2016 Mystery Tweet Condemned Mack for Getting Branded, When DOS Was Still a Secret

A reader wrote the following:
“I found this Twitter account that seemed to know a lot more than anybody else did about Allison Mack and Keith Raniere in April 2016!
“He’s either psychic or there’s more to it. Looking at who he (or she) follows he seems to be from St. Louis as he follows a lot of news pages from there… I’d love to find who’s behind this account but it hasn’t been active since 2016.”
Here was the link.
I opened the Twitter account and found someone calling themselves Luke Glass. His Twitter page consists of tweets from one day April 23, 2016.
In April 2016, DOS was growing. It was a secret. At that time, there were 7 first line masters. Lauren Salzman would be the eighth in early 2017.
But Mack and the other six were busy recruiting slaves, lying to them that DOS was an all-female mentoring group that used the terms master-slave. The truth was that Raniere was their master. He led the group and had total control of DOS based on the hierarchy that slaves obey their masters and the masters had blackmail-worthy material called collateral on their slaves.
It was astonishingly stupid.  But Luke Glass knew about it, and he knew something more.
Here is his brief moment on Twitter – on April 23, 2016.
His first tweet was to Allison Mack.
luke glass @BellsBat55 @allisonmack

Wherever you go, wherever you sleep! Ill be watching you. You just been branded you little cunt!

Mack may have replied to Glass, but he was not buying it.  His next tweet consisted of one word.
luke glass@BellsBat55 Replying to @allisonmack Bullshit!

Glass’ next, and it appears final tweet, is addressed to actor Mark Hildreth, a staunch Raniere follower at the time.

luke glass @BellsBat55@hildrethmark A Humanitarian? More like a scumbag who fucks children you pedo little bastard! You’ev been branded!
Hildreth dated Kristin Kreuk and he dated Nicole, the late 20s actress who got branded. By this time, Nicole had already experienced the bondage/obedience incident, where she was tied down on a table blindfolded. She was still a member of DOS – a slave to Allison Mack.

Nicole was tied down on this table in Camila’s apartment.

Raniere observed, as Camila performed oral sex on Nicole, who did not know who her sexual assaulter was.  This incident in 2015 was responsible for getting Raniere 40 years of his 120 year sentence, as it was charged as sex trafficking.

So why did Glass tweet to Hildreth?  Maybe Hildreth wrote or told Luke that Raniere is a humanitarian.
So what was Mack doing on and about April 23, 2016 on Twitter? She was lamenting the passing of the singer Prince.
Bethany Joy Lenz is an actress who portrayed Haley James Scott on the WB/CW television drama One Tree Hill.
I replied to the reader who sent the Twitter link about Luke Glass:

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  • It seems there was ANOTHER girls group affiliated with NXIVM.

    “I Am That Girl”.

    Not only did Allison Mack retweet about it in August 2016 as a screenshot on this article shows:


    … but fellow NXIVM cultist Kristin Kreuk was affiliated with them too:






    Perhaps the founder of I Am That Girl is/was NXIVM affiliated also.

    • I Am That Girl is a self help movement, “A community of badass girls,” (like Girls By Design?) trying to help girls stand up to abuse.

      The leader is Alexis Jones (not Alex Jones) and one of Ms Jones courses is Protect Her (not Society of Protectors) where she instructs men’s groups on how to properly respect women.

      I don’t think it is very active anymore.

      • Both Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk were aware of I Am That Girl and Kristin Kreuk participated in a book signing promoting them.

        Alexis Jones is obviously NXIVM affiliated. Therefore, so is her girls group. Like Girls By Design.

  • Wow thats pretty weird. I am not Luke Glass. But you all know a certain fellow with Tourettes who is from St Louis…..so a connection can be made if this Mr. Glass is from the StL and had a friend raped in NXIVM. Might be something to look into?

  • The is awful what Alison did make Keith happy.What i don’t understand Frank some these actress like Kristanna Loken…and others actresses u dont talk about to much. I want to know more.Are threating u of lawsuit if u say something. I just want to know the truth if ishe be following that person any more on social media plateforms

  • There’s one more tweet

    luke glass
    23 Apr 2016
    You and that son of bitch Keith Raniere will pay for what you did to my friend by raping her so watch your back!

  • The LukeGlass emails using “branded” loses it’s suspicious meaning when he says that Hildreth has been branded. He does not say Nicole or his GF, has been branded. Maybe Luke was using it as: You’ve been branded as a (follower of a pedo or rapist or whatever.)

    Luke and Mack both using the word “cunt” is not “interesting” — it is common and meaningless used.

    • It’s the other tweet that anonymous 4:04 posted which makes me think there’s something to it. Of course, goes ghost after tweeting the threat.

  • Thank God Elon Musk has now liberated Twitter from Communist influence and it can for now serve once again as a source for truth and free thought!
    Why do you think the Joe Biden White House is having a “shit fit” over Musk taking over Twitter?
    And as a further thought Allison Mack is not just a little cunt she is a Big Cunt!

    Three Cheers for Elon Musk!

    • A Republican congressional Twitter account quietly deleted a tweet praising Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West. The Oct. 6 tweet ― which simply read “Kanye. Elon. Trump.” ― was deleted without comment from the House Judiciary Committee Republicans’ account as Ye appeared on Jones’ show, alongside the white nationalist Nick Fuentes, and repeatedly praised Hitler and the Nazi Party.

      On Jones’ show, Ye said “I see good things about Hitler,” and claimed that Nazis “did good things too. We got to stop dissing Nazis all the time.” At another point he said: “The Jewish media has made us feel like Nazis and Hitler have never offered us anything of value to the world.”

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