Letters for Nancy: Successful Interior Designer – ‘I Am a Much Better Person Because of Nancy Salzman’

David Ashen says Nancy Salzman has been a positive force for good in his life.

Let us now hear the other side of Nancy Salzman, the side of those who supported her.  Had her attorneys had their way, the supporters voices would not be heard. They filed these letters of support under seal but the judge made them file them publicly.

The reason that the attorneys wanted them filed under seal is because they felt that Frank Report would harm the reputations of the letter writers. Robert Soloway, Salzman;s attorney wrote, “Frank Report weaponizes statements made in support of the Nxivm defendants, and exists for virtually no purpose other than to damage the reputation and fortunes of remaining ‘loyalists.’”

One of Salzman’s supporters is David J Ashen, president of dash design, inc,  an interior design and branding agency in NYC. The company specializes in “hotel, restaurant and retail as well as healthcare strategy and design.”  

This is his letter of support for Nancy Salzman, written to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, submitted with her sentencing memorandum and now no longer under seal. 

By David Ashen

My name is David J Ashen and I reside at … in the village of Rhinebeck, NY. I am the president of an interior design firm in NYC called dash design, inc. I am writing this letter in Support of Nancy Salzman.

Nancy Salzman now
Nancy Salzman in the early days of NXIVM

I have known Nancy Salzman since the late fall/winter of 2001, and since that time Nancy has been a client, mentor, teacher and has become one of my closest and most trusted friends. I first met Nancy when she hired me to do some design and branding work for her company. At the time I was a principal in one of the largest independent branding agencies in the US. I was also suffering from anxiety and depression and on a cocktail of medications.

Nancy took me on and became my mentor helping me develop certain key personal and business skills which allowed me to open up my own design agency in 2003. No matter how busy she was, she always found time to meet with me, work with me and guide me. I soon discovered that she wasn’t paying special attention to just me, but that this was (and is) Nancy’s nature…she has an unstoppable drive to help people. In the eighteen years that I have known her I have never seen this change, even when she has been under extreme adversity.

Keith Raniere gives a hug to his inner circle member Barbara Jeske. 

In 2013 a dear friend of ours (Barbara Jeske) was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a devastating cancer of the brain with a very low survival rate.

Nancy took it upon herself to partner with Barbara and help her navigate a complex medical system and made sure that she got the best of care. I was part of a small group of friends that had the privilege to be with Barbara during this time (at Barbara’s request), and I watched with amazement how Nancy was with Barbara every single day of her last year of life; flew with her to multiple appointments at Duke University (one of the best medical facilities for this disease); slept in her hospital room after surgery(s); made sure she got her treatments and her medicine every single day; and at the end, made sure Barbara could remain at home and die with dignity. The folks from hospice told us they had never seen someone taken care of so well. Nancy did this while still maintaining her responsibilities with her company, teaching classes, and coaching the folks she worked with.

Again, this is an example of Nancy’s empathy for others and her commitment to the people in her life. This is only one of many stories.

I truly believe I would not be the success that I am today without the support and guidance of Nancy Salzman. Because of her work with me I have grown my business to a very successful global design firm with projects from Shanghai to LA.

I am widely published, and I am a sought-after speaker at hotel design conferences. I am also on the board of directors of two national foundations, for which I am proud of.

Furthermore, I would also like to say that I have been off all anxiety medication for sixteen years, and have been in a successful personal relationship for almost twenty years. I am a much better person because of Nancy Salzman and how selflessly she supported me, and want to it make clear that this was often done outside of the NXIVM coursework and with no financial compensation for Nancy.

She always was there for me and for the many people who were around her.

There is no-one who I have encountered in my 52 years that has more compassion for humans and a drive to help people with such selflessness than Nancy Salzman.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to have any more information on my experience of Nancy.


FR Comment on David Ashen’s letter:

There you have it. A successful, talented designer feels he got off medication, got into his own business, became successful and found personal happiness because Nancy Salzman was his mentor. Nancy was the most profoundly important guide, philosopher and friend he ever met in life.

Whatever else she did, good or ill, she seems to have helped one man. And even if he is wrong about Nancy, he believed she helped him and became inspired to put his faith in her. It seems to have worked.

Who knows the many ways one can find happiness and success? Sometimes it may be just having faith in someone knowing the right and then, because of that, finding the light ourselves.

There was no reason to put his letter under seal. It is fair and honest.  I may not agree with Ashen about Nancy but he has the right to believe what he believes and if Nancy helped him in his life, how fortunate for her.

It is not often one gets to provide such aid to anyone and even rarer for anyone to have the grace to admit it and be thankful.


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  • Alanzo is releasing a new book next week. It is a BLOCKBUSTER!

    The Title: “Water is Wet and Other Amazing Things That Only My Genius Brain Can Understand, So SHUT UP You Blind Retard”.

    It is available now for pre-sale on Amazon.

  • Frank.

    Please try to redirect or restrict in some manner the incessant Scientology back and forth on unrelated pieces you publish.

    It is almost as tedious and off putting as everything turning into a political debate.

    This could finally be the factor that finishes forever my reading and contributing comments on your (formerly awesome) blog.

    I know I can’t be the only one who is over it.

    Thanks for at least considering this sentiment.

    • Troll flames wars drive page views and ad revenue.

      It’s part of what makes the Frank Report the best place to visit on the web–reporting on evil combined with silliness.

      It isn’t for everyone’s taste, though.

  • Anonymous,
    Re: your question about income
    Classism is out of style. I can only answer for myself. I currently live a simple lifestyle on a small retirement allowance. I retired early to care for my dying husband. I’ve been fired from jobs, I’ve been homeless, my credit score is a roller coaster. I’ve been arrested. I’m sure you can find more dirt. But I really don’t care.
    Tell us,
    Who or what supports you?

    • Oooooo… “classism.”

      Aren’t you fancy! And surprisingly Woke for a retiree. And tosses red herrings just like Alanzo.

      How would one find “dirt” on an anonymous poster who isn’t Alanzo? Hmmmmm…

      Now, Alanzo on the other hand…

      • A more interesting approach in my opinion..

        Watching who gets attacked and then figuring out why.

        Your attacks on Alanzo are always personal.

        Internet culture used to be suspicious of that. But now people just dogpile without getting informed.

        You play never-in well. But even if you were never in, you are indoctrinated. Getting info from people who were the top execs at OSA int sounds like a good idea until you research THEIR history. One of the first things you’ll notice is they all left the church around the same time (which is very unusual) and they all appeared on the internet at the same time.

        There’s so much more, but no one cares about the truth anymore.

        • Aww awone with his feeeeewings…

          He’s the only one alive who cares about the truth.

          Other than Suneel and Eduardo.

          Why don’t the three of you go on an amazing car ride together?

  • Before this thread, the last time Anonish showed up was here:


    and here:


    In both cases: only when someone threw shade at Alanzo. Anonish is familiar with Scientology terminology and procedure, just like Alanzo

    And now Anonish shows up when someone throws shade at Alanzo.

    Nutjob, Nice Guy and Frank, I say Occam’s Razor reveals Anonish is Alanzo’s sock puppet. What say you?

    I’m too lazy to search through old posts, but I’ll bet you guys a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle that Deep Seated Philosopher is also an Alanzo sock puppet.

    • Aw, Colonel, I’m flattered. To be honest I’ve been called worse.
      ‘m not a sock, just a satellite. I speak the language and understand OSA culture. Was waiting to see when one of YOUR socks would call Alanzo OSA. I won’t bore Frank’s readers with a wall of text explaining how OSA works. You know you’re lying. 😏

      • Alanzo, sock puppets are cheaper that socks, aren’t they?

        At least you can afford them.

        Thanks to people like Paulette Cooper, Tony Ortega, Mike Rinder and Leah Remini, anyone who is interested can learn how OSA works. Don’t worry about papering your walls with text. Focus on getting that Hot Pocket in your gaping maw.

        Say “Hi’ to Marty for me. Or has he completely ignored you since he got he worked out his deal with Captain Dave?

          • You are NOT going to find out how OSA works from Mike Rinder’s blog: Even though he worked for David Miscavige as head of OSA for more than 20 years, in the 14 years since he’s been “out”, he’s never revealed a criminal act anywhere, nor to anyone.

            Tony Ortega never writes about the deaths of Kyle Brennan or Ken Ogger. He wrote one article on the death of David Miscavige’s mother in law, Flo Barnett, in 2011 only to tell us that lots of women commit suicide by shooting themselves 3 times in the chest and once in the head WITH A RIFLE.

            After 10 years of these guys “exposing” OSA, David Miscavige has never been indicted on any criminal charge. He is more secure at the top of his tax free global real estate empire than ever before.

            Lay off the CalMag, CalMagnon.

            I think you’ve had one too many.


          • Everyone in the world is on the OSA payroll except you, Alanzo. Right?

            And Anonish.

            And Deep Seated Philosopher.

            Looking forward to reading your incisive reporting that yields all these indictments you blame others for not having inspired.

            With all that incredible evidence you’ve unearthed, why are you focused on the Freezone Freakshow?

          • Alanzo, wouldn’t the right people to ask about the lack of criminal prosecutions in the cases you mention be best directed to the law enforcement officials to whom you have presented your evidence?

            Last I checked, journalists and people who run blogs can’t arrest people or indict them. But… please enlighten us all.

        • Oh dear, if you got your knowledge of OSA from those sources… You might not be lying, just misinformed. My apologies if you are not a sock and only a troll. They are even cheaper than sock puppets. But the aftermath has shown that hired trolls sometimes become a liability.

      • So much pearl clutching, Garbanzo. You are at effect while Kentucky Colnonel is at cause.

        A nice, tall glass of calmag and an EM where you carefully ponder Keith’s wisdom about rapable babies should help flatten your button.

  • I don’t care about what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms; that’s their business. But it sure seems like there were a lot of gay men involved or around NXIVM. Was that part of KR’s recruitment strategy: to target guys he could manipulate because they were afraid of being outed? Was that used as pressure to get this letter or is it genuine?

  • David,

    Your support letter is successful. You provide a detailed account of Nancy caring for a terminally ill friend. That is rough and tough. Not for the faint of heart or a fair weathered friend.

    It is wonderful that you are off medications and living your best life. I would imagine that watching a treasured friend go through Nancy’s challenges of late would be deeply stressful. Hopefully you continue to care for yourself and stay on top of your past anxiety issues.

    This portrait is of a lovely woman. It is true of your time with Nancy. I do hope you are open to others’ letters telling of less positive experiences of Nancy also being truthful.

    People can be a mixed bag. Compartmentalized. Different with one gender. Or gentler with one friend over another etc. Just look at Keith Raniere!

    Your letter was vulnerable and brave. You will continue to keep strong for Nancy. And she for you. But Nancy admittedly, did commit some crimes.

    This court ordered time of Nancy repenting and paying her debt to society is a possible chance for you to return her past perceived wise council and lift Nancy in her darkest hour.

    Demand that Nancy be strenuously truthful! Rigorously hold Nancy to a higher standard and accountability. True friends try to keep other friends from criminal activities! And pull them into the light.

    Make Nancy laugh if you can. A lot.

  • Couple of things. First, none of this addresses the crimes that Salzman committed. Does it really make any difference that the neighbor of the serial killer thought “he was such a polite young man, very quiet and nicely dressed.”

    Second, Nxivm was a scam. It sold “human potential” malarkey and a lot of people believed in it. Some still do. That they fell for a scam and never wised up is hardly a testament to their wisdom or judgement.

  • I am not a NXIVM supporter and I supported these letters being filed publicly. I thought it was inappropriate that Nancy tried to file under seal when all other defendants did not. With that said, the stated reason for not filing publicly was to avoid appearing in the Frank Report. You wrote in this post, “there was no reason to put his letter under seal.” At this very moment, David J Ashen‘s unredacted address, published by one of your commenters, appears live for anyone on the Internet to see in the comments section in your previous post about Nancy. I think that invalidates your point about there being no reason to publish the letter under seal. You don’t get to have it both ways. If you don’t police your comments section when they do obvious doxing then maybe you have less moral high ground to stand on when they complain about appearing on your site. (Say nothing of the fact that doxing, in the wrong context, could get your site shut down.) And this is coming from someone who doesn’t support Raniere, Nancy, or anything to do with NXIVM.

      • The concerted attack on Alonzo appears to be not quite organic. I wonder if there are those in Scientology that find his existence offensive?

        • Frank-

          Regarding anonymous 9:42am, this individual is not me.

          I’m not exchanging barbs with Alanzo anymore. I am done.

          I sincerely, believe everyone should leave him alone. It’s not right to attack him.

        • $cios wouldn’t use so much $cio jargon. Probably ex’s pissed with him. Lots of ex’s think he is still in and working for OSA. As a friend of mine who grew up in Clearwater says, the only thing weirder than a $cio is an ex-$cio.

          But who knows… maybe OSA acting $cio to try and not look $cio.

          House of mirrors echo chamber where everyone is wearing masks.

          But it boosts controversy, page views and as revenue. So it’s all good in the hood.

        • DOSA JISM does not attack Alanzo. DOSA JISM loves Alanzo, just as DOSA JISM loves everyone, even blind retards who need to be shamed into silence.

          DOSA JISM does not find Alanzo’s existence offensive but would appreciate it if he would stop acting all skeevy and trying to get KPIs established that could potentially provide him with used panties of DOS members under the age of 65. If he earns Kathy Russell’s sweaty tutu, then we might reconsider.

          But for that to happen, there needs to be much more shaming into the silence of the blind retards. So far, he seems to be pulling in more nattering, J&D and enturbulated entheta. Perhaps a tall glass of calmag and an EM would help.

        • Thanks, Frank.

          I very much appreciate your watchful eye.

          Here’s more information on Jeffrey Augustine and Karen de la Carriere, two prominent ‘AntiScientologists’ who have been proven to be secretly running a Scientology auditing practice in their home in Los Angels, while simultaneously, and publicly, condemning Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard as a “con man”.

          They play both sides. They live in a multi-million dollar house in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles, claiming to receive their income from an ‘online art store’.

          Read the evidence in this account.

          Decide for yourself.

          I will be revealing more about their network over the next few weeks.

          Stay tuned.


          • Hahahaha.

            You think it is some kind of revelation that Karen and Jeff are Freezone freaks?! You posted about a Freezone documentary they are in for Christ’s sake. They don’t hide it.

            For those of you who aren’t hip to the lingo, the “Freezone” refers to people who practice Scientology auditing and associated mumbo jumbo but do so outside of the auspices of the official Church of Scientology. It is even nuttier than Scientology itself.

            Just look at the woman. It is obvious to everyone what a sideshow reject she is. She’s the very definition of plastic surgery disaster. But you seem to think you’re so uniquely perceptive and Mr. Investigative Reporter revealing a hidden conspiracy.

            You’re the kind of guy who thinks he’s smart because he notices that they sell groceries at Krogers.

            Alanzo, you are a Grade A hypocrite. You have a massive trail of posts all over the web talking about how much you benefited from Scientology auditing even though you are critical of the “church” in some limited ways. You never met a cult you didn’t feel compelled to defend.

            You are a legend in your own mind.

            But mainly you are driven by jealously at the success of other former Scientologists.

            You’ve finally found your home on the Frank Report, like Eduardo and Suneel. You guys are an F-list version of Howard Sterns’ Wack Pack.

          • Karen de la Carriere doesn’t just “claim” to receive income from an online art store, she actually does. Here’s the proof:


            What she sells are Thomas Kincade’s vintage puzzles and dolls. Kincade’s pieces are utter schlock, but very popular and there’s a lucrative market in reselling them. She has a 99.2% positive feedback rating on Ebay, so yeah this is a legit business and her inventory + feedback frequency is consistent with 6-figure annual cash flow.

            She also is very public about still charging people to do auditing. Hard to imagine that pays nearly as well as selling Kincade’s stuff, but who cares? There are tons of people out there selling tarot cards readings, psychic BS, etc., so why do you have such a hard-on for trashing her, Alazno?

            Why is it only former Scientologists or rape victims like Camila that you go after?

          • “She also is very public about still charging people to do auditing. Hard to imagine that pays nearly as well as selling Kincade’s stuff, but who cares? There are tons of people out there selling tarot cards readings, psychic BS, etc., so why do you have such a hard-on for trashing her, Alazno?

            Good to see one of Karen’s flying monkeys admit that Karen publicly pretends to be an antiScientologist while secretly scamming people out of what? 100s of thousands of dollars per year for Scientology auditing?

            All right. So now that we’ve established that Karen de la Carriere is a Scientologist while pretending to be an antiScientologist, what about Jeffrey Augustine?


            Do you have a reference, or a video, where either Karen or Jeffrey have publicly admitted they are Scientologists?


          • Anonish/Deep Seated Philosopher, since the topic is making a living, how do you earn your income?

            Ad revenue from your immensely popular blog?

            Asking for a friend.

          • A brief comment about Allen ‘Alanzo’ Stanfield and his statement that Jeffrey Augustine and Karen De La Carriere “live in a multi-million dollar house in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles”.

            Alanzo is well known for fabricating lies about people he doesn’t like. He is an habitual liar who makes up ‘facts’ to suit his hateful agenda.

            A quick fact check proves that once again Alanzo lied. The 2021 value of their home is $641,673, hardly a ‘multi-million dollar house’.


        • There’s no evidence to suggest Alanzo was ever a major player in Scientology, so why would Miscavige care about him so much? Only Miscavige’s opinion matters. The people Alanzo pisses off are the ex-Scientologists and other cult opponents that he’s been spending most of his time insulting online for years.

          Who was a very big deal was Karen de la Carriere. She was the highest level trained auditor in the history of the so-called church. Auditing is BS, but she jumped through the proper hoops. She continues to do auditing outside of COS which they consider “squirreling” and high treason.

          Google her name and the first several results are slimy Scientology funded websites slamming her.

          Google Alanzo’s name and the first results point to this website.

          And who is trashing Karen de la Carriere on this page? Alanzo. Why is he trying to shift focus to her?

          Lots of ex’s have accused him of being an OSA asset for many years. I never took any of that seriously and just thought he was a self-important blowhard, but now I’m rethinking things.

          You might be getting played, Frank. Your suspicion that Scientology is playing games with you may be right and the person doing that playing may be exactly the guy you are defending.

          That’s EXACTLY the kind of operation they run, especially against journalists. If you aren’t familiar with what they did to Paulette Cooper check this out: https://tonyortega.org/2020/08/18/leah-reminis-podcast-paulette-cooper-scientologys-og-of-fair-game-victims/

          • Good point. Scientology attack campaigns against ex’s always involve a WhoIs? website. Mike Rider, etc. Nothing like that for the guy whose name I’m not going to mention.

        • Frank, you mentioned before that Scientology sent you some threatening emails. Have you thought about beating them to the punch and suing for harassment?

        • The Church of Scientology, and their cut-outs, find anyone offensive who exposes the probable Scientology murders made to look like suicides, such as Kyle Brennan, Ken Ogger, and David Miscavge’s mother-in-law Flo Barnett.

          There is no statute of limitations on murder.


    • I have not gone back to look but I’m pretty sure that most of the letters-of-support that were filed on behalf of Nancy’s co-defendants had the authors’ names and addresses redacted. So, the blame for any addresses being made public should be directed at Nancy’s attorneys rather than at Frank Report.

      • KRC, my point is that if Frank wants to say “there was no reason to put his letter under seal” with the address in the letter redacted but then someone in the comments section posts that address unredacted, it’s still his responsibility to police that and remove the address from the comments section, and not policing it undermines the credibility of the statement that there was no reason not to file publicly. I’m not defending them, by the way, I think they should file publicly; my point is that it’s not smart to give them data that suggests their claims are not totally baseless. With all that said, Nancy’s lawyers also have the responsibility not to file public letters with unredacted addresses.

  • Ending on that note, Mr Parlato, you have been a fascinating teacher and friend. Thank you for being so amazing. You changed my life and inspire me every day. 🎀

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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