Worst Abuses in CT Family Court: Anti Semitism by Cunha? or Judge Moukawsher’s Corruption?

Is Connecticut a haven for pedophiles thanks to parental alienation?

The Ambrose case is rooted in parental alienation. The CT Family Court ignored the children’s charges of abuse by their father.

The court decided that the mother caused the children to say their father was abusive. They decided this without hearing from the children or the mother. They based it on the word of the father alone and his paid advocates of parental alienation.

Chris Ambrose

Three judges protected Chris Ambrose against a severe investigation for abusing his children. Why, because the highly paid [by Ambrose] experts said it was parental alienation.

The three judges who supported this are Judge Thomas Moukawser, Judge Gerard Adelman, and Judge Jane Grossman.

Judge Thomas Moukawsher

Judge Thomas Moukawsher was supposed to hear evidence of whether Judge Adleman showed bias in the Ambrose custody and divorce case.

The mother’s attorney, Nickola Cunha, mentioned Judge Adelman was colluding with people of the same religion as he. They were all Jewish.

Moukawsher, a Catholic, had no interest in hearing about three children losing a mother.

Attorney Cunha alleged this was a racketeering operation based on money, not religion.

Moukawsher flipped it around.

Yes, Cunha alleged the colluders were Jewish. She also said it could be Catholic, or Italian. It could have been men or women. She was trying to show evidence of something more serious.

She mentioned they were all Jewish – to show the pattern of commonality – and tried to move on.

Nickola Cunha

Judge Moukawsher said the word Jew 14 times in successive questions to get her to focus back on it. She was trying to present evidence of collusion. He was trying to make her anti-Semitic.

Between them, they said the word “Jew” 77 times. Moukawsher said it 52 times. Cunha said it 25 times – 23 of which were in reply to his relentless questioning.

She never said Jews are bad or anything anti-Semitic. Moukawsher tried to get her to say those things.

Here is a sample:

Judge Moukawsher: Judge Adelman secretly knows that certain people are Jews and not Jews and that somehow he favors them because of that? I mean, this is a very serious thing to say.

Cunha:… I don’t think it’s some secret knowledge…. It’s well-known within the Jewish community who the Jewish professionals are…

Moukawsher: What evidence do you have that there’s a universal understanding among the Jewish community as to what professionals are Jewish or not? I mean, that’s a dangerous thing to say.

He was right. It was dangerous. He disbarred her for it.

What happens to the Ambrose children is meaningless to Judge Moukawsher. He was gunning for Cunha. And Cunha set herself up. And she got gunned down.

That was a good thing for the profiteers in CT Family Court.

Now E.P. Pluribus weighs in.

By E.P. Pluribus

What the judges did in the Ambrose case — and hundreds of cases involving disclosures of child abuse — is how judges, attorneys, and evaluators handle many cases.

Marv Bryer’s research about corruption, racketeering, and criminal perversion in California family courts will give a reader an idea of the corruption and racketeering that spread to Connecticut.

Look for information about Richard Gardner.

“Dr.” Gardner was a custody evaluator, just like the custody evaluator for the Ambrose case, ‘Dr.” Jessica Biren-Caverly.

Gardner is the creator of the parental alienation theory, which Dr. Biren-Caverly used in her custody evaluation report to separate the Ambrose children from their mother:

As part of his theory, Gardner proposed that pedophilia serves procreative purposes.

Although the child cannot become pregnant, a child drawn into sexual encounters at an early age is likely to become highly sexualized and crave sexual experiences during the prepubertal years, Gardner believed.

A ‘charged up child’ is more likely to transmit his or her genes in his or her progeny at an early age.

Gardner said, “The younger the survival machine at the time sexual urges appear, the longer will be the span of procreative capacity, and the greater the likelihood the individual will create more survival machines in the next generation.”


PAS was developed by Dr. Gardner in 1985 based on his personal observations and work as an expert witness, often on behalf of fathers accused of molesting their children.
Richard A. Gardner, M.D., is the creator and main proponent of Parental Alienation Syndrome theory. Prior to his suicide, Gardner was an unpaid part-time clinical professor of child psychiatry at Columbia University. He made his money mainly as a forensic expert.
Gardner knew that children are devious predators.
He said, “At the present time, the sexually abused child is generally considered to be ‘the victim,’ though the child may initiate sexual encounters by ‘seducing’ the adult,” Gardner said. “If the sexual relationship is discovered, the child is likely to fabricate so that the adult will be blamed for the initiation” of sex.

Gardner knew that a lucrative business could be made from affluent pedophile fathers who have the money to pay attorneys, therapists and expert witnesses.
“It is because our society overreacts to it [pedophilia] that children suffer.”
Gardner claimed Parental Alienation Syndrome is “a disorder of children, arising almost exclusively in child-custody disputes, in which one parent (usually the mother) programs the child to hate the other parent (usually the father).”
Gardner proposed that pedophilia, sexual sadism, necrophilia (sex with corpses), zoophilia (sex with animals), coprophilia (sex involving defecation), can be seen as having species survival value, and thus do “not warrant being excluded from the list of the `so-called natural forms of human sexual behavior”.
“There is good reason to believe that most, if not all, children have the capacity to reach orgasm at the time they are born,” Gardner said.

He would know.

Gardner authored more than 250 books. He is the inspiration for the CT Family Court system in high conflict cases, where the father has more money than the mother.
“Older children may be helped to appreciate that sexual encounters between an adult and a child are not universally considered to be a reprehensible act.”

Gardner felt that Western society is “excessively moralistic and punitive” toward pedophiles.

Gardner maintained that “the draconian punishments meted out to pedophiles go far beyond what I consider to be the gravity of the crime. The current prohibition of sex between adults and children is an overreaction.”

It was Gardner’s parental alienation syndrome alone that the judges used to justify taking the Ambrose children from their mother.

Dr. Gardner committed suicide by taking pills and stabbing himself in the heart at 90-degree angles.

But beyond that, the Ambrose court file and transcripts show the judge and attorneys colluded for profit in their own best interest. They used parental alienation as a means to make money.

Judge Moukawsher was supposed to read the file and all the transcripts. It could be that Judge Moukawsher disbarred Cunha because of all the awful politics floating around.

But consider. He said it was dangerous to say that Jews in a certain profession know each other.

Which of the following is most offensive?

“I don’t think it’s some secret knowledge…. it’s well-known within the Irish community who the Irish professionals are…”

“I don’t think it’s some secret knowledge…. it’s well-known within the AFCC community who the AFCC professionals are…””

“I don’t think it’s some secret knowledge…. it’s well-known within the young lawyer community who the young lawyers are…”

Whichever label is most offensive doesn’t matter.

Judges, attorneys, and auxiliary profiteers grossly mishandled the Ambrose custody case after the (Hispanic) judge almost saved those children from the hell that followed.

After the little cabal (that just as easily could have been all Democrats, all Republicans or all Boomers) took over, they passed the case to and from each other.

Each made a lot of money and/or secured future professional opportunities.

Aspiring criminals in Connecticut might want to know:

Can any kind of cabal in family courts mishandle allegations of corrupting morals of minors, grooming, and associated behaviors?


DOJ offices won’t do anything about it!

They haven’t yet, and there’s no sign they will anytime soon!

It’s not that Connecticut family courts have been crime-free since opening for business. It’s that a few shrewd individuals figured out a way for attorneys and random vendors to make lots of money in for-profit, purposely adversarial mandatory court cases.

For-profit and non-profit corporations, American Legal Institute “model penal codes”, various Kinsey groups, Dr. Gardner protocols, Jessica Pearson and “AFCC, Inc.” all made it happen.

And, of course, those who count on guaranteed income when children and families are in danger. Court administrators know exactly what’s happening.

Did the Ambrose case have anything to do with religion before Judge Moukawsher focused on Attorney Cunha’s passing comments?

What matters most?

Whatever those who colluded had in common… or the collusion, profit, and opportunity the cabal chose instead of the best interests of the children?

Attorney Cunha complained about collusion, dishonesty, lack of law, and lack of protection for the children and their mother.

She didn’t insult any religion or denomination, as Judge Moukawsher apparently thought.

Had Attorney Cunha complained about the Irish, Muslim, or young lawyer community, Judge Moukawsher would have allowed it — and he should have allowed it.

Courts find facts, not distractions. Utility AND justice.

Not one or the other.

“Justice and general utility, such will be the two objectives that will direct our course,” François Gény once wrote.

Moukawsher complained about the mention of a common religion, not the collusion.

Why did he do that?


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  • Maybe Judge Moukawsher’s ego, political connections and/or fear of “having his throat cut across, his tongue torn out by its roots, and buried in the rough sands of the sea at low-water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty four hours” should he ever knowingly or willingly violate such a sick oath and obligation is all too overwhelming and scary for him to simply say:

    “Attorney Cunha, you were brave to tell me about the collusion that enabled the taking of hundreds of thousands of dollars from Karen Riordan and her children. Your brief comments referencing a common religion among those who mishandled the case actually pointed to a plausible reason lawyers and judges could exclude those outside of well-established and exclusive circles.

    Most of us are aware of many examples of all kinds of political groups and religions who for whatever reason, sincerely consider themselves to be superior to those outside of their unmixed groups. World wars are fought over such strong religious and political convictions and secret wars are waged all the time with well-hidden long marches through institutions.

    I should have given you an opportunity to present your valid concerns about horribly blatant corruption in Connecticut family courts. I actually do truly think sometimes the lawyers waste time. Sometimes the lawyers tie up a case for years with frivolous motions, harassing discovery, and baseless accusations that divert the court in custody cases from where it should focus like a laser: on getting a decision about the best interests of the children.

    There are those who say the Family Division of this court currently isn’t serving the public interest very well. I am one of them. Indeed, I am not alone in hoping for a better system. The leadership of Connecticut’s Judicial Branch has been giving the Family Division special attention precisely because it has openly declared that our system can better serve the public.

    Sometimes the problems in the Family Division appear to be the process that has grown up over time. It’s slow. It’s cumbersome. Cases haven’t moved quickly enough, glacially in some instances. Judge Adelman should have allowed you to present your client’s case months ago. He should have apologized months ago for not allowing you to present your client’s case. I hope he will apologize soon for mishandling of the case, regardless of his motivations for those wrong actions in the case.

    I temporarily allowed Mr. Adelman to prevent you from zealously representing your client and now reverse those decisions I made in this case. I hope you and your client will forgive me. I now more clearly see what happened here.”

    How simple and how beautiful that would be — and how beautiful it would be if Attorney Cunha would then forgive him.

    If Judge Moukawsher is ever brave enough to say or write anything like that, Connecticut family courts would be the absolutely most respectable model for family courts around the world.

    Some group somewhere funded Dr. Richard Gardner’s world tours. He spread his poisonous “Parental Alienation Syndrome” family court strategy in America, Great Britain, Israel, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands and many other countries in what was probably one of many campaigns planned as “long marches” through the institutions to weaken families in preparation for the one world government we now see trying to take over all nations today.

    If Judge Moukawsher knows more about the corruption in Connecticut family courts than he’s saying, what would happen if he tells us what he knows about Dr. Gardner, Mr. Kinsey, The American Legal Institute and all the non-profits who promoted Mr. Gardner’s dirty tricks? Would someone in the Order tell someone to slit Mr. Moukawsher’s throat or tear out his tongue?

    Or, would he live a long and happy life, known around the world as the hero who saved billions of children from corrupted family courts?
    Alas, maybe Mr. Moukawsher and Mr. Adelman already know exactly who Mr. Gardner was. Maybe both know exactly what Mr. Gardner did and why. Maybe both already know who financed Mr. Gardner’s world tours. That would be an entirely plausible scenario if Mr. Moukawsher and Mr. Adelman are among Connecticut’s “politically connected”.

    Maybe Mr. Moukawsher and Mr. Adelman are members of a “politically connected” private group of mostly white men who consider themselves to be “the elect” or “the elite” or “masters” of one thing or another.

    Who wouldn’t want to feel so special?

    But, what if feeling special meant that Mr. Moukawsher and Mr. Adelman had to take a few oaths to a well-hidden Order none of us know about? Could they think “the well-being of the Order is the first great law” because they were told they would be killed if they tell others the secrets of the Order?

    What if the great laws of such an Order were to leave Connecticut and federal laws in their dust?

    Has anyone ever heard Mr. Moukawsher or Mr. Adelman privately refer to anyone not in their group as “the profane”?

    If so, corruption in Connecticut family courts isn’t about any interpretation or denomination of any Jewish religion. It would mean everyone in Connecticut who isn’t a member of “the Order” don’t have a fair chance — and don’t ever mention that in any Connecticut court.

  • Hartford Courant

    Sep 18, 2016 at 9:16 am

    HARTFORD — Superior Court Judge Thomas G. Moukawsher is a military school graduate, a longtime Democratic party insider, a one-term state representative … he has positioned himself as the lone savior …

    Moukawsher is the author of an extraordinary 90-page opinion, that seeks to overturn many of the principles and practices that have long defined the American educational system, from the seniority-based method of compensating teachers to the deeply ingrained tradition of local control over schools. The scope and breadth of his ruling went far beyond questions about the fairness of the state’s education-funding formula, the focus of the lawsuit before him …

    he wrote that he did not take on the challenge of ordering a top-to-bottom fix of the state’s public schools “lightly or blindly” in his Sept. 7 ruling …

    The judge’s expansive ruling — which he read aloud in its entirety, a process that took nearly three hours — quickly won him national notice. The New York Times applauded his “holistic” approach and said the “blistering ruling should shame lawmakers, who have for decades looked away from the problem of educational inequality.” The New Yorker hailed Moukawsher’s “smartly written, sometimes sardonic, and unusually pointed ninety-page opinion.” …

    The youngest of six children, Moukawsher comes from a prominent, politically connected, southeastern Connecticut family. His father, Joseph Moukawsher, was a Harvard Law School graduate and a well-known attorney who designed the government for the city of Groton in the early 1960s …

    Moukawsher attended the Citadel in Charleston, S.C. …

    After graduating from the Citadel in three years, Moukawsher received a law degree from UConn. He briefly took a staff job in the administration of Gov. William A. O’Neill, and then worked as a commercial banking lobbyist.
    Moukawsher served one term in the state House of Representatives from 1991 to 1993, before opting not to run for re-election so he could pursue an open state Senate seat …

    The state income tax had just been implemented and voters were in an angry, anti-incumbent mood …

    After his loss, Moukawsher stayed on at the state Capitol, working as a staffer for the Senate Democratic Caucus, which was led by John Larson at the time. Moukawsher has remained close to Larson, who is now a congressman, and has worked as his legal counsel …

    Moukawsher’s connection to the Democratic Party runs deep: He served on the state central committee for two decades and was counsel to the party under Jepsen, who was the state chairman before he was elected attorney general …

    Moukawsher isn’t the only politician in his family: His brother, Edward E. “Ted” Moukawsher, was elected to the seat he once held in the House of Representatives. …

    Moukawsher told lawmakers at his confirmation hearing that he looks “forward to taking that public spirited side of my practice and making it the vocation for the rest of my life.”

  • This explains a lot.

    “But others were taken aback by what they view as judicial hubris. Attorney General George Jepsen has filed an appeal, asserting there are ‘strong arguments that the trial court exceeded its authority.’

    Lawmakers from both parties concur. ‘Clearly he was operating as the education commissioner, the legislature and the governor all at the same time — none of which was the job that he has,’ said House Republican leader Themis Klarides.

    She criticized Moukawsher for delving into other issues, such as teacher evaluations, special education and high school graduation tests when the case was primarily about education funding. ‘I’m surprised he didn’t talk about what kind of pizza people are eating,’ Klarides said. ‘It was just beyond.’ …”


  • The big question here to me is, are the Judges in Parental Alienation cases compromised and therefore controlled by puppet masters telling them what to say and do? Where has our Justice system gone where an attorney cannot bring up concerns to a Judge and not be called a racist? Your reporting on the injustice in the Connecticut Family Court system is bringing attention to this criminality. I would be willing to bet that the Judges in these cases are reading your reports. Frank, thank you for your great investigative reporting!! Someone Who Knows

    • George Carlin knew who controls everything and how they do it and he tried to warn people with comedy.

      If Judge Moukawsher knows who’s in control, at least maybe he tried to warn the people of Connecticut with his famous court opinion about Connecticut’s education system.

      Judge Adelman is a former history teacher so he knows history and probably knows who controls Connecticut.

      “… There’s a reason education sucks and it’s the same reason that it will never ever ever be fixed. It’s never gonna get any better. Don’t look for it. Be happy with what you got, because the owners of this country don’t want that. I’m talking about the real owners now. The real owners, the big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions. Forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land, they own and control the corporations — they’ve long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the state houses, the city halls. They got the judges in their back pockets and they own all the big media companies so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear …”

  • Moukawsher is as corrupt and stupid as his father was… I listened in on the case involving Nickola Cunha and Moukawsher refused to listen to what she had to say and was absolutely unprofessional and sounded like he was doing exactly what someone appeared to have paid him to do and say.

    As someone who spent over 20 years serving this country in one of our exemplary military services and this travesty is worse than anything I have seen in 3rd world countries. The innocent women and some men who have lost rights to their children because of money is disgusting. here is a question, if it were Southern Baptists involved in this illegal activity, would anyone scream if someone said, “Southern Baptists are trading children in court for money?

    Take time to review who is involved and have the guts to review the similarities between the players. You will find Nickola Cunha made an observation, not an attack. Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. Thank you Frank for your diligent work and investigative reporting – they are scared of you and the facts you are bringing out.

    Is it possible to get Geoff Herzog’s financial information and his parents because it appears they are financing their strange ass son. Many people here in Stamford have read your reports and Geoff Herzog disgusts us!! Someone Who Knows!!

    • “I aced calculus and graduated from college in three years with a 4.0 every semester but one.”

      That means Moukawsher is a bright guy — just as his father was. Those two and Adelman might have something in common that would cause Moukawsher to cover for Adelman. If they’re all members of “the brotherhood”, they have to cover for each other. Those are the rules. Nothing to do with Judaism, everything to do with Solomon.

  • Judge Moukawsher suffers from mental defect, he does not understand the law, cannot adhere to due process, is a constitutional terrorist, he is acting on direction from the dark hand of the state, nothing to do with law, he is a monster, a danger to himself and others, a true threat to society.

  • Once the judges can be bought, and begin collusion with the attorneys, the whole system becomes useless.
    The State of Connecticut’s family judicial system is a joke.

  • Keep going, Frank! How about all the gender bias going on? Labeling women as alienators. Disgruntled litigants. Bunch of “crazy woman”. Discrimination. GALs hand-picking psychologist. It’s a pyramid scam.

  • Let the kids have their mother! They went for a divorce and got a bunch of strangers stealing and abusing kids. The judge only mention they had one child in his memorandum of decision.

    Kids come last in this group of criminals. Sickening. Those kids know the truth. You can’t isolate kids from all they’ve known and loved and think they’re happy.

    They’re coping and once out, will resent the hell out if their father. Too bad he can’t step up and be a real man.

  • Thank you Frank. Please keep shining your light on this ugly mess. Seems that Cunha could have been better organized and prepared, but I don’t understand how any of that leads to a disbarment.

    It’s impossible to understand how the GAL wasn’t disbarred, or disqualified at a minimum? Isn’t it her primary job to take care of the children? To fight for their interests? I’ve read all of your posts on this case, and I don’t see a single instance of her actually representing what was best for the kids.

    • Cunha is mentally ill. She has admitted that to the court multiple times and is trying to raise money for a psyce evaluation. Why are you linking her craziness to some grand scheme unless you believ Chuna was in on it and purposely sunk Karen. That is the most obvious scenario if we assume Cunha was smart enough to plan anything. She is a lazy dumb lawyer who blamed the Jews because she hadn’t actually bothered to prepare a case.

  • Okay, I’ll get to your questions, one by one.

    Am I from Connecticut?

    Nope. Connecticut is a liberal shithole. Never been there. Never plan to go. I’m from California, an even bigger liberal shithole.

    Do I know Karen?

    Nope. But I know how to recognize a LAZY FREELOADER when I see one. Especially since NONE of you will answer my question about what HER CURRENT JOB is. If she had a real full-time job, Frank would have answered that question himself (that’s how I know she likely doesn’t have one).

    Am I biased against Karen?

    I’m biased against any NON-LOVING mom who mentally abuses their kids by trying to turn them into dad-hating ‘pawns’ to win a custody battle. Shame on Karen.

    Do I know Ambrose?

    Nope. Don’t wanna know him either. Unlike you, I can argue for (or against) somebody without knowing them.

    Where is my evidence that Riordan was a bad mother?

    Read the fucken court reports. Look at her kids’ behavior. Her own kids were bad-mouthing their father and talking about his alleged sexuality/gay issues —- which kids will never do all by themselves, especially when Karen’s the one who tried to bring up those issues. Karen was clearly manipulating those kids (to hate their father) and that makes her a SHITTY mom. Will Karen take a polygraph test — paid for by Frank Parlato Jr. — to refute these allegations? I doubt it. If so, set it up with Frank. If she passes that polygraph, I’ll stop defending Ambrose on the spot.

    Can I provide a signed agreement for supervised visitation?

    I don’t need to. Karen’s refusal to ask for one tells me that she doesn’t want one. Any LOVING mom would be BEGGING for one, night and day, in order to see her beloved kids again. Why isn’t Karen doing that? Can you show me her EFFORTS to get supervised visitation? Answer me, god damn it.

    What are my qualifications to sit as judge and jury of Karen?

    Well… I’m a super smart person. I’ve always been that way. I’ve always been smarter than those around me. I see all. I know all. I do make an occasional mistake, but only once per BLUE MOON. I also don’t let emotions influence my decisions, unlike yourself, since you’re clearly a friend of Karen’s and will support her no matter what.

    You’re clearly biased by your emotions. Whereas I am not.

    How about that polygraph? No? That’s what I thought. Coward.

  • This article is 100 percent on point. This is going on in family courts throughout the country.

    No one wants to believe it. It’s time to deal with reality and listen to the victims. The family court attorneys run the scam along with the gal. They keep info from the judges purposefully so the innocent party gets nothing on record.

    The attorneys are working in lockstep with the GAL. They’re all on the same team and the mother and children are sacrificed for insane profits.

    Gal Hurwitz warmed over $200,000 and did nothing! Janis laliberte, sue Coussineau – they’re all the same.

    These gals are in high demand. The more connected and powerful they are, the more they’re wanted by the attorneys.

    Hurwitz is on five of Aldrich’s cases! That’s no coincidence.

  • Bangkok- how do you justify the gals contract being illegal? Do you know it’s illegal?

    Why should a gal get paid over 200,000 dollars? Why does the gal get to sit through trial and drain family bank 3200/day while the mother is allotted 3100/month?

    And was cut out of all marital funds and her maternal inheritance. How do you justify that?

    Why does the father get unilateral access to money accumulated throughout an 18 year marriage and the wife has to submit an electric bill so the husband will release the exact amount to be paid.

    Why has Ambrose not had to file a financial affidavit for over two years in family court. Why has mother gotten locked out of all bank accounts and mutual funds while Ambrose has liquidated hundreds of thousands to do with as he pleases with nothing going to the wife?

    Why can Ambrose use joint marital funds to pay his attorney while Riordan doesn’t have same options?

    She worked 17 years and years before they adopted. It was agreed that she would stay home and raise the kids while Ambrose was pursuing a secret life in California.

    But none of this bothers you bangcock? You seem so filled with venom I wonder who screwed your over. It seems there’s some transference going on here.

    Do you have parents? Siblings? Ever been married? Any children? Even a pet? Any empathy?

    You seem militant in your approach. And treat children as objects with no say and no voice.

    If you don’t have kids, that’s in everyone’s best interest.

  • I only know sawyer. The youngest. He wants his mum. He cries for her and wants his mum. He’s nervous all the time. Let him have his mum who he loves and needs. For the love of God help this little boy. Listen to him. He’s reported it so many times. Give him his mum. Now.

  • Judge nastri ordered christen have s as fundamental right to relationship with both parents.

    A 14 year old was forced out of his loving home per court order of j nastri. It’s psychological abuse.

    Ultimately rich Rockland and sue Cousineau tried to strong arm the courts and dud an ex parte hearing where nastri awarded souls legal and physical custody to the restrained father.

    Thankfully with assistance of good counsel, judge moukowsher lateness to evidence and made a fair ruling where the child would return to the mother but would spend a vacation with his father to assist with reunification.

    Legal custody is shared and primary physical custody to the mother.

    It was traumatizing for the child but at least Justice was eventually served. Both parents will now have access and it is not supervised bc that’s just another money maker for the court actors.

    Rich Rockland and sue Cousineau we’re out in their place. Praying the same happened with Ambrose children. The abuse Ny court actors has destroyed lives.

    They’re not doing Ambrose any favors as his kids want out and resent him for taking their mother, grandparents, aunts and cousins away from them.

    They are smart kids with their own experiences and ability to know their truth.

    Stop insulting children who know how to speak for themselves. They want to go home. They want their mother. They want their lives back. Court actors took advantage of Ambrose. It cost him far more than he could have imagined.

    Ultimately the court endorsed his abuse. The children know it. They’ve been threatened by police, therapists and dcf all because of the convincing tale of a brilliant storyteller.

  • You were reporting on the Robin Herzog case as well. Those three children have been exposed to sexual abuse and the father poses as a young girl online.

    That case is reflective of the Ambrose case. It’s vile and inhumane. They separated three children from a healthy stay at home mom. No contact order and Robin after being a stay at home mother, had to them be isolated from her three children and pay Jeff child support and alimony.

    These children like the Ambrose kids, are old enough to speak but too have been silenced. The children are being traumatized by the courts.

    Ambrose is being allowed to use his psychopathic tendencies and legal skills to manipulate the court. He’s an actor. So s Jeff Herzog.

    Ambrose trolls the internet as a barber looking for young latino men and forcing haircuts and Herzog trills to be a teen sex toy of an adult.

    Why doesn’t the court get these men the mental help they need instead of burying the evidence and empowering them further.

    The kids in both families exhibit signed os sexual and psychological abuse. It’s undeniable. Stop blaming innocent mothers bc of Gardner’s theory of parental alienation.

    Kids are cutting, taking drugs, and doing whatever they can to cope with the trauma and abuse- endorsed by sadistic gals who act in their own best interests.

    • Let’s be honest. When the court takes kids away from a mom it’s usually because she is mentally ill. I’m sure if it weren’t true the moms would have them back.

      • What is the court’s standard for determining a mother is mentally ill. There was no such diagnosis in any case I have seen.

      • Only someone who knows nothing about the nightmare of Connecticut family courts (or a very sick person) would call a distraught mother who was so severely punished for simply trying to protect her children:

        “mentally ill”

  • Players in this case are all historically high up in the afcc which was illegally run through ct judicial branch. Judge adelman and Robert HOrwitz are power players- grossman, Aldrich, Hurwitz and caverly are as well.

    Sue Coussineau and Robert HOrwitz were heads of the task force looking into court corruption and rackateering. Talk about the wolves guarding the henhouse.

    Nancy Aldrich and gal Jocelyn hurwitz shared five divorce cases this year alone. That’s a huge red flag- With over one hundred gals available Jocelyn hurwitz shows up on five of Nancy Aldrich’s cases? And then they added in Nusbaum after he threw his client under the bus.

    Fairfield county family court attorneys club. Fleece families of life savings, bury the truth and deliver to the monied parent.

    Cobie Jane case identical. Kelly Grohs. Joriz Toberi. Margaret Sullivan. Marlena Anderson Harris. Paige Styvan. Angela Hickman.

    And let’s not forget the murder suicide in Westport where gal Jocelyn hurwitz was an attorney on the case.

    Doesn’t seem that Jocelyn Hurwitz was too concerned with the children or had a clue as to what was going on. Her client and child are now dead.

    But the same Gal stole the Ambrose kids and denied them their mother.

    Hurwitz did the same thing to Sandra Mc Vicar- she lied, buried evidence of abuse, trashed Sandra – a healthy mother- and delivered the two daughters to their abusive father it’s no contact with the mother.

    She was written about by investigative journalist Keith Harmon snow who also testified in front of the judicial committee.

    Guess who led the committee? Gal sue coussino- child abuser and money monger.

    Change must come. Racketeering must end.

  • Cunha is a scatter brain. Her testimony says she only noticed that very morning that all the players were Jewish. A result of other mothers calling her with input.

    She was babbling and mentioned it without much forethought and moukhowsher seized in it. Nickola was unable to articulate very much at all and made it easy to be led down the rabbit hole.

    She admitted at the sentencing that she apologized to the court and had apologized to her client because it was a random statement with little forethought.

    It’s clear Cunha was unraveling emotionally throughout the trial.

    Does a judge bear any responsibility when he witnesses an attorney falling apart? A duty to report or to intervene? Just wondering.

    Cunha’s physical appearance alone indicated she was a woman on the brink. She looked and sounded like she was in need of emotional intervention.

    Could be abuse from the legal system but she wasn’t thinking clearly.

    • I was unraveling, emotionally and physically. My client in the Ambrose case was being Coercively Abused, I was being Coercively Abused and suffering from a medical condition that caused severe anemia.
      In addition to the Ambrose case, I became a target. Judge Adelman and Judge Grossman made sure that they tarnished me among other judges. The full story will be told when I’m strong enough.
      The comment that suggests I said something to the fact that I had just learned that morning that all the professionals in the Ambrose case are Jewish is inaccurate. I said something to the effect that it was recently brought to my attention that the commonality concern of Judge Adelman favoring all the Jewish Professionals, was a real issue. (not my statement For Betim, as coincidentally the written transcript is missing a lot of content and the recorded version also has missing content).
      As to the question, does a judge have a responsibility to act when there is obvious concern of an attorney unraveling? Yes, they do have an obligation to act. However, Judge Adelman was pushing for me to unravel so he was not going to report that he succeeded in pushing me over the edge.
      At the end of the day, everyone has opinions. Unless you take the time to read the transcripts and review the evidence (that is the transcripts and evidence that hasn’t been sealed), I ask for the courtesy of not being spoking poorly about. I’m far from perfect, I’m sure I made mistakes, ( a nine month trial, with scattered scheduling. and no actual ability to litigate with voluminous irregularities),
      I’m not sure there is an attorney that could make it through that kind of a trial without making some mistakes.
      The bottom line is, regardless of what you think of me or my client, we both are entitled to the same protections afforded to everyone else through our Constitutions and law. In the Ambrose case, it was a “free for all”, neither Karen, the three minor children or I were afforded even the ability to offer evidence to be considered in support of the allegations. Frankly the evidence that came in through the plaintiff’s case should have in many different outcomes, if the law was applied.

  • They summarily disbarred an attorney. This is permitted (buried in the rulebook) but not supported by CT statute anywhere.

    Cunha is entitled to due process hearing like everyone else. Why were they in such a hurry to eliminate her and failed to follow their own laws?

    They suspended the Ambrose case for six weeks. In that time they could have followed protocol and given Cunha the right to be heard by third party. This whole situation was a shitshow designed to blow up the case and prevent the mother from ever putting on her case.

    It comes as no coincidence they disbarred her when after 35 days of trial, it was to be the mothers turn to call her expert witnesses and take the stand on her own behalf.

    And the three kids are not even mentioned in moukhowshers decision! I think he said there is one child. Gotta love Corrupticut.

  • Twin seven year old girls were cut off from their primary caregiver- their mother. She can zoom call with them twice a week. She’s not been found to be unfit.

    She brought evidence of sexual abuse to the court and wanted a protective order. CT court Judge Ficeto shut her down, and took her children.

    CT courts are vilifying mothers. No call is placed to DCF. Lawyers and hired gun psychologists take these draconian measures.

    They violate CT state and federal laws and leave mothers with no recourse. The state has no interest. But the courts want the money, and litigation drags out – using the kids as pawns. It’s child abuse.

    Keep writing Frank! We are all watching, and so are they!

    Thank you for taking on what local media refuses to. The CT media is controlled by the judicial branch.

  • “Attorney Cunha complained about collusion, dishonesty, lack of law, and lack of protection for the children and their mother.”

    With zero evidence.

    “Had Attorney Cunha complained about the Irish, Muslim, or young lawyer community, Judge Moukawsher would have allowed it — and he should have allowed it.”

    No I think he still would have disbarred her if she had zero evidence to back up her claim.

    • I agree she brought no evidence forward on any front. But it speaks to her incompetence at the time. There’s no legal grounds to disbar on the spot.

      Where’s the ct statute that supports a judge can be judge, jury and executioner?

      She was entitled to a hearing.

  • Excellent post. The background on Dr. Gardner is very interesting. What a creep.

    About the corruption in this family court:
    Clearly the children won’t be properly considered until THEY are the ones directly paying the GAL, which will happen … never.

  • Ambrose- give it up already and let your kids have their mother. You’re the only one stopping it. Haven’t you punished your wife and kids enough?

    What are you so afraid of? Why not let your kids have their own attorney???

    They are 15 and 12- correct? Let them be heard with their own legal counsel.

  • Parental alienation is the catalyst that began the afcc money making strategy that steals children from healthy parents.

    It’s been documented and proven but the practice too lucrative for those in power.

    First it’s parental alienation, and then allegations of mental illness and threat to society ensue. It’s usually against the mother but sometimes the father. Stay at home mothers are most vulnerable bc the father is largely in control of finances.

    The court then isolates the children from the mother who they are closely bonded to and put in no contact order as result of some emergency hearing. It’s run by the gal and custody evaluator. Sick sick people.

    CT is known to be extremely corrupt but it’s happening in family courts throughout the country.

    Please keep the pressure on! Kids are being traumatized by this process.

    It’s not about divorce. It’s about money.

  • You’re DROWNING on this topic, Frank.

    Ambrose didn’t need to allege alienation based on wild theories.

    Karen’s behavior did that all on its own. LOL.

    She constantly bad-mouthed the father in front of her kids. That’s simply a fact. You can’t dispute this.

    It happened. It’s on the record.

    Karen’s friends and family (who are posting here under fake names) will never see these facts.

    Karen, if you’re reading this… IMO, you’re a shitty mom.


    Karen would rather NOT visit her own kids using supervised visitation — even if it means never seeing them again until they are legal adults.

    What loving mom would make that choice?

    You’re all a bunch of sick fucks to support a mom who makes that choice.

    What is Karen doing for WORK these days?

    After she quit her teaching job, eons ago, what REAL WORK has she done to earn money for herself?

    Is she being a LAZY FREELOADER, as another commenter alleged?

    Or is she WORKING HARD to earn money to get her kids back?

    Somebody answer me. God damn it.

    I want DETAILS about what she’s doing for work.

    I don’t want EXCUSES about why she can’t work and why she can only sit on her LAZY ASS all day, because Chris stole all the money, blah blah blah.

    Karen is a NIGHTMARE of a parent.

    Her kids are lucky she’s no longer there to mentally abuse them (by bad-mouthing their father).

    IMO, this woman isn’t fit to look after a pet raccoon —- let alone an actual child.

    I wouldn’t trust Karen to look after my friend’s baby bird, for fear of the bird being mentally harmed.

    Don’t you harm that bird!!!!! He’s a cute little guy.

    Talking to Karen’s friends here (pretending like they’re just anonymous commenters) is like talking to children who keep screaming that Santa Claus is real.

    You’re drowning, Frank.

    You need a life-preserver.

    I will not throw you one. I’ll let you drown on this one.

    I’ll leave it to WTF and Sherizzy to read this drivel in full and refute it.

    • Bangkok- where is your evidence that Riordan is a bad mother? Specific evidence. You seem to have great contempt for her. Do you know her personally? Do you know the children? Do you know Ambrose? Are you from Connecticut?

      You seem quite hostile. Can you provide a signed agreement for supervised visitation? Can you provide the hearing upon which supervised visitation was recommended, discussed and decided?

      Can you provide the reason for the ex-parte hearing that took the children?

      Do you think both parents should be able to be heard prior to taking children? Do you think both parents should put on their case prior to the conclusion of a trial?

      Do you cleaver that both parents should have equal access to marital funds?

      You sound like a woman hater with no respect for children.

      Where is your evidence Bangkok?

      You believe a mother brainwashed her children into making false claims when they were isolated from her? Did she do it telepathically?

      Why, when Ambrose his a history of lying, do you believe it’s the mother and children that are lying?

      And you believe a parent should be eliminated from their lives. Who raised you?

      What degrees do you hold in the field of child development or psychiatry that makes you judge and jury?

      Your hostility leads one to believe you have unresolved childhood issues of your own. Get some help.

      • “You believe a mother brainwashed her children into making false claims when they were isolated from her? Did she do it telepathically?”

        No, she did it via mobile phone. That is well-documented.

      • Bangcock will not answer your questions. He’s a troll and simply looking for a reaction. His contrarian attention grab got posted. He’ll now slink into his shanty.and cross his fingers for everyone to be shocked/offended.

      • Just an itsy-bitsy tiny sampling from the custody evaluation shared here at the FR:

        “It is believed that Ms. Riordan is intentionally telling the children things about the divorce that they should not know, such as her concerns that Mr. Ambrose is gay, that he enjoys or is involved with child pornography, and the allegations of plagiarism […] ”

        “From conversations with the various school administrators, it is perceived that Ms. Riordan’s interventions often exacerbate the problems, and she does not give the schools time to try to resolve matters”

        “Ms. Riordan is not meeting the children’s psychological and emotional needs. It is believed that Ms. Riordan has limited insight and judgment into how her behaviors can negatively impact the children.”

        “it is the evaluator’s opinion that sole legal custody be given to Mr. Ambrose as Ms. Riordan’s personality has impacted her ability to communicate effectively with the children’s school, therapist, and pediatrician.”

        • Great biased quotes: Here’s a few more from the report.

          [Riordan] “reported that the doorknobs were missing from the children’s bedrooms at his [Ambrose’s] home and that he had remarked that he would remove the doors as well.”

          Verified with video. Not investigated or considered bizarre.

          “Ms. Riordan described that Mr. Ambrose opened the car door quickly and struck the child in the right upper arm and right side of the head.”

          Verified by children. Not considered abusive.

          “Matthew reported that Mr.Ambrose hasinformed the children thatMs.Riordan is lying to them.”

          But not considered alienation.

          [Ambrose] “stating ‘as an adult, allowed to look at porn.’ Mr. Ambrose stated… a website called Latino Boiz… does not include children.”

          OK, Ambfrose says the website does not have actual models under 18, but uses “twinks” – models who are over 18 but look like they are under age 18. And Ambrose’s boys are Latino. But nobody found that his visits to Latino Boiz concerning.

          Bias throughout.

          • [Riordan] “reported that the doorknobs were missing from the children’s bedrooms at his [Ambrose’s] home and that he had remarked that he would remove the doors as well.”

            That’s not bizarre. Especially if kids are engaging in self harm as was alleged.

            “Ms. Riordan described that Mr. Ambrose opened the car door quickly and struck the child in the right upper arm and right side of the head.”

            Sounds like an accident to me?? Can you prove he did it intentionally?

            “Matthew reported that Mr.Ambrose hasinformed the children thatMs.Riordan is lying to them.”

            Actually the report did say that could be considered potential alienation.

            [Ambrose] “stating ‘as an adult, allowed to look at porn.’ Mr. Ambrose stated… a website called Latino Boiz… does not include children.”

            Sorry but the adult porn a man looks at should be of zero concern to his kids. Plus there isn’t even evidence he actually visited those sites. But Karen probably visited them after she stole his computer to make it appear as though he did. Or maybe it’s Karen’s porn of choice?

          • Talk about biased selective quotes!
            You are the most biased poster on here Junior. All of this was investigated by multiple sources like DCF, the police, the therapists. It was testified to in court and Karen and Cunha cross examined everyone. Guess what? No one supported Karen. Not one single official. Do you really believe all those people, all those cops and social workers and therapists, got together and handed 3 kids to a child abuser? Why cause Ambrose paid them all off. He’s not Bill Gates. You also think not one of those people have integrity? Get real. Karen’s out for revenge cause he dumped her ass (who in their right mind could blame him after reading about her antics) and she’s using the kids to get it. You seem awfully tight with Karen. That’s a story we’re not hearing.

        • Hi “Anonymous”.

          If Mr. Ambrose is gay, is that an embarrassing fact to be hidden from the children? Since when do Puritans run Connecticut family courts?

          If he “is involved with child pornography”, did law enforcement say that should be kept a secret?

          How did the evaluator expect Ms. Riordan to respond to the children’s many disclosures?

          Why were “matters” related to the disturbing disclosures to be “resolved” at school instead of in family court?

          Do public schools or family courts now mandate how parents should “meet children’s psychological and emotional needs”? Why are teachers and family court evaluators deciding which insight, judgment and behaviors are to “impact the children” instead of parents?

          See where this is going?

          “The evaluator’s opinion” is just that: her opinion

          It was the evaluator’s opinion that “sole legal custody” should be given to a man who poses online as a barber to lure teenage boys and young men. Why?

          Why did Ms. Riordan’s “personality” raise those three beautiful children and then stop?

          Did a change occur for no reason?

          Or, was it that Ms. Riordan’s “personality” was able to raise those three beautiful children until she felt the need to protect them from:

          harm Mr. Ambrose did to the children;
          harm Mr. Adelman did to the children;
          harm Mr. Nussbaum did to the children;
          harm Ms. Aldrich did to the children;
          harm Ms. Hurwitz did to the children;
          harm Mr. Horowitz did to the children,
          harm Ms. Grossman did to the children; and,
          harm Ms. Jessica Biren- Caverly did to the children?

          Every parent with any number of children would have all the patience in the world with a wonderful “personality impacting communication effectively with schools, therapists, and pediatricians” if those parents were gifted all the time, money and hope Mr. Ambrose, Mr. Adelman, Mr. Nussbaum, Ms. Aldrich, Ms. Hurwitz, Mr. Horowitz, Ms. Grossman and Ms Biren-Caverly stole from Karen Riordan and her three beautiful children.

    • Please provide the evidence the mother bad mouthed the kids In Front of the father or without the father present. Evidence please.

      Did Ambrose bad mouth the mother in front of the kids Bangkok? Did Ambrose badmouth the mother to the police and schools?

      Looking forward to your expert answer. Evidence please Bangkok.

      You seem a fool said and led by a failed Hollywood writer- plagiarist no less-
      Show you have evidence to back up your vicious attacks on the mother. Awaiting your expert response.

      • Anonymous-

        You have no idea what’s happening in Connecticut family courts, or you do know what’s happening in Connecticut family courts and you’re a horrible person for typing that.

    • To Karen,

      “Karen, if you’re reading this… IMO, you’re a shitty mom.”-Bangkok

      Don’t listen to Bangkok. He has mommy issues — his mom won’t have sex with him.

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