Smallest Reddit Coward and Other Nuts Attack Me

I get assholes, fools, cowards, and the insane all the time in my line of work. They think their heckling disturbs me. It is the opposite. I enjoy it

Here is an email my associate, Jamie, got the other day. It comes from some anonymous and insane coward.

From: Arthos Tejas <>
Date: Wed, Aug 10, 2022 at 7:23 AM
Subject: Don’t be alarmed
To: <>

Hello.  I’m one of the people who was mean to Frank Parlato.  I swear I won’t be mean to you.  I just want to tell you something.

In 1999, soon after this dude Joe R tried to recruit me for NXIVM, he and I were visiting our friend John H.

John’s wife Danette H spontaneously asked me to take the Meyers-Briggs test.  I humored her, and took the test.  While I was taking the test, at her kitchen table, I overheard in the next room, Danette said to Joe “Don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll come around.”

When I heard her say that, I was overwhelmed by severe unpleasantness.  So I continued the test by giving mostly random answers, on the test.  I didn’t know what my incorrect answers would amount to.  A few days later, when she hat THE RESULTS for me, I went to the nearby business annex and threw my copy of the results in a trash bin.

I know now, that my flubbed answers caused the NXIVM club to have inaccurate info on me.  All other times that I was approached by NXIVM people, their overtures where extremely incongruity, and I was ALWAYS aware that something bizarre at play.

The very fact that unpleasant experiences cause me to become shitty and uncooperative, may very well have saved me from getting lured into that ass-backward little faggot club.

BTW, I’ve had many many gay friends.  I’m very fond of all kinds of people, including LGBTQ people.  I actually have more friends than what oneself might have had met at a typical vanguard week.  At ALL times, I was immune to the overtures of NXIVM recruiters.  Turns out, I had a Vanguard whom my mother and father had introduced me to, long before.

An anecdote: I once had a holy-roller friend named Bob S who was once complaining cruelly about gays and lesbians.  I told him “Jesus christ forbids you to speak this way about them.” He became angry, saying “when did he say that!”.  Instantly, I said “Wheresover you find one who is in need, the same shall be thy savior.” After that, my friend Bob was always polite and respectful toward LBTQ’s.  And the two of us where close buddies, for years to come.

In my opinion, anyone who was ever in NXIVM, was without moral compassion.  In one way, shape or form, current AND former NXIVM folks deserve to have their asses kicked up and down an alleyway, for the simple fact of how retarded oneself must be, to ever join NXIVM.

BTW, I have many friends who are mentally handicapped, through no fault of their own.  If I ever meet Frank Parlato, I’m going to bash his brains in with a baseball bat.  And then he can join the list of my retarded friends.  Ask him for me, how he likes that idea.

End of Crazy’s Email 

My associate Jamie sent me the above email and asked, “Who the hell is this nutcase?”

I replied to Jamie that I did not know.

But this crazy person asks how I like the idea of him bashing my brains in with a baseball bat.

The first question I would ask Arthos is, “do you always carry a baseball bat with you?”

Then I would say, “I prefer not to have my brains bashed in.”

Next, I would remove the baseball bat from Arthos possession. Then, turn him around and kick him in the buttocks.

Then I would call his mother to come to get him.

But I am used to cowards. I have a heckler, a school teacher in Pennsylvania, who anonymously posts about me on different platforms. I do not know all of them, because I do not monitor everything said about me.

But sometimes someone will tell me about something written, and I will know it’s him.

I have recordings of him beating up his ex-girlfriend. I do not post these because I do not want to embarrass the woman.

One time he drove drunk and threatened to kill himself and her in the car. I have a recording of that when the terrified woman called me.

I could name this man today and end his teaching career tomorrow. He would lose his teaching certificate with his threats to her. And his insane homophobic comments and his own suicidal threats.

I may have to do it someday. I hope not. He has calmed down quite a bit.

All this comes with the territory. I enjoy it most of the time.
When I see vicious lies said about me, I do not think much of it. 
How can one succeed without people saying vicious lies about you? 

Reddit Coward

Lastly, there is a coward on Reddit, who calls herself Interruptible or Into-Corruptible. I forgot which pretentious name she uses.

She posts little stories about me to a very small audience. I heard about it recently and checked it out.
I do not say that everybody who posts on Frank Report must identify themselves. I get that. Anonymity when posting on someone else’s website is fine.
But this tiny heart poses as a purveyor of facts and hosts a small platform.  I enjoy the fact that she thinks I am important enough to write about. But it is a disappointment that she is not brave enough to use her name.  
Why am I disappointed? Because if one has opponents or enemies, one wishes them to be formidable. Then it is a real contest. A battle for truth and the chance for new ideas emerge.
Then victory is worth something.
How do you respond to an anonymous pea-heart like Corruptress?
It is like agreeing to fight a flea. There is nothing in it when you win. And a loss of time.
Reddit Coward, come out. I am calling you out. Little weakling, if you’re brave enough, put your own name on what you write.
Otherwise, why should anyone respect a word you say?
At least Damon Brink, Toni Natalie and others who hate my guts have the guts to say it in their own name.
Prove you are not an earthworm, Little Reddit Hiding Hood.
Put your name behind what you write, and I’ll respond to your allegations about me.
That’s my challenge, Contemptible Corrruptible.
Stop being a coward, and I will debate you on all your claims against me. And offer a few on yourself to rebut. 
I am not mad at you, just sorry you are not brave enough to stand behind what you say.  
One day you may get courage. And stand in the public arena with your own grace and strength. That is my wish. For you to have the courage to use your own name. 
Right now, you are like the little girl who throws dirt at others while hiding behind your mommy and daddy.  You are like the tiny bird who shits on those below and flies away.
Maybe I will come on your website and challenge you to use your own name. Will you do it then? Or block me?
But if you continue to hide, what kind of example are you showing others? Do we want a world where tiny cowards speak like real adults, but can’t put their name to it?
Is that what you would teach your children, if the Good Lord was negligent enough to let you breed?

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      • Dude if you out that person you are the one that’s going to look like a giant dick maybe think about that there is enought doxxing going on here you don’t need to come in with the world series grand slam

  • I will say something to you right to your face and sign my own name. I’m no anonymous coward.

    Your mother wears army boots.

  • I see now that the moderator has been reporting on Frank’s legal trouble. I guess that’s what prompted this screed.

    • You missed the point of my article [screed]. I do not mind someone reporting on my legal successes or failures. I put it out there. I’m transparent. I do not know where you will ever find another defendant who has written and spoken as much about his case as I have.

      At one point, the DOJ prosecutor Anthony Bruce actually asked the magistrate for a gag order on me.

      I loved what Magistrate Judge McCarthy said, “He still has a First Amendment.”

      And you do too. You can post anonymously on my site. Or anywhere else. So can the Reddit lady.

      But you know in your heart you would not say half the big talk you do if you had to put your name behind it. Anonymous baby, you would clam up fast and hide in the sand.

      But I’m OK. I publish your comments. I do not want to make you feel bad. I love the anonymous comments on this website.

      I was merely pointing out in a friendly way that if someone brags big and moderates their own site, it is more honest and brave to put your name behind it.

      Your own name. That’s what makes it.

      Otherwise, it smacks of dishonest and cowardly.

      But I don’t care. I was just having fun. If I was concerned, I would not have even written a screed about it.

      I like to publish criticism. But it is disappointing when critics are anonymous. You wouldn’t understand this – but it takes a little guts to go out in the world and say what you want in your own name.

      And when anonymous little varmints take a pretentious and morally superior tone to chastise me, it breaks me up in laughter. So I wrote a screed about it.

    • I am not against it on my website or anywhere else. I am simply saying that if you host a website and want to attack someone regularly, it is braver to do it in your real name.

      Cowards attack anonymously, because they are afraid to fight fair.

      • Frank wrote:

        ” I am simply saying that if you host a website and want to attack someone regularly, it is braver to do it in your real name.

        Cowards attack anonymously, because they are afraid to fight fair.”

        And so this applies to the biggest and most obnoxious anonymous assholes on your site: “Nice Guy” & “K. R. Claviger”, right?

        You did just call them cowards who are afraid to fight fair, right?

        By the way, does Joe O’Hara speak and write fluent Spanish?


          • Frank never answers the important questions. It’s a pattern and a ploy, and if you really hit his nerve, he’ll start calling you gay. Which is very odd, I assume maybe he’s still in the closet.

          • I’ve always been impressed with your strong anti-gay stance, and the fact that that has never stopped you from having sex with those of your own sex. Thanks for being a regular reader.

        • Alanzo,

          ¿Por qué demonios te importa si hablo español con fluidez? ¿Te interesa hacerme una mamada española?

          • Yep Frank, it’s Friday evening and I’m posting on the Frank Report.

            You fish:

            So if your looking for a great spinning fish reel – I recently purchased a Daiwa BSG 4200 it rocks – I have a 30lb braided fishing on 6’6 rod. The reel is highly responsive and smooth. Paired with a med/fast action rod you can’t beat it.

            Nobody I know fishes…

            Gotta drop the knowledge on someone.

      • You know exactly why people post anonymously because they don’t want creeps like you, Alanzo, Scott, etc etc..stalking them. You are ANYTHING BUT FAIR. Who could trust any of you? You have all proven yourselves to being assholes who would stop at nothing to “one up” some stranger or each other. Your commenters are wiser than you Frank. Id bet big money most of the anons won’t being doing fed time. Just sayin.

        Quit playing dumb, (maybe your not playing, Could you be this dumb?)

  • It sounds to me that he can’t get over not being asked into nxivm. It seems he failed the test and finds way to cover for his earned rejection.

  • Frank, this Reddit bitch speaks almost as though she knows you.

    She’s spent years being gleeful at the mere ‘thought’ that you’d be doing a long prison stretch one day.

    Now that your favorable plea deal has been finalized, she was left with egg on her face and was humiliated.

    She’s been trying to ‘spin’ your plea deal as something much worse than it really is — in a desperate attempt for her to save face in front of her Reddit audience.

    For instance, she says that the prosecution will likely ask for the max penalty (5 years) —- but that’s a lie, cuz the plea deal limits them to ask for a max penalty of 2 years.

    Jeeze. Lori Loughlin paid $500,000 in a very deliberate fraud to get her daughters into USC, and she only got a few months.

    Martha Stewart was convicted of 4 counts due to illegal stock trades and inside information, at trial, without a plea deal, and she only received like 5 months.

    So, I don’t see how this Corruptible Reddit Bitch can honestly expect Frank to get 5 years for a much lesser offense.

    Frank is a first time offender.

    He’s pled guilty and accepted responsibility (unlike people who go to trial and lose).

    The amount of money involved in tiny ($19k).

    The government had ZERO losses as a result of this conviction, since Frank paid his taxes on the money.

    Frank will have a lot of people writing letters to vouch for his character.

    Frank is a textbook case for probation only.

    If probation in Frank’s case isn’t possible, then nobody should get probation.

    That Reddit bitch keeps trying to associate the seized money ($1 million) with Frank’s plea deal, but they are not related. The $1 million was part of a civil settlement with the government, as I understand it. It has nothing to do with this plea deal.

    She keeps implying that the $1 million (seized from the civil settlement) can be brought up by the government at ‘sentencing’ —- and used as part of the sentencing calculations/enhancements.

    But I don’t think that’s true.

    Only money that’s officially part of the conviction can be used to calculate sentencing enhancements.

    The government is free to argue about other ‘issues’ at sentencing, if they want, but I don’t think they can officially count that $1 million as part of Frank’s conviction.

    She clearly acts like she knows Frank personally and hates him with everything in her soul.

    Not sure what her motivation is.

  • A sure sigh you have jumped the shark is that you are now posting about Reddit commenters.

    observation: when an anonymous poster agrees with you, you have no issue with their cowardice, but when they disagree with you, you call them a coward. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    99% of your posters are anonymous.WTF

    Isn’t that the point of your type of “journalism” ? you want the crazies coming here to argue with you? That is how I perceive it.

    You are more like the criminals you write about than you know, or can ever admit.

    • I like you crazies coming here and arguing with me. It is not that I like to put you down. I hope that through our discussions, you can cure your mental illnesses and become brave.

      Then you won’t be anonymous when you are nasty. That is cowardice. But you can be civil, thoughtful or comical, and anonymous, that is clever.

  • The very same thing could be said about “Nice Guy” and “K. R. Claviger” here on the Frank Report.

    They are brutal to people here, doxxing them and trying to ruin their reputations and their businesses, all while you hide their names, even lying about them to protect their real identities.

    Your same exact moral argument above applies to them here on the Frank Report.

    Will you be morally consistent and ask them to do the same as you are asking the Incorruptible_BK to do?

    Or do you have one set of low moral standards for your friends, and another, higher set of moral standards for your enemies?


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