In CT Family Court Nothing’s More Conducive to Custody Disputes Than the Atmosphere of Money

After reading in  Frank Report,  Buying Custody of Children in the CT Family Court, a reader identifying himself as Henry asked a question: “I want to buy the custody of my children. Which attorney would you recommend, and could you give me an estimate of how much it will cost?”

Guest View

by James Marsden  

Henry, thanks for your question.

In CT, there is no fixed price for custody. You simply need to outspend your wife. If you have joint accounts, transfer the money into your name as a precautionary measure.  Possession is all 10 points of the law in CT.

Family law attorney Nancy Aldrich carries GALs and custody evaluators around in her pocket, like so many nickels and dimes.

High Conflict Means Money

To buy custody of children, the case must be designated “high conflict.”

If your wife outspends you, she gets custody — you pay alimony and child support.

High conflict will continue if you have equal wealth until you expend your life savings. Then the Department of Child and Family Services will handle the matter.

If you want primary physical and legal custody but are willing to allow your wife visitation, costs run $250,000-$500,000.

If you want to exclude the mother, which professionals recommend, the cost is a million dollars and more.

Things you can buy for a million


A million-dollar house in CT

A luxury RV

A fancy sports car

A vintage Monopoly game

An old baseball card

A gold toilet

Gold toilet paper, sheer and useable.

Getting the mother out of your child’s life.

You have to hire a lawyer. Explain that you have money; your wife does not. She will convey that to your wife’s attorney, and they will work together to secure custody for you.

Attorneys in high conflict divorce cases are like professional wrestlers. They seem to be fighting in earnest, but who wins is decided in advance.

The next step is a guardian ad litem. Your attorney will select one for you and arrange for your wife’s attorney to support the selection.

Once selected, the GAL will choose a custody evaluator and therapists who will descend upon your family like vultures on a carcass.  But they all work together to get you custody.

Jocelyn Hurwitz is the best GAL in the business.

Custody Evaluator Jessica Biren-Caverly, though not a physician, will make medical diagnoses, and CT Family Court will accept her findings.

Parental Alienation

Incest-pedophile advocate Dr. Richard Gardner invented a theory to help fathers have sex with their children, a necessary evolutionary activity he felt, ascribed to since the days of the Biblical Lot.

Make sure you keep a record of everything in writing. Emails. Texts. Create a narrative to support parental alienation. Selectively record the children.

When the children do not want to see you, your professional team will use this evidence to show that the mother has alienated the children and recommend to the judge that she be removed from the children’s lives.

Don’t worry about what children say. They have no standing in CT Family Court. The GAL speaks for them in court.

The judge will believe the GAL, the custody evaluator, and the therapists you pay who will join in the chorus that your wife is mentally disturbed and coached the children to make false allegations, which is parental alienation.

Judge Jane Grossman can be depended on to view any sex abuse allegation lodged against a father as parental alienation by the mother. She  relies on the recommendation of the GAL.

Costs for GALs are $200,000 for a good one. They bill by the hour and don’t be pennywise and dollar foolish. Get the best.

Steps to Success

The first step is an emergency hearing before the judge at the request of the GAL. Your wife is not heard, only the GAL is heard, and, as far as documentary evidence, the custody evaluator’s report is final.

The judge issues a temporary no-contact order between the mother and children in reliance on the recommendation of the GAL and her custody evaluator.

The temporary no contact with the children and mother can be dragged out for years.

If you’re smart, use this time to get your children to forget their mother or, better yet, to hate her.  You will have control of the narrative since she won’t be able to contact them. Tell them she’s been determined to be insane. Tell them she’s dead if they’re young enough to believe it. She won’t be seeing them again anyway and, in effect, is dead to them.

What About Pedophilia and Incest?

CT Family Court professionals do not discriminate based on lifestyle. If your wife is competent and stable, the children want to be with her and despise you because you abuse them physically, mentally, and sexually, the cost is the same for custody in CT Family Court.

CT Family Court Practitioners Are Consummate Professionals

One father said, “There are things that have to be done to buy custody, and they do them and never talk about them. They don’t try to justify them. They can’t be justified. They just do them. Then they collect the money and forget it.”

A glad dad said, “They don’t get dragged into the muck of families involved; no more than a hitman concerns himself with his target. They do what they are paid to do.”

Joseph Baron Barboza never concerned himself with whether his client or the hit was the better person. He was a professional.

The professionals in CT Family Court don’t take things personally. They are calm and will reassure you that nothing is more calming, more conducive to custody disputes than the atmosphere of money. They make no empty promises, nor the craven excuse that their hands were tied by judges.

A good family law attorney can provide you with references of affluent fathers who they assisted in removing the stay-at-home mothers from their children’s life. You can also talk to some mothers, but many do not have phones, and their residences are uncertain; some are homeless.

A mother can be easily replaced, but an affluent father is priceless.

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[…] In CT Family Court, Nothing’s More Conducive to Custody Disputes Than the Atmosphere of Money […]

1 year ago

Please work of the Dulos’ case. There are 4,500 pages filed in Stamford Court. +544 motions. Judge Donna Heller, GAL Michael Meehan, Attorney Reuben Midler… all involved! Corruption and lies.

1 year ago

Adelman: I can’t WAIT to publicly expose you and your filth.


[…] In CT Family Court, Nothing’s More Conducive to Custody Disputes Than the Atmosphere of Money […]

Devastated mom
Devastated mom
1 year ago

My heart continues to break as I’m that mom. I’m one of a hundred other moms who were doing an amazing job with their children up until she couldn’t live with the abuse anymore. Or one of her children reported abuse. From that point forward the amazing mom is now deemed crazy and unfit while the abuser is given full rights. The family money stolen and she’s in the cold without her children.

Johny Slappadasheet Oudaherra
Johny Slappadasheet Oudaherra
1 year ago

Hey I only have $750k but the wife, she has zilch. Two kids. They used to hate my guts, but I beat it out of them, the little bustards.

Now I know they don’t say no against me.

My question for you is can I buy the custody of the kids for $750,000 and no alimony? I want the wife out and I don’t want her to see the kids.

Who do you recommend for attorney and the G.A.L.?

I could make my wife disappear an old-fashioned way for lots less than this. These Connecticut attorneys charge too much to make the wife disappear.

Devastated mom
Devastated mom
1 year ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

Sadly, that’s extremely true and deemed “legal”

In Honor of Mary Hart

CT absolutely knows what is going on. This injustice is disgusting! SO MANY PARENTS and CHILDREN have been abused– isolated, ripped away from a parent, when there is no finding of abuse or unfitness. Please view this link: Parents have been taking the diplomatic route and they get shut down, ignored and tossed. One mother had supervised visitation for nearly 4 years? Are you kidding me? And no finding of being unfit? Our own government is stealing our money, abusing our children, and destroying childhoods and lives.

William Tong, the AG is complicit! He was on the hearing committee when Judge Adelman LIED to the committee– And he remains… abusing children and bankrupting more families. PLEASE DON”T STOP FRANK!!!

1 year ago

Don’t forget to relocate the children if possible. Isolate them not only from mother but from all extended family and anyone the children trust. This includes grandparents, cousins,aunts, lifelong friends and neighbors- anyone who knows the truth- anyone the children may confide in to get help.

The children must be silenced- that means new neighborhood and all new therapists paid for by the father to tell children their mother is mentally I’ll and dangerous. The story must be spun and it will be backed by the GAL.Together make certain the children have no voice. That’s the path to sole custody and destroying your wife.

Give what would be her share of the marital assets to the GAL and anyone the GAL recommends. That’s the magic formula.

Ken Robson
Ken Robson
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom

Don’t forget the new therapists don’t celebrate Xmas and there will be a new psychiatrist to prescribe heavy duty psychotropics for little kids; takes their mind off the pain. Better child trafficking with pharmacology.

Venus Lee Cage
Venus Lee Cage
1 year ago

I bet Ambrose never figured on such a big price per child. But he has one consolation, the money will go to the GAL and his attorney and they have children too

1 year ago
Reply to  Venus Lee Cage

He left his wife for roadkill, but the kids did everything they could to break free of him. Their voices and reports to three hospitals have made the GAL work overtime and she had to get her “therapists” to endorse that Ambrose is a great guy.

It took a lot of time and energy for the GAL to contact the police and dcf to defame the mother, and silence the kids and Ivy League psychiatrists who advocated for the children and called it for the child abuse that it is.

The GAL Hurwitz is well past $200,000 by now. She’s been a pro-Began as early as 2010 with Bugsy v MacVicar – identical situation.

1 year ago
Reply to  Venus Lee Cage

abnft1 aka vlc

this particular element of your long-time general trolling here on the Frank Report will bind to you a hundred fold.

Melissa Needle
1 year ago

Alex Cuda is the head of family section of the Connecticut Bar Association, he is based out of Westport. He can surely make a statement on behalf of the Bar that everything that is obvious is a total lie and all this money is needed to determine what is best for each and every child. The expense just shows how much lawyers care.

1 year ago
Reply to  Melissa Needle

Aren’t you part of the problem, Melissa? Don’t you work with your clients to help them rip children out of the other parents’ arms for boatloads of cash?

~$2M buys you 3 kids
~$2M buys you 3 kids
1 year ago

if you’re Chris Ambrose. Coincidence that works out to $666k per kid? I think not. Pure evil

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