Shivani: Raniere, I Doubt, Will Ever Have Liberty Again

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By Shivani

Keith Raniere filing one or more appeals has been expected all along. It is not going to make a significant difference regarding how he will spend whatever is left of his life. He will never be unrestrained again to give people all of his marketed “help” with their human potentialities.

He is done poking and choking others outside of the environment of penal confinement. Also, Raniere is very likely safer incarcerated, whether he can admit it or not. In certain societal groups, frankly, snuffing Keith Raniere would be acquiring a badge of honor.

He will never be able to control himself, as is evidenced by his delusional claims he has done no harm and is really just misunderstood, is sorry if he hurt anyone’s “feelings” but, gee whiz, he didn’t MEAN for that to happen.

Keith Raniere

Unrepentant, irredeemable and incapable of acknowledging the severity of his incredibly hypocritical and damaging actions and behavior towards many others, he has knotted his own noose.

He wants to be protected now. How pathetic, after all the victim impact statements and all of the public access to hearings,witnessing what was essentially a whittled-down list of victim statements, never mind the trails of irrefutable criminal evidence which Raniere and his group have left carelessly behind, much of which was proven in court by investigative evidence.

This is how he, any legal rep he has and his remaining supporters will continue to make fools of themselves, mouthing semi-organized words through an appeal process and ignoring any admission of what and who Raniere has shown himself to be. Understandably, that’s part of a defense attorney’s work to represent individuals such as Raniere as best as is possible. But these stains from the criminal characteristics and actions won’t be washed out of Raniere, not really, and he will most likely die the way that he has been and still is

Some might choose to pay attention to the moves and details of Raniere’s appeal experiences. To me, it is not that interesting. It will only draw my attention if Raniere begins to have any success. If there is no sign of progress, all proceeds, filings, etc. are merely re-runs with a few replacement characters appearing, such as this new attorney handling this appeal, Jennifer Bonjean, the Cosby “handler.”

Jennifer Bonjean will handle Keith Raniere’s appeal.

Frankly, Raniere has achieved something. He has become an infamous pariah. 120-years, even if reduced, won’t ever be reduced sufficiently to change much of his future or how it is going to be spent. Raniere will not get any satisfaction. It is just part of his pathology, that he is convinced that he’s above being subjected to any human reckoning.

It’s also part of his pathology that he will never experience any genuine “satisfaction” interiorly, whether his sentence gets lowered or not. He is 60 now. Trying to fritter away at a sentence of 120-years is very unlikely to make much impact. Raniere, I doubt, will ever have liberty again, nor will he be able to make use of any freedom even if succeeds in having his sentence reduced somewhat. His only throne will be a toilet.

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  • As I understand it, anyone has the right to an appeal regardless of the sentence he had, why is there an interest in him not having that right?

  • Why Shivani talks bad about the new defense attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, of what I could investigate of her, she is really professional in her business, she has won several appellations. You can check her curriculum at:

  • I wouldn’t be so sure. Appeals exist for a reason and if their supporters have some truth on their claims (which it seems they do), this case is far from over and there is a big chance that Keith gets a new trial at the least. This case has become so interesting to me, before I thought Raniere was really just a conman but regardless of that narrative presented by media and looking into this case in-depth, I’m not sure that all that has been said about him is true and I hope justice prevails in this case.

    • Based on what “evidence” I’ve seen so far, I sincerely doubt that Keith will get a new trial. But, trust me, that is the BEST he can hope for, not the LEAST.

      I’m looking forward to reviewing all the evidence that Suneel is going to identify in order to support his claims that Keith’s legal rights were compromised at least 44 times during his apprehension, arrest, indictment, pre-trial incarceration, trial, and sentencing. Hopefully, you’ll get involved in that process as well.

    • A new trial is also a new opportunity for the prosecution. Maybe Cami takes the stand. Maybe other women come forward. Maybe Allison testifies. Maybe they subpoena Nicki. Who knows? Could go a lot worse for Keith. And others. Be careful what you wish for!

    • Today the Daybell case is going through long and tedious court proceedings in an attempt to remove the prosecutor from the equation. I have been watching, reading, lifelong, many court procedures, all over our world and with great interest. This has been a perpetual arena of concern to me, since I was seven years old.
      Take it or leave it, but attentive awareness has been a necessity, not merely a “hobby.” When I was still a child, my dad hired a fairly unknown attorney at that time, F. Lee Bailey. Flea. I take a long view to what occurs in court, from its alphas to its so-called omegas. Lifetime eye witness.

  • Seems to me that Shivani thinks that he has already the truth.
    He talks about “proven in court”, like the truth. Might it be different?
    Offers no data just his opinions.
    If he is so sure why bother him so much.
    There is no harm to look further for the truth and due process.
    Even the Devil deserves due process

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