Dr. Roberts Fundraising – ‘They Took My License’ for Branding Which ‘Took Place in My Personal Life’

Dr. Danielle Roberts

Dr. Danielle Roberts has raised nearly $6,000 for her lawyer to fight to get her medical license back.

She has given her position on the loss of her license here.

Dr. Roberts needs another $190,000 to pursue her appeal.
She tweeted: ‘Some amazing people came through yesterday! Sent the 1st 5k to my attorney! We are in motion! Next 5k due mid Dec! And 15k 6 months following!”
Funds from this campaign will be received by Roberts and those who are interested in helping her may donate here: https://www.givesendgo.com/drdanielleroberts

Here is what she says to encourage donations:

Dr. Danielle Roberts

Hello Everyone,

My name is Dr. Danielle Roberts. Amidst many stories of media censorship and propaganda, wrongful convictions, cancel culture and hate campaigns, political agendas, and infringement on our rights in the name of “safety” and “social cooperation” I share with you my story of defamation, oppression, and injustice, but more importantly of courage, truth, and hope.

The NYS Health Department, specifically the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC), recently revoked my medical license on Sept 29th 2021 for something that had nothing to do with the practice of medicine. These politically-appointed board members, in order to punish me for a lifestyle they don’t understand and/or don’t agree with, ignored the boundaries of their jurisdiction, and exercised their power over something that they have no authority over – my personal life. This is revocation by their own prejudices and opinions based on media gossip and slander. This is not justice, this is hate.

How many of you enjoy raising your children in the school of your choice… practicing the religious practices that draw you near to God… joining associations that you feel are meaningful… choosing what to put in your bodies and the bodies of your children…?

How many of you would want your career, your livelihood, your craft and passion or your life’s work to be in jeopardy if those supervising you didn’t agree with your personal life choices?

That is EXACTLY what is at stake if we allow what happened to me to go unchallenged.

This Sept. 29th 2021, the members of the OPMC not only destroyed my career and stripped me of my medical license, but set a precedent that puts ALL doctors and state licensed professionals at risk! They took my license for events that took place in my personal life between consenting competent adults, and if they can do that to me, they can do that to anyone.

Because my case sets such a dangerous precedent that affects so many of us we have the opportunity to take this matter to the highest court in NY State; the NYS Court of Appeals. Here we can file an article 78 calling out and revealing the overreaching and prejudicial nature of this Boards political decision. Together we can overturn this dangerous precedent, protect our rights and private lives, and put bureaucratic representatives on notice that this type of oppression and control will not be tolerated.

My case is just the tip of the iceberg. I am associated with the largest FBI corruption case since Watergate. A case that is known internationally and will shake the conscience of this country. Quite possibly the largest premeditated case of FBI collusion in the past century. And we have iron-clad ‘DNA’ evidence that what happened to me is just a mere outshoot of this much larger corruption scheme of our federal government. United States vs Raniere has the potential to be HISTORIC. This unprecedented, documented, UNDENIABLE level of corruption in our Federal Government holds the opportunity to STOP ALL federal, state, administrative and local injustices forever. If we stand together and hold these Judges, prosecutors, political figure heads and Administrative Board members accountable WE TAKE OUR POWER BACK! We show them this type of behavior WILL NOT be tolerated, not in this nation united under God.

Step 1: Stand with me.

If you care, even a little bit, about your rights to conduct your private lives in whatever way you choose. Stand with me.

Step 2: Donate

We need Forty thousand dollars to pay my amazing lawyer to do what he does so well, and what I can’t do alone. I need 15k by the end of November to get the process started. Donate now.

Step 3: Share!

We need voices! To put these Bureaucrats on notice and change this behavior forever we need EYES on these Judges, Jury’s and Boards so that they can’t just take the easy way out and sweep it under the rug. Please SHARE this with every doctor, attorney, teacher, broker, influencer, mother, father… anyone that holds a state license and anyone that cares about our rights. Write about it, tweet about it, post about it. Let’s make my Life’s work and Medical License mean something. Let’s make US vs Raniere Historic – not for smut and lies, but for truth, equity, sovereignty and justice!

Step 4: Follow me

Website: http://www.drdanielleroberts.com
Here you will find videos, articles, my legal closing papers, and a much larger understanding of this issue. You’ll also find clickable links to my social media accounts.

Twitter: @DrDanielleDR
Instagram: @drdanielleroberts
Facebook: @DrDanielleRoberts

Also See:

Thank you so much for your time and for reading this message with an open heart and mind until the end. I hope to meet you at some point! Maybe a celebration gala for all those that made it possible for justice to remain blind, and our private lives to remain ours.


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  • Common sense would dictate that it is not appropriate for a medical professional to engage in behavior that causes harm to their patients or puts their well-being at risk. It would also be considered common sense that it is not acceptable for a medical professional to exploit or manipulate their patients, or to engage in behaviors that violate the trust and autonomy of their patients.

    In Dr. Roberts’ case, her involvement in branding ceremonies that caused harm to women and required them to pledge embarrassing material in order to participate would likely be seen as a violation of common sense and a violation of ethical standards for medical professionals.

    Common sense would also dictate that it is important for medical professionals to prioritize the well-being and autonomy of their patients at all times, and to make decisions that are in the best interest of their patients. This would involve respecting the rights and dignity of patients and making sure that they are treated with care and compassion.

    It is not appropriate for a medical professional to use their skills or knowledge to cause harm to patients, regardless of whether or not they are acting in an official capacity as a doctor.

    doctors are typically held to a higher standard than the general public, as they are trusted with the health and well-being of their patients. It is generally expected that doctors will adhere to ethical standards in their practice and will prioritize the well-being of their patients above all else.

    In this case, it could be argued that Dr. Roberts’ actions, which involved causing harm to patients and violating their trust and autonomy, would be considered even more egregious given her status as a medical professional. It is important for doctors to uphold the trust that is placed in them and to act with integrity and professionalism at all times.

    There are a few reasons why Dr. Roberts’ case may be seen as different from other situations in which individuals choose to get tattoos or brands, such as sororities or other social groups.

    First, Dr. Roberts is a medical professional who has a certain level of knowledge and expertise about the human body and the risks and consequences of certain procedures. As a result, it could be argued that she had a greater responsibility to ensure that the women who participated in the branding ceremonies were fully informed about the risks and potential consequences of the procedure, and that they gave their fully informed consent.

    Second, the branding ceremonies in which Dr. Roberts participated were not voluntary, as the women were held down against their will and subjected to a procedure that caused them harm. This could be seen as a violation of their autonomy and a breach of trust, which would be considered especially serious given Dr. Roberts’ status as a medical professional.

    Finally, the fact that the branding ceremonies were part of a larger group known as DOS, which required the women to pledge embarrassing materials and engage in other activities that could be seen as exploitative, raises additional concerns about the overall context in which the branding ceremonies took place. This could be seen as further evidence of a violation of ethical standards and a breach of trust.

    It is possible that Dr. Roberts may have been naive about the potential consequences of her actions and the impact they would have on the women involved in the branding ceremonies. However, it is also possible that she was fully aware of the risks and consequences and chose to participate in the branding ceremonies anyway.

    It is also possible that Dr. Roberts was a victim of manipulation or coercion by Raniere and felt unable to refuse to participate in the branding ceremonies. It is important to keep in mind that individuals who are part of abusive or manipulative groups may be subjected to various forms of control and may feel unable to speak out or refuse to participate in certain activities.

    The concept of informed consent is central to ethical medical practice and is based on the principle that individuals have the right to make their own decisions about their medical care and treatment. In order to give their fully informed consent to a medical procedure or treatment, individuals must be provided with sufficient information about the potential risks, benefits, and alternatives, and must be given the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any concerns they may have.

    In the case of the branding ceremonies in which Dr. Roberts participated, it is important to consider whether the women who participated were provided with a deep understanding of the principles underlying informed consent. In order to give their fully informed consent, they would need to be fully aware of the potential risks and consequences of the procedure, and would need to have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any concerns they may have. It is also important to consider whether any potential biases or power dynamics may have affected their decision-making.

    It can be dangerous for individuals to rely on binary thinking, such as “I was not acting as their doctor” or “each woman consented,” because it can lead to a narrow and oversimplified view of a complex situation. In this case, Dr. Roberts’ use of these statements as a defense for her actions may obscure other relevant factors that could be considered in evaluating her behavior, such as her overall role in the branding ceremonies and the potential impact of the procedure on the women who participated.

    Binary thinking can also lead individuals to overlook the potential for nuance and complexity in a situation, and can prevent them from considering alternative perspectives or taking a more comprehensive view of the situation. This can potentially hinder their ability to fully understand the consequences of their actions and to make more informed and ethical decisions.

    Looking back from the future, Dr. Roberts and Dr. Porter were left to contemplate the devastating consequences of their actions and the choices they had made. Both bankrupted themselves fighting a traffic battle they could have avoided if they just listened to the advice of their friends and family. In the end, they were left to face the harsh realities of a world that does not always reward those who seek to justify their own wrongdoing.

    it is important to recognize that arrogance can be a dangerous and destructive trait, as it can lead individuals to make poor decisions and to prioritize their own interests and viewpoints above those of others.

    In the case of Dr. Roberts and Dr. Porter, it is clear that their actions have had serious consequences, both for themselves and for the women who were affected by the branding ceremonies. It is important for individuals to be self-aware and to consider the impact of their actions on others, and to be willing to take responsibility for their mistakes and to make amends when necessary.

  • Very difficult, time-consuming and expensive to get a medical license back and it requires an honest assessment of self, humility and accountability. I wish I felt motivated to help you, Dani, but presently you lack the necessary emotional qualities to deserve a license.


  • Danielle? I do hope you can earn your license back. You earned it. But you also need to grow up! You should be a lady by now – not an overgrown and petulant teenager. Your arguments are weak and nobody else believes in your vanguard. Why do you insist on pushing his viewpoint? He really screwed you over, Danielle! You’re his fall girl, Danielle! Your license is revoked!!!+

  • 🇺🇸Patriot GoD General🇺🇸

    Are you okay? Are you in a good place?

    P.S. I hope Father and Mother are no longer fighting over the same man.

    • I’m not a “General”! I’m a Colonel of The Patriot Army, the “If We Believe Campaign”, and “There’s A Better Way Campaign”! I’m not “Patriot God’s General”! I’m the General of The Patriot Army and we all admire Patriot God and worship the ground he walks on! We are in awe and inspired by him for being the best hater and fighter of all kinds of niggers in the world and the incredible love and sacrifice that he gives to the USA in all the he does! He’s one ☝️ f the best people to have ever existed!

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      • Colonel James Ludlow-

        I am beyond honored to make your acquaintance. I feel you’re the spiritual voice of Patriot God, if such a thing is possible. Please communicate to Patriot God that we miss him as more than your parents! Perhaps you should use more conspicuous vocabulary…..such as using the word ‘cunger’ to substitute [redacted].

        I hear Mother and Father have become
        ‘night riders’. It’s wonderful they found a new hobby.

  • I read part of the regulator’s decision and it seemed correct with me and is consistent with other professions – you cannot divorce the private and personal: e.g., lawyers are liable even if they give advice without charge. Doctors who rush to help someone dying at the roadside are still liable if negligent and have their duties generally as do lawyers which you cannot just take off and say I am not on duty now.

    She also should have researched the law – in some places like the UK the “victim” cannot consent to even what they think they can to certain types of physical harm -there is English law on it relevant to those into BDSM and it is very likely US states have similar rules.

    • Hope you never need a doctor whilst laying by the roadside
      Or a child of yours

      Some laws should be changed~

      in my opinion

      But I am beginning to.understand the extreme amount of bravery that takes ~

    • I also have NEVER seen a case prosecuted where a lawyer gave advise without monetary exchange @ a dinner party, per se,
      OR~ lost thier license either
      for.it. Have you?.
      Sight the case maybe?

      That’s like saying
      They cant “Talk”

    • And you should lose your lunch
      Your anon is anal

      Should every Omega lose.thier freedom.too?

      How far do you really.want to go with big brother?

      Consider ot Carefully

    • Anonymous 7:17-

      It’s $6,000 cuz — Joe O’Hara and ‘Gary RightSide’ donated the other $5,075.
      (kidding) 😉

      In all seriousness:
      Frank Parlato is a real journalist and doesn’t divulge his sources. So, I imagine you will not be receiving an answer to your question. Rest assured, the $6,000 raised figure is accurate.

  • Dear Danielle:

    Here at the medical board, we have our own problems. We try to cultivate an image of wise, boring professionals that know more than the average person. We try to stay off the crime beat pages. Having the likes of Fauci torturing dogs, lying before Congress and promoting gain-of-function research causing a worldwide pandemic is just one of our problems.

    The image of one of our members twerking in front of a jail in support of a pedophile, medically searing the initials of a cult leader’s initials on his blackmailed victims (even in her off time) … is not the image we are looking for right now.

    We can mint money because the public trusts us. How long that lasts under these conditions no one knows but we must do everything we can to dissociate from unflattering headlines.

    Having said that, we would like you to know that we support you and consider you one of us. As soon as we can bring you back in the fold without the possibility of unwelcome publicity, we will be honored to have you back.

  • Dear Whacky Roberts,

    There is an opportunity for you to make 50k a month by doing yoga in your birthday suit.🧘🏻‍♀️

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      • When it comes to sex, ALANZO is an equal opportunity employer. He doesn’t discriminate based on age, sex, disabilities, or cult affiliation.

        He once banged a 95-year-old man and ex-Moonie in a wheelchair. 😉

        • An anonymous comment that is totally off topic to the blog post, and which does nothing but obscenely and profanely attack another commenter on the Frank Report. On most blogs, this comment would have never been allowed through.

          But not the Frank Report.

          I have heard that K R Claviger is the moderator of this blog.

          Is that true?


          • Alanzo-

            The Frank Report does not reveal the names of its current editorial & moderator staff.
            Relax and pop a RingDing®️.
            We ❤️you!

          • “The Frank Report does not reveal the names of its current editorial & moderator staff.

            Too late. Claviger already told me he/she was the moderator here.


            I’d be embarrassed to admit that I was the person responsible for letting doxing occur on the Frank Report, constant obscene anonymous attacks on other commenters, the highly abusive environment we’ve seen here – all basically waged by KR Claviger who is responsible for every comment which appears on the board. These childish and abusive comments would never be let through unless KR Claviger him/her self approved them.

            I’ll even bet KR Claviger is the author of this childish and obscene anonymous comment.

            It’s the real KR Claviger, for everyone to see.


  • Why isn’t she fully honest if she doesn’t believe she hasn’t done anything wrong?

    Why doesn’t she tell people she was branding sex slaves for in DOS for Keith Raniere who is doing 120 years in prison now.

    Why lie?

  • Does she understand the optics of associating her cause with that of the Vanguard? People might be happy to help her out but don’t want to be tacitly associated with Vanguard for fear of being accused of sympathy towards a sexual predator. Seriously, Danielle, lose the Vanguard and everything connected with him.

  • I feel the above post is probably more suited to be an outreach to a dedicated WhatsApp group that no one is a member of, to be honest. If she really wants support, she needs to expand her network.

    Maybe she needs to break the fourth wall of NXIVM and then speak with real people because at the moment the world can’t access her impeccable services as a doctor.

    But, it is not because the doctor is duff, it must just be because of all the PAYING patients waiting in line are at fault.

  • What about (Dr.) Danielle Roberts’ ventures?
    We know that the former doctor is behind ExoEso.
    What business purpose do these companies serve?
    Are they good for anything else?

    Company Number
    Incorporation Date
    20 November 2017 (about 4 years ago)
    Company Type
    Limited Liability Company
    Delaware (US)
    Agent Name
    Agent Address
    16192 COASTAL HWY, LEWES, Sussex, DE, 19958
    Directors / Officers
    Registry Page

    Company Number
    Incorporation Date
    23 May 2014 (over 7 years ago)
    Company Type
    Limited Liability Company
    Delaware (US)
    Agent Name
    Agent Address
    108 WEST 13TH ST, WILMINGTON, New Castle, DE, 19801
    Directors / Officers
    Registry Page
    Source Delaware Department of State: Division of Corporations, http://www.corp.delaware.gov/, 28 Aug 2019

  • Keith has used Danielle for all she’s worth and has tossed her on the trash heap.

    One word from him and the Bronfmans would have the top legal subject matter experts on her case.

    Sorry, Danielle, your cult lover boy doesn’t give a shit about you. Now you are a liability.

    Watch out what you eat and drink, girlfriend. Keith’s discards have a history of contracting fatal cancer.

  • Nancy taught people how to blame others and/or spin an issue to get out of problems. Nxivm heads are geniuses at this. Nancy’s family does the same things….it’s all genetic.

  • Very compelling speech but I’m still not convinced.

    You and your friends lied to people about the origins of the brand and chose that specific activity so you didn’t have to get licensed and could do it in secret.

    Your doctor board reserves the right to both award and revoke a license.

    You were fully aware about the principles of Informed Consent and willfully stood against them. As a result, some people were harmed.

    Why are you making this out to be something else?

  • It’d be wiser to change her name, and pursue an alternative career.

    At what point do you change direction when it’s been repeatedly pointed out to you that you are on the wrong road??

  • People DO care about what happens to their bodies. That’s why they need to be told exactly what the brand will be if its a man’s initials, by their pubic area no less. My humble opinion I would want to know.

    • And that it’s going to be a rather obvious brand, and not just a little tattoo — which is what some of them were misled to believe, one of several damning crucial details left out of Roberts’ account and those of her apologists.

        • Another good point.

          The brand could probably be camouflaged with a “coverup” tattoo that is still likely to be a bit messy due to the damaged nature of the burned skin, or someone really desperate to get rid of it could have the sort of skin graft used for example on burn victims. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of those who no longer want to be associated with NXIVM in any way and want to put it all behind them, haven’t done something like that, but unfortunately Raniere made it close to impossible to be entirely rid of him.

          • Anonymaker, I think one of the documentaries addressed this. There is no laser therapy available to remove a brand. And ya, scar tissue can’t exactly be covered with ink, either. Apparently the only way to remove it is by surgery. Several surgeries, apparently, to excise the thing piece by piece.

            Not too big a problem, really, if you know what you’re getting into. Just really uncool if you’re lied to about it and got something you did not want.

            I know Leah Mottishaw wrote something about having chosen a misspelled Chinese character for a tattoo and how she still likes it.

            But does anybody really think a Chinese speaking tattoo artist wouldn’t get sued and lose their license (too) if they gave a tattoo that said “you’re a pig-dog, dumb bitch” or something equally offensive and then passed it off as the 4 elements?

          • Reminds me of a story from a student.

            At a party, a guy, pretty much off his face, asked a ‘tattooist’ [the life and soul of the party, no less] to tattoo, ‘Born to lose’ on one arm, and ‘Psychedelic wanderer’ on the other.
            After it was done, everybody said it looked fantastic, off the hook, one hundred, etc.

            When he woke up in the morning and picked his way through slumbering bodies to the bathroom, he looked in the mirror and saw he had: ‘Porn to los’ on one arm and ‘Fizadelic wonger’ on the other.

            (1). Make sure your tattoo artist can spell.

            (2). Make sure your tattoo artist is sober, at work in an appropriate setting.

            (3). Don’t rely on groupies of the charismatic ‘tattoo artist’ to give a true appraisal of ‘the work’.

            I mean, at the very f*cking least!!!

  • I’m glad she’s working to get her license back but she should lose the Vanguard. She’s a legitimate victim and on that basis can potentially raise funds, but associating with a convicted criminal, and decrying his injustices will only hurt her.

    Danielle, look after yourself first. Vanguard has a billionaire’s family to look after him.

    • I hope that one day she will get her license back. That requires repentance, something that looks to be a long way off.

      • Maybe get a real job?? Not some nxivm coaching spinoff. What a waste of a college degree….. And not just roberts…all of them. These are the people who can never make it in the real world.

      • —That requires repentance, something that looks to be a long way off.

        Any sane person makes a mea culpa, regardless of sincerity, when they get caught breaking the law or ethical rules…..

        ……This fact alone shows how totally nuts Michelle Roberts is.

        • Mr Niceguy
          You should try to get the name right BEFORE you bash people.
          Medias enough without a niceguy like you mixing up names as.well !

  • The Bewitching Nicki Clyne

    I don’t believe in magic. But I don’t not believe in it, either. Magic exists in what we can’t explain, in the tension between awe and reason. Magic is what seemingly defies logic, stirs the soul, and surprises us. It is the source for inspiration, curiosity, creativity, and art. Magic teases our expectations and tickles our senses, to which we may look deeper or turn away, but either way, we smile. I don’t necessarily believe in magic, but I don’t have to ✨


    • Nicki only believes in what her master tells her. She’s like a broken record mouthpiece for his words.

      She goes on and on with the same lame brain antics on social media: hate, trial by the media, prosecutorial and justice system corruption, yada yada yada, ignoring all the things that defy her narrative, never telling the whole story while claiming everyone else has lied.

      She should remember what Moira Penza said on Edmondson’s podcast: “Twitter is not a courtroom.” But it’s easier just to diminish the rigors of the U.S. evidentiary law process and procedure by just casting the corruption net over the entire thing.

      Here she uses the same word salad techniques of her lover boy. “I don’t believe in magic…but I don’t not believe in it…” But then she goes on to use the word four times as if she does in some redefining way where it is an umbrella term for the inexplicable. Say “everything” in order to say nothing — fluff to puff.

  • To be brief, my advice to Danielle Roberts is that she should raise funds for her own psychological or psychiatric treatment rather than for futile appeals and attorney fees.

    • If she’s as broke as she claims and isn’t living off the hidden trusts and cash, medicaid would cover her psychiatric treatment.

      • She is Not an elite, Richy Rich!
        She cared for people to be healthy hense the attempt at an excersize company
        Not an heiress, Not a trust fund baby!

  • Notice how these clowns appeal to the loony right-wing:

    “ How many of you enjoy raising your children in the school of your choice… practicing the religious practices that draw you near to God… choosing what to put in your bodies…”

    I’m surprised she didn’t work guns in there somewhere, our sacred right to own several semiautomatics and a tactical shotgun or two.

    Great family values. Such Godliness. Just like the parents of the kid who shot up his high school in suburban Michigan. With the handgun his dad bought him as an early Christmas present. Four days later the kid brought the gun to school and shot 11 people. Both parents fled to escape prosecution after the kid’s arrest. Mom’s a crazy Trump supporter, dad’s a gun nut. Both were captured by police within 12 hours.

    About as clever as Raniere, these two. Kid will spend the rest of his life in prison. I suppose Clyne will rally around his cause.

    The right is now as crazy as the left in this country. It used to be that conservatives stood for certain things. Order, self-discipline, playing by the rules. But the right-wing that the dead-enders are appealing to are anti-authority, advocates of chaos and tearing everything down. Medical ethics? Screw that! Law enforcement? Perjurers! Jackbooted thugs! Judges? Corrupt! Agents of Satan!

    It used to be that conservatives practically worshipped judges. They supported the police. The killer kid’s mom emailed the little horror telling him he needed to get better at not getting caught! So much for following the rules, listening to your teacher, or being a good honest citizen.

    These are the people Clyne and Roberts are appealing to as they defend Raniere, the convicted sex trafficker. The guy who branded his harem of sex slaves with his initials. The grab yer gun, grab ‘em by the pussy, defy your government and do whatever the f*ck you want modern political right-wing.

    • Danielle’s first draft read,

      “If you believe as a legal citizen of the USA that your unborn baby needs an automatic rifle to protect itself in utero from the left’s trans gender baby killing gay agenda – then say Merry (war on ) Christmas by making a non (complete bullshit we have to pay for the poor illegals) tax refundable donation to this white girl who believes men are smarter and better leaders than women who should know their place. My license hearing was as rigged as the election. Unmask your inner patriot by jabbing back at the medical profession peddling micro chipped vaccines this Jesus’ birthday season by giving me money to get my license back and fight the covid mandates and your local school board. Please give freely now before BLM loots your flower garden and open border Mexicans move into your shed”.

    • More like the naughty doctor is a leftist that is screaming “our” rights are in danger because she was held accountable for her very inappropriate actions. She does not even mean her rights; she just wants what she did ignored, or she will throw a tantrum. Pretty common with the far left.

      • The two extremes have much in common, which is partly why someone like Roberts can easily shift their appeal from one to the other.

        And NXIVM, like a lot of similar groups, might be perceived as tending liberal because of some of their ideology and following but was actually rather conservative in many ways. Raniere was, for example, a fan of Ayn Rand who pushed her followers to be avaricious capitalists and to blame the poor or less fortunate for not working themselves out of their straits. And we can see that he attracted people like Frank and Roger Stone to work for him. Also, NXIVM’s major legal counsel was with a firm that had prominent Republican ties.

        • AnonyMaker

          I agree with you. Extremism on anything eventually converges on many points.

          And all extremists see their way as the only way. And that they are special. Smarter. Superior. And above the law. Fluid with ethics etc.

          Also, agree that Nxiu-vm was just an old-school patriarchy. It was like extreme Mormonism but with abortions. Lots of rules. Punishments. Exiling. Cone to think of it… VERY Mormonism. Ha ha.

          Nxivm had really outdated notions on a lot of things.

          • Because there was more than one person, there were many, that’s why there’re many different views. You’re lumping it all together where these are individuals who worked with each other.

  • I thought they were all best sister wife friends forever and a really “close community”?

    All these richy rich kooks paid way less than Danielle’s legal bills to have EMs and to take stupid JNESS and ESP “intensives”.

    It really says a lot about where most ex-Nxivm members are at with Keith and all this cult bulksh×t, at this point, if they won’t even give Danielle a paltry couple of hundred thousand to fight for a “principle”.

    Nancy Salzman had over double that amount of money just lying around her house.

    What’s 200 grand to Clare? Or Sarah? Or Rosa Laura?

    Oh. And I guess the whole Nxivm, “Do not give to charitable causes such as your friend who has cancer’s go fund me” isn’t a thing anymore? Donations are okay with the Nxivm cult?

    Didn’t they preach “No money for charitable causes? No helping each other out (except Keith) financially”.

  • Suck it up, Doctor. Teachers have been losing their licenses for “behavior unbecoming” in their personal lives for years. Get a DUI … you could lose your license. DV. Assault. The argument is how can you stand before a classroom and effectively teach if you are of questionable character. I think you assaulted those women and basically suck.

  • It’s simple logic, Danielle.

    You were chosen to do the branding because you were a doctor, and you did so using a medical device. You did it under improper medical conditions and without a license to do so, using deception and under the coercive power of blackmail which you, your cohorts, and your grandmaster called “collateral” in an impotent attempt distract from what it really was. Just because some small minority of DOS knew all of the information and idiotically chose to enslave themselves to a morally decrepit, sixty-year-old, polyamorous man as “sister-wives” doesn’t mean the vast majority of others did. Therefore, you were willing to perpetrate permanent harm (scarring) on others through such an underhanded method.

    Your appeal will be denied. Just like all of Raniere’s appeals will be denied. You and the remaining dead-enders bought into the NXIVM con-game that was sold to you: that you are a special, ethical group of select people “who can change the world”. But NXIVM was never about that. It was only about feeding the lusts, ego, financial compensation, etc., of a relatively few individuals in the group, in particular, the head honcho, through a cultic isolation infrastructure, and a myriad of courses and schedules that would keep you busy for them. Your doubling down to diminish your cognitive dissonance and appeal to vanity will get you nowhere in life.

  • No wonder the defendants in the Nxivm civil lawsuit claim they’re broke. They’re all funding each other’s crowdsourcing efforts.

    How many hats has Clyne sold so far? I bet I know what all the dead-ender’s friends and relatives are getting for Christmas!

  • Good grief. This is on the largest “Christian” fundraising suite, no less. I wonder how “good” Christians feel about group blowjobs?

      • @huntingpeople2 I never said she was involved in the group blowjob. She was however, part of DOS, and some of DOS’ frontline masters were involved in the group blowjob. My point was about the behaviors of the group, including taking photos of their own genitalia for the pleasure of Keith and as blackmail material, and yes branding women with the initials of a charlatan (Keith).

          • @Alonzo, I never said that either. I simply don’t think she lost her license unfairly. I don’t think she should practice as a physician. If she willingly took part in a group that trafficked people for labor and for sex, and she knowingly engaged in branding people without offering them treatment to prevent infection and without informed consent, then she has absolutely no business being a doctor. Her judgment is questionable, at best.

            That’s hardly hysterical. That’s basic medical practice. As mandated reporters, physicians are required to report suspected sex trafficking, as well as physical abuse (as in when Keith kicked one woman, Dani Padilla). Danielle Roberts failed in her duty to report the abuse that happened right in front of her eyes. She’s not the first doctor who’s been stripped of her license for cause. Nor will she be the last. And, I’m okay with some people not being allowed to practice medicine. They might be book smart and be able to pass their boards, but I would not want them providing medical care for people. The good news is she can find another profession.

          • Alanzo-

            Now that Sherrizy isn’t commenting anymore, you are attacking NCGirl in your normal passive-aggressive way. You certainly have a problem with the ladies. By my count, you’ve harassed 5 women on this website and dozens more elsewhere. Anyone who identifies as a woman, on the Frank Report, you harass. Congrats!

            I wonder, do you have mommy issues, female rejection issues, or both.

            FYI: Women reject you because you have the personality of my sphincter.

            …And you want the comments moderated. You’re one delusional [redacted] RingDing.

          • NCGirl wrote:

            “I simply don’t think she lost her license unfairly. …

            That was well-argued.

            2 points:

            1. It’s my understanding that those people Keith wasn’t having sex with didn’t know any details about the others who he was having sex with. So she would not have known she was part of a group that “trafficked in labor and sex”.

            2. She said that she was told by her “master” what the initials stood for. None of the people she branded were her “slaves”. She said she assumed that their masters had told them it was Keith’s initials, and as the branding technician for DOS, not the physician for DOS, it was not her place to go thru all that. She assumed it had already been done.

            As with so many organizations run by addicts and criminals, underlings are left holding the bag for the criminal leader.


          • Definitely not the agenda here on FR, where she was bullied incessantly, stalked, followed, lied about, and harassed at every other employment opportunity she accepted. All while trying to navigate the mass exodus of friends, subpoenas, and the ongoing fight for her career. She was also belittled as quackery for being a D.O. instead of an M.D. even though their training exceeds that of many M.D.s.

            Go figure …

        • @NC Girl:

          Nope, you never said, you just insinuated on a page about her. And ” SOME” of Dos FLM., which she was Not one of.

          Dont know about Dani P getting kicked, was that part of a karate excersize when they hired a Black belt to teach?

          Charlatans, in hindsight, are a lot easier to spot then when your juggling two businesses and navigating new friendships and Not always physically on site.

          I also dont think doctors view nudity in perhaps the same way as general population simply because they see way more of it… via patients and delivering babies, etc., you come into this world in your Birthday suit and generally leave it the same way.

          I acknowledge your concerns and I believe the board should have given her the option ‘upfront’ of a 6 month suspension ( perhaps
          some mandatory debriefing) a space to breathe and recognize the severity of the situation from a different optic) instead they did nothing for 2 years whilst this site dragged her through the mud. Perhaps, if you tried that hat on, also recognizing the amount of money , time, energy you had invested ( in a sincere effort to create a program to help people) and everywhere you turned, be it job, friend, news, Gov’t was NOT offering any help , Just more punishment, badgering, blog shaming, etc. You might not have had the stamina to make every correct decision either.

          It is in that spirit that I hope you speak, post
          more sincerely when you link this woman to others actions. Thankyou.

    • Yep, the website has raised $250,000 for Alex Jones’ defense against the parents of the Sandy Hook shooting victims, the parents he claims are hoaxing the world about their childrens’ death.

      • Now
        THAT IS a damn shame.
        That was a true tragedy and Alex Jones lost all credibility with that storyline

        But.did you know that ” tapping” as a modality for healing for.those parents
        Was used SUCCESSFULLY??
        Some.would say psuedo science
        Those.parents didnt think so and Dr. Danielle has recommended this treatment many times.

        Something that actually worked and.didnt fit your narrative yet she was on this years ago?!

    • @Alanzo,

      Thanks for the “critique.”

      The concept of mandated reporting is crucial. Sexual abuse or suspected trafficking are required to be reported by health care providers. If a provider suspects abuse, that must be reported to the appropriate state entities. It’s pretty clear that Dr. Danielle and DR. Brandon Porter BOTH were pretty blind to what was happening, such that they overlooked red flags, such as Keith flying into rages over women who disobeyed him, dared to have relationships with men, or rebuffed his advances, his belittling of women who were not the weight he expected them to be, his shunning of women like Ivy Nevares for whatever perceived sin she committed, or his unusual intimacy with Cami, who was a minor. The fact that the DOS women became so thin that they ceased menstruation should have also been a red flag as well. Danielle was a part of that group. As their “brander,” it should have been obvious to Dr. Danielle that something was not healthy about the DOS women. If she “overlooked” or “failed to see” these things unfold right in front of her, then her judgment is questionable and her ability to provide appropriate care to any patient should be suspect.

      Also, any conscientious provider would be careful to educate their patient about a procedure they are about to perform on that patient. It’s called informed consent. It’s the basis of health care, and professions like massage therapy also require consent. Branding isn’t even legal in every state. The fact that she “assumed” that the DOS women had been told about the contents of the brand prior to being branded reinforces the idea she failed to obtain informed consent for the women in her care. She also failed to provide instructions for aftercare to prevent possible infection. Also, even if she was engaging in branding in her own private life, she failed to ensure safe and sanitary conditions, unless she was cleaning the table in between each woman she branded. She could have also been considered to be performing a service in an unapproved environment: i.e. one not inspected by local health officials and that she herself was not legally permitted to perform in accordance with state health laws or local ordinances. Again, this harkens back to questionable judgment on her part, which brings me back to why I don’t feel she should be practicing medicine. I am not the body who stripped her of her license, but she gave them a lot of reasons to find her unsuited to the practice of medicine.

        • @ Alonzo
          Thank you for pointing out that the people not engaged in sexual activity with Keith would have no knowledge of trafficking in labor or sex.

          Also, none of the people branded were her slaves.

          She’s constantly linked to the previous reference of group Bj’s and dancing naked with shaking legs on a car-top but that was NOT her

          She was practicing group collaboration, trust, working her but off for exo eso, which she believed held huge value to physically help people as well as meditative bonus.

          She was also still working at the hospital during this time so she wasn’t always physically on-site either. As far as I know, India was the only person who had missed menstruation and it doesn’t mean she shared that information with her. Again, NOT her patient!

          BUT, I agree UNDERLINGS (and less privileged) are always left holding the bag for a criminal leader – especially when they’re telling the truth of their experience through their eyes.

          • —none of the people branded were her slaves

            BUT! Danielle Roberts was well aware they were slaves with collateral over their heads…..

            Get a clue!

          • Yep.

            A lot of people come to the Frank Report to punish others. Having to discriminate one “cult” member from another, going to the effort of having to tell the truth about their targets, just gets in the way of their hot pokers.

            “STAB THEM IN THE EYE!”

            “SHOVE IT UP THEIR BUTT!”

            That’s all they’re thinking. It’s a form of anger porn. And they get off on it.

            NCGirl at least stayed on the subject and clearly laid out why she was here to shove a hot poker up Danielle’s butt.

            That’s something, at least.


        • Alonzoo,

          —A lot of people come to the Frank Report to punish others.

          That’s funny, because all of us “people” on the Frank Report feel we’ve been punished since you arrived.

          When you take your next biannual bath…..
          Please do so holding a toaster.

          Thank you!

  • Danielle:
    Apparently, we’re not at the stage where you admit you just fucked up. Indeed, you probably didn’t deserve to get screwed out of your license. But you got in with the wrong people. Get over it, move on, be glad you’re not behind bars. You chose to sear people. Unfortunately, in highly regarded professions, you’re never off duty. They didn’t get the janitor to do the branding, did they? Show some responsibility, accountability, and self-reflection. Quit blaming others. Go out and help someone really less fortunate than you instead of begging for cash for some bullshit cause that’s going nowhere. “Alternative lifestyle?” Fine. But own up to your experience in a twisted organization structured and financed for the sole satisfaction of one maniac. Viva Executive Success.

  • Oh my white God, you dumb incompetent nigger!

    Frank Niggerlato! What the fuck did I tell you about posting up Patriot God’s comments?! Why the hell have you not done it yet?!

    How many lashes of the whip will it take to make your sorry guido ass do what I commanded?!

    What part of “THAT’S AN ORDER NIGGER” does your dumb nigger ass not understand?!








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    • I have to admit I love the insults by Patriot King. In this one he has a dirty dozen:

      1. Frank Niggerlato!…
      2. guido ass
      3. dumb nigger ass!
      9. GUIDO-ASS
      11. CUNT
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      • Frank-

        You have to admit ‘Niggerlato’ is offensive, racist, and comedic genius. Patriot God has eclipsed Bangkok. 😉

      • Dude, this isn’t Patriot God.

        Haven’t you gotten the memo, Frank?

        Patriot God left because you won’t post all of his shit. He’s sick and tired of it so he left.

        Thanks a lot, Frank! He was a great source of entertainment and you fucked it all up while you sit here and mock it! You’re such a stupid asshole! God-forbid you couldn’t just post up his comments like a normal functioning person so we are all forced to read all your boring repetitive last weeks-news articles! Thanks, dickhead! 🖕🏻

  • “ And we have iron-clad ‘DNA’ evidence that what happened to me is just a mere outshoot of this much larger corruption scheme of our federal government. United States vs Raniere has the potential to be HISTORIC. This unprecedented, documented, UNDENIABLE level of corruption in our Federal Government holds the opportunity to STOP ALL federal, state, administrative and local injustices forever. If we stand together and hold these Judges, prosecutors, political figure heads and Administrative Board members accountable WE TAKE OUR POWER BACK! ”

    Danielle is losing it. She needs help. And I don’t mean the requested donations.

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