Part #2: Nancy Salzman, the Victim: Raniere Attended Party at Nancy’s House in Flasher Costume

The sentencing memorandum that was submitted by the attorneys representing Nancy Salzman, who was sentenced to 42 months for racketeering conspiracy, spun a yarn that Nancy wrongly believed that whatever she did on Keith Raniere’s behalf was for the greater good.

The suggestion is made that she did not know he was a sex fiend, “an egotistical, self-important, sex fiend,” her lawyer wrote in the memo.

The arguments in the memorandum, written to persuade the judge to give her a lenient sentence, which he did not, are:

  1. Raniere made her do the few bad things she did .
  2. She pleaded guilty once she realized Raniere was an evil, sex fiend.
  3. She was first among the NXIVM defendants to plead, leading the others to plead guilty.
  4. She persuaded her daughter, Lauren, to plead and even give evidence that might hurt her mother.
  5. She takes care of her elderly mother.
  6. She took care of her father until he died.
  7.  Every particle, down to the smallest atom in Nancy’s body is made of pure goodness and unlimited love.
MK10ART’s painting of Nancy Salzman


What you are about to read is an example of the Keith Raniere that Nancy saw.

Insofar that Nancy never saw anything but pure goodness in Raniere until the fateful day after she was arrested, when she finally got “woke” and realized he was a sex fiend and a psychopath, this recollection will give us an insight into the private Raniere she actually got to see.

What will follow is a statement made under oath by Barbara Bouchey in one of the civil lawsuits Raniere and Salzman pursued against her.

Before we proceed, I want to advise readers that some of the language in the statement might offend some readers.

The fact is that Bouchey saw a skunk in 2009 and she left him. In her deposition, Bouchey speaks about Peter, a pharmacist by profession, who had been attending NXIVM classes and got an invite, along with his wife and daughter, to a party at Nancy’s house.

MK10ART’s painting of Barbara Bouchey


“[The pharmacist, Peter] was at a Halloween party and saw Keith come dressed with a bathrobe and a gimmick of a penis that was about that long and was going around Nancy’s house with that, and he [Peter] said he had recognition as he looked around the room that he realized that ‘Oh, my God, he is having sex probably with most of the women in this room,’ and recognized that he was one of only two men in the room, so there were numerous things about Keith’s conduct with women, and as a leader, and also personal conversations with Keith about women and relationships.

“Secondly, he had a daughter who was in her late teens who got very disturbed because Keith was making — was flirting and making intimate gestures towards her and conversations about a friend who had committed suicide that Peter thought was inappropriate.

“Also, Peter said he saw many things that were inconsistent in running of the company, meaning the way that people would conduct themselves and the material were different, and so there was lots of behavior and conduct that in his opinion did not uphold the very material that they were teaching such as payoffs to different people, promotion, ranking.

“There was favoritism and certain inconsistencies, certain ways that people were treated that he thought were punishing, and eventually, you know, he said, the last straw, though, was Keith’s conduct with the women in his conversations….

“[H]e believed that, in fact, in his opinion, it did take on the personality and characteristics of a cult, and that he felt as though that would continue, and that could be damaging to his – he had a pharmacy, and that could be damaging to his professional reputation and business and ultimately his income.

“In addition, his wife didn’t like things that she heard or saw, and she didn’t want to have anything to do with it, and they had just recently got married.”


So this is curious, a pharmacist and his wife who barely knew Raniere could see troubling things, yet Nancy did not.

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Something Salacious Ahead

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This is not an authentic picture. This is a photoshop version of the actual costume Keith Raniere wore at a party at Nancy Salzman’s house.

So how could Nancy have ever figured out that Raniere was “an egotistical, self-important, sex fiend”?

Nnacy knew that Raniere slept with many other women besides her and her daughter. She knew because she gave therapy to many of his other women, including Bouchey. And the dude they called Vanguard was so brazen that he would appear at a party wearing a flasher costume with an artificial penis.
“Raniere exploited her,” her attorney David Stern wrote,  “…pretending to be someone he never was -­ namely, a seeker for universal good, gifting the world his ‘new ethical understanding’ that would allow ‘humanity to rise to its noble possibility… The only goal Raniere ever really pursued was what was best for him.”

If he was really secretly a sex fiend, how could Nancy have ever known?



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  • Frank, I greatly enjoyed this read!

    Using the Halloween story to highlight the reality that Nancy Salzman was well aware of Kieth Raniere’s nature is pure genius.
    A truly masterful stroke! Tallyho!

    I love the classic ‘vintage’ Frank Report photoshopped images of the enlightened one. It brings back fond memories of the good old days!

    Poor beleaguered, Nut Job, faithful servant of Nancy Salzman must be beside himself.

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        Pray tell, Nut Job, have you gazed into the flame?

    • Frank,

      Seriously, the story you shared with us was genius. It illuminated Nancy’s ridiculous lies and narrative of events.

  • Rumour is the long false penis worn by Keith Raniere was modeled after Robbie’s much more impressive cock.

    Keith had seen Robbie’s member while they were having one of those totally normal mutual masturbation sessions that Keith texted Cami about later.

    In order to fully appreciate the differences in their male organs, Keith also tasted Robbie’s sperm (as detailed in Raniere’s texts to Cami later). That was purely normal, healthy male behavior (again – see Keith’s texts to Cami) and resulted in a hilarious and appropriate costume.

  • — he realized that Kieth is having sex probably with most of the women in this room —

    What other women where at that party with Flasher Keith?

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