Moira Penza’s Twitter Sheds Light on NXIVM’s Prosecutor

The Vow # 2 has made Moira Kim Penza better known to the public.

She is a partner at the law firm Wilkinson Stekloff.

Her bio states: ‘She is first and foremost a trial lawyer with a record of success leading and winning high-stakes civil and criminal cases.’

Her work as a prosecutor of Keith Raniere and other NXIVM defendants is her most famous achievement to date.

Her bio states: ‘Before joining the firm, Moira served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, where she led numerous criminal investigations and prosecutions involving both white collar and violent crime. Notably, Moira’s groundbreaking prosecution and trial conviction of Keith Raniere—the leader of a purported self-help group NXIVM—generated worldwide media attention and has been credited with paving the way for other sex trafficking prosecutions against powerful individuals.’

Her social media presence is interesting, and while she doesn’t have a large following on Twitter yet, her posts shed light on her personal view of NXIVM.

Moira Penza @moira_penza
Referring to Theodore Roosevelt’s Man in the Arena speech, she refers to herself as “woman in the arena|former federal prosecutor|led NXIVM investigation and trial|”… but views my own”
She joined Twitter in November 2020 and has 1730 followers.
It was an odd coincidence that the Vow #2 came out five years to the day she first read about NXIVM in the New York Times in 2017.

In the Tweet below, Penza is alluding to an article in the NYT’s Sunday magazine.

Vanessa Grigoriadis wrote the story before Raniere was arrested, but it was not published until after his arrest.

Moira is right that a publicist arranged the story – something Frank Report wrote in 2017 – before it was published. But the Grigoriadis story was not exactly a puff piece. I do not think the NXIVM followers of Raniere liked the slant.  

In it, Allison Mack takes the fall for the branding.

NXIVM leaders trusted Grigoriadis. She is with Sara Bronfman leaving a 2017 Jness class.

Penza wrote more about the NYT Magazine story:

“It’s very interesting to reread now. Seeing how the women like Nancy continued to protect him and how Allison Mack was set up to take the fall on the branding. The restrictions the author agreed to are startling.”

Penza has some hard truths regarding Michele Hatchette.

We see glimpses of her social life.

She writes about why Camila did not testify at the trial of Raniere.

Penza: Thanks to the support of her sister Camila was healing and not “loyal” to Keith Raniere at the time of the trial. She was advised not to cooperate. Her voice was heard at sentencing and Daniela gave her a voice at trial.

Penza: Camila was considered a victim by the gov’t and would never have harmed anyone but for Keith. FBI traveled to MX to speak with her before trial but her Bronfman-paid-for atty said no. I believe K’s team had had access to her and IMO they knew she would be a devastating witness.

Penza: NXIVM on Trial pod hits exactly key points I would add re The Vow this week. And yes in exhibit where Raniere is directing in real time Daniela being taken to the border he does talk about Secrets of NXIVM coming out—I think the same week.
[A source told Frank Report it was the Times Union series that came out at the time – February 2012 – which prompted Raniere to prompt Lauren Salzman and her family to prompt Daniela to leave the room and make her think it was her own idea.]

Penza:It’s hard to write about Daniela’s testimony. It spans 1000 pages (days) and is worth reading in full, but words can’t do justice to the power of seeing and hearing her in court facing the man who had tortured her and her family. Now free and thriving, and Raniere the prisoner.
Penza: After Raniere ordered Daniela be sent to to MX w no papers she eventually met a woman lawyer who helped her get her birth certificate. As of trial she was running a successful company w 250 workers and has only become more successful since.
On Raniere’s “There are no ‘Ultimate Victims,’ doctrine…
Penza: Teaching someone they cause whatever happens/there are no ultimate victims gives the teacher “an insurance policy on their future abuse.” A perfect encapsulation of one of the ways NXIVM and DOS worked. I will be borrowing this line.

Penza: In answer to a frequently asked Q, I don’t know where “NXIVM” name came from, but I have heard it may be related to “nexum,” a Roman debt bondage contract where a debtor pledged his person as collateral if he defaulted on his loan. I do not know if true, but it fits.

Frank Report first reported this in 2018.

Nexum/NXIVM? Eerie parallels between Raniere Sex-Slaver Cult and Ancient Roman Slave Contracts

Nexum/NXIVM? Parallels Between Raniere Sex Slave Cult and Ancient Roman Slave Contracts

Nice collection of undeniable facts that destroy DOS holdovers’ narrative.

My hat is off for Moira Penza in this one: NXIVM was never nice and good for its ‘students’.

She pushes back at Nancy Salzman’s attempt to distance herself from the crimes she was enabling and celebrating.

On Clare Bronfman lawsuit success in getting the BOP to drop her Public Safety Factor designation as a “sex offender.”
Penza: @DailyMail is incorrect. This is not a ruling on Clare Bronfman’s sentence, just designation of her prison, and does not reduce her sentence. The Second Circuit has not yet ruled on her or Keith Raniere’s appeals.
On Raniere’s true purposes:
Penza: … sex dungeon showed DOS was about Keith Raniere’s sexual desires not empowerment. Like orders to stop sleeping w others, get super skinny, and grow out pubic hair—the exact things Keith demanded of his partners. And sex abuse is always about power.
Penza: Raniere operated the way all crime bosses do—with loyal and motivated lieutenants. No one cannot create that much damage on his own. Were some also his victims themselves? Yes. But that’s true of many who commit crimes.

She also is keeping track of other sex trafficking trials, such as R Kelly.

She also puts the finger in the wound: Ghislaine Maxwell was not an innocent by-stander. She was a sex trafficker as Epstein.

All in all, Moira Kim Penza balances a clearly liberal world view with what seems to be a real intention of supporting the fight against sex trafficking in American society.

Penza: Marking someone (usually with a tattoo but sometimes branding) is often used by traffickers to signify ownership. Removal of such symbols is one of the more common victim services provided in traditional sex trafficking cases.

If you are interested in Penza’s posts, visit her Twitter page.

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  • Penza is on the latest (Nov. 22) episode of the Times Union’s “Nxivm On Trial” podcast. She had much to say, including addressing the issue of the Nxivm dead enders, who she believes Nicky Clyne is leading. She even brings up Clyne’s fraudulent marriage to Mack and her illegal residency in the U.S.

    Penza talks extensively about the trial, how the prosecution’s case was planned out, and why certain people did not testify.

    It’s an interesting podcast, concise and factual.

  • RE The NYTIMES Article:

    The restrictions the author agreed to are startling.”
    -M. Penza

    What were the restrictions?

    “A PR agent hired by Clare Bronfman and is filled w carefully constructed lies/NXIVM slant. Thankfully I indicted right before this came out.”

    When I read that article I believed the media and you were full of shit. And NXIVM was much ado about nothing.
    I agree with Moirai.

  • Moira mentions comedian Whitney Cummings. Someone Sarah E has mentioned seeing as well. Was there some connection with Whitney Cummings and NXIM? Was she involved in the organization at all?

  • “Penza: @DailyMail is incorrect. This is not a ruling on Clare Bronfman’s sentence, just designation of her prison, and does not reduce her sentence. The Second Circuit has not yet ruled on her or Keith Raniere’s appeals.”

    See – told you Daily Mail was just a gutter rag.

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  • When Keith has inevitably exhausted all of his appeals to no avail would love if Moira wrote a book about the case. She could do a lot of the legal aspect obviously with some interpersonal and other juicy nuggets thrown in. But Moira could also pair with some other experts. Or even some of the main players. Would love to see Camilla and Moira Penza pair up and write a very compelling book from two extremely different Insider perspectives. There’s so much more information that wasn’t used in the criminal trial or hasn’t been shared with the public in an easily accessible format or otherwise. The more the dead-enders accuse people such as Moira of unfounded and crazy conspiracies the more they are probably pushing people in law enforcement to come out hard refuting and dispelling all these insane Notions. So keep it up dead-enders. Can’t want to read that book!

  • Moira Penza looks like a Disney Princess. But, her bite is 100% American pit bull. Yikes. I hope I’m never answering questions in front of her.

    Off topic. The Vow series2 episode 1. Who is that Mexican cop? I am in love. I’m going to get a ticket from London to Mexico and hide in a closet. I’d love him to find me! Lucky Keith! I’m surprised Keith didn’t try to EM him in the van.

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