Bangkok Predicts: Allison Mack Will Get Seven Years Max

Bangkok AKA Mr. Know-All

By Bangkok

Hey, Claviger…

Allison will not get 9-13 years, you fucken legal dunce.

She’ll face a maximum of 7 years.

Besides, you and Frank spent the last year saying that Allie Mack’s ‘guidelines’ would be 3-5 years —- which means you were WAY OFF in the wrong direction, you god damn legal newbie.

How can a seasoned lawyer not be able to calculate sentencing guidelines?

Is that why it took you 6 tries to pass the BAR exam? Methinks yes.

Thus, after FAILING to give us her true guidelines for the last year… You’re now giving us a prediction that’s WAY OFF in the opposite direction, by claiming she’ll get 9-13 years. You’re ‘overcompensating’ for your previous underestimations.

Guess what, asshole? She’s facing 7 years maximum, possibly as low as 4 years. But not more than 7 years.

The judge is a fair guy. He won’t bury her —– and she’s more likely to get less time rather than more time. She could get 48 months, maybe even half that in prison with the other half probation.

You, on the other hand, should consider improving the world by leaping from the tallest place you can find.

But if you’re leaping into water (i.e., bridge, etc), please allow an extra few hundred feet of elevation — to ensure the job gets completed to finality. 🙂

Now go study for the BAR exam.

Better yet, go write your support letter for Allison (like Frank has asked you to do).

Don’t you dare pretend that Frank hasn’t recruited you to join the letter writing campaign that he’s organizing with my Empress, on Allison’s behalf, to sway the judge in her favor.

(my Empress holds sway over all living things on FrankReport, including your own sorry ass).

It’s so cute that all 3 of you are running around and stressing out this week, while trying to get Allie Mack a lesser sentence.

It’s so adorable that you, Frank and Empress Heidi honestly believe that Allison likes or respects you.

Newsflash: She doesn’t give 2 fucks about any of you.

IMO, she’d go right back to Keith if he’d take her back, once her sentence is over.

Frank is in love, I think, which would explain why he’s obsessing over Allie Mack’s fate so much. Frank won’t be sleeping the night before her sentencing, he’ll be too stressed out.

That’s how true love works (in this case it’s just one way love, since she only sees Frank as a USEFUL IDIOT).

Frank is Allie’s useful idiot. That’s why he’s angry at Kristin Kreuk, since I have no doubt that he probably asked Kreuk to write a support letter for Allison to the judge (thru an intermediary) —- but she probably ignored his request.

Have a great day. 🙂

Wedding picture of Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne


Bangkok, AKA Mr. Know-All feels he has the goods on the marriage of Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack

Well, Frank, I guess you can’t keep covering for Nicki Clyne’s suspicious marriage anymore, LOL.

Allison just confirmed what you’ve been actively denying for months —- that there is PROOF that Keith ordered that fake marriage for ‘immigration’ reasons. Allison is a FIRST HAND witness and party to that incident. That’s the best proof you can get.

You fucken dunce. I guess you’re not as smart as you thought.

…and why did you BLOCK my comment from being approved in Claviger’s article? Is it cuz you and Claviger don’t have a response for looking so foolish?

Please tell Claviger that I think he’s a pussy for not approving that comment and responding to it.

That fucken dunce was WAY OFF in his previous assessment of Allison’s sentencing guidelines.

Have a nice day. 🙂

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Georgia Wang
Georgia Wang
2 years ago

Bangkok is the only one who gets it

The Retard
The Retard
2 years ago

Frank has a QUANDARY to deal with right now…

He’s spent the last year defending Nicki Clyne’s marriage to Allison as being legit.

If memory serves, Frank actually said that they were planning on raising kids together one day. He basically ‘vouched’ for that marriage and has shut down several posters questioning it.

Yet, if Allison’s statement to the court is true —– that whole marriage was a sham concocted by Keith, as a way to circumvent immigration policies.

Here’s Frank’s quandary…

Frank is actively supporting Allison by writing to the judge on her behalf, claiming that she’s a changed person and a truthful person who’s no longer living a life of lies and deceitfulness.

But Frank is also actively defending Nicki Clyne still, claiming that there’s no proof she’s done anything wrong and no proof that her marriage was a sham.

Do you see the contradiction that Frank is spewing?

If his statements about Nicki Clyne are true, that would mean Allison’s RECENT statement to the court is a LIE and that she’s actively deceiving the court, which would mean she’s not deserving of leniency and hasn’t changed her ways.

But if Allison’s statement is true, that would mean Nicki is deceiving everybody and is not worthy of Frank defending her any longer.

Frank PURPOSELY punted this issue in his last article, by claiming that he’s reached out to Nicki and Keith for comment; he’s pretending that he’s neutral, when in reality, he’s not.

Trust me, he’s NOT expecting any comment. He’s just trying to weasel out of his ‘quandary’ by not writing about it ever again.

Frank will try hard to avoid talking about this issue —– so that his contradictory support for both Allison and Nicki won’t be exposed too badly. Frank is literally saying that 2+2 can equal 5.

Frank is letting his emotions guide his journalism.

If Frank doesn’t address this issue in a new article and explain WHO’S TELLING THE TRUTH and WHO’S LYING (Allison or Nicki) —— then I’ll have no respect left for that Sicilian migrant, and I’ll do everything in my power to revoke his journalist credentials and deport his ass back to his family’s old shit-hole country.

Have a good day.

mexican lady
mexican lady
2 years ago
Reply to  The Retard

I think Frank is reinventing citizen journalism. It is tough. Not black and white how to do it. I do think that he should create an article clarifying whether Nicki lied about the marriage, especially because he defended her. Nicki is gaining an audience that believes she is truthful and a “power woman.” It is important to expose lies. The truth is always fair 🙂

Nicki is a big ol' liar. And criminal.
Nicki is a big ol' liar. And criminal.
2 years ago
Reply to  The Retard

Quandary # 2

There is sworn testimony that the Nicki -Allison union is an immigration fraud crime at the behest of Keith Raniere.

Are we to believe only the parts of the Keith Raniere trial testimony that are not about Nicki Clyne’s sham marriage? Are those witnesses being called liars? Are they being accused of committing perjury?

And if so, why should we believe anything that those trial witnesses stated?

India lived with Allison. I think she would know first-hand if the marriage was fake.

India has also criminally implicated herself for writing a FAKE immigration statement on their behalf. Why would she do that if it were not true?

Lauren has also said that it was a fake marriage. And Keith’s doing.

And then there are Nicki’s own words about being Keith Raniere’s partner for 10 years.

More importantly, there is Nicki’s behavior. And what she hasn’t done. Ever. Nicki is not a person who shies away from publicly putting all her business out there on social media, the news etc.

Remember it was Nicki who posted Keith’s location and that led to his arrest.

And there is zero evidence of anything, ever, remotely romantic between Nicki and Allison. Never. Ever. Even as “newlyweds”. No kissing photos. No couple shots. No reference to each other as spouses. Or even lovers.

Nor did Nicki respond as a spouse would to Allison being arrested. Her recent “wife” continued to be never seen, spoken of, or publicly supported in any way by Nicki. And Nicki was very public in her love and support for “her partner of 10 years,” Keith Raniere.

Quandary # 3

Either Allison was completely under Raniere’s coercive control and followed orders as both his romantic partner and a slave who had given Keith a lifetime vow of obedience…

Or Allison was completely free to have a sexual, romantic and fully committed marriage with Nicki Clyne (who also made a lifetime vow to be only with Keith) of her own volition. Both scenarios cannot be true.

Please, do you think these two ladies wouldn’t have had a whole slew of pre & post wedding celebrations? That their families would have been excluded? No parties with the Nxivm community? No wedding presents?!

Come on, now!

The marriage between Allison and Nicki was — and is — immigration fraud and Keith’s idea and manipulation.

“It is absolute utter fabrication” as Squeaky Clyne would say.

RIP my most recent Nicki comment
RIP my most recent Nicki comment
2 years ago
Reply to  The Retard

I wrote a comment agreeing with you, Mr. Tard.

But alas, because it was all about, “she who must not be called out on her B×llsh×t”

(Choking back sobs) It did not make it…

2 years ago

I’d just like to reiterate I’m still looking very much forward to Frank addressing the issue of Nicki’s immigration fraud.

2 years ago

Allison Mack’s statement to the Judge is as full of crap as her email to Raniere after having three way sex with Raniere and Dani Padilla.

On Friday, March 4, 2016 10:19 AM, Allison Mack wrote [to]

i wanted to reach out to you both and thank you for this morning.

i arrived home and looked at myself in the mirror and what i saw was such beauty and grace.

i am new to this:

to being with more than one person.

to exploring and experimenting with my body and others in a free and open way.

to sharing and releasing and relaxing and enjoying.

the level of vulnerability is high and i feel nervous and insecure.

but when i am with you two something changes. i not only feel allowed to face this vulnerability with encouragement, i laugh my way through it.

i feel such gratitude for you both. you are the most dear souls to me and i feel such motivation to get better in every area of my life so i can provide even half the joy and satisfaction you have been able to introduce to my life.

i fight with my viscera sometimes – the unconventional approach to love and relationships is something i still wrestle with. but your care and commitment makes it so much easier. and what i find on the other side of this struggle is beyond what i ever imagined.

i am so glad to be tied to you for life.

i feel dedicated, eternally, to growing myself into a more loving, more kind, more generous, sensitive and genuine woman – even if it is only to be able to keep up with the two of you in the bedroom. ?

i love that i smell like a mixture of you both. i hold your love in my heart, it is obvious from the shine of my eyes.

“from wrong lead me to right.

from darkness lead me to light.

from death lead me to immortality”

within the shackles of commitment i find the greatest freedom of all. true love.


2 years ago

Podcast features Tabby Chapman, Mack’s Social Media Director.

Mack could be charming or Vindictive.

Chapman says it is no surprise that Raniere and Mack went to a dark place.

2 years ago

God, Bangkok is truly the dumbest person to read on this site. His “arguments” are the definition of childish. The above is a long diatribe that comes down “I think Mack will get five years based on nothing and you are idiots for thinking otherwise!”. But he is so damn dumb he can’t even make that short statement. Going to go into attack mode at least provides more to back it up then pitching a fit like a baby.

The Retard
The Retard
2 years ago
Reply to  Erasend

Erasend is my friend. 🙂

With all due respect, friend, you’re probably the most Trump/GOP-obsessed person on this blog, LOL.

Nearly half of your posts make indirect references to either Trump, Stone or GOP voters as a whole, without any prompting from other commenters and without any relation to the topic being discussed.

Which means you’re literally thinking about Trump and GOP voters 24 hours per day, on your own volition, without any real necessity for doing so; since the election was over many months ago. LOL.

If you weren’t such an angry and grumpy person you’d let go of your hatred for Trump and get on with your life and have fun or whatever. No, he wasn’t Hitler. Hitler killed tens of millions of people. Hitler didn’t obey any court judgements. Hitler would shoot judges or anybody else who criticized him. Try reading a history book.

Release the hatred, my friend. 🙂 He’s no longer the president and you’re only making yourself miserable by thinking about him and the GOP, 24 hours per day.

Try going to the park. Or to the beach. Maybe get some pussy or something. Anything to take your mind off Trump and Stone, lol.

With every post you make about Trump, your own narcissism is showing far more than his, lol. You constantly speak as though you know better than most people, which is the definition of narcissism.

The difference between you and me (or is it you and I?) is that I purposely write in a narcissistic fashion just to PISS people off, whereas you honestly believe that your point of view should be imposed on everybody in the country.

Ask any psychologist if your angry thoughts about Trump and the GOP are normal and healthy, months after he left office, LOL.

Have a wonderful day. 🙂

2 years ago
Reply to  The Retard

Way off topic, at least my Trump comments are an illustrative example of the topic at hand. I know, its been at least a week since I have done that and you have been itching to post that for a while now it seems so glad able to provide that opportunity that you clearly have been wanting to unload with. Weird timing but whatever helps get that weight off your shoulders right? I can’t imagine the immense pride you felt hitting send (cause posting a comment and pride don’t really belong together), but I am glad I could be apart of bringing that feeling to you.

2 years ago
Reply to  Erasend

Trump lives in your head rent free.

2 years ago

Yeah dangerous psychopaths who seek to destroy democracy can do that sometimes. Much like how Raniere takes up space in your heads. At least my concern had genuine power and is seeking to regain that power. The other is locked away to never return.

What is your excuse for allowing Raniere to live in your head rent free? I know your going to deny this but go re-read your many comments, many with true anger attached to them. You don’t get that kind of emotional responses if he was not taking up space in your head. Its OK, likely once the sentencing across the board completes, you will evict Keith from your head.

2 years ago

Enlightening to the last line, as usual. And riveting!

2 years ago

Care to put some skin into that prediction? I suggest we set up an escrow account this weekend, $10k usd buyin. What odds you offering, boy?

K.R. Claviger
2 years ago
Reply to  Snorlax

Surely, you must know by now that Bangkok will never put up any money to back up his claims.

2 years ago

Bangkok, you’ve got Frank all wrong about loving Allison. Frank has only one love, and that love is reserved for Catherine O. You can’t have her though Frank, she’s a married woman! WTF Frank! Stop giving Catherine back massages and palm readings and talking about her Mount Venuses, she’s a lady and not some swinger Frank, you fuckin’ pervert!!

2 years ago

The Truest Words Ever Published in the Frank Report,

“It’s so adorable that you, Frank and Empress Heidi honestly believe that Allison likes or respects you.

Newsflash: She doesn’t give 2 fucks about any of you.

IMO, she’d go right back to Keith if he’d take her back, once her sentence is over.”


Honestly Allison Mack is a Narcissist who only cares about herself. Shadow State

2 years ago

There is no parole in federal criminal sentences. How many times do you have to repeat that before it sticks in people’s minds.

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