New Judicial Watch Book: ‘A Republic Under Assault,’ is Available for Pre-Order

By Tom Fitton

Let’s hope we have another New York Times bestseller on our hands here: “A Republic Under Assault, the Left’s Ongoing Attack on American Freedom” is now available for pre-order (

My first two bestselling books, “The Corruption Chronicles” and “Clean House,” exposed the hypocrisy and corruption of Obama’s two terms. In this latest book I identify the four major forces posing a continued threat to American democracy.

  • Deep State Efforts to Destroy the Trump Presidency: The documents that show senior officials in the Obama administration, with the approval of Barack Obama, spied on the Trump presidential campaign AND President Trump! The dirty secrets of Obamagate and the impeachment/coup attack are exposed!
  • Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal: How Hillary Clinton, her top aides, and senior officials at the Obama State Department conspired to cover-up Hillary Clinton’s secret email system—and shocking new docs that tie Obama White House to the cover-up!
  • Voter Fraud: How Soros-funded groups attack states that seek to protect clean elections by challenging voter ID laws, and how the Left is cynically peddling COVID-19 crisis electoral “reforms,” like mail-in voting, which could increase voter fraud and election chaos.
  • Illegal Immigration: How deadly and illegal “sanctuary” policies are exploding across America, and how our nation’s sovereignty has been under assault by radical open border advocates.

Subversive Deep State collaborators with ties to the Clinton and Obama machines not only launched countless—often illegal—operations to stop and then remove Trump, but even more alarmingly, are working to transform the United States into something truly unrecognizable to all who believe in liberty and the rule of law.

Today one of their main targets is President Donald J. Trump.

Tomorrow it could be you and anyone who believes in the US Constitution, believes the United States must have clearly defined and protected borders, believes in the need for a strong military, believes in the value of hard work and faith, and believes in the rule of law and American exceptionalism.

“A Republic Under Assault” will be published by Threshold Editions on October 20, 2020. Learn more here.

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  • All of this information is available online for no cost. LOL

    We don’t need to buy a book, we need to buy into the idea that we need to take action to produce change. LOL

    • —All of this information is available online for no cost. LOL

      Did you read the book? [redacted]

      —All of this information is available online for no cost. LOL

      All the information regarding Amway being an MLM scheme ie pyramid scheme is all online.

      Why do people need Scott Johnson?

    • Well, I’m not Frank, but it looks to me like NXIVM members have figured out how to make fake Reddit accounts to ask themselves questions to pump out whatever junk they like to try to get people to ignore this website.

      If you ask me, the trolls in the comments are more of a reason to ignore this site than anything else.

      • —if you ask me, the trolls in the comments are more of a reason to ignore this site than anything else.

        Nobody asked you…..Did they?

        ….Frank did away with the trolling. People can no longer insult each other.

        Anonymous 8:39, do you want to be friends?

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