Pharma and FOOD, Inc. Of course, all these foods are “healthy” foods. Their bank accounts tell them so, buttressed by Madison Avenue’s messaging. But healthy compared to what? Healthy in a vacuum is what you’re citing to. See the discussion below about Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratios for an example of how to compare apples to apples.

    And then you try to talk about Ben Kelly and dismiss his 30 years of experience in nutrition. You cite some dude from Harvard. And he might be great. But I do not see any pictures of this Guy Crosby with his shirt off. Said another way for all the Hegel fans: Hic Rhodus, hic salta! Zeig hier, beweise, was du kannst. Show it here, and prove what you can do.

    Guy Crosby may know much about nutrition, but Ben Kelly shows a clear and irrefutable nutrition knowledge base and application of that nutrition knowledge to human health. Not only his results, but the results of scores of professionals and busy New Yorkers, Connecticuters, and others are a testament to his qualifications. The Ad Hominem attack against Ben Kelly’s credentials doesn’t stand up. Ben Kelly is a nutrition expert, and for good reason.

    Finally, you sidestep the biggest nutritional issue, and it may be because you don’t have any knowledge on the issue. And that’s fine. I just learned about this topic recently. The real issue is Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratios and inflammation. It does not matter what the BOP claims to serve on their menus if their shorteners are full of Omega-6-laden oils. Any otherwise “healthy” food is rendered inflammatory and toxic.

    Here is the argument against a high Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio:

    • Both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids, meaning that you need some of them in your diet because your body can’t produce them.

    • Throughout evolution, humans got omega-3 and omega-6 in a certain ratio. While this ratio differed between populations, it’s estimated to have been about 1:1.

    • In the past century or so, this ratio in the Western diet has shifted dramatically and may be as high as 20:1.

    • Scientists have hypothesized that too much omega-6 relative to omega-3 may contribute to chronic inflammation.

    • Chronic inflammation is an underlying factor in some of the most common Western diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis (all ailments mentioned by Ben Kelly in the interview).

    • Observational studies have also associated a high intake of omega-6 fat with an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease.

    Aristotle, your claims ring of a Fisher’s Smoking Hypothesis-type argument. If you can distort causation and correlation, you can dismiss the claim. Then you can make anything, including the truth, look like “junk science.”

    These findings raise an important issue for prisoner’s rights. All that might need to be changed is to substitute the shortener. The BOP has taken all but skin milk out of the prisons. A change can be made on the national level if there is the will to do so.

    If the prisoners are knowingly being poisoned, how long does it take an institution like the Bureau of Prisons to recognize, listen, and change to comply with the minimum standards of human decency? The sad reality is that it’s probably not in the BOP’s DNA.

    • Richard, Aristotle bears no resemblance to his namesake. He is judgmental, patronizing, condescending, and rarely misses a chance to speak up and remove any doubt.

      Just wait for it.

      • Alanzo-

        Ask RICHARD how to lose weight. Seriously. I’m not kidding. The guy lost a huge amount of weight. He didn’t give up. I do respect that.
        He’s well organized, so I bet he does have a diet and workout regime he can share.

        I need to lose 20lbs myself.

        I’m not Richard’s biggest fan, but he seems to have turned over a new leaf and genuinely cares about people.

        Warning Gratuitous A’lozer insult below:


        You’re a whiny little bitch loser, who can dish it out but can’t take. Have your mommy change your diapers and put on some big boy pants. It’s time to be a man. The video you put up on YouTube proves your a total pussy pants. Your balls want’a new owner.

        You got more estrogen than a woman on fertility drugs or a transgendered raccoon.

        Learn from Richard:
        Trolls don’t bother a man.

        • Best and first thing to do to lose weight is to put a calorie tracker on your phone and start logging everything. You lose a pound a week if you do nothing other than create a 500 calorie deficit a day from what your body burns and what you consume. I use MyFitnesPal, which has a free version. Once you know how much certain foods “cost” you, you tend to make better food choices and have a shot at avoiding the binge.

          If you add even moderate exercise to that 3-4 times per week, you can lose two or more pounds a week. Also, behavior modifications add up. Take the steps instead of the elevator. Walk to lunch or a meeting instead of driving or taking PT. It’s small, but the small things all add up.

          All of the most healthy people I know can seem a bit fanatical. But it’s not fanaticism. It’s a bunch of little rules or agreements that they have made with themselves to eat and exercise in a certain way. No one rule is very difficult. Over time, that’s what creates results.

    • Richard, your approach of combating false information and blind faith in the official narrative with facts, references, and good old common sense won’t work with most of the folks here. They believe that if they repeat the official narratives with enough enthusiasm that they’ll get a pat on the head, a “good boy/girl” and a gold star. That these rewards aren’t worth a turd is beyond them at the moment.

      That anyone can be locked up for anything, with false evidence, no evidence, or evidence badly taken out of context isn’t something they will understand until it happens to them or one of their loved ones.

      I hope that never happens.

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