Clare to Be Transferred Out of Philadelphia, Likely to Danbury – Keith and Clare Get Only 5 Mins for Oral Argument for Appeal

Clare Bronfman


Federal Detention Center Philadelphia

According to a court filing in the NXIVM civil lawsuit, Clare Bronfman is to be transferred out of the Philadelphia Detention Center.

Her lead attorney in Sarah Edmondson et al.,  against Keith  Raniere et al., Craig C. Martin, disclosed the news while asking for an extension to file papers in support of Bronfman’s motion to dismiss the civil suit.

He wrote his client is “in the process of being transferred between facilities.”

Our US Bureau of Prisons’ source indicated that her transfer is likely to be to the Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury, a low-security federal prison.  The prison is located in the City of Danbury, in southwestern Connecticut, approximately 55 miles from New York City, where Bronfman had her home before beginning her sentence.

FCI Danbury

Bronfman Will go Outdoors

This will be a welcome change for Bronfman, who has spent almost 18 months in the Federal Detention Center, Philadelphia, which operates as a maximum-security facility.

At FCI Danbury, Bronfman will be permitted to go outdoors to experience sunshine and fresh air. The Philadelphia Detention Center has no outdoor area.

There is ample outdoor space at Danbury, and prisoners are permitted to exercise and take recreation in the yard.

High to Low Security

The change from a high-security facility to low-security will also be significant.

Short Time Allotment

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has given notice that it will hold oral arguments on appeals that Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman have filed on May 3, 2022. Raniere is appealing his conviction, and Bronfman is appealing her 81-month sentence.

The time is allotting to hear oral arguments is:

Time Allotment:

United States of America 10 mins
Keith Raniere 5 mins
Clare Bronfman 5 mins

Our legal correspondent, K.R. Claviger, tells Frank Report, “What is not indicated in the notice of hearing – but which is pretty clear to me – is that it appears that the Second Circuit does not think there are any difficult issues to resolve in these two appeals (Five minutes is the minimum time that is allotted to any appellant when oral arguments are held on such appeals). There’s no way of knowing which way they’re leaning – but, if I had to bet one way or the other, I would go with both appeals being summarily denied.”

The Court has yet to decide if it will hear oral arguments in person, by Zoom, teleconference, or a combination of in-person and remote arguments.

Oral Significant or Not?

Some argue that oral arguments are archaic, harkening back to when many pleaders before the court could not read or write, yet the common law held everyone had the right to address the court and speak directly to those who decide his fate.

Today, most appeals are decided on the merits of written arguments. Still, I imagine that a persuasive oral argument, and perhaps some astute answers to appellate judges’ questions, might turn a close case in one’s favor.

In Raniere’s case, five minutes is not much time. His written appeal runs 96 pages.

Keith Raniere compared himself when discussing the brand he authorized to mark on his slaves to Abraham Lincoln and Bill Gates.

At the cemetery at Gettysburg, after orator Edward Everett spoke for two long hours, the man who followed him spoke for just three minutes and showed the world a model of what concise and meaningful speech might accomplish.

On May 3, in five minutes, attorneys will try to get Raniere a new birth of freedom —so that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not allow Raniere, while still in prison, to perish from the earth.

Viva Executive Success!




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  • Frank,

    Raniere and Bronfman – and all the other guilty players in this game – need to go to jail and stop whining. YOU do the crime – YOU do the time. The same LAWS apply to everyone. These “hearings” are ridiculous and the moves from prison to prison is crap-

    Kris didn’t have choices before she was killed – why should these two goons?


  • Had a brief look over Raniere’s written appeal. Those SMS transcripts… of course the prosecution tried to present as much background information on Raniere as possible. It greatly aids one’s judgment to know as much about someone’s character profile as possible. It does not have to be related to the case. It is logical and morally right. I could not read much of Raniere’s obsessive ‘sperm’ conversations with Camilla.

    Only a cretin would not be profoundly ashamed to support a demented animal like Raniere after seeing such ideas come out of his mouth. One does not even need to know anything about his illegal activities. Solely based on his mental state, he should have been placed in permanent isolation at ADX Florence. Any sane parent would feel numb to read what goes through Raniere’s brain. NUMB with shock!

    Ah, of course not Alonzo and not Suneel… amongst other high I.Q.-ed thinking organisms that happen to grace the face of Earth these days!

    • Alex-

      Exactly! 👍🏼
      Albeit, Alonzo can’t be judged! He doesn’t believe in what he’s saying. The poor guy simply wants to make some friends. We should pity Alonzo. It’s Gods way.

    • The guy is a total creep show. My niece is a few months away from her thirteen birthday and for a forty five year old man to think of a girl in that way to begin to groom her for sex is just disgusting. I feel sorry for both Rhiannon and Cami.

      And Nicki and Suneel are just as gross, because just like Raniere, they’re latching onto principled things to use them as a cover to do abhorrent things — Raniere to fulfill his sexual and egotistical desires, and Suneel and Nicki, to free such a foul person.

  • So Nurse Nancy is stuck in WV since she and Clare Bear can’t be in the same prison.

    Shouldn’t have lied about your mom’s medical appointment, Nancy. Maybe Clare got your bed.

    It’s for the best. Clare was riding horses. You turned her into a criminal when she came into NXICM.

    KARMA came around and gotta ya!

  • Still waiting for that Rule 33 motion to be filed. Maybe after Raniere’s appeal is denied, Suneel will finally get his chance to shine with that Rule 33 mmotion.

    Raniere will fire his lawyer and file it representing himself

  • Clare must be excited to be at the same prison Martha Stewart stayed in. Clare lucked out or she paid for it.

    One thing is for sure, no matter which prison Clare stays at, it’s nicer than Alonzo’s digs.

    • Truer words have never been written, Nice Guy.

      And Clare takes a shower at least once a day.

      Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

      Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

      Nice Guy Certified® Comedy Triple Platinum Award Winner 💿💿💿

        • It depends on whether a mule can smuggle Suneel in a body cavity. A few months of a water-only fast could facilitate that.

          Heaven knows who’s been wiping her ass in his absence. Perhaps things have gotten a bit crusty down there.

          Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

          Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

          Nice Guy Certified® Comedy Triple Platinum Award Winner 💿💿💿

    • Why do you enjoy being an asshole so much? Wouldn’t it be better to do something constructive with your life?

      • Anon-

        RE: Why be an Asshole?

        Alonzo mocked rape/molestation victims. I’ll shit on him for eternity.

        It’s one thing to say you don’t believe a victim, it’s entirely a different thing to mock them.

        BTW: Scott Johnson mocked a woman whose sister was driven to suicide by Raniere. I shit on him till he broke.

        FYI: I’m bat shit crazy, with hate, for rapist-pedophile apologists, and the people who mock the victims. If that is what being an asshole is in your book, I’ll wear the moniker with pride.

        I’ll never change.

  • While Clare might fare better at FCI Danbury, all is not exactly hunky-dory there. Fresh air, yeah…maybe. Likely cleaner than Philly’s. But like Nancy Salzman’s pre-incarceration complaints about COVID conditions at FCI Alderson, there have been similar complaints made about FCI Danbury.

    In fact, Connecticut’s senators raised a ruckus back in January about being denied full access to the facility in order to more fully investigate the matter. The only plus is that Danbury Municipal Airport’s two runways are too short to safely accommodate the Bronfman Gulfstream IV, so there likely won’t be an escape by air.

  • Now that Clare is being transferred to Danbury does that mean Nancy has to stay put? Is the NO contact still in effect?

    Inquiring minds are looking for answers.

  • After the Appeal is summarily denied, we can all hopefully be rid of Raniere forever and morons like Suneel can crawl back into their holes and Frank Report can stop giving him a soapbox from which to espouse his drivel.

  • Will Sunnel and Aunsulo and the loyalists be able to dance outside the fence for Clare to see? Will they perform nightly? Like the did for Keith?

    Frank, how many of the cult dead-enders have ever visted Clare in lock-up? How often? Do they even write her letters?

  • Keith Raniere compared himself when discussing the brand he authorized to mark on his slaves to Abraham Lincoln and Bill Gates. Frank Parlato

    Both Raniere and Gates are frauds.
    Bill Gates is as much a charlatan as Keith Raniere.
    Most people mistakenly believe that Bill Gates created Microsoft DOS — Disc Operating System.

    In truth Microsoft DOS was based on the work of a man named Gary Kildall and Gates’ wealthy mother financed the purchase of Kildall’s work from a bamboozled Gary Kildall.
    The Man Who COULD Have Been Bill Gates [Gary Kildall]

    • Purchasing the rights to products, technology, scientific innovations, drugs, music, books, films etc. is a fundamental and normal occurrence in Western capitalist society. It is what spurs further innovations. What is your complaint with Gates doing it?

      • Well some people put their life into inventing useful things, while others merely purchase these useful things, the problem occurs when the purchaser takes credit for the invention, thus effectively stealing someone else’s intellectual property and passing it off as their own.

        So it wasn’t just the black turrtleneck and deep vowels that Holmes emulated. Interesting.

      • He is also wrong. He is comparing CPM (Control Program for Microcomputers) to DOS.

        Gates sent IBM to Digital Research, but no deal was made. Microsoft purchased QDOS from a third party, which became DOS. Digital Research wrote CPM. The command shell looks a lot like Unix. Speaking as someone that has used both operating systems, I preferred DOS. Was much easier to use.

        So Digital Research had its shot, and Gates helped them get it. Who knows where the author of QDOS got his inspiration, but it does not even resemble CPM.

    • You are referring to CPM, which does not even resemble DOS. Gates sent IBM to speak to Kildall, who usually let his wife negotiate for him. Apparently she was better skilled. She refused to sign IBM’s NDA, which basically told you to clam up but did not limit them.

      So the deal fell through, they went back to Gates, and Paul Allen knew someone that had written an OS called QDOS. MS purchased QDOS and licensed it to IBM.

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