Amanda Knox-Style of Misinformation – Points More to Guilt Than Innocence in the Murder of Meredith Kercher

Did Amanda Knox [l] murder Meredith Kercher [r]

Ever since Amanda Knox entered Keith Raniere’s prosecution vortex, by signing his petition to prosecutors, the Frank Report has been delving into the mystery surrounding Meredith Kercher’s 2007 murder, and the part that Amanda Knox may have played in it. For several years, Liz Houle, who readers know also as MK10ART, has been studying the case and writing about it.  She thinks Amanda is guilty. Frank Report is more than willing to hear from Knox supporters as we continue to study this horrifying case.

By Liz Houle

Amanda Knox was convicted of calumny, slander, or lying for stating on two separate occasions that her boss, Patrick Lumumba, raped and killed Meredith Kercher.

Amanda said that she sat in the kitchen covering her ears to block out the sound of Meredith’s scream.

Amanda repeated this lie twice officially, once during questioning and once again the next morning when she requested pen and paper and wrote about it.

She told the same lie twice and never retracted it.

Amanda Knox during one of her many tearful episodes.

At the time that she fabricated this story (or partly fabricated it since many lies have an element of truth to them) the police were unaware that Meredith had screamed. Many murder victims don’t have the opportunity to scream as they are strangled to death.

Amanda was the first, but not the last person to inform the police that an overwhelming, heart-piercing scream emanated from the cottage when Meredith was attacked on the night of November 1, 2007.

Meredith’s sister Stephanie discussed the terror her sister must have endured that fateful night in an interview. This account of the scream by Amanda, is one of the details that she shouldn’t have known so early in the investigation.

At the Police Station (Questera) a few hours after Meredith’s lifeless body was discovered in their cottage, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were playful, making faces at each other and giggling. She told one of Meredith’s friends that Meredith had been killed by the wardrobe and that Meredith had, “ died a terrible slow death with her throat cut.” [Darkness Descending, by Paul Russell pg 49]

Since Amanda and her boyfriend were nowhere near Meredith’s room when the door was kicked in that morning, these were two more details she should not have known as these were things that only the murderers would know.

Late in the evening, at 10:40 PM, on November 5, 2007 Raffaele was called to the police station to answer some questions. Amanda tagged along though she wasn’t expected to be there. Soon after being questioned alone, Raffaele admitted that Amanda had put him up to lying and saying that she was with him that whole night.

However, this was all “rubbish.” Raffaele then told the police that Amanda had gone out that night and did not return until 1:00 AM.

On the night of the murder, both Raffaele and Amanda uncharacteristically turned off their cell phones at approximately 8:45 PM and kept them off until 6:00 AM the following morning.

Amanda and Raffaele had told the police that they had slept until 10:30 AM that morning which is a contradiction to Raffaele’s cell phone being turned on at 6:00 AM, another lie.

Their cell phone records, changing alibis, and slander establish the fact that Amanda and Raffaele lied multiple times during the investigation. Because of this, nothing they say can be taken at face value.

lSince her release from prison in October 2011 and subsequent four million dollar book deal (Raffaele received about a million for his book) Amanda has done many ‘exclusive’ interviews. Her tone is similarly angry and annoyed at being asked if she is innocent.

She has repeatedly stated that she is innocent and seems to expect everyone to just accept that as fact without delving into the inconsistencies of her case (and her proven history of lying.) Those pesky details that are the evidence against her and Raffaele which has gotten them convicted twice.

Some of the evidence includes:

  • Three samples of Amanda’s blood mixed with Meredith’s blood in the bathroom
  • A Knife with Amanda’s DNA twice on the handle and Meredith’s DNA on the blade.
  • Raffaele’s complete DNA profile on Meredith’s bra hook (collected the same day as Rudy Guede’s DNA was taken from Meredith’s purse and shirt sleeve)
  • Amanda’s desk lamp, the only source of light in her room, found locked inside Meredith’s room.
  • Amanda’s footprints in blood in the hallway.
  • The fact that the killers locked Meredith’s door (which contradicts Rudy’s footsteps going straight out of the cottage without stopping or turning around).
  • Meredith’s cellphone discarded nearby, to delay discovery of Meredith.
  • A staged break-in (where Raffale correctly informed the police that nothing was stolen).
  • Meredith’s body moved 18-20 hours after death and put into a position similar to one found in Raffaele’s manga comics.
  • Evidence of clean up

Even with this and more, Amanda Knox supporters will either ignore or twist the facts in attempt to counter the accepted evidence. The level of disinformation by Amanda Knox’s public relations efforts include publishing articles, creating websites dedicated to proving her innocence, leaving hateful comments on articles about Meredith’s murder case which don’t proclaim Amanda Knox innocent, and spreading pro-Knox propaganda 24/7 on social media like Twitter.

Meanwhile in May 2013, Meredith Kercher advocates created a wiki site filled with easy to reference evidence, court documents, and transcripts of trial testimonies –

Months later, Amanda Knox’s ‘team,’ who seem to view this murder case as some sort of game, created a copycat wiki site with the same URL minus the word “the” in front and have filled it with their own version of the evidence where the goal is to portray Amanda Knox as an innocent victim of injustice.

Amanda Knox has been accused of antisemitism and racism.

A former Jewish co-worker, Matthew, vividly remembered Amanda.

“You know,” Matthew said, leaning toward me, “a lot of people are saying she is a sweet girl and they can’t believe she could have done such a thing. But, to be honest, I’m not surprised she is a suspect. Really. The first time I met her, when I got the job here, she asked me if I was Jewish. I told her I was. She then screamed: ‘My people killed your people,’ and began laughing hysterically. I didn’t know what to say. She just kept laughing about her Germans killing my Jews. After that, I did not like her. She really freaked me out.” (Charles Mudede in the article “The Education of Amanda Knox” (February 6, 2008))

Also, around the same time period, a video of her drinking with friends where antisemitic comments were made was also posted on the internet. On Twitter, antisemitism recently reared it’s ugly head again with the brother of FOA (Friends of Amanda Knox) lawyer Anne Bremner, who is featured in the latest BBC documentary titled, “Is Amanda Knox Guilty?” Her brother Doug Bremner tweeted on Feb 13, 2014, “What the Kerchers are doing to #amandaknox is like what the Germans did to the Jews and the Gypsies.”

Patrick Lumumba

In Italy, Amanda accused her African boss, Patrick Lumumba of the murder and let him sit in jail for two weeks until a few witnesses came forward to vouch for his whereabouts that evening. Amanda never attempted to clear him of the crime. Had witnesses not come forward for Patrick he would likely have gone down for the murder.

During her second trial, Amanda’s defense tried to pin the entire blame on another black man, Rudy Guede. They brought in convicted criminals from the prison to testify that Rudy allegedly confessed to committing the murder alone, however, Rudy did not.

Also the forensics of Meredith’s injuries clearly showed that there were multiple attackers. This established fact has not deterred Amanda Knox PR from continuing to assert that Rudy is the only one responsible for Meredith’s untimely demise. [Ed. note: Rudy is in prison, having been convicted of the murder, but is permitted day release in order to work at a job.]

Knox has repeatedly tried to pin Rudy as the only murderer. One example was published in the New York Post 9/15/13 where Amanda writes,

”Rudy Guede’s statements changed over the course of time to become more and more accusational against Raffaele and me. I should have the right to confront an accuser. I think there’s more to this and more to Rudy Guede than what the prosecution has been interested in presenting. . . It’s conspicuous how easy Rudy Guede got off, considering the evidence against him. It’s conspicuous how his versions of what happened have changed over time to divert attention and responsibility away from him and onto Raffaele and me.”

Far from “getting off,” Rudy was convicted of the murder and sentenced to 30 years in prison. He used the option of taking a ‘Fast Track Trial’ and later on the sentence was cut down to 16 years since it was determined that he was one of multiple attackers. The same sentencing procedures were available to Amanda and Raffaele.

Amanda herself has made more insensitive remarks, on February 7, 2014, she stated that being re-convicted made her feel like she had been diagnosed with cancer. This callous comment was derided by many cancer sufferers and their loved ones.

Amanda has a bizarre way of expressing herself. Her very first statement at her first trial, she took the opportunity to describe her pink vibrator that was displayed in the shared bathroom with Meredith.

“Speaking to the court for the first time Amanda Knox choose to address the issue of the pink vibrator she kept in the bathroom she shared with Meredith Kercher. Knox stated that she did keep a pink rabbit vibrator in the bathroom but that it was a joke gift from a friend and Knox then stated it was a small one indicating with her hands a size of about six inches. She concluded by stating that she was innocent.”

Amanda Knox has an infectious laugh.

It had been speculated that this was one of the many things Meredith did not like about living with Amanda.

During her second trial and shown in the BBC documentary “Is Amanda Knox Guilty?” she told the court 37:46 minutes into the film, A few days ago I wrote on a piece of paper in front of me that I am afraid of losing myself. I am scared of having the mask of a murderer[assassin] forced upon my skin.”

These are just a couple of many peculiar phrases she has uttered or written over the years.

Meanwhile, anyone who dares write about Knox on the internet and question her innocence must contend with the wrath of Knox PR’s onslaught of abusive comments.

R.I.P. Meredith Kercher



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4 months ago

This article uses Liz Houle as its source. If even a tiny fraction of what she claims were true, the 2015 Court of Cassation would have upheld, not annulled, the conviction. But as the Court wrote in its report:

“9.4. However, a matter of undoubted significance in favour of the appellants, in
the sense that it excludes their material participation in the murder, even if it is
hypothesised that they were present in the house on via della Pergola, consists of the
absolute lack of biological traces attributable to them (except the clasp which will be
dealt with further on) in the murder room or on the victim’s body, where instead
numerous traces attributable to Guede were found.
It is indisputably impossible that traces attributable to the appellants would not
have been found at the crime scene had they taken part in Kercher’s murder…”

“This aforementioned negative circumstance accords with the fact, already
highlighted, of the absolute impracticability of the posthumous clean-up hypothesis,
removing some biological traces while leaving others.”

4 months ago

There is NO evidence Knox or Sollecito locked Kercher’s door. Guede, not Knox or Sollecito, had a history of stealing cell phones. The cell phones were not turned off and were discovered later when KNOX phoned Kercher. They could have just turned them off and it was Guede’s DNA in Kercher’s blood on her purse.

7. “A staged break-in (where Raffale correctly informed the police that nothing was stolen).”

Nothing was stolen? Kercher’s wallet, money, and cell phones were stolen! Some one who stages a fake burglary does NOT tell the police “nothing was stolen.”

8. “Meredith’s body moved 18-20 hours after death and put into a position similar to one found in Raffaele’s manga comics.”

LOL! FALSE. NO ONE testified to this. NO ONE. Even the first convicting judges said Kercher was found in the same position as when she was sexually assaulted and died.

9. “Evidence of clean up”

NO ONE testified to any evidence of a clean up. In fact, luminol revealed NO attempt to clean up any blood.

3 years ago

Lol the anonymous comments are very telling…

3 years ago

I don’t buy any of this.

3 years ago

It’s already a long time ago. Why are non-family members and those unrelated to the case still so involved?
I don’t know what happened back there. Only Amanda and Rafael and maybe 1 other person know.
Why drag this stuff up for the next several decades?

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Why are non-family members involved? WTF… because people want the truth and justice. Why is it wrong for a reporter to bring up the MANY inconsistencies of her story? The victim deserves justice and the public has a right to fight for her memory and for her family to have it. The public has every right to make sure a murderer is locked up. Your comment is very telling to say the least.

3 years ago
Reply to  Sita

Who is the reporter who is bringing up the question of her guilt? The author of the article is not a journalist.

BTW, Sita, are you not aware that the question actually has been explored in many articles, books, documentaries, etc.? I’m sure you just know this.

And the real murderer, Guepe, was tried and convicted years ago. I’m not sure why you’re having such issues with understanding this.

3 years ago
Reply to  Flowers

You don’t have to be a journalist to have an opinion. Study the Massei trial yourself. Too much evidence against her.

4 months ago
Reply to  Sita

Almost everything in this blog has been proven wrong in court.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

She is a Narcissist. She is clearly deceptive. Friends of Amanda Knox is a propaganda machine. Study the evidence. She was involved.

3 years ago

I’ve always thought the way she would’ve let Patrick Lumumba take the fall is reprehensible and irredeemable!! I would love for there to still be more justice yet for Meredith Kercher. All murderers deserve life sentences or the death penalty in my humble opinion. I’m glad you’re putting this out there

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