Heidi: Allison Mack Took the Fall

Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

I’ve followed the dirty deets of this case closely – too closely for my own good – in hopes of getting answers and closure on my sister’s death, of course – for decades now and I deeply regret not reaching out to Allison Mack and her family more directly far sooner to warn them.

Each time I’ve tried, those efforts were shockingly misconstrued to suit some often nefarious agendas that were never my own.

I believe Allison was and continues to be hard targeted, used and exploited beyond what most of the other victims and survivors have endured, save maybe the Mexican and other child victims, some of whom have yet to be counted such as the Rainbow Vulture Garden experimentees.

Allison fell victim to not only Keith’s disease and Nancy’s avaricious but to the many characters involved in this epic, tragic saga in need of a high-profile scapegoat to project and justify their own guiltiness or mere participation.

Allison’s huge mistake was hanging onto her forced, deeply entrenched delusions about KAR and his acolytes’ true, various agendas: disguised by their collective “mission,” even past the point of ignoring her opportunity to plea, nay, be heard at all in KAR’s trial proceedings.

DOS brand

Remember that the context of Allison’s choices not only while within the “eye” of the NX cult – that always had her role-playing on camera (where she’s been placed since early childhood) – but the situation that continued long past her arrest to this day includes a Hollywood tabloid media perspective and limelight-seeking ‘victims’ (none need take offense), who cast Allison as the Femme Fatale of this tale long ago.

This is all on top of the fact that Allison STILL lacks independent counsel acting purely in her interests.

Allison and the attorneys that were provided to her.

Anyone interested in justice could have and did see this coming – all the financially dependent defendants were given little choice but to sign away their rights re: the blatant conflict of interest with Clare (and Sara, at least) Bronfman footing their legal bills and calling the shots in collusion with the likes of Salinas lackey Dennis Burke, the famed Floridian Daddy/daughter pedo protectors, the Geragos,’ and an assortment of other pigs y puercos at the feed bin including fucking Michael Avenatti, no less. (Btw, any bets on who’ll be representing the ex-POTUS DJT in his upcoming pedo case? Agnifilo has dropped a hint or two on record that he’s down for it.)

And now, we see evil Allison’s most photogenic, inter-racial “victim” attacking Mack in FOX news sound bites – though Jaye’s not quite ready to discuss NXIVM per se, she’s sure grandmaster mistress Allison intentionally caused her more pain than anyone, indicted or not!

Jessica Joan, AKA Jaye,– a jury determined that she was a victim of attempted sex trafficking. A DOS slave, her master was India Oxenberg, her grandmaster was Allison Mack and she did not know it at the time, but the man she was assigned to seduce – Keith Alan Raniere – was her great grandmaster.

Fortunately, we are blessed with the wise Judge G who’s presided through all of this madness and well demonstrated his integrity.

IHMO, Allison Mack deserves the same treatment India Oxenberg, any of the slaves who got out in time to avoid being charged, get. She is not on par with Lauren Salzman, certainly not Nancy Salzman, nor many of the uncharged guilty parties.

Allison “took the fall” and the saddest part for me is that when she did, only the vultures showed up to feed on her carcass.

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  • It is very hard in cults to know who is a victim and who is not: e.g., in groups where men can lose their whole family if they speak out like the FLDS and in any extreme religion that practices shunning, it is difficult to say if everyone below the leader is a victim or not. When do you not do what you are ordered to do? Luckily, those who entered a guilty plea made all that a lot easier in this case.

  • It has been quoted here and in other comments that Pea said “Keith ravaged Kreuk’s body.” To be fair to Ms Kreuk, Pea’s actual quote is this:

    “Kristin is an incredibly shallow woman herself and I know her well, very well. She is a woman who Keith enjoyed lavishly for a brief but intense time but he found her too shallow and stopped enjoying her.”

    I’m sure Mr. Kreuk will appreciate the correction.

  • I was watching an interview of India Oxenberg on Youtube and she describes her inability to admit that sexual activity was taking place with KR for at least 6 months after she was in therapy. I’m no expert, but that sounds like PTSD or some other form of severe trauma. So, why wouldn’t that also be the case for ALL the other women including Allison Mack? Just saying…

    • Yes, there most definitely was repeated, intentional infliction of severe trauma on all the key acolytes and the results of that are very obvious – DENIAL being the first and usually longest lasting stage of PTSD symptoms.

      I remember thinking India was in denial when she lied to Catherine about having sex with Keith. Though she admitted to the branding she couldn’t admit to what it might signify, sexual enslavement, either.

      But, again, Allison appears to me to have been most heavily bombarded with and effected by the deliberate infliction of trauma in recent years.

      Keith admitted as much to Mark Vicente when he noted Allison’s rapid deterioration. That he was, especially, “breaking” her and intended to continue to do so despite her sickly symptoms.

      Maybe I’ll address this further in a fresh post on Gina but there was an intense, focused effort to break her down as well with the goal of coercing her into suicide that went on for decades. I believe that same formula that ‘worked’ on Gina and that Keith boasted of working to induce disassociation or cognitive dissonence was condensed into months and ‘successfully’ used against Kris Snyder.

      Those facts and evidence thereto including admissions and witnesses were recorded during the 2019 production of “Lost Women.”

      Keith and certain core NXIAN’s [redacted] set destruction unto death as a goal for certain individuals as surely as imprisonment and other forms of annihilation were planned and executed, as well.

      • Yes. That’s a really good point. Allison was targeted by Raniere; he was consciously trying to break her, including her will and logical functioning. And she was dependent upon him for her financial livelihood as was demonstrated in one of the texts where she asks Raniere to please have Clare release the money Allison had earned from teaching acting classes. If she didn’t toe the line, she just wouldn’t get paid.

        • Nothing guarantees slave obedience like being forced to beg for earned pay when you’re already starved to the bone as Allison clearly was.

          I’ll take you up on that suggestion, FMN, to write to Gaurufis on Allie’s behalf.

          I know, as does Frank, without any shadow of a doubt that my sister (Gina) was used as a prototype for much of the same more extreme torment – including the starvation, sleep depravation, alternate love bombing and alienation, constant focus on her “issues” as defined by Keith, etc. – that Allison was subjected to. Again, all the facts and proof are there – in the can or already recorded on film but never yet aired.

          I would love to attend Allison’s sentencing hearing to read a statement in support of her in particular since she appears to, shockingly, be lacking in it – at least in the wildly varying, often overly fictionalized NXIVM productions I’ve seen and been involved with so far.

          • Heidi, I agree. As the date is approaching, I feel really scared for Allison. It’s exactly what Keith wanted for her. The absolute worst! I can just feel it in my bones.

            I’m actually praying for her.

  • Spanky, why don’t you post under your “SultanOfSix” name, instead doing so anonymously?

    You have a particular fragrance one familiar with can sniff out. It is a low testosterone/explosives/cumin/semen smell.

    Also, have you shone an infrared light in your Lexus Spankmobile? It would look like the remnants of a Halloween themed party.

    • How do you know this is Sultan of Six? H

      Even if it is, it has been my experience that Sultan has shown a high level of persistence in his defense of his inamorata Kristin Kreuk, that suggests he is a true – red blooded virile Sultan, which they all must be in order to keep a happy harem – in his case, I presume, of six.

      • “How do you know this is Sultan of Six?”

        The aforementioned fragrance.

        “that suggests he is a true – red blooded virile Sultan, which they all must be in order to keep a happy harem – in his case, I presume, of six”.

        Does Sultan Of Six have six fingers? Each digit a member of his passionate harem. Supplemented by melted butter or some kind of slippery cooking oil.

      • “The Lord gave mankind 10 fingers and 10 toes so he could count as high in number as his harem is allowed to grow.”
        -Antiquated Mormon Idiom

  • You know the type of life changes that Mr. Raniere imposed on his disciples and especially his “inner circle women” can actually precipitate varying types of “dissociative disorders” which are significant forms of trauma equivalent to PTSD. Based on Allison’s performance at the birthday celebration, I would not be surprised to find she, and certain of the other ladies, including Danielle Roberts, are suffering from diagnosed or non-diagnosed PTSD.

    • So then, is there nothing to differentiate, or perhaps there is quite a distinction, between experiencing voluntary “traumatization” versus the experience which people often undergo, due to experiencing completely INVOLUNTARY traumatic circumstances. ???

      • Hi Shivani! I’m not sure about the voluntary vs involuntary part, either. Consider survivors of domestic abuse or human trafficking. Some of their choices may have been voluntary (like choosing to date the person) where others like being confined or raped or beaten were outside of their control.

        I believe that people ought to responsible for their choices and if they make bad ones, to learn from them and make better choices at the next decision point. I have a heart full of compassion for those who have suffered evil at the hands of others (because unfortunately, it happens) but in as much as is possible, each of us is responsible to take action accordingly. This is free will. This is what it is to be human.

        The bottom line, in my opinion, is that Allison committed inhumane acts. I wouldn’t be surprised if she experienced trauma on some level because of it. I also think it’s okay to acknowledge that trauma is real to her without absolving her of responsibility for it.

        • When I look at Allison and what would be a suitable decision upon her sentencing, my thoughts are quite mixed. I do trust that Judge Garaufis will decide appropriately and also, that he has considerably more current information than others of us who are observing all of this would have at hand.

          The determinations to be made are his, and I am thankful that none of his decisions are mine to be making. There is no way that I feel qualified to do what Judge Garaufis has been doing, but it is his work, his field and his responsibility.

          Punishing anyone or acting punitively towards anyone would not be easy. My stance is “Let’s work this out as favorably as possible for everyone who has been involved.” Probably that is too sentimental, emotional. I don’t want anyone to be treated unfairly or ground down into a worsening state of mind.

          “No cookies tonight and you will have to go to bed earlier than usual.” That’s about it for me and being punitive. Baby stuff, not overlooking the finales of peoples’ criminal enterprises.

          Yet Mack, to my ways of looking at it, has treated others inhumanely and grotesquely. This is how she decided to use her own free will, her personality, her character. She has been into this MUCK for a long period of time, too.

          So it is good not to be the decider because I don’t know what the answers ought to be and do not know enough about the field of law to be able to adjudicate.

          So far as the two sentences already delivered by Judge Garaufis, it looks as though he put a great deal of work and thoughtful analysis into his decisions, and that has impressed me, learning what he has had to say. I’d kiss his cheek for what he has decided, so far.

          But at the same moment, I wish that prisons didn’t “need” to exist, at all.

          • The basic statistics underscore how different the U.S. is in terms of its use of incarceration to punish those who have been convicted of any crime: i.e., the U.S. has about 4.5% of the world’s population but 20% of its prisoners. But worse yet — at least to me — is the fact that everyone convicted of a felony in the U.S. receives a permanent punishment because of all the collateral consequences that never go away (e.g., disqualification for certain jobs; difficulty in finding a place to rent; ineligibility for certain federal benefits; etc.). That’s why I am hopeful that the pending Clean Start legislation in Congress — and its counterparts in various state legislatures — will actually become law (See: https://www.register-herald.com/news/state_region/manchin-reintroduces-the-clean-start-act/article_f0ac0325-e5b5-5b5f-a24b-49a322f437eb.html#:~:text=The%20Clean%20Start%20Act%20will%20allow%20a%20person,months%20of%20service%20as%20a%20peer%20recovery%20coach).

            I have little doubt that Judge Garaufis’sentence for Allison will include some prison time. How much is hard to predict — especially given the prison time he already meted out to Keith and Clare.

            If there are no “surprises” in Allison’s Pre-sentence Report — and if, unlike Clare, Allison completely disavows Keith and DOS — I now think she will likely end up with something in the 3-5 year range. I once thought she might get more than that but I think the passage of time between her guilty plea and her sentencing may have actually helped her get a lesser sentence than otherwise might have been the case (The same is likely true for Nancy and Lauren).

            In less than four weeks, we’ll all have the answer…

        • Why then have so few others been charged for the very same “inhumane” acts that Allison allegedly perpetrated under greater duress than they? Allison wasn’t even there when Joan or Nicole or Sarah were trafficked or, going back in time, when dozens of uncharged or NDNY “referred” criminal acts such as the child molestations occurred. And they who were remain uncharged or undercharged by comparison. Hers was not the hand that weilded the branding lazer weapon and the hand that did, Dr. Robert’s, remains free and unrepentant to do so again. In fact, we still don’t even know the identity of the mystery man who branded Allison partially clad who, obviously, is as yet if ever not being held accountable in any way.

          What do you allege Allison did beyond or any worse than any of these characters? Besides “take the fall” or as she analogously put it “one for the team” in a staged interview with a targeted feminist journalist on assignment with Carlos Slim Helu’s partially-owned NYT?

    • Oh gawd. PTSD is becoming an excuse for anything and everything.

      PTSD used to be known as “shell shock” in the trenches of WWI. Then as “combat fatigue” in the foxholes of WWII. Men broke down under the onslaught of continuous shelling. Offensives that went on for days or weeks continuously, night and day. Men blown apart, roasted alive in their vehicles. No prospect of relief in wars that went on for years.

      Now it’s been watered down in the popular mind to the level of “stress”. Allison Mack got PTSD from running her slaves ragged up there in her Knox Woods townhouse, cruising around in her BMW and sending texts on her iPhone. Yeah, just like the Battle of Iwo Jima, that lifestyle.

      Gimme an effin’ break.

      • Hey Aristotle. I mostly agree with you. This term PTSD is thrown around too lightly these days.

        But it might apply depending on how badly Keith threatened her. If she was exposed to: death, threatened death, actual or threatened serious injury, or actual or threatened sexual violence, she may meet the initial criteria. PTSD can apply to victims of torture and terrorism, too, not just veterans of war.

        But since none of the nxians have ever reported that this type of terrorism was happening, my guess is Allison was just manipulated.

        Yet? Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t excuse her behavior. She’s an able-minded adult woman who should have known it’s wrong to lie to and collect blackmail on people.

        Why she didn’t just put this man in his place and head for the hills is beyond my understanding. My best guess, based on the reports from her slaves, is that she actually enjoyed the power and control and being part of an “elite group”.

        Keith probably recognized this in her and exploited it to serve his own agenda.

        Because, let us not forget how the mission statement was to control as much of the world’s wealth as possible! The writing was on the wall right from the start but they all went along with it anyway.

        I feel a little bit bad for her. I don’t think her brand of female empowerment is going to be very popular in prison.

  • Envy is a feeling or mental state in which there is pain or misery for not possessing what the other has, be it in goods, superior qualities, or other kinds of tangible and intangible things. This is what the comments abound. ENVY for what Allison Mack stands for. A successful, free, self-confident, attractive, young and creative woman. Many envy her and that is why they want her ruin.

    Envy was always considered a capital sin because it generates other sins and breaks with love of neighbor.

    For Saint Thomas Aquinas, envy is “sadness for the good of another.”

    Dante Alighieri in the poem of Purgatory defines envy as “Love for one’s own goods perverted to the desire to deprive others of their own.” The punishment for the envious is to close their eyes and sew them with iron wires, because they had received pleasure from seeing others fall. In the Middle Ages the famous witch hunter, Cardinal Peter Binsfeld, attributed to envy the demon called Leviathan, a sea demon that was only controlled by God.

    In the field of psychoanalysis, envy is defined as a feeling experienced by one who intensely desires something possessed by another. Envy damages the ability to enjoy and appreciate what one possesses. It is the single most important factor in undermining feelings of love, tenderness, or gratitude. Envy is an angry feeling against another person who possesses or enjoys something desired by the envious individual, who has the urge to take it away or damage it. Unlike jealousy, which includes a bond of at least three people, envy occurs in pairs. The envious person is insatiable because his envy comes from within her and that is why she can never be satisfied, since she will always find someone else to focus on.

    • Extreme envy is also the main key ingredient for NPD – KAR’s diagnosis – and one of the deadliest of the 7 deadly sins of Pagan yore.

      I’ve read much about NDP disorder of late from more scientific sources but I like the Biblical takes on not only envy but more “covetousness.”

      Where simple envy seems to be a normal part of human nature, covetousness combined with some entitlement – like royalty or Godhood (or a God complex) is usually the downfall of Biblical protagonists.

    • “This is what the comments abound. ENVY for what Allison Mack stands for. A successful, free, self-confident, attractive, young and creative woman. Many envy her and that is why they want her ruin.”

      Please, keep telling yourself this.

    • We want accountability. I would not want to be Allison Mack in any remote way and in no way do I envy her.

    • Jeffrey Epstein was much more successful and I I don’t think anyone envied him any more than anyone envied Allison Mack. So, anyone who is highly successful can go out and commit crimes and we should not prosecute them because we would be committing the sin of envy? Leave the prosecution to those that will protect the interests of the victims.

    • Oh my goodness! Tesalonicenses, surely you must be kidding?!

      I don’t disagree with what you are saying about envy, but what elements of Allison’s life, self or conduct are enviable?

      All you mention is that she was “A successful, free, self-confident, attractive, young and creative woman.” These are all pretty normal qualities that most women of her age possess. Why would anyone envy her for that?

      I’d wager that such qualities would only make her the kind of chick you’d wanna invite to girls’ night.

      I really don’t understand where you’re coming from with this. Do you struggle with feeling envious of others?

  • La envidia es un sentimiento o estado mental en el cual existe dolor o desdicha por no poseer uno mismo lo que tiene el otro, sea en bienes, cualidades superiores u otra clase de cosas tangibles e intangibles. Esto es lo que abunda en los comentarios. ENVIDIA por lo que representa Allison Mack. Una mujer triunfadora, libre, segura de sí misma, atractiva, joven y creativa. Muchos la envidian y por eso quieren su ruina.

    La Envidia siempre fue considerada como un pecado capital porque genera otros pecados y rompe con el amor al prójimo.

    Para Santo Tomás de Aquino, la envidia es “tristeza del bien de otro”.

    Dante Alighieri en el poema de El Purgatorio, define la envidia como “Amor por los propios bienes pervertido al deseo de privar a otros de los suyos.” El castigo para los envidiosos es el de cerrar sus ojos y coserlos con alambres de hierro, porque habían recibido placer al ver a otros caer. ​En la Edad Media el famoso cazador de brujas, el cardenal Peter Binsfeld le atribuyó a la envidia el demonio llamado Leviatán, un demonio marino y que era solo controlado por Dios.

    En el ámbito del psicoanálisis la envidia es definida como un sentimiento experimentado por aquel que desea intensamente algo poseído por otro. La envidia daña la capacidad de gozar y de apreciar lo que posee uno mismo. Es el factor más importante del socavamiento de los sentimientos de amor, ternura o gratitud. La envidia es un sentimiento enojoso contra otra persona que posee o goza de algo deseado por el individuo envidioso, quien tiene el impulso de quitárselo o dañarlo. A diferencia de los celos, que comprenden un vínculo de por lo menos tres personas, la envidia se da de a dos. La persona envidiosa es insaciable porque su envidia proviene de su interior y por eso nunca puede quedar satisfecha, ya que siempre encontrará otro en quien centrarse.

    • Ally Wack was so deliriously happy finally having obtained more “stardom” than her longtime rival, Kristin Kreuk.

      • I don’t believe Mack’s drive to do what she did had anything at all to do with some alleged “competition” with Kreuk. That would require them both being jealous of the same thing and clearly Kreuk cared more about her career than NXIVM. Which is somewhat ironic since Mack seemingly wasn’t fulfilled by a career in an industry she started in as a child, so she sought something outside of it to fulfill her and was manipulated for it. Whereas Kreuk sought NXIVM to help her overcome her above average shyness so that she could advance further in and have a more fulfilling career. Opposite paths leading to opposite ends.

        • –some alleged “competition” with Kreuk. That would require them both being jealous of the same thing–

          No. Jealousy is a “competition” that needs only one person to play.

          • I’m not sure when Allison and Kristin became rivals. I thought they were friends in the past and their friendship dissipated as Allison dug deeper into the cult rabbit hole.

            “That would require them both being jealous of the same thing–”

            I believe the wrong term was used here. I think it should’ve been “covetous” instead of “jealous” or some other synonym of the former.

            “Jealousy is a ‘competition’ that needs only one person to play.”

            How can someone be in competition with another person for some object if the other person doesn’t even care about it? Also, jealousy occurs because someone wants something they don’t have, e.g., wealth, etc., which another person does. Your statement makes no sense.

            Clearly, Allison was in competition with other harem members for Raniere’s attention, and no named NXIVM member ever claimed Kristin was one. Sure, there have been rumors, but a rumor is like an opinion — anyone can make one up.

          • My putting “competition” in quotes hoped to signal that there was no competition as a comment above said.

            Yes, envy would have been a better choice than jealousy, but again, it can be a one-way game.

            Yes, Mack and Kreuk seemingly were friends on Smallville…but Mack was always second to Kreuk there–in status, beauty, career prospects, etc…thus Mack was envious of Kreuk (never the other way around) till Mack got into the inner-circle of NXIVM, finally overshadowing Kreuk.

          • “and their friendship dissipated as Allison dug deeper into the cult rabbit hole.”

            Kreuk and Mack were still friends in 2014, but by 2015, were not, according to Allison Mack at a con event.

            But it could not be about Nxivm, as Kreuk was still in Nxivm at the time [2015], though, apparently not as a coach.

            The same month Mack spoke at that con event, May 2015, Kreuk was publicly thanked by Mark Busse for her “encouragement” on the Nxivm course he had just completed that week.


            And Frank Parlato knows that Kreuk was still a member of Nxivm up until at least 2016.

            This contradicts the lie[s] her PR put out there via anonymous sources that she “left” because of the pedophile revelations in 2012, or because of “rumours” Raniere was fucking female students.

            Kreuk clearly did not care and was a member of Nxivm in 2016, still doing EMs with, apparently Nancy Salzman.

            Is this correct, Frank?

            Also, a question for Frank Parlato, do you know the real identity of “Pea Onyu”?

          • “The same month Mack spoke at that con event, May 2015, Kreuk was publicly thanked by Mark Busse for her “encouragement” on the Nxivm course he had just completed that week.”

            I really don’t see how that implies she was still in NXIVM. People can take any type of courses — college, self-help, trade, vocational, etc. — and no longer be involved with the institution and years later still recommend them to another person because they had a good experience. I’ve done it myself.

        • —Whereas Kreuk sought NXIVM to help her overcome her above average shyness so that she could advance further in and have a more fulfilling career.

          I believe you are a 100% correct. So much information can be gleaned from watching the character she plays on television and her social media-posts, besides of course searching her garbage. I wonder what you are up to on this fine evening. No doubt driving in your Lexus dreaming of singing to Kristen Kreuk. Incredible insightful comment you made. I believe there is nothing odd going on. 😉

          • This is a cryptic comment. I don’t have a clue as to what a Lexus, singing to Kreuk, and searching through her social media posts or her garbage has to do with this discussion and what I or anyone else said, although that garbage reference made me chuckle because I read here that NXIVM followers used to search through the garbage of its enemies for dirt on strict orders from Raniere. The information as to why she joined NXIVM came straight from the horse’s mouth and I just repeated it here. Do you dispute this? I would know of no other reason as to why she joined that may have been documented elsewhere and could be more insightful.

          • Anon 6:12 am-

            I beg to differ! Do you believe everything you hear?

            Kristen Kreuk lied about the dates of her involvement in NXIVM multiple times. She was a recruitment tool, recruiter, and senior instructor.

            “The early bird catches the worm and the horny-toad catches syphilis.”
            -Ayatollah of RocknRolla

            BTW: Idioms, proverbs, and platitudes are not cryptic.

            Is the fragrance of a flower a riddle?

      • “Keith ravaged Kreuk’s body” according to Pea Onyu. So the smelly one was porking the both of them. Keith probably prohibited Kreuk to leave at least until she brought in a star replacement for him to bang, and serve as a draw for recruitment as she had done.

        • Pea Onyu isn’t reliable–plus considering Kreuk’s beautiful face and Keith’s preference for blow jobs (group or individual) my guess would be more likely Keith ravaged Kreuk’s mouth.

          And Keith would also employ her face in recruiting and in “honeypot” blackmail schemes–though likely just rumors or fantasies.

    • Not stupid, NAIVE and misguided.

      And where did YOU pick up all your Pimp world savvy, Shadow? I never knew pimps do branding, myself, until I read it on here in, I believe, one of your links.

      Or were you just promoting your personal Pimp for a discount on home delivery?

  • I think it’s rather telling that people who have actually met Keith and maybe some of the DOS women tend to lean more towards the idea that he manipulated the hell out of them, and people who have only read about this stuff seem to just imagine that everybody was equally bad.

    • What does it tell? It could tell what you imply. It could imply that they are being generous and kind to themselves. It could be that they don’t yet understand the implications involved. Just because someone has experienced a thing, does not mean they understand it.

      I think you have a point, that those who DO have experience and enough time behind them to fully understand it, would have a better idea than those of us simply reading along. That doesn’t discount the experience of how these manipulations play out in personal relationships and other groups of people that function like cults. NXIVM was special, and then again it wasn’t. These techniques are used everywhere.

  • Just because Allison Mack did enough to get herself arrested and charged for her own actions, she “took the fall” for others who just happened to not get charged?

    What if Mack, instead of being known for appearing on a dumbass tv show, were an anonymous nobody, like the accountant/ballet freak, who is also awaiting sentencing? She who has faded from attention, unlike the Mack crack. Special pity for Mack?

    Is that because people buy the myth that actors are special? Because actors appear in public and are tinged with what we call “fame” or some such, largely imaginary, kind of status?

    Is Mack a special type of fucking Easter bunny, covered in sparkly sequins? Not to me. Not at all.

    What’s the difference between Russell, the ballet fool, and Allison Mack?

    These people were all involved in this malevolence, which escalated into extensive and harmful, noticeable and chargeable acts of a criminal nature. Their immersion into this lifestyle, those who WERE charged, went on for YEARS.

    This wasn’t just the result of a few mistakes in judgment and then some sort of a reawakening taking place and leading these individuals into any sort of a recovery effort.

    These participants were (and still could be) immersed in an all-encompassing CHOICE and a deliberative selection for themselves about how to live.

    Furthermore, their individual and group lifestyle and “ethics” were supposedly a matter of their utmost attention. Only minors, or non-adults, seem valid as victims who might get a pass for their actions herein. Maybe. For some minors do get charged as people who have to face adult responsibility, depending upon the nature of the crimes for which they’re charged.

    This entire Raniere/Nxivm bag of
    bah-bah “universal” shit was supposedly all about looking for self-improvement, right? These assholes failed to notice that they weren’t improving a damned thing?

    What were they, all mentally handicapped? Was this all really an organization designed for nearly thoughtless, clueless idiots? Easily corruptible dolts and dingbats? Hahaha.

    Allison Mack had been strutting around for years, knee-deep in Nxivm and then, DOS shit and she took a fall, huh? Nothing sadistic about po’ widdle Mack? What a fucking joke that is to me. She was fooled into taking the fall?

    How did Mack take any fall for anyone? Who set her up, since six were arrested, not merely Mack? Who set Mack up to take the fall for her own behaviors and actions?

    Allison Mack did, for crying out loud. She was an adult female, single, no children, plenty of bucks, okay career, and Mack chose Raniere’s gurudom instead. Then she allowed herself to deteriorate. For years!

    Perhaps Heidi is intermixing her sisterly grief and ideas concerning the loss of her sister, onto Allison Mack. (?)

    A couple of years ago, I considered that Allison Mack might be a longterm victim of Raniere and of getting lost inside of a culty lifestyle.

    However, the depth of Mack’s immersion into the life and the supposed ethics which she selected and her behaviors, as well as her provable actions, detached me from carrying any more of those conceptualizations about Allison Mack.

    And even now, what is there to trust or to respect, regarding Allison Mack?

    I don’t buy this, Heidi, no matter how many times that you have written about it, not that I have kept count of precisely how many different times that you have taken the same stance here. (It has been several times.)

    • Lots to unload, Shivani, and you know how much I loves ya back – back off, Clav, it’s not in the charts and I got this, finally – but to redress a couple of your stylishly stated points:

      My conclusion is that Allison is far more innocent than the ballin’ ballerina, Kathy Russell, who (per the testimony I’ve reviewed) was used to phisically sex groom and filth the minds & hearts of much younger (certain underage) kiddos.

      (And before anyone cries, “meanie” on me, of course I pity Kathy. Her entire life was consumed in what began as a dream to dance not to perform sexual acrobatics on adolescents, clean KAR’s post coital hot tub scum or recruit toe-shoed tots from dance troupes in well-heeled parts of the Capital Region.

      There is zero evidence that Mack ever came close to witnessing much less participating in any sex act involving a minor under 18 as Kathy Russell and others did.

      That’s a huge difference in my book.

    • In further reply to The Shivani (disciples of The Amazing Polly, I presume, before Polly got axed by Q Anoners who can’t stand any substantiated facts), please publish just one other of my comments currently on hold concerning why KAR and Nancy (and company) targeted “B Actors” to first appear in their Necker Island production along with a whole cast of power players, all caught on film.

      Your timely response is appreciated. Thank you for the thread.

      (It was a long reply to “L,” I think.)

    • Well said, Shivani. Mack needs to take responsibility for holding women down while they were being branded in her apartment, and vigorously recruiting, etc. Any notion otherwise does not fly.

    • Agree absolutely. Look at the length of time Mack persisted in her criminal behavior. She never paused to consider, “Hey, what kind of f’d up “ethics” is this guy preaching? How is lying ethical? Deceit and blackmail?”

      Adult people are responsible for their actions. She may have been so stupid that she never put 2 and 2 together and never thought she might go to jail for this. But how could she think DOS was ethical? Branding women?

      Her behavior was inexcusable. And it was criminal.

      You’re absolutely right, Mack’s crimes can’t be dismissed as some kind of mistake in judgement. She’s a felon, a racketeer, and justice demands punishment commensurate with the crimes. Raniere got 120 years, so what’s proportional for Mack?

    • Shivani,

      We agree completely! I could never have written it 1/2 as well!

      It’s a shallow world we live in where looks and status matter more than substance.

      We are all guilty of being shallow. Thanks for reminding us Shivani!

      • This means a lot coming from the Nicest Guy. You dear heart, you.

        Life simply showed me fame, with no makeup on its naked forms, and it happened before I got to see fame all dolled up, if that makes sense. No name-dropping will ever come from me, though. Ooooh no, not that. The omerta of a witness, life as an ideal lunching spot from across the tables.

    • I totally agree 100%. She is not the sweet, innocent bird that Heidi would like her to be. What is even more astounding is that I understood and followed along with everything your wrote here, Shivani! 😁

  • When I look at the video of her first meeting with Keith, I see a young attractive mentally unstable woman. She basically started crying after the first words Keith said to her. Definitely easy prey. My bet is that’s exactly what Keith thought at that moment.

  • Good article. If Allison goes down, I would expect to see India called onto the carpet as well, but I think we both know that won’t happen.

    It just astounds me the degree of harm Mr Raniere has caused a lot of foolish but well meaning women. I do hope the judge can see what has taken place with the players, and lets Allison off with time served. I think we know that probably won’t happen, but we can hope.

    • At this point, Allison has only accrued about 3-4 days of “time served” (Those would include the day she was arrested and the days — or partial days — that she was locked up at MDC awaiting bail). Pre-sentencing “home confinement” does not count towards “time served” (I think each day of pre-sentencing home confinement should count for 1/2 day of “time served” but that’s not the way that the system works right now).

      • Speaking of staying home, Clav, I haven’t been off of our property even once for more than 15 months but feel free as a chipper little birdie. Unconditionally happy being at home! How odd.

        Maybe it’s because there’s been no anklets involved.

        (Sending you a 411 as soon as I find the courage. Cellular geography. Really.)

        • I know what you mean about not going out much these days. Even being fully vaccinated has not inspired me to spend more face-to-face time with more people. Not sure when I’ll resume doing normal things like grocery shopping, getting haircuts, walking around the neighborhood, etc. but it will likely be a while.

          I look forward to your 411 (Thank goodness it wasn’t a 911). And you know how to reach me…

      • Allison Mack was arrested on Friday, April 20, 2018 and released from custody on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. This means that Allison Mack will have 5 days of served jail time credited to her upcoming jail sentence. Time served is considered the day of arrest, regardless of when the arrest occurred. If one is arrested one minute before midnight, the time is used in the police log, then that is already considered a day. For the time of arrest, detention and release, each commenced day counts as a whole day.

        • You’re correct — and more precise than I was in my comment. But I did note that her “time served” would include the day she was arrested plus the days that she served in MDC.

  • Mack as a scapegoat.

    A scapegoat is an innocent person who is blamed for the crimes of others. Literally, the term goes back to an actual goat, the farm animal, that would be ritualistically loaded with the sins of the village, and would be driven out amid imprecations and blows, exiled and excommunicated.

    Mack is not innocent. She is guilty of major felonies. By her own admission. Facts that came out in sworn testimony, as well as a host of physical evidence (texts, audio recordings…), prove the extent of her involvement in this sex trafficking criminal conspiracy.

    A most damning piece of physical evidence is the photo Frank attached above of the infamous brand. The brand shows the initials KR and AM. Keith Raniere and Allison Mack. Burned into a woman’s pubic area. They were partners in crime.

    Mack’s victims were not ‘victims’. They were blackmailed and coerced. Mack was the one doing the blackmailing and coercion. Again, this is no mere claim or allegation. It was proven in a court of law.

    Ah, but Mack had no independent legal counsel. Didn’t she? She could pick her own lawyers. She had the resources- her family owns a $5m dollar home. She was driving around Knox Woods in a BMW. She owned a townhouse there. She made millions as an actress.

    She was represented by the legal team of her own choice. And was their advice bad? They convinced her to plead guilty to lesser charges, thus avoiding a possible life sentence for sex trafficking. Given the facts that came out against her at trial, what would have been the better course? Risk fighting it out in court? Just look at how that worked out for her codefendant and partner in crime, Raniere. The jury found him guilty on every single charge and he got 120 years.

    Lastly, the rather odd idea that Mack’s former acting career somehow makes her not responsible for her actions. This special pleading for actors makes no sense. She read scripts and played characters, so this somehow had her confused about reality? As if people on a soundstage are somehow unaware that they are on a soundstage.

    Mack committed crimes and got caught. She’s not a scapegoat, she’s a felon.

    • You’re missing a lot of facts in your mix here, Mr. Sausage. Btw, just how badly do you dream of PORKING (in all caps bc – unsolved mystery alert – Google auto correct won’t let me coin words or use slang and I hate Bing and there’s a word press thing going on here, too) Ms. Mack?

      Like the facts that she was deliberately fleeced to the bone, starved, seduced, mind-conditioned, sextorted (blackmailed), sleep deprived, branded and pain traumatized, “broken” (as KAR himself admitted), watched her mentor, Pam Caffritz, tortuously martyred to death, etc.

      It all boils down to INTENT for me in terms of Allison and her family vs. Lauren and hers. And, I understand, that’s a biggie!

      Btw, that’s not a $5 million dollar roof over their heads – the Mack’s do not live in a wealthy, CA coastal area and that shack isn’t worth more than $2M even in a Malibu oceanview location. Note also that the Salzman’s had far greater resources available to retain their own counsel but bc, IHMO, Nancy controls or greatly influences the Bronfman-funded (Keith & Clare’s) counsel anyhow, the Salzman’s ensured that Allison stayed in line with their overall legal objectives including having Allison play the star scapegoat.

      It’s too early to even think in Spanish but let’s not forget that indeed the Mexican Elite may have brought their own resources to bear on Allison’s diluted defence. “…singing like a canary tree” tweeted Alex Betancourt to Emiliano Salinas over Allison’s jail bird state following her 2018 arrest. Ole’! (Coffee’s kickin’ in, now.)

      I may be wrong in describing Allison as solely a scapegoat here. I see her more as a sheep/scapegoat hybrid actually.

      Speaking in the Socratic/Aristotlian realm of mythological beasts.

      (You really gotta stop mixing metaphors on here.)

    • Aristotle’s Sausage,

      One time I heard a man tell a companion, “They are just using me as an escape goat.”

      He yelled the phrase, “I am just an escape goat!” Repeatedly.

      I found it delightful. And now I always think of “scape goat” as an “escape goat”.

      I could tell that his use of the phrase, “escape goat”made complete sense to him.

      And it sort of does for me now, too. More importantly it makes me laugh.

  • Mack is to Raniere what Prince Harry is to his wife: empathetic, needy, naive, with a host of easily manipulated unresolved issues and none too bright. Easy prey, and, yes, a mixture of victim and willing collaborator for the ‘mission’. Read the ‘revelations’ from the mental health interview with OW to see the gaslighting (to which he is totally oblivious – he does believe she has his best interest at heart). It’s almost as obvious as the manipulation KR subjected Cami to in their email exchanges.

    • Please refrain from your sexist, racist, elitist rants on at least my threads.

      IHMO, Megan and Harry did the most noble thing they could after their randy Uncle Andy lied to the world about being the victim of a media deep fake instead of owning up to Epstein’s & Maxwell’s entrapment mistake.

      I hope they become the Monarchy’s biggest royal pain in the tush ever.

  • I don’t believe Allison took the fall. She was a very confident person and from what I saw for 4 years, she knew exactly whar she was doing.

    • Linda,

      If you mean “saw” first hand…please, do tell more!

      Either way. Respect your opinion! Thanks.

      • I should let Linda explain better but I believe Linda is one of Mack’s former neighbors who got the ‘cold shoulder’ from Mack (may have been misperceived secretiveness or simple distractedness on Mack’s part but even if it were pure snobbery, that isn’t illegal). Linda witnessed some odd comings and goings including the LeBaron teen girls being sex trafficked from Mexico for Keith’s delectation and mentorship.

        I’m not entirely certain but Linda may even be related to one of Keith’s early, experimental inductees, a former close friend of my sister’s. If so, this friend played a role in Keith’s first “Crucible” production that landed my brother in jail at a time when he was already AWOL over a stripper who tripped him out on LSD on “leave” in Florida, from which he never return, and nearly got Eric court martialed if not put away for good, but that’s another story.)

        In fact, I believe Mack’s dwelling – the “scene” of many key brandings even when Mack was NOT AT HOME…both physically and emotionally, speaking, as in “the lights are on, but no one’s home, you’re mine and not your own” – was deliberately selected and staged, that it’s no coincidence that both Mack’s residence and a restaurant leased by NXIVM just prior to Gina’s death happened to be part of our Pipino family property and was originally owned by close relatives.

        In any case, I love Linda’s brave insights on here but truthfully context is critical insofar as everyone’s judgement goes, something KAR and cohorts well know.

        For instance, ETNY and other Hollywood bloggers were ‘informed’ by NXIVM insiders that my deceased sister, Gina, and Pam Caffritz (don’t know if she was dead or still allegedly cryogenically frozen by late 2017 or IDK, wasn’t Pam also a CIA “Monarch” psyop survivor like “the sisters, Hutchinson?”) trafficked and poisoned young girls from Libya (the land of Sara B’s revolting husbandry) to disguise the fact that the LeBaron (Mexican Mormon) teens were trafficked by Rosa Laura Junco and, IHMO, Kristin Keeffe.

    • They all thought they were in a self help organization that had a mission of saving the world. All of them except one important person who led the way and reaped the benefits of people blindly following his directions.

      What do you think Allison knew she was doing? I’m assuming you’re looking micro and not macro?

      • “…looking micro and not macro.”

        That’s what she said — when she saw your dick.

        I bid you good night! 🙂

        • Anonymous – this is an improper comment and not based on your own personal experience. And kindly stop trying to imitate Bangkok.

  • I do continually ask…..why wasn’t India charged with anything….? From what I read, she was neck deep until the feds started closing in??

    • Just askin’? I wonder too. And what about the hackers, etc, also? It’s a bit of a mystery to me as well.

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