Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman Were Not Robots – Must Take Responsibility for Their Criminal Actions

Allison Mack [r] with Lauren Salzman. Both women were on low cal diets. Both women are now convicted felons.

By Shivani

Unless Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack were and still are robots, it is not as if they were merely, accidentally, rabidly vapid, solely in the name of Keith Raniere.

Come on, there is mutual responsibility.

Cooperativeness, enthusiasm, supportiveness, deep, long lasting entrenchment are not exactly “victimization.”

Keith Alan Raniere speaks with his dedicated follower, Allison Mack. Both are now convicted felons. One is in custody and the other awaits sentencing.

If you think that, perhaps look deeper, not as a counterproductive blame game, but to see what is realistic and what is not.

This chosen lifestyle was 100% their very own screwed-up, delusionary ego food. Raniere was the pitcher, but everyone he pitched to was playing right along, same ballgame, different positions.

The DOS First-Line Masters were slaves of Keith Raniere and sought to recruit slaves for themselves under Raniere’s direction.

With those Raniere-hooked individuals who were still teenagers or who were naive, when he and/or his harpies began to interfere with them, it is an entirely different set of circumstances to understand.

However, and observably, neither Lauren Salzman or Allison Mack were that naive as they plunged their life energies, face first, down Raniere’s filthy groupie toilet. They willingly substituted definitive mental and emotional guilt trips for spiritual contemplativeness or authentic “inner growth.”

This is far from unique, but the lack of originality does not make their years of criminal participation more excusable. Yes. Lauren and Allison had terribly bad taste when choosing to hook up with Raniere. Neither were arrested simply for demonstrating tastelessness, though.

If tastelessness were a basis for condemnation, all Walmarts and many Walmart shoppers would require their own synthetic prison universe, or so one hears, sees and maybe smells.

Most people are already capable of emphatically expressing the concept of “NO” before we have reached our first birthdays. How about that!

Both Lauren and Allison strutted around for years, proud as all hell to be part of this madness. It is impossible to miss, even via photos, how deeply pleased and tickled, how completely into this “social” and primarily sexual catastrophe they were.

Each wasted years pathetically justifying themselves and their choices while in over their heads, minds and hearts, drowning in absurd Raniere claptrap, which they agreed upon and tried to spread. Each one kept saying “yes” every night and day, breath by breath, one foot in front of the other, goosestepping along. Stepford wives, doomsday Barbies, and let’s not overlook their co-dependent male counterparts, who have somehow managed to still stay in the closet, to this very day.

Men and women both bought into the teachings of Keith Alan Raniere.
Vanguard Week group photo, when Keith Alan Raniere was at the top of his game.  



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  • Allison absolutely needs to be held accountable, I have thought for awhile now about how there was no way, in this day and age, tthat somebody could not have dropped a dime on this whole thing anonymously…nobody cares about leaked nudes anymore and no collateral obtained through coercion is legal or actionable. Allison needs to be held accountable so she can move on

  • You’re articles about Allison are always the same.You clearly hate her and you still have no understanding at all about the real situation.

    • Perhaps check your remarks about what anyone else thinks or even feels, and try to comprehend that you do not know. The “hate,” which you express so frequently, is your own.

      I am not sure that you can realize that you are projecting your emotions onto others, as you seem so very driven by your personally and subjectively troubled waters. Whether you understand it or not, your comments display that you are not, as yet, worthwhile to debate, because you show that you lack reasoning skills and most of all, you show that you lack self-control. You carry on misdirectedly spewing, as if lost in a swamp composed of debris made from your own hostility, undigested blame and insistent, impotent unpleasantness. This overstuffed baggage is not my misery or anyone else’s. It is your own thought and action.

      I think that what you are stuck in doing is futilely projecting your unresolved anger onto others. It seems that you do not feel in any way responsible for that aspect of yourself. This is how I perceive much of your commentary.

      Usually this is simply ignorable, but your onslaught of reaction(s) to this particular featured comment of mine looks as if you’re indulging yourself in going overboard. It is ineffective, but you could be embarrassing yourself, even if you won’t see it.

      You do not know yourself, and you are incapable of treading on me. But I will hold up a mirror to your face for you now, in this moment. Try to see. You are only harming yourself. Just look at not only the quantity of your repetitive remarks but see the quality and the tone of what you say. How hard it must be, for you to try to navigate such a mind and such a fixedly disrupted emotionality.

      To me, you sound like a slowly simmering frog screaming and flailing about in a now tepid and deserted cauldron. You seem to be still caught, even though the chef and his sous-chefs were handcuffed and led away a couple of years ago, and you could have climbed out of your trap long ago. You keep circling round and round through your circuits of anger as though you were helpless. That is your choice.

      Your use of disjointed, but declarative phrases and sentences to haphazardly, recklessly spit out your misery does not make your opinions into representations of any truth.

  • Not surprised that YOU is still so stiff that you refuse to acknowledge the FACTS…

    Once again, let’s make thinks clear:
    Allison is a victim, you might be too limited to understand but it’s a fact.

    If Allison must take responsibility (for what? for being a victim…) , so must ALL THE VICTIMS and this mean that raniere will be released as there is no crime at all.

    Your hate for Allison display either an ignorance of the fact or an inability to actually judge people equally.

    little reminder of the fact:

    Allison , under coercion was FORCED to collect the coercive material LIKE MOST VICTIMS…we know Sylvie did it, India did it and Jayes was about to do it but was lucky…
    Many other have probably did the same.

    Now let’s see other facts:
    Allison was physically abused, mentally abused, starved , sleep deprivation and likely drugging…so take responsibility of what ? of being abused? if so, the other victims can’t complain.

    “Cooperativeness, enthusiasm, supportiveness, deep, long lasting entrenchment are not exactly “victimization.””
    THIS IS WORKING FOR LAUREN…NOT FOR ALLISON…you continue with your fantasy stories that you made up and you also continue to ignore the reality…it’s sad.

    “This chosen lifestyle was 100% their very own screwed-up”
    Once again, it work for lauren…not Allison…she was dragged into it AFTER coercion. And if coercion isn’t enough to justify, i remind you (once again) that it’s the COERCION that allowed the victim ot be seen as NON CONSENTING VICTIMS.
    If you choosed to ignore this fact, why are you even coming to talk about this subject? there is no story for you in your reality as nothing happened to ANYONE.

    “With those Raniere-hooked individuals who were still teenagers or who were naive, when he and/or his harpies began to interfere with them, it is an entirely different set of circumstances to understand.”
    And once again, you ignore the fact…here both Allison and lauren were teenager-ish when dragged it…often YOUNGER than the victims.
    you try , once again, to rewrite the story…

    “However, and observably, neither Lauren Salzman or Allison Mack were that naive as they plunged their life energies, face first, down Raniere’s filthy groupie toilet. They willingly substituted definitive mental and emotional guilt trips for spiritual contemplativeness or authentic “inner growth.””
    That’s what i said, you rewrite…jeesh.
    You have here heidi who’s sister was abused a similar way then Allison , and you prefer to occult this fact and say “it has nothing to do with this case”…
    You obviously know NOTHING about this case and still consider things debunked 2-3 years ago.
    The fact is that Allison naively believed that the people she trusted were trying to help her…Naively believed in the good of the program nxivm (like ALL THE VICTIM ADMITTED).
    But since it’s Allison and you hate her, this can’t be an excuse for her…
    Once again, it’s sad to be you i guess…you live in a fantasy.

    “Both Lauren and Allison strutted around for years, proud as all hell to be part of this madness. ”
    False…Allison was in for herself until she was COERCED (this is , like it or not, an absolute, un-debatable FACT…you are maybe not familiar with what is a fact).
    lauren did indeed take pride in destroying life but Allison was like each and EVERY victim just in for herself.
    She was abused and used by people like lauren and raniere…this is an absolute fact, once again and this is exactly what happened to EACH AND EVERY VICTIM.

    I don’t know in which world you are leaving but wake up.

    Your argument made no sense if you ignore to apply them on the other victims.
    Or more specifically, knowing the truth, it could partly work for lauren but the reality about Allison doesn’t fit your fantasy.
    Also if you apply these “points” on the victims, they aren’t victim anymore…

    I don’t expect you to understand as you are following the same line of “she is a monster” for the last 2 years…but everytime you talk, it’s like the trial never occurred.

    Frank, can you stop posting these kind of unnecessary article? it’s not bringing anything new and whether positive or negative, these fit the comment.
    And to be honest, except some specific individual (who live in their fantasy), most don’t care about his opinion…
    If we want to know it, there is the comment.

    • There are varying opinions on Allison. I think she is a victim. I want to see leniency for her, but others disagree. If they do so politely, I think they should be heard.

  • Excellent article.

    Don’t forget when Allison tolled Lauren Salzman how excited she was to be sister moms with Lauren.

  • America has become a Ship of Fools where people no longer know right from wrong.
    That’s why idiots can chant “Black Lives Matter” while burning down black neighborhoods.
    This defense of the demented Allison Mack and the degenerate Lauren Salzman is further evidence of America’s descent into Idiocracy and Insanity.

    • [redacted]

      “America’s descent into Idiocracy and Insanity.”
      Frank, no moderation when he is actually insulting general public?

      • The point of the comment redactions is mainly to curb insults to other commenters. There are a lot of people who agree with Shadow about the present society.

  • Why this defense by so many of Pimps like Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman?
    As long as these two pimps are so vehemently defended NXIVM still exists and can be resurrected.
    These two women used force, fraud and coercion to enslave and dehumanize women in the name of female empowerment.
    Would you the reader like it if your daughter or sister or niece were treated in such a way?
    Not only that but Mack and Salzman encouraged young women to make false accusations of child molestation against innocent people.
    Mack herself did this against an innocent member of her own family!
    What happened to “Thou shall bear no false witness?”

    Is America now such an Idiocracy that we can no longer tell right from wrong?
    No wonder mobs feel free to riot, loot and burn!

    • First of, you continue with your [redacted] of Allison being a pimp [redacted] we know it’s not true?

      second, [redacted] nxivm was more than this but [redacted]

      Finally you continue with your [redacted] argument of “Allison accused a member of her family” but you made the choice to ignore the coercion happening at the time it happened…
      Better yet, you also ignore that other victims did EXACTLY THE SAME THING…and that was her FIRST collateral…
      Nicole said it CLEARLY in court….


  • I agree, but all facts of the matter must be taken into consideration.

    By pleading guilty they have already taken some responsibility for their actions.

    The judge will not approach the sentencing with an attitude based on either mercy or severity.

    He will approach it with an attitude of getting justice done.

    He will pay close attention to the degree of responsibility they accepted and demonstrated.

    • He (the Judge) has a lot more current reports about Allison and Lauren, etc. to assess, with considerably more up-to-date info about them than is out in public. If either one has been going to therapy and putting focus upon getting “deconditioned,” that could be a good sign.

      With the way I see prisons, it doesn’t come easy to “wish” that upon anyone. Still, there are at minimum, those three hardtack scoundrels who are defendants in this saga, including Raniere, who seem to warrant the longest sentences. This is just opinion, though, and these three probably irredeemable dirtbags are Raniere, Clare Bronfman and Nancy Salzman. However, this justice business isn’t about subjective wishes. I’m happy not to be Judge Garaufis.

      It seems to me that I wouldn’t mind seeing video of Nancy Salzman being marched right into a cell whilst big bulldykey guards were tugging her sorry ass via her ugly matronly, bunchy hairdo. With glove on, of course, dahling. The mother from hell is the one clever demon most likely to skate, judge-wise. This gets an endless grrrrrrrr

      • And the judge ignore the fantasist version that you make up…so be ready for disappointment for you rage against a victim.

        In your version their might be prison but the reality is quite different than your [redacted] version.

        As for the last part, you have nothing to do with this case, [redacted]

    • And facts show that if you agree ,you ignore those facts…
      Each victims should take responsibility if Allison must.
      This means that raniere is innocent in this absurd reality.

      The court considered the coercion to be strong enough to justify that the victims did the things they did…Allison being under coercion doesn’t deserve the same treatment for what reason?
      Because of the years in?
      She was NOT in the inner circle until at best 2016 (after coercion) and she wasn’t really as she was not aware of the purpose of DOS.
      All the victim were members for years…
      Nothing justify this 2 speed justice. either they are ALL AT THE SAME RATE or there is no victim at all.

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