Ghana Scam Part 4: Elderly Man Gets Frantic When I Talk Directly to African Scammer in Lonely Hearts Swindle

This is Part 4 of the Ghana scam story. And I am sad to say there is going to be a Part 5. I won’t get it into it in detail now, but there is a Part 5 coming and, even sadder, a Part 6.

Below are the links to the first three parts of the story concerning my friend, Ronald Robinson [not his real name], who was scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars by a Ghanaian lonely hearts scam.

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As I related in the first three parts, Ronald fell in love with a woman named Nancy from Ghana, who he never met.

Over time, he sent her tens of thousands of dollars to get her to the USA and every time Nancy was about to come here, some unfortunate accident occurred which prevented her from coming, despite Ronnie sending her the money for her ticket and expenses.

One time, as she traveled towards him, leaving Ghana, she had a stopover in Holland  – or so Ronnie was told – where she was arrested.

Another time she took ill from Malaria and could not get on the plane.

Yet another time, she made it all the way to New York City but US Customs stopped her because she was carrying a large quantity of gold [which she was going to bring to Ronnie].

In short, she never quite made it to Ronnie.

Nancy AKA Lana Brooke

Initially, Nancy told Ronnie a fanciful story of how she was trapped in Ghana and needed his help to get out and that if he helped her she would come to live with him and love him faithfully all her life.

Ronnie is now 79 years old. He first started trying to get Nancy to the USA when he was around 73. He has yet to see her in person and as far as I know, has never actually spoken to her on the phone.

Their entire relationship has been by text and, on occasion, Skype. But since I also once Skyped with Nancy, I have come to conclude that on the other end was not a live person but a video that kept looping to simulate that it was Nancy on the other end, live.

Nancy’s image only appeared on the Skype call and she communicated by text, claiming that she did not have audio on her Skype.

As for Ronnie, he does not want to believe that Nancy is a fraud; that there is no Nancy, despite my showing him that the so-called Nancy, supposedly stuck in Ghana, a person he has gotten loads of pictures from, is actually a one Lana Brooke, a nude model, with tons of pictures on the internet.

I showed Ronnie this link [below] of his Nancy, [as Lana Brooke] which rather definitively proves that Nancy is not stuck in Ghana selling ice water by the roadside and waiting for a late 70s-year-old man to bring her to America to make her his bride.


Nancy described herself as an innocent young woman trapped in Ghana by unfortunate circumstances and would rather die than submit to men having their way with her.


But her photos, as Lana Brooke, show she wouldn’t need to sell ice water at a roadside stand to make ends meet.


Some people think it is wrong that I am publishing these nude pictures of Lana Brooke – like I am taking advantage of her. But I disagree. This is fair use. And I want to show who this woman is and why it is preposterous to think that a man in his 70s should think that she is a woman in Ghana needing him to rescue her so she could be with him. Lana Brooke makes these photos available for free, with the hope, I assume, that men will contact her and pay her for more direct contact. So, in this way, I am helping her to advertise her wares. The link is

Despite seeing these pictures, Ronnie was not convinced. He thought the opposite occurred. That someone had forced Nancy to take these photos and were now pretending to be Lana Brooke online and that Lana Brooke was the fraud – and Nancy was real.

Recently, he wanted to send her money to get out of the hospital and money for a ticket to come here. [Nancy was admitted to the hospital just after Ronnie had sent her money to fly to the USA].

Ronnie was partly motivated by love for his woman and also by a chance at a tidy sum of money that would more than make up for the money Ronnie had sent to Nancy over the years.

Nancy had informed him that she had $1 million in gold bullion and, as Ronnie’s wife, he would get it all because her husband would be the rightful controller of her fortune – gold that she had inherited from her late grandmother.

I told Ronnie that this was a pure lie, that there was no Nancy. That there was no gold and that the people texting him were likely men in Ghana who do this for a living.

I showed him the advisory of the US Embassy in Ghana:

U.S. citizens should be alert to attempts at fraud by persons who profess friendship or romantic interest over the Internet…. Correspondents’ quick transition to discussion of intimate matters could be an indicator of fraudulent intent. Correspondents may cultivate the relationship for several months before asking for money, but if they are after your money, eventually they will ask for it.

Before you send any money to Ghana, please take the time to do your research and inform yourself. Start by considering the fact that scams are common enough to warrant this warning. Next, look over this partial list of indicators. If any of them sound familiar, you are likely the victim of an internet scam.

  • You met a friend/fiancé online.
  • You’ve never met face to face.
  • Your correspondent professed love at warp speed.
  • Your friend/fiancé is plagued with medical or other life problems requiring loans from you.
  • You are promised repayment upon the inheritance of alluvial gold or gems.
  • You’ve sent large sums of money for visas or plane tickets but the person cannot seem to make it out of Ghana.
  • When your friend does try to leave the country, he/she gets into a car accident or is detained by immigration officials demanding payment, bribes, or proof of a certain amount of cash on hand for travel.
  • Your correspondent consistently uses lower case “i’s” and/or grammar not in keeping with their supposed life station or education level.

Cases bearing these and similar hallmarks have all proven to be scams intended to prey on sympathetic and compassionate U.S. citizen victims. We advise U.S. citizens not to send money to people they have never actually met….

Many Americans have reported losing thousands of dollars through such scams. In the event you do lose money, be warned that your chances of getting it back are almost nil. These scammers work from internet cafés and are entirely portable and elusive. Furthermore, this type of crime is not a priority for local police and it is difficult to prosecute these cases. The Embassy can offer a sympathetic ear, share information on protecting yourself against such scams, and help you determine if your situation is real or fraudulent, but cannot do much else…..

The anonymity of the internet means that the U.S. citizen cannot be sure of the real name, age, marital status, nationality, or even gender of the correspondent. In the majority of cases reported to the Embassy, the claimed “U.S. citizen” correspondent turned out to be a fictitious persona created only to lure the U.S. citizen victim into sending money.”

I thought all this was enough to stop Ronnie from sending more money. I was wrong.

I even got on the phone with Nancy’s friend, George, the man who was supposedly handling the gold for Nancy. [She had gone to the hospital right after Ronnie sent her money to come to the USA with the gold. She had, George told Ronnie, contracted malaria.]

Ronnie was ready to send $600 more, because he still believed that once he did so she could get out of the hospital and then come [with the gold] to him.

I asked Ronnie why he had to pay the hospital bill; couldn’t she sell some gold and pay it herself?

Ronnie said he was told by George that in Ghana you can’t leave the hospital unless you pay your bill and that the price he could sell the gold for in Ghana was quite low. George said it would be better for Ronnie to pay the hospital bill and let Nancy bring the gold to him in the USA where he could sell it for a good price.

The comment was so ridiculous that I told Ronnie that I wanted to speak with George.  He got him on the phone a couple of weeks ago.

And I did a fairly dastardly thing: I told George that Ronnie had a Nigerian woman named Lola that he was going to marry.  I thought this would end the predatory calls by George and texts from Nancy – if they thought he had moved on.

I was wrong, and Ronnie did not tell me until weeks later.

When he did, I once again demanded to speak to George. I had this conversation with George the other day and Ronnie was standing by, as I spoke to George on speaker-phone.


Ronnie: My uncle Frank wants to talk to you okay?  He’s trying to help me get over all this stuff that’s been happening to me. All my money is going. He found all my paperwork, all the money that I sent you or sent you and Sister Loveiss and everything.

Frank: Hello, George.

George: Hello.

Frank: How you doing buddy?

George:  I’m fine, you?

Frank. I’m doing good and you’re doing good yourself?

George:  Yeah, I’m doing good

Frank: Okay, so how can I help you guys work this out? What do you need?

George: You already told me that Ronald has a lady called Lola from Nigeria, right?

Frank: Lola? Yeah, Lola. Nice woman.  She’s a very nice girl.

At this point, Ronnie became frantic. George had written to him that a man named Tomi was going to take Nancy away.

Ronnie: Lola is not my girlfriend! Tell him.

Frank: They’re not girlfriend-boyfriend yet but I think they could get together.

Ronnie: But I didn’t.

Frank: I’d like Ronnie to get married. Ronnie is my only heir and I’m leaving all my money to Ronnie. And it’s a lot of money. I’m a wealthy man. And I just don’t want him to have some woman that doesn’t love him. And so I found this nice woman, Lola. But now Ronnie doesn’t like Lola.

Ronnie: I always loved Nancy. I’ve been taking care of her for five years. Sending her money and helped her when she got in jail and all the whole thing like that and everything there was.

Frank:  Did Nancy go to jail, George?

Ronnie: Did Nancy end up in jail from the gold?

George: No. Why?

Ronnie: Up in Holland when she got stopped in Holland. Didn’t they hold her?

George: The gold belonged to Nancy…

Ronnie: I had to take and pay thousands of dollars to [Nancy’s] lawyer to take and secure the gold up there and then they brought the gold back and then I had to pay money to that EDU lawyer. Remember. All the stuff there I had do that. I mean I’m not ra ich man.

Frank: How much money did you invest with Nancy so far?

Ronnie: Well, first of all, I did the thing with the passport visa. That was seven or $8,000 to the lawyer and then George went to work for the lawyer. And that’s how I met George. And then he talked to me about going and helping him to take and…  He had a cocoa farm and he wanted to get financed. And you checked that out for me that time, remember? He wanted me to get some kind of loan from the bank.

Frank: Well, how much did you send them altogether?

Ronnie: Probably close to like, 25, no, more than that, because there was $30,000 from the West African Monetary Department when they took them.

Frank: How much money have you spent of your own money?

Ronnie: $50,000, probably.

Frank: $50,000 You guys got $50,000 and now Tomi wants to marry Nancy? Right, George?

George: I’m here.

Frank: Nancy and Tomi are getting together right?

George: Nancy is not getting together with Tomi until she gets out of the hospital. So I’m trying to find some money so I don’t have any choice.

Frank:  Tomi sent Ronnie a letter saying that he’s taking Nancy. Did you see that email that Tomi sent, George?

George: Ronald text me that message.

Frank: Tomi said he’s gonna pay Ronnie back the money that Ronnie spent and he’s taking Nancy.

George: I don’t know what is going here with Tomi and Ronald. Tomi can’t come there to our place even though he is in Ghana.

Frank: Why can’t he come?

George: He can’t come to our place.

Frank:  Well let me ask you this George. Who does the lady want to be, with Tomi or Ronnie? What does Nancy want? I mean, it’s really, she has to make a decision. She is an adult woman. Does she want to be with Ronald or does she want to be with Tomi?

G: You are called Frank, right?

Frank: My name is Frank.

George: Okay. I want you to answer me this question.

Frank: Sure.

George: Without no lie

Frank: Because neither one of us should lie, right, George? Neither one of us should ever lie, right?

George: You told me that Ronald has a lady who is called Lola and you told me that Lola is Ronald’s first choice, right?

Ronnie: No, no. I don’t even know Lola. Well, no!

Frank: It’s a girl that I wanted Ronnie to be with. I want Ronnie to have a girl, George, you see? And so I found this girl, Lola. And now Ronnie’s telling me he doesn’t want to be with Lola. He wants to be with Nancy.

Ronnie: I’ve never met Lola. I don’t know Lola from anything…

Frank: But you never met Nancy either.

Ronnie: I know. But I’ve talked to Nancy on the internet and stuff like that.

Frank: Well, what’s your question, George?.

George: So, Frank, let’s finish this here. Because you don’t know the person you are really talking to. I’m not a small person, After all, I’m a good man and also I have a position here in Ghana. I’ll tell you who I am later.

Ronnie: George, tell my uncle about the gold and that you’ve got the gold there right now. And you can’t sell it. You can’t do anything with it until you have Nancy to do it. But the gold is now in your name because you took it out of my name, right?

George: I took the gold, yeah, out of your name.

Ronnie: Did you change the ownership of the gold from my name to your name with a lawyer?

George: I did it. Okay. Gold. The gold is in my name.

Ronnie: Where is the gold and the chain now?

George: Both in my name.

Ronnie: Where is the gold now?

George: Gold is with me.

Ronnie: And why can’t you sell one of the gold bars to get all this stuff straightened out instead of getting me to pay more money?

George: The amount, the price I will get from one kilo not the same price they sell it in the USA.

Frank: I’ve got a fine idea. What do you think about this idea? What if Ronnie and I come to Ghana. I’ll pay for Ronnie’s expenses. What if we come there and meet Nancy and meet you? And then we can figure out what to do from there? What if we were to fly over there? I’m willing to come over there and meet Nancy and figure out what we need to get this gold loosened up, okay?

George: I don’t have any problem with meeting you and Ronald. Frank, but what you told me the last time that Ronald has a lady who is called Lola

Ronnie: There’s no Lola!

Frank: There is a Lola.

Ronnie: I don’t want her. I have never met her. I don’t want her. I mean, it’s, it’s screwing up everything. I really want Nancy!

George: I want to ask you but I —

Frank: Speak up, George, what is it?

George: You don’t know who I am. So let me finish talking.

Frank: Yeah, go ahead.

George: After all, I’m not. I’m not a kid.

Frank: Yeah.

George: You told me that at that time that Lola is Ronald’s first choice  Ronald wants to be with that lady from Nigeria. You told me that.

Frank: I did tell you that.

Ronnie: No, I don’t!.

George: You told me that. So I just realized that I saw if Ronnie doesn’t need Nancy again and he wants Lola and I don’t have anything to do with it again. So I just made up my mind that I will tell Nancy everything.

Frank: Good idea.

Ronnie: No, no, no!

George: I will tell Nancy everything. That Ronald’s Uncle Frank is trying to get a new lady for Ronald and she is called Lola.

Frank: Right.

George: She’s called Lola. So, right.

Ronnie: I don’t want Lola. Don’t let him think it because he’s got it all on tape and he will play it for Nancy. Tell him that I have never met Lola!

Frank: Let George talk,

Ronnie: But I don’t want to let him think that because he’s got it on tape and he wants to go to Nancy and show Nancy. He already told  Nancy.  Just tell him that there is no Lola and I have never met Lola!

Frank: Ronnie’s begging you. He’s begging for your forgiveness George. Ronnie wants Nancy. He’s never met Nancy, for five years, a woman he’s never met, a totally fictional woman. This is all a scam.

Ronnie: No, I’ve been with Nancy for five years.

Frank: George is just lying to you to get money out of you and you want to continue with the scam. That’s all you care about is to continue to pay these people money as they continue to cheat you. That’s all you care about. And George you know it’s true. George knows that this is a scam. George knows this is a fraud. And he knows he’s got a fool – you – on the other end. So he’s getting 50,000 dollars out of you. Because you’re a fool, Ronnie. And George is just a con artist, a scammer. He talks about being a grown man, but he’s a cowardly thief. That’s all George is, is a coward and a thief.

You’re a thief, George. You’re just a thief and you don’t know who I am. But I know who you are. You’re a thief. You’re a scam artist. And you should stop bothering Ronnie. That’s what I say to you. There is no Nancy. You’re lying about Nancy. There is no Nancy. And why don’t you grow up and be a man and make your money honestly, you fool. Don’t you know what karma is? Don’t you know what’s going to happen to thieves? They all end up broke. Don’t you have any faith in God? Don’t you have any faith in yourself that you can’t be a man?

George hung up.

Frank: He hung up. Fuck him.

I wish that I could report that this was the end of this unhappy episode. But it was not.

Stay tuned for Part 5.

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  • Frank,

    I am having dumping on Johnson withdrawal. I am going to have to find a new pastime. Dumping on Johnson was the perfect pastime for a middle age crank like myself. It was fun and a great stress reliever. Frank you have robbed me of my fun.

    ….And yet another reminder I need to get a life.

    If you don’t mind me asking what motel or hotel did you stay at in Alaska?

    I imagine you had to take 2 flights in Alaska or did you do a long haul drive?

    • I flew – through the kindness of my producers – first class and it was two flights as I recall. I stayed in two hotels – one in Anchorage. I forgot the name and one in Seward which was especially quaint. It happened to be a hot summer with 80f plus degrees and the hotel – built I believe in the 19th century and possibly not updated since then – did not have air-conditioning.

      As for your desire to fight with Scott Johnson, if you both agree and keep it funny and possibly on point with the posts I suppose you guys should not be deprived of your fun. But could we keep it on-topic?

  • To Frank & all the assholes.

    Like the song says….

    “When a man loves a woman
    Can’t keep his mind on nothin’ else
    He’d trade the world
    For a good thing he’s found
    If she is bad, he can’t see it
    She can do no wrong
    Turn his back on his best friend
    If he puts her down

    When a man loves a woman
    Spend his very last dime
    Trying to hold on to what he needs
    He’d give up all his comforts”

    It never mattered if the woman was real or not. It never truly mattered her age.

    Ronnie is an old man with no one. He simply wanted to be loved and to love someone.

    On the flip side, obviously the fact that she is cute*, as button and looks like the girl next door, helped to lure him.

    *Lana Brooke is an 8 not a f*cking 9 or a 10

      • LMAO!!!!

        Peaches 🍑 you are so cruel.

        PS Bangkok’s theoretical dream girl, I am sure, has a nice personality…..

        And she knows her way around a penis. That’s a big plus!!!!!

  • Frank can post gratuitous images of the same woman naked over 40 times. All the while free speech is curtailed. LOL

    Hateful words[sic]. LOL

    Hypocrisy. LOL

  • First thing i’d like to ask:
    Franky, did you actually contacted this model to see if she allowed you to use her image to illustrate this scam? maybe i should contact her?
    No because you wouldn’t dare ignoring the laws…she isn’t a public figure and therefor her image is hers…

    “Some people think it is wrong that I am publishing these nude pictures of Lana Brooke – like I am taking advantage of her.”
    This is EXACTLY what you do and if you insist, maybe we should ask her (and her potential lawyer, and court) what they think about it?

    “Lana Brooke makes these photos available for free, with the hope, I assume, that men will contact her and pay her for more direct contact.”
    First, it’s on HER website (judging by the watermark) so you steal traffic from her website (to your advantage)
    Second, i doubt she’d want the kind of people who write here in her contacts…

    Also you still use the moniker for your friend but you gave her real name, how fair is it? she is a victim of it too…and now , a victim of you as you use her to make your clickbaits.

    “I thought all this was enough to stop Ronnie from sending more money. I was wrong.”
    You can’t blame him for not believing you…you rarely say the truth…

    “and that the price he could sell the gold for in Ghana was quite low”
    While he is lying about the first part, the gold price is indeed super low there…this is why foreign people (chinese, american and others) go there to take the gold from their ground.

    “Ronnie: I don’t want her. I have never met her. I don’t want her. I mean, it’s, it’s screwing up everything. I really want Nancy”
    I know you will redact the word but your “friend” is more than an idiot…it’s hopeless (if this is a true story, which could very well not be, with you…)

    • Not a public person? LOL

      You’re right, she’s a pubic person. LOL

      The pictures are on a website that isn’t owned by her. LOL

      She’s definitely too nice of a person for us, while she spreads her beaver online. LOL

      Gold is about the same price there as it is anywhere else: LOL

      Divide by about six to get the USD cost/ounce. LOL

      Other than that, GREAT comment. LOL

  • Congratulations Frank you have Starbucks and Allstate Insurance ads running on your site.

    I happy for you.

    If you have to change the comment section you have to change the comment section.

    • Ronnie needs a cup of coffee to wake him up and some liability insurance for covering stupidity. LOL

      • Dear Mr. Scott Johnson,

        Now that is funny!!!!!! LOL
        Kudos and adulation to yah, my BFF!!! LOL

        You are [extra special], and you are funny! LOL

        Best Wishes,
        Nice Guy (NiceGuy666)

        PS Can you mail me some of that Amway laundry detergent. My whites aren’t getting white enough. LOL

        “Poopy-Pooh-lol-LOLLIPOP-poop!” -Anonymous [redacted]

        • Scott would be happy to mail you some Amway laundry detergent. LOL

          What is your name and address? LOL

  • What do you imagine is the pleasure that Roger the Silly Wabbit, oops! Ronnie, obtains from this long and costly mess? Alcoholics have booze. Drug addicts have substances. But what cornucopia of hard-sought fun comes out of this particular addiction? Does he enjoy anxlety and coming only this c l o s e to repeatedly shattered dreams and (perhaps preferably) unobtainable desires? Is this similar to being addicted to gambling? That is a really tough one to stop and again, doesn’t result from ingesting any substance.

    The man has an immaterial obsession. Crikey.

    • I thought you had a thing for Kim. LOL

      Perhaps you can be involved in Part 7 of this story and sweep Nancy off her African feet – or were you referring to Salzman? LOL

    • Take a long look at the photos. LOL

      They are 10 years old. LOL

      I have a playboy bunny belly chain. LOL

  • I’ve finally decided to confront Scooter Johnson and to vanquish him on his own radio show. LOL.

    I’ll admit that I’m using the term ‘radio show’ very liberally —– since the phrase “radio show” implies that a real audience is listening and that real advertisers are paying for the time slot.

    However, as part of my research, I’ve been unable to confirm that Scooter’s radio show has any ‘real’ advertisers (real human beings who aren’t related to Scooter or his co-host) paying for advertising slots on his ‘show’.

    Thus, before I formally agree to vanquish Scooter ‘live’ on his show, I must insist on PROOF being provided that he’s got a real show, with ‘real’ advertisers.

    Also, he must provide proof that his audience is large enough to make it worth my while.

    I’d like him to provide VERIFIABLE advertiser data and VERIFIABLE audience numbers.

    When he finally confirms this data (to my satisfaction) —— I will officially buy my own walkie-talkie and join him on his show at 4am-5am (i.e., what the industry refers to as “garbage time”).

    *I’m still not sure how Frank Parlato actually got up early enough to join Scooter at such an early hour.

    The ball is in Scooter’s court. 🙂

    • Frank, this post was not meant as argumentative and you fucken know it.

      Thus, if you redact anything then you really have gone way overboard.

      You said that humor was allowed as long as nobody would get their feelings hurt. Trust me, Scooter won’t get his feelings hurt.

    • Bangkok, I appeared on Scott’s radio show, as I recall on a Saturday evening around 10 pm, if memory serves me correctly. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time and Scott and Peter were excellent hosts. I would recommend you appearing on it, if you are satisfied it is worth your while.

    • [Redacted] Bangkok. LOL

      Trying to put demands on ME in order to come on MY show reminds me of NiceGuy 666 saying he would come on my show, and then he [redacted] out by saying he would come on ONLY if Frank came on first, and then when he was told Frank had already been on the show, he STILL [redacted]. LOL

      Birds of a feather flock together, and [redacted] and [redacted] are also two peas in the same pod. LOL

      The advertisers are on the radio show website, which I’ve posted numerous times. LOL

      I’m a host on one of many shows that Peter Mingils conducts, so you can ask him about the advertisers, listeners, etc. LOL

      The primary objective that I’m on the show is to educate others about Amway and other MLM scams and I don’t make one penny from the advertisers or anyone else for being on the show. LOL

      You’re a [redacted] Bangkok, you are [redacted] for making demands on me to be on the show. LOL

      If you actually did your “research,” you would also know when the show is conducted -[redacted]. LOL

      You are in the process of [redacted] just like NiceGuy 666 did. LOL

      Why don’t BOTH of you come on my show at the same time, and I’ll do an equivalent of Rush Limbaugh, who ties half of his brain behind his back, just to make it fair – in this case I’ll use half of my brain for each of you and still [redacted]. LOL

      This show has the potential of being the biggest one yet when I broadcast it all over social media after I reveal the [redacted]. LOL

  • Frank’s repeated references to this story — with all 5 parts — begs the following question…

    Why didn’t Frank involve authorities or mental health professionals to counsel his friend?

    Frank readily admits that, even after he showed evidence that Nancy didn’t really exist and that her photos were those of a porn actress, Ronnie still continued to send thousands of dollars to these scammers.

    Yet Frank continued to intervene using these SAME OLD techniques (which hadn’t worked in the past) —– instead of going to authorities or mental health professionals to assist his friend.

    I’m being sincere in this post, when I ask Frank to DEFEND his FAILING choices.


    Yet Frank REPEATED his SAME OLD BEHAVIOR with Ronnie, constantly intervening and constantly FAILING to stop this fraud, yet he just KEPT ON DOING IT for years, while magically expecting a different outcome each time.

    • The problem I had was that Ronnie would lie to me and his other friends, claiming he was done with Nancy and was not sending him any more money. After my first intervention, he swore to me he was done. My second intervention was years later. I believed my friend.

      • That may explain the first and second intervention, but not the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, etc., interventions. LOL

      • Mr. Winston Groovy, how do we know if we can trust you? I looked up Winton Groovy and he is a black man approximately your age. You are from Sicily. I don’t believe in coincidences. Do you bucko?

          • Dear LOL,

            There goes my old friend again, laughing at his own aliases and attempting to draw attention to them. LOL

            It’s kinda of funny Mr. Rickles. LOL

            I have to admit. LOL


            Ps I am quite sure Frank appreciates the old African/Sicilian innuendo.

            I do wonder if Frank has the uncanny super power to run faster “while holding a color television”.

  • Frank,

    During this whole ordeal, did you ever try to contact Lana Brooke and try to have her speak with your friend to help convince him? Seems like it would have been a cheaper option in the long run.

    • Now you’re talking. Hell, give Lana a bag of gold to come talk to Ronnie in person. Let him know from her own mouth what’s up. Allow Ronnie use up his part 7 and part 8 money to pay Lana a small fee for her appearance. Maybe she can be on retainer. Could she do reoccurring private online chats with Ronnie? If Ronnie is hell-bent on giving his money away, doesn’t it seem right that Lana is the one who gets the money?

      If this series doesn’t earn Lana a mention in the next FR version of “Where are they now?” – I’ll be pissed and feel betrayed.

    • No I never tried to contact her. I would not really like to contact her either for Ronnie would probably send her money as Lana, which is, as I understand it, a business she is in.

      • How about not being judgmental for once in your life…you are the last person who should judge other…
        Especially you!
        Once again, you blame her for taking money from pervys and such , if people are not smart enough, it’s their fault, not hers.
        You do the same with HER pics so you really should think twice before talking…
        And in the end, she is not the one lying to your friend…why bringing her in this whole case?
        And if you only used the clothed version, i could find that acceptable but you can’t do anything acceptable…

        • Umm…Anonymous

          The girl in the photos completely different from the scammers who are using her photos. You are conflating the two different stories and the issues.

          I like angry, pissed of women with an attitude problem and who like to scream and carry on. If you are a female, somewhat attractive, and have a good sense of humor, I will consider dating you. If you are married, it’s not a problem. Send Frank a photo of yourself and your phone number. After I review your photo and if you meet my stringent-shallow standards I will contact you, and provide you with air travel to Boston.

          Have a great night Miss [redacted]! 😉

      • Frank is one of those old men with so much jewelry on he clinks like broken wind chimes when he walks. He gotta pinky ring bigger than a woman’s engagement ring.

        He got a lucky gold cornicello hanging from his neck —looks like the sperm that got away.

        He has the gold crucifix necklace because Jesus died on a gold cross. He has his patron saints chains of Perry Como and Cus D’Amato around his neck. He’s got on 3 rings on his left hand for no apparent reason they look cool. He has 4 bracelets on his right wrist one for each divorce.

        Surprisingly while Frank was helping Ronnie. Frank came into some cash and got a new car, went to Vegas, and bought a pair of black and white wingtip shoes with real leather soles. Franks is gent. I had a friend like Frank once.

        My friend and my ex-wife still write me letters from their home Florida. My kids love their new dad.

  • Does anybody else here not feel sorry for Ronnie?

    At first I felt sorry for the poor bastard, but now, I realize he’d be better off sleeping in an insane asylum.

    • I feel sorry for Ronnie not having any real friends. LOL

      But I don’t feel sorry for [redacted] and [redacted] not having any real friends. LOL

      • I feel sorry for poor Ronnie, but Ronnie is not the biggest loser in America. A man somewhere in the in the Great state of Texas.

        Ronnie, unlike the Texan, at least has friends and Ronnie never payed his Platinum Plus cable bill with his welfare check or had kids out of wedlock because he didn’t know what birth control was.

        I guess, Bangkok, Ronnie is not so pitiful after all.

        • Your [redacted] is showing again NiceGuy 666. LOL

          “…somewhere in the in the….” LOL

          We can tell exactly when the hiccup occurred. LOL

          You claim to know a lot [redacted] about someone you are too scared to call. LOL

          I wouldn’t want Ronnie’s friends, they are impotent. LOL

          • Exactly when the hiccup occurred?

            I know a Texan….[redacted]

            Shout out to Andrew Dice Clay!

    • The old man’s story is quite sad. When people are desperate enough, they will try and do almost anything.

      Frank’s friend was never insane. He was desperate for human companionship.

      I bet the scammers could’ve used a pic of a 40 or 50-year-old woman and the scam still would’ve worked.

    • It’s not new, and it’s probably dementia. LOL

      I think Frank is taking advantage of a retard to get some click bait. LOL

        • Ronnie needs to grow up and get a goal to live for, I recommend he helps to educate others about Amway and other MLM scams. LOL

          It’s quite rewarding. LOL

        • Are you qualified to diagnose dementia versus insanity caused by extreme loneliness, and, to quote Hellary THE Horrible, at this point, what difference does it make? LOL

          It’s like being curious about how someone got a hangnail while they have a major wound and are bleeding out. LOL

          • I don’t know if I am qualified but Ronnie seems to be quite cognizant of other things – just a fool for finding a young woman.

        • Frank, unless someone has experienced true loneliness firsthand, they will never understand what zero companionship and no form of tactile stimulation for years, such as a hug or simple hand holding, will do to a man.

          I watched a client, after his wife died, go from being a pompous and arrogant college professor to a man practically begging me to have a bowl of soup with him. I never had that bowl of soup. He had treated his adult children so poorly I couldn’t do it. Amongst other things, the man was a life-long Democrat and even hosted Boston’s Mayor Menino multiple times at his home for meet-and-greet fundraising dinners. I remember thinking “Look how the mighty have fallen. You are begging me to sit and have soup with you.”

      • Frank taking advantage of anyone? how could you…never he would do such a thing!
        Yeap, definately click bait material.

  • Nice work, Frank. The online scam industry is huge, composed of tens of thousands of individuals working for very large ‘companies.’

    They only way to beat them is to educate people about their methods.

  • This is absurd. LOL

    Ronnie is obviously literally out of his mind. LOL

    Ronnie also has invested a lot of not only money, but time, effort, ego, etc., and can’t/won’t admit he f*cked up. LOL

    It happens all of the time with scams, Ponzi schemes, MLM scams such as Amway and others. LOL

  • This is so very sad but I’m hooked. Frank could you contact Lana, maybe she could meet with Ronnie and explain everything and he would believe her. It may end with her taking out a restraining order on Ronnie but it might be the only way. This is so sad and frustrating.

      • Instead of watching train wrecks, I watch old porn movies on Betamax.

        VHS doesn’t have the same quality picture as Betamax. LOL

        Last night I watched movie called Soul Train. It was 7 black men and a white women. LOL

        I’d love cleaning up after that train wreck. LOL

        • Betamax! Yes! I remember watching She-Ra and Benji on this! A bit annoying that the tape would go in the top, I would get my hand trapped in between it and the shelf above.

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