Raniere 56 Letters-of-Support Unsealed — List of Names of Supporters Revealed Here

Brandon Porter

Keith Raniere’s attorneys filed 56 letters of support for him and the Court which originally sealed them from the public has now unsealed them.

Below is the list of people who have put their names on the record in support of Raniere. Later, we will do an evaluation of the letters and publish some of the most pertinent ones.

Note that several people chose only to use their first names – though many readers will know who they are and one person even chose to write a letter of support.

With 56 letters-of-support – it is 10 fewer than Clare got.
And 56 ÷ 17,000 (The number of people who supposedly took NXIVM classes) = .0033 or .33% – which is a lower approval rating than Trump University got.


Exhibit Number Name of Person Submitting Letter
Exhibit 1 Veronica Alvarez (with accompanying translation)
Exhibit 2 Angelica
Exhibit 3 Raul Arias
Exhibit 4 Diego Asunsolo
Exhibit 5 Eduardo Asunsolo
Exhibit 6 Juan Asunsalo (with accompanying translation)
Exhibit 7 Michael Baker
Exhibit 8 Leon Bojalil
Exhibit 9 Natalia Bojalil
Exhibit 10 Edgar Boone
Exhibit 11 Damon Brink
Exhibit 12 [Name Redacted]
Exhibit 13 Esther Carlson
Exhibit 14 Sanjay Chakravorty
Exhibit 15 Suneel Chakravorty
Exhibit 16 Theo Chiappone
Exhibit 17 Abril Cigarroa
Exhibit 18 Nicole Clyne
Exhibit 19 Danielle [Last name redacted but presumably Roberts]
Exhibit 20 Álvaro de la Garza
Exhibit 21 James Del Negro
Exhibit 22 Marvin Derks
Exhibit 23 Brett Diamond
Exhibit 24 Brian Elliot
Exhibit 25 Justin Elliot
Exhibit 26 Marc Elliot
Exhibit 27 Alejandro Estrada
Exhibit 28 Gurpreet Gil
Exhibit 29 Leah
Exhibit 30 Lourdes Gonzalez
Exhibit 31 Hector (with accompanying translation)
Exhibit 32 Jorge Hernandez (with accompanying translation)
Exhibit 33 Lorena Lara
Exhibit 34 Sterling LeBaron
Exhibit 35 Wayne LeBaron
Exhibit 36 Elizabeth Leon (with accompanying translation)
Exhibit 37 Linda
Exhibit 38 Jeanette Lopez
Exhibit 39 Juan Luis Lopez
Exhibit 40 Roy Martina
Exhibit 41 Megan Mills
Exhibit 42 Michele [Last name redacted but presumably Hatchette]
Exhibit 43 Jose Ospino
Exhibit 44 Chris Pearson-Smith
Exhibit 45 Juan Luis Piña
Exhibit 46 Brandon Porter
Exhibit 47 Lucas Roberts
Exhibit 48 Vanessa Sahagun
Exhibit 49 Sahajo [Last name redacted but presumably Haertel]
Exhibit 50 Samantha
Exhibit 51 Alberto Sanchez
Exhibit 52 Patricia Sanchez (with accompanying translation)
Exhibit 53 Luis
Exhibit 54 Danny Trutmann
Exhibit 55 Matt Wakelin
Exhibit 56 Franklin Zhumi



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  • Disappointed to see Juan Luis Lopez on there. He’s a nice guy. Is Jeanette his wife? I thought her name was Julia.

  • Kristin Kreuk is a phony! If she really was a social justice warrior, she would have signaled her virtue with a letter of support for unjustly convicted Vanguard.

  • Why in the world would Michelle Hatchette submit a letter in support with her last name redacted and in the same breathe submit an affidavit in support of Raniere’s motion using her full last name? That just don’t make a lick of sense.

    • I have a lot of favorites. There are so many good commenters on Frank Report. Just look at all the comments, serious substantive comments on these latest posts – since I became willing to discuss in a rational and friendly way – the views of the Nxivm-5. There is a lot of brilliance from commenters on this website.

    • A few things:

      1. Nice Guy is definitely not number 2. Frank never answers the phone and refuses to go out drinking at a
      nudie bar with Nice Guy. Frank is most likely fearful of having a good time. Totally understandable. 😉

      2. Many of you have fantasized what Nice Guy looks like…Realistically, only Scott is wondering. So here I am, Scott.


      We could be brothers, Scott.

      3. Remember to wear your masks and always be kind to strangers.

        • Even if Frank won’t go to the script club with you, he still loves you. Remember the time he let you write an article about how much you are jealous of Ben Myers and how you got caught typing FR comments under your covers at 3am?

          • Speaking of Ben, where is his letter? And the one from his wife, Michelle Salzman? They are still devotees I believe, right?

          • Nutjob-

            Yes reminder both items. I must say Ben did okay in the lady department. He bagged the fairest of the Salzman sisters.

  • Why is Danielle so suddenly shy? She can be recorded doing the splits and shaking her bits for frustrated prisoners but she can’t put her name to something she truly believes in. This is her beloved vanguard going down we are talking about!

  • I found this tweet from Nicki interesting:

    Nicki says she is reading the comments on Frank Report.

    We are doing Raniere’s homework. For free, we are providing feedback to his trial information. He wanted to pay thousands. We do it for free. That is why she is reading the comments. We are an intellectual audience and Raniere benefits from the comments we provide. I will not participate and help Raniere. I will not comment on any posts from the NXVIM 5. It is giving Raniere what he wanted. Free labor. An insightful crowd

    • I wouldn’t worry. I don’t think the feedback is what they were hoping for. They are a laughing stock. I did notice in Marc Elliot’s article that he wrote “we challenge the reader…” I took exception to this, NXIVM demanding the reader to be challenged but it certainly was a challenge reading through something so tedious and nitpicking.

        • Mexican Lady,

          The letters are staggering in their dissociation from reality. It doesn’t matter what any of us say about what has already been submitted. What is written damns him to life in prison and will hurt them if they’re indicted in the next round.

          All those cooperating witnesses for the FBI weren’t limited to this trial. I expect cases have been built to indict at least some of the people who wrote letters. Their letters show no remorse for what law enforcement already has in statements from multiple sources.

          They haven’t made one legitimate statement. They’ve ensured Keith Reniere’s life sentence. Just look at the evidence they supplied about themselves. Proof of the consequences of his manipulation. Keith’s been doing their thinking for them for a decade and more. They aren’t capable, they aren’t competent.

          The lawyers will just sit back and rake in the billable hours while they twerk. Someone is going to buy a nice boat from these letters alone.

    • I gave quite detailed comments but am not worried as no one on here can give as good answers on it as paid lawyers spending hours on it would so I doubt any of us are “helping” really. The comments are mostly common sense – that nothing substantive has come out and they are wasting their time.

  • This settles how truly demented his supporters are. If they had any sense of reality, they would know that their letters, coming as they are from unindicted co-conspirators and high ranking members of a criminal organization, would only serve to antagonize the court.

    This is like Albert Speer and Baldur von Schirach writing letters on behalf of Adolf Hitler.

      • Samantha is probably Samantha LeBaron who was in the slave pod headed by Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.

        Nicki Clyne. She was a first-line slave master just like Allison Mack. How is it then that you claim they head the same slave pod? You don’t even know what you write about, Shadow.

  • Just a ship of fools. Can we get the list for all the lives he’s destroyed? Was he the reason a certain person committed suicide? If she did, that is. Was she murdered? Why have several of his girlfriends disappeared or died? Did they run out of money? Did they catch on to his games? Did he have to cover up his criminal activity? Did they find out he only had a 2.6 GPA from RPI…..hardly the GPA for a super genius who can’t drive because his intense brain waves cause the lights to not work. Guess that only happens when you drive but being a passenger lets the lights work fine. What a crock of crap. So, once everyone saw the video of him admitting he’s had someone killed, no one looked into all the people around him that have disappeared? Or died or committed suicide?……….
    I’d be looking into that real fast. We know he is a proven liar.

    • The bit about Jennifer Aniston. Was she really at introduction evenings to recruit? Did she get a wage? How long was she involved and for how long and how deep was she in the cult?

  • How does someone like Brandon Porter, whose life has been absolutely ruined by NXIVM, write a letter of support for Keith? WTF?!? My only guess is that he is so far brainwashed that he truly believes Keith will go free and be a savior so Brandon can go back to living the ‘high life’ he had in NXIVM. Or is it possible that he and many others who are still loyal are simply unable to face reality and the fact that Keith was the devil incarnate and they followed him willingly like the farmer leads livestock to slaughter? It appears they are truly in a state of denial, and admitting Keith is a fraud and a monster would shatter their view of reality in a way they may not recover from.

  • Wow! Interesting who is – and who is NOT – on the list. For instance, where are the devoted Mexican DOS slaves, Monica Duran, Dani Padilla, and Rosa Laura Junco? Rosa Laura offered her own daughter up to Keith.Dani was helping to build a slave dungeon. Why are they not writing letters in support of KR? Are they still loyal? Or, have they finally realized they were scammed?

    Interestingly, two people, Dr. Danielle Roberts and Brandon Porter sent letters on Keith’s behalf. Literally, their involvement with Keith has cost them their careers. Yet, here they are supporting Keith, who undermined their professions by causing them to engage in horrific, dangerous acts on people who did not know what was happening. They literally shit on the concept of consent. Their careers in medicine are done. No reasonable practice or facility would hire them because of this massive failure of ethics on their parts due to Keith’s teachings. What human of sound judgment would want to be left alone in a room with either of them? For that matter, no profession with a licensing board would grant them a license for anything. Yet, here they are, still supporting the man who undermined their ethics and integrity.

  • They should have a limit of one support letter per family. Otherwise, this will turn into an Asunsolo/Elliot/Chakravorty family reunion. But seriously, credit must be given to these three for having managed to weasel out support letters from their family members.

  • who needs enemies? It will be interesting to see what all of these distinguished folks have to say about their Vandumb dumb

  • The people on this list did not believe that Raniere could possibly be convicted of anything and that he would walk away a free man. Nicki – suddenly Nicole – Clyne trumpeted this throughout the trial. Then he was going to miraculously free himself with his superpowers.

    Now this…

    Deluded to the end.

  • Sterling LeBaron and Wayne LeBaron, what is their relationship to the girls that were being groomed for sex slavery and murdered in Mexico?

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