Guest View: Raniere Still Seeks to Destroy You

"Ethics ultimately is the end of all conflicts." Keith Raniere

[Note from Frank Parlato:]

In my last post, DOS Caused the Downfall of Nxivm and Raniere,  I wrote:

It would have been a good idea for Raniere not to have done one or more of the following:

  1. Not brand women on the groin
  2. Tell them that the brand was his initials
  3. Not require collateral
  4. Not lie to the women that he was the secret leader of the sorority

Had he done any of these, I am fairly confident he would not be in Tucson, Arizona, today, residing inside a US prison, on year three of his sentence, with about 100 years to go [with time off for good behavior].

He’d likely be in Clifton Park today, walking with one of his many female admirers, albeit unbranded, or not collateralized, or knowing that he was behind the promise that by being totally obedient to him they would find true freedom.

A reader made some interesting observations that dispute my contention above:

Guest View By Master Over Obedient Females

I respectfully disagree. Keith and Nxivm would have had other crimes catch up to them.

It is my belief that Keith being a total charlatan and wielding his fairly absolute power and cruelty was on a runaway course to destruction. Someone inside would have brought forth the money laundering and other financial crimes. At a minimum. Eventually.

People like Keith always self-destruct. It is part of his personality type. With his profile, there would have been previous build up and blow-ups (Consumers’ Buyline for example) in his past.

This is not uncommon, and sometimes a person like Keith will get lucky (the original Nxivm exodus of upper level) and soldier on, but there is an actual timeframe where people like Keith blow up their lives on a regular basis – until that final disaster brings them all the way down. I am refraining in making an actual clinical diagnosis here. But it is a known pattern.

Keith Raniere during the early days if Nxivm.

Keith would have had a molestation case that stuck. And was investigated properly soon enough. Or something similar. There is no chance this situation would have remained ” stable”. It was not sustainable. And Keith may actually have done much, much worse. If not stopped when he was arrested.

This article is way too generous to the true nature of DOS. Or its practices. Even the name. It’s been researched by far smarter linguistic experts than us.

If Keith was able, he would still seek to destroy you, Frank. Even now. Keep your guard up. You’re newer friends have one agenda. Don’t ever forget it. To serve Keith. Exonerate Keith. Avenge Keith.

Stay safe.

Frank Parlato reply:

I think it is likely that Keith Raniere would, if he could, destroy me. He tried to do it once, and this is perhaps the reason he is in prison now. As for his remaining followers, I think they are basically good people. They are interested, of course, in exonerating Raniere. This will not be easy.

Our interests intersect only as far as the truth is concerned. I think it is worth studying whether Raniere had due process abrogation in his trial. I am reviewing that. My review may mean nothing, or it may lead to something – including the fact that there were no due process issues.

I am still studying the issues.

As for his followers, I like them. I do not perceive them as dangerous. I think they are genuinely interested in bettering themselves and, as far as it lies in their power, bettering humanity.

They seem to me to be somewhat blind to the true nature of Keith Raniere, but as I have said to them, I hope to deprogram them one day.

In the meantime, I consider some of them friends [just as I consider some of the anti-Raniere Nxians my friends]. I can be friends with someone without having to have all the same opinions and feelings about their friends or even their leader.

Let us give this some time to develop. The most interesting thing that has happened to me since speaking with Raniere’s supporters is that I learned a great deal about why people stayed on in Nxivm and what they thought they got.

I could never have approached the writing of a book, for example, on this subject without this knowledge. As an almost pseudo-member of what remains of the Nxivm community, I understand now the charm of it.  It is quite possible that most of Nxivm was peopled with good, well-intended individuals — and that Raniere used them for his own nefarious ends.

His goals were evil, their goals were good. This is what makes it so absorbing. Raniere got good people to follow him. His goals for them seem to have been their destruction, but, in some of their cases, they were not destroyed but actually became stronger.

Does Raniere still pose a threat to me? I suppose it is possible; so, thanks for the warning.

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  • Frank Parlato, you are a very funny and, as i dare say, handsome lad. Thanks for keeping us up with the good reports on your blog.

  • Bottom line: while I appreciate the support of my biological family, I want to make it clear that my real family is my spiritual family beginning with Vanguard and Legatus.

  • Cult leaders are addicts. They escalate. They need bigger and bigger hits.

    You catch them early or else you catch them after they gas a subway.

    • You mean Shoko Asahara , born Chizuo Matsumoto the founder and leader of the Japanese doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo.

      Shoko Asahara, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Shoko Asahara (麻原 彰晃, Asahara Shōkō, March 2, 1955 – July 6, 2018), born Chizuo Matsumoto (松本 智津夫, Matsumoto Chizuo), was the founder and leader of the Japanese doomsday cult known as Aum Shinrikyo. He was convicted of masterminding the deadly 1995 sarin-gas attack on the Tokyo subway, and was also involved in several other crimes. Asahara was sentenced to death in 2004. In May 2012, his execution was postponed due to further arrests of Aum members.[2] He was executed by hanging on July 6, 2018.[3][4]

  • I’m still waiting to see what good NXIVM is going to do in the world.

    Can someone please point out one thing they did outside the community of NXIVM that was a good deed? One that had nothing to do as a scratch my back, we scratch your deal.

    NXIVM was never set up to help or change the world. It was the lie they told everyone to suck them into their MISSION.

    Clearly, you cannot see this, Frank – and the NXIVM followers are selling you a bridge in Tucson AZ.

    Since 1998 until the last embers went out of the burning ship of NXIVM, have the top NXIVM5 list five positive things NXIVM did to move the world forward outside the NXIVM community. In what way did they make an impact on the world that is measurable?

    I’m sure you will get a giant bowl of world salad.

    Keith Raniere was too busy f***ing and plotting his next level of torture. Nancy Salzman was too busy putting out his fires. The rest were too blinded by their bullshit, running away or healing their endless wounds.

    NXIVM was a frickin cult, a shitshow, not a change agent for the world.

    • Very well said, “It was a cult, not a good thing”.

      I would also like to ask: Frank, have you ever asked Nicki and the gang what they honestly think and feel about what Clare, Keith et al did to you? To Joe? The others.

      “I didn’t/don’t know”. Is not a valid answer. First, that is not believable. Second, if their mission is “justice,” this is right up their alley. Third, it could be easily explained to anyone very quickly.

      Detailed answers would be great. It would make an excellent post.

      Do they think this treatment of you was fair? Kind? Ethical? Why? Why not? What about Joe? Same kind of questions. But better than the ones I just posed. And so on with some of the other people they went after hard over made-up garbage.

    • I never took any courses from NXIVM and only know about them from what I read. When I first heard all the sensationalized reports about them, I thought they were really messed up. Now that I’ve studied the additional data provided by members that have a different perspective, while I’m not personally comfortable with everything they did, we live in a free country and they were exercising their right to free speech and had some really good ideas.

      Calling it a “cult” and accusing people of being “brainwashed” is a way to close your mind off. Whenever people insist something is evil, it says something about the person seeing the “evil”.

      Would you rather be right or happy?

      • –Calling it a “cult” and accusing people of being “brainwashed” is a way to close your mind off. Whenever people insist something is evil, it says something about the person seeing the “evil”.

        Yada yada yada. This is the same tripe told to those who were unfortunate enough to waste thousands of dollars on its entry intensives.

        It’s more likely people just called it a cult because it showed the signs of being one. Years after the fact it has now proven itself to be one.

        NXIVM is done. The train has crashed at the end of its tracks.

      • I’d rather be both right and happy. That’s why I don’t join oppressive cults like NXIVM, unlike yourself.

  • Agree with almost all of these points. The scope of NXIVM crimes far exceeds what went on in DOS. In fact – as the Nx’ers themselves insist on repeating – only 2 DOS members were among the 6 NX convicts so far.

    The majority of NX convictions (by 2/3) were for crimes apart from the alleged DOS crimes. Again, 4 of 6 perps were never even part of DOS. And the most heinous crimes referred from the EDNY (Eastern District) to the NDNY (Northern District) for ultimate prosecution – bc EDNY supposedly lacks jurisdiction on those – occurred years before DOS was ever formed.

    I’ve always believed that DOS was – and is – being used as more of a strategy to disguise and contain the fallout of prior, possibly on-going criminal activity on the part of NX leaders here and abroad.

    This DOS-focused narrative only makes fall girls out of the Allison Macks, the bad-ass slave suckers who have and are taking the blame (or the cred) for “DOS” deeds like the branding.

    Keith’s very first defense was “Poor me, these crazed fangirls are putting my initials on their pussies!” “How bad do you think I feel having my initials brandied about on pussies?!!!” cried Keith. (Or something thereabouts.)

    No matter how it went down, I also agree narcissists are self-destructive and all hit their own toppling, implosion point in time. Few have the Bronfmans or Salinas’ billions to delay or impede it so long as NX has been able to.

  • —Does Raniere still pose a threat to me? I suppose it is possible; so, thanks for the warning.

    The biggest threat to Frank is some of the oddballs, who, have threatened him on various occasions over the years.

    One such individual actually posted a photo collage insinuating he was going to shoot Frank. Oh, the price of celebrity.

    On a positive note, millions of people know who Frank is.

    • I forgot to add a sentence before posting:

      “You’re not famous until you have a stalker/crazy person threatening you, and Frank has a few. “

  • Here is what Clare Bronfman said in court, addressing the judge, prior to receiving her sentence.

    Words are words.

    “I’m immensely grateful and privileged because all over the world, people are praying for me because they know my goodness. I hope you see a glimmer of what they see in me.”

    Was Bronfman seeing herself realistically? What is the quantity and the quality of Bronfman’s denial or delusional thinking? How very empty her words of smug and desperate self-perception appear, considering her actions, as well as the harm to others to which she has contributed. And yet she continued to want Raniere to be her number one cause, even upon her guilty plea and her subsequent sentencing.

    Here is Rick Ross, quoted in a promo, taken from the latest Nxivm documentary and referring to Raniere. I copied this quote, as shown here, from the Frank Report. Regarding Raniere, Ross explained:

    “He could determine what were the vulnerabilities of people that he had sway over. You know, who had personal issues with their family, in their workplace, and then exploiting those vulnerabilities to leverage control over them.”

    So keep diligently aware of your own vulnerabilities, moreso than ever, if you have decided that you think that you, personally, are well-prepared to “de-program” anyone. It is both pragmatic and wise to keep looking deeply into oneself, one’s unadorned motives, ways and means.

    Friendship between people is very often based upon both affinities and good will. Outwardly, appearing to be coming out of friendliness can be used as a manipulation tactic, as in catching flies with honey, rather than driving any someone away with the application of vinegar.

    Anyone who has Raniere as a “cause” is entirely questionable, regardless of how and why that fundamental attachment is couched in verbiage.

    Frank, you have been down in these culty trenches for what appears to be only a few years as yet. Of course, it is your business and your affair, what you are doing with what you have discovered or uncovered, exposed. All I can say from a distance is to pay deep attention to who you are, in the midst of ALL of this.

    As for the articles based upon the opinions of Raniere’s diehard supporters who can continue to admire and to sanction him, these are, essentially all the same. It is repetitive. It is monotonous. There is no reason to become hung up in the details of such delusionary attachments, codependencies and confusions.

    There is NOTHING to fear. Weak mindedness is weak mindedness. Denial is denial. Egotism is egotism.There is also nothing new being said, written or done by any of Raniere’s remaining groupies, disciples or whatever they call themselves now. These individuals are in a process and are also in a procession of their own, one by one by one.

    The only way out is their own, individualized decisiveness to reverse their direction, starting with each one’s way “in” to being stuck within an environment of self-deception.

    How good of an anti-cultie ninja are you, really? It is up to you. It can be tricky. So acute discernment is crucial.

    • When I was first asked back in 2005 how Keith managed to gain control over people, I summed it up this way: “He is extremely good at finding people’s holes — and at creating them where he finds none”. I still believe that is an apt description of how he managed to pry his way into so many people’s lives.

      By now, Keith has likely figured out that his particular “skill set” is of no use in prison. If not, then he will likely have that point hammered home to him by more than a few of his fellow inmates.

      PS/Just for the record: Several months ago, I offered Keith an opportunity to help other inmates prepare to reintegrate into their communities (That’s one of the things I do these days). I’m still waiting for a response…

      • ‘ other inmates prepare to reintegrate into their communities (That’s one of the things I do these days)’

        You’re an angel irl Joe, much love.

      • Always good to hear from you, Joe. Your role and selfless sacrifices to help other victims of NXIVM and injustice over decades now are truly heroic and as yet unsung.

        Love this comment. Can’t resist adding that while his “Holiness” the Vanguard is holed up in prison for the rest of his days, I do hope his fellow sex offender inmates can assist Raniere in finding and filling his own holes with the same joys he and his criminal cohorts visited on their slaves.

      • Joe, I personally believe in this cause. A few years back, I was asked to interview recently released women, as a precursor to publicity for a play about incarcerated women. The stories were just horrible. Many were placed in harm’s way by abusers, their children were yanked from them and raised on the streets.

        I personally know someone undergoing a project similar to yours.

        Although a lawyer by trade, I founded a tech startup that is underway.

        We should all link forces. I’d be happy to give seminars on entrepreneurship. Maybe we could help people build their own brands. Even create a community fund.

        Hit me back.


  • Andrew Cuomo is in Deep Doo Doo, using the words of George H. W. Bush

    New York Reports New Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior by Andrew Cuomo

    In a cover story published by New York Friday, Rebecca Traister reports new allegations of inappropriate behavior by New York governor Andrew Cuomo, who has already been accused of misconduct by six women, including a former aide who alleges he groped her in private late last year, and now faces an impeachment inquiry.

    Through interviews with more than 30 women who have worked or interacted with Cuomo, Traister finds that bullying was a defining element of his management style: “It’s an understanding of political power in which ruthlessness is read as greatness, abuse as passion,” she writes. Traister details the connections between his reported behavior and broader allegations of administration impropriety — including an alleged cover-up of nursing-home deaths during the pandemic. As one former staffer told her, “The same attitude that emboldens you to target a 25-year-old also emboldens you to scrub a nursing-home report.”

    • I’m no fan of Cuomo. And part of me is relishing that his day of reckoning has come. But I can’t help but be wary— wondering why this is all coming out now. It seems by design.

  • Great guest view. I also strongly agree with Frank’s take of “His goals were evil, their goals were good.”

    By discussing and splitting hairs on if DOS was the downfall or the brand was the downfall etc. etc., we’re missing the big picture. It’s like a serial killer leaving a fingerprint during murder #50 and getting caught. Then discussing whether the fingerprint mistake, or the decision to target victim #50 was the downfall.

    Keith would be pushing the envelope TODAY, if not for brave people finally ending him. Keith should have been stopped decades ago. Over the years, there have many blunders by Keith and many people who have failed to stand up and stop him. He’s been more lucky than good at covering his tracks.

    Among other things, Keith has always acted upon his liking of underaged girls. Keith has always had a thing with having people killed.

    To me, the narrative should be three things:
    1. He should have been stopped by NYS law enforcement years ago.
    2. He would still be on a crash course for self destruction if DOS hadn’t helped put the spotlight on him.
    3. A huge thank you to the brave people who latched onto what Keith was doing with DOS, and used DOS to finally end our poor glorious Vanguard.

    • 100 percent agree, Nutjob. Great analogy. It’s all a huge distraction, on repeat to hammer in the same old lies on all sides.

  • “As for his followers, I like them. I do not perceive them as dangerous. I think they are genuinely interested in bettering themselves and, as far as it lies in their power, bettering humanity.” Frank Parlato

    I beg to differ.
    NXIVM is an offshoot of Scientology with some of Ayn Rand’s Objectivism mixed in and spiced up with Raniere’s sexual fetishes.
    All of these are potentially dangerous philosophies.
    The top women of NXIVM used violence and blackmail to empower women and improve the world.
    Branding is inherently violent.
    Has Nicki Clyne branded you yet, Frank?

    America and the world do not need any more cults that want to improve the world.
    Right now, Antifa and BLM activists in Minneapolis have set up an Autonomous Zone and are planning more riots.
    Antifa and BLM are dangerous Marxist cults who will use violence to improve the world.
    And Joe Biden and the Democrats will use violent cults like Antifa and BLM to impose a Marxist Utopia on America.

    Reporter confronted, threatened outside George Floyd ‘autonomous zone’ in Minneapolis

    • “America and the world do not need any more cults that want to improve the world”


      One guy doesn’t make a cult. He needs loyal minions, he needs a mob who believes in his methods and carries them out. He needs funding and he needs loyal believers. Raniere needed recruiters and he needed women to lie for him and collect blackmail and hold the naked victims down and brand them with his initials.

      I don’t care a rat’s crap that they claim to have meant well. It’s what people do that counts.

      There’s a reason we have laws against things like accessory to murder and aiding and abetting.

      There are reasons Clare Bronfman got a seven-year prison sentence. Nxivm was a criminal racket, rotten to the core, and the people who ran it on a day-to-day basis are not hapless victims.

    • Shadow-

      I agree with you. ANTIFA, QAnon, and BLM are dangerous.

      Socialist Democrats are even more dangerous because they camouflage their true colors.

      The Socialist Democrats rather ridiculously claim not to be Socialists.

      When I visited their own website, all they talk about is dividing up private enterprise and giving to workers. In addition, they would set up “committees” to monitor everything…

      So, in summary, the Socialist Democratic are full of shit! It’s communism/socialism!

      It’s ludicrous to me that a duck that quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, and swims like a duck, claims not to be a duck.

      • Nice Guy—you are a poser unless you demand your parents give up their social security and medicare and live by your fantasy.

        • Why would anyone give up the Social Security benefits that they purchased with their own labor? Do you think that Social Security benefits are some sort of government-funded program?

          • As KRC knows…or should…the rich get less than they put in, while the poor get more. Quack.

          • And the opposite is true when you look at programs like road building, airline subsidies, etc.

        • Quack-

          Democratic Socialists are not Democrats.

          I don’t hate Democrats.

          You are living in your own fantasy.

          • “the Socialist Democratic are full of shit! It’s communism/socialism!”

            When you throw in “communism,” you lose all credibility.

      • First rate political analysis from citizen NiceGuy – this should give the world hope for America’s future.

    • Shadow…did you ever share your thoughts on your boy T-Rump lying–for months–about election fraud and inspiring thousands of HIS SUPPORTERS to riot and try to destroy democracy—all based on HIS LIES?
      Unlike your post, this is fact, and really happened…or did you miss seeing this on Fox Noise?

  • Frank, if you do a book you might find Sam Vaknin’s writings on Narcissistic Personality Disorder of value:

    “Narcissists never experience reality directly but through a distorting lens darkly. They get rid of any information that challenges their grandiose self-perception and the narrative they had constructed to explicate, excuse and legitimize their antisocial, self-centred and exploitative behaviors, choices and idiosyncrasies.

    Having invented himself, the narcissist sees no problem in re-inventing that which he designed in the first place. The narcissist is his own creator.

    Hence his grandiosity.

    The False Self is everything the narcissist would like to be but, alas, cannot: omnipotent, omniscient, invulnerable, impregnable, brilliant, perfect, in short: Godlike. Its most important role is to elicit narcissistic supply from others: admiration, adulation, awe, obedience and, in general, Unceasing attention.

    The narcissist does not keep agreements, does not adhere to laws, and regards consistency and predictability as demeaning traits. The narcissist hates kiwi one day-and devours it passionately the next.

    The narcissist is possessed of an uncanny ability to psychologically penetrate others. Often, this gift is abused and put at the service of the narcissist’s control freakery and sadism. The narcissist uses it liberally to annihilate the natural defences of his victims by faking empathy.

    This capacity is coupled with the narcissist’s eerie ability to imitate emotions and their attendant behaviours (affect). The narcissist possesses “emotional resonance tables”. He keeps records of every action and reaction, every utterance and consequence, every datum provided by others regarding their state of mind and emotional make-up. From these, he then constructs a set of formulas, which often result in impeccably accurate renditions of emotional behaviour. This can be enormously deceiving.” — Sam Vaknin,through%20a%20distorting%20lens%20darkly.

    If it had not been the brands, it would have been the cages or some other equally strange and demeaning activity.

    • There are degrees of friends. There are Facebook friends – which is sometimes less than a casual acquaintance. Then there are fair weather friends.
      There are also friends who offer genuine, mutual well wishes for one another and act upon these whenever possible.

      There is also the friend who will sacrifice for the other. This is rare.

      Friends can be complimentary and some friends spend a lot of time with each other as companions while other friends barely see each other but still have some deep, inexplicable connection that carries over time and space connecting them as friends.

      As for the strongest force of friendship, I think this defines it: ‘In happiness, in misery, in famine, in pain, in the grave, in heaven, or in hell who never gives me up is my friend.'[Vivekananda]. So there are levels of friendship. From Facebook friends to Vivekananda’s definition of friend.

      In a general sense, I think you are a friend, insofar as that you have well wishes for me and vice versa. Your comments have been extremely good and helpful and you bring a perspective to things that I find helpful.

    • Questions for Mexican Lady:

      Am I your friend?

      Is Frank your friend?

      Was Frank your friend when he scolded you for being sarcastic?

      Is Shadowstate your friend?

      Is Scott Johnson your friend?

      Who do you like more, Niceguy or Natashka?

  • The DOS-8 clearly view you as an enemy. Even in the writing you cited in your last post, you are the evil man who helped take down their beloved leader. And you consider them friends? I suspect that they may have love bombed you behind the scenes. You must know better than to fall for this manipulation.

    They want access to your platform, for you to do exactly what you have been doing: posting Eduardo and Suneel’s nonsense as guest views, among others. They are thinking that this gives them more credibility than any comments they may make on your posts. If your interest is solely any (non-existent) due process violations, why post Eduardo’s love letter? How does that further your alleged agenda?

    I think their sudden positive interest in you is right out of Raniere’s playbook: getting people when they are vulnerable, which, whether you admit it or not, you are right now with your looming criminal case.

    I don’t know, Frank. I think you are being duped. You are certainly swimming in dangerous waters.

    • Sherizzy, Frank is not just doing this out of the goodness of his heart, he’s a businessman and he needs ad revenue. Posting the NXIVM nonsense is good business.

      Dont’ worry. Frank isn’t about to get sucked into the Raniere nonsense. He’s a big boy and can take care of himself. He understands as well as anyone what the NXIVM culties are capable of.

      Frank, you should sell FR branded popcorn. I sure consume lots of it reading the comments section.

      • While I totally get what you are saying, there is still room for concern. Keith holds grudges. There is no grudge bigger than Frank “destroying the community”. The cult agrees.

        Keith is psychologically unable to change. Especially at his age. He has nothing to do all day, every day and night. I guarantee revenge, retribution and the like occupy his thoughts.

        To the victor go the spoils. Frank has gotten his name out there. We all know the story here. It’s incredible what Frank has achieved! And he’s still going to accomplish more. But can you only reap the rewards and not run a risk if you let your guard down?

        There is one singular disadvantage we all have in regard to people with certain personality disorders. They are simply not like us. In fact, so foreign are their mental predisposition and proclivities, we can become fascinated with trying to understand them.

        Humans default to anthropomorphic impulses to understand animals. Many see human faces and ascribe feelings even to objects. Putting a pleasant human face and ascribing standard human thinking and emotions to a person as disturbed as Keith is a mistake.

        That’s just one person’s opinion. But it is based on research. Data – ha ha. Mental health profiles. Everyone wants to be friends with the tiger. Kissed at sea world by the killer whale. But don’t be shocked when the whale kills someone. It’s right there in the name, “killer” whale. The mistake is forgetting the true nature of the beast.

        Everyone wants to believe they are the exception to the rule. It’s ego a little bit. But for people like Keith, there are no exceptions. No one is out of the potential line of fire. No one is off-limits. No one “truly understands him” etc.

        These people ruthlessly went after their own families. Their fathers. Loved ones. The mothers of their children. Their own children. Nearest and dearest friends. Even now, it continues with some.

        It is just wise to be cautious. And not forget who or what you are dealing with, and protect yourself accordingly.

        The best indicator of how someone will treat you in the future is how they’ve treated you in the past.

        Keith and crew did Frank dirty.

        Don’t let him do it again. That is all.


      • I would like to think that he is more than just a businessman. That he did not post a veiled threat from Raniere, through Eduardo, to Emiliano knowingly. Or that he would repeatedly upset Raniere’s victims just for a dollar. But, perhaps you are right.

        • I wasn’t criticizing Frank.

          It isn’t an either/or situation. Frank has put himself at serious risk in uncovering this stuff; he’s committed to it. He cares about the victims. He also cares about paying the rent. There doesn’t have to be a contradiction between both those concerns.

    • Nicki is using the Frank Report to push the NXIVM agenda.

      She is the most clever and dangerous person in the gang.

      Nicki is far smarter than Raniere.

      And Nicki has reopened her Twitter account.

  • “I think it is worth studying whether Raniere had due process abrogation in his trial. I am reviewing that. ”

    I think Frank is going after Raniere’s offer of a reward.

    The injustice you should be investigating Frank, should be why the NDNY and other local law enforcement ignored Keith for 20 years, and still ignores him, but went after you, John Tighe, journalists, and everyone who was an enemy of NXIVM. There were hundreds of reasons to go after NXIVM, but they couldn’t find any that were worth their time, yet there were no reasons to go after you and the others, but they found plenty of time to do that. You are focusing on the wrong injustice.

    • There is plenty of injustice to go around – the Department of [in]Justice is saturated with goals of convictions and not justice. Raniere is a high profile case that many are interested in. It is a good starting point to examine injustice and justice as well.

      • Right. But the NDNY’s refusal to prosecute Raniere and his disciples for obvious and easily investigated crimes and to, instead, zealously prosecute his victims, is part of the NXIVM story. So, why not write more about that rather than posting the leftovers’ garbage?

        Everyone loves a story where the powerful are held to account for their crimes. Perhaps, you could uncover exactly what Raniere held over their heads. For instance, is it true that Raniere pimped out Clyne and others to politicians to get compromising photos, etc. on them? That’s certainly a juicy story that would attract readers. Definitely more interesting than the leftovers babbling about how Raniere is a victim of the man.

        • What Sherizzy said. Following fresh angles would be way more interesting that the rewarmed cult leftovers that keep getting served up.

          Seems like we’re just getting bland snacks until the sentencing just desserts are served.

        • Agreed. We want to know what Keith and Clare were holding over someone at NDNY.

          Who were they working with there?

          When you unravel one interesting thread there, who knows where it might lead? John P.? H? Bill? Jeffrey?

          You can investigate things the mainstream news will not, at least until it becomes so widespread they have to.

  • –I think they are basically good people

    No, they’re not. Even Karen Unterreiner disassociated herself from him after 40+ years together. These NXIVM left-overs and hanger-oners are still supporting him, shaming his victims while calling them and others liars despite all of the evidence against him which they continue to deny as lies. There comes a point in time where the meaning of the word “good” can no longer be associated with those who — contrary to overwhelming evidence — still support ignoble, base, evil, etc., behavior. They are way too emotionally invested and until they can come to terms with the fact that they’ve been fooled for so long, they are just like their leader.

    • Well said, Anonymous.

      I believe that many of the people in NXIVM are just lying low until the storm passes.

      Nicki’s Public Relations campaign, which is very good, is just keeping NXIVM alive until the storm passes over.

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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