FBI Agent: On Law Enforcement Use of Chokeholds and George Floyd

This is an interesting point of view because J. Gary DiLaura, a white, retired FBI agent, and avid Trump supporter, with a large audience of readers, has had experience in the field facing threats and determining when to use a chokehold or not.  It was a form of a chokehold that held George Floyd down and seems to have resulted in his death.


By J. Gary DiLauram FBI, retired

If a State, County or City, because of their political beliefs, fails to enforce the law… lawlessness is ALWAYS the result!

I am not surprised of the resulting lawlessness after what may well be an illegal act of a few lawmen.

I am surprised at the continued use of an extreme, chokehold, on an apparently, submitted subject.

I am not surprised that it resulted in a death.

I am not surprised; at the resulting rioting in a black neighborhood, against innocent, black, honest citizens and their businesses… in an extremely left state, extremely left city and extremely Democrat-led failure to enforce the freaking law!!

You folks who keep electing incompetent Democrat leaders whose only agenda is to replace our President, are getting what you deserve for leaders…do nothing… if it’s okay, take credit. If it turns to crap…blame a Republican.

That’s the leadership that exists in every single Democrat-led state and they are all in big financial trouble… but not one Republican-led state is in trouble!?

On the use of a chokehold… I was the head Firearms and DT (Defensive Tactics) Instructor for my FBI Division. I did not teach the chokehold to either FBI agents or police officers. I demonstrated the chokehold… explained that it is “the use of deadly force” … and it can be used, if not prohibited by their agency… just like you can shoot to kill when necessary…to save a life.

I didn’t teach it because, in my opinion, it required a skill factor that required more training than we could provide, in the time allotted for any DT training. We dedicated many weeks to the use of handguns, rifles and shotguns for the proficiency in the use of deadly force and a single week for DTs covering every aspect of handcuffing, control, disarming, self-protection, extraction from a vehicle and on and on and …oh yea, chokeholds… not nearly enough time.

I used a chokehold once in my entire career of some three decades working the FBI’s Violent Crimes Program. That was after exchanging shots with and during the arrest of an extremely tough, bad guy, who decked my partner twice, took a hostage (12 year old little girl), after I shot back. We ended up in a “fight for survival” where I knocked him out with an “extreme” chokehold. He never stopped fighting… until he was out cold!

That was extreme, justified and legal, even if he had not survived the fight… that’s how extreme the situation must be in my opinion, before the use of a gun or chokehold (deadly force) can be used… in my opinion.

So, is the use of deadly force allowed… justified… absolutely… but you had better be ready to explain how you were protecting yourself or somebody else!

With the limited information, and needless to say, the lack of the MSM displaying the entire videos and all that led up to the unfortunate death…no one should say who was at fault until there is a Grand Jury Hearing and Grand Jury verdict … True Bill or No Bill.

Being a lawman is unlike anything else in the world. In war, a soldier has rules of engagement on whether to kill or not.

Lawmen are not allowed to toss in a hand grenade to clear a room…soldiers are.

Extreme? Not at all… being that a police officer is less likely to be shot, sniped or IED’d than a soldier is good… but his “Rules of Engagement” are much less clear, not well defined! He truly has to make his own rules of engagement as he moves down that street!

We must, because of the dangers our police, lawmen face daily… we must… give them the benefit of doubt… no matter how tough that may be. I personally have been pulled out of FBI cars looking down the barrel of a 12 gage shotgun held by a police officer, more than once, during critical FBI surveillances, because of mistakes made, mostly due to a lack of communication, with no one person to blame…it’s a “mistake”! Stuff happens!

Unlike Obama and Eric Holder…President Trump does have the backs of his lawmen and I believe he will continue to do so! Just let the other lawmen do their jobs…and don’t think burning down buildings and looting are allowed because it’s blacks harming blacks… all black lives and black businesses do matter, but scum, any color, like those arsonists and looters…don’t!

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    Thanks to all of my readers….there are some good ,thoughtful comments showing my readers are loyal Americans, who do have sincere interest in their country and the enforcement of the law, equally, to ALL those who disobey it! Allow me to help on a few very important facts and lack of facts.

    There has not been, that I am aware, any declaration by the Coroner, on the cause of death. There probably won’t be, at least, in my opinion, there should not be, until all the forensics, toxicology tests are in and all the facts examined. A coroner is supposed to take all facts into consideration in determining “cause of death”. For example …he left a suicide note but shot himself in the back ,twice, with a cross bow…? Get the idea?

    In any death case, between the police and a civilian, past use, current use, of drugs…certain types of drugs, arrest records, convictions, …always have an impact on “what happened”! They all play a part…what if he has a history of assaulting police and escape?

    Drugs can cause people who seem normal to do totally irrational,un-explainable things that an arresting officer has to deal with. It’s always a damned if you do and damned if you don’t for the law man…until you face what I’m talking about, you really cannot comprehend how dangerous an otherwise normal person can become on some drugs! A question we need to get answered is how/why he was removed from the police car, put face down and sat upon by 3 police officers who knew they were being filmed,watched ,what ever and maintained their “control”…why? Don’t tell me they were trying to kill him because I just can’t believe that. Also they worked at the same place …did they know each other? If they did, could that have played a part? But to intentionally kill some one…that takes a lawman I never met…fortunately!

    His hair follicles will tell if and what drugs he used for the past year. So let’s wait and see!

    How many times did past President Hussein Obama declare without ANY facts…”The cops acted foolishly”…or the cops should have known better?

    Here’s something most don’t know, in Ferguson, AG Eric Holder sent out his Civil Rights, Attorney “Investigators”, who were cited by the Federal Court Judge, there, for… get this…perjury, tampering with witnesses, tampering with evidence, lying to the Court.

    All relating to trying to create evidence to put the police in jail!

    The Justice sent a letter with his charges to DOJ, Holder, guess what, he did …nothing. He also sent the same crew to Texas…same things happened and to New Orleans, same things happened. The Texas federal Court banned Holders attorneys from practicing law before some 30 +/- Federal districts after he charged them with Contempt of Court. Holder did nothing!So don’t be too quick to convict the police no matter how bad it looks…there are many “Eric Holders” still left in DOJ. I suggested to the President he rid DOJ Civil Rights of those “hold-er overs!. Many are still there!

    Law enforcement must take control of the streets and enforce the law…arsonists should be shot…rioters shooting guns,as I saw, should be shot by police snipers…FBI should do Riot and Terrorism investigations of the interstate travelers…follow the money…who paid for travel, food, transport, supplied rocks, arson tools everything!? The Right Side

  • The cop has been charged with murder -and it has been established that the victim died of asphyxiation and cerebral anoxia, due to constriction of his carotid arteries. So discussions of Floyd’s character are now irrelevant. The death has been declared a homicide. It is the cop who will stand trial, not Floyd.

    Like it or not, that is the law in the USA.

  • I could not care less about George Floyd’s cocaine use, arrest record or anything else.

    That cop executed him. It was a long, slow, brutal and intentional murder.

    White supremacists always make up excuses by pointing to past mistakes of victims of police brutality.

    This cop had a few past mistakes of his own. Maybe we need to look at those.

    • In light of the fact that the cop and the victim knew each other from working in the same place, there is a complicating factor which will need to be investigated. The incident was not an encounter between two strangers.

  • The use of force is justified insomuch as it occurs in accord with the law.

    Outside of that, it shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

    To think otherwise is madness.

  • There is a simple solution to this problem of police violence.

    Step 1: Make sure you rotate your police force around and have two cops as partners, who do not know each other.

    Step 2: Always publish their names and home addresses when something like that happens.

    Police officers behave like the Mafia right now. How often are there articles about excessive use of force or planting evidence like drugs AND NOTHING IS DONE? Why do officers wear body cams which can be activated/deactivated at will?

    • This situation reminded Scott of an experience he had in Junior High school. As he recalls, it was in 7th grade, the first year they did desegregation busing where he grew up. He turned around in the gym locker room and his white tee-shirt and gray shorts went missing. He went to lunch that day and as he was standing in line, he noticed a Black boy who had on a white tee-shirt and gray shorts with Scott’s father’s distinctive block lettering “JOHNSON” on them.

      Recognizing the boy was not the future Ervin “Magic” Johnson (Scott has an uncanny ability to predict the future, such as NiceGuy 666 is about to write another STUPID comment, or Mr. Shadow is about to write yet another off-topic post – LOL), Scott went to the biggest teacher he could find in the teacher section of the lunchroom, Mr. Dunn, and told him about the situation. Mr. Dunn escorted Scott and the Black boy to the Assistant Principal’s office. The Assistant Principal was also Black and when he confronted the Black boy, he said not only was it wrong to steal something from someone else, but it was very stupid to wear it in school after stealing it, which Scott found very amusing. LOL

      Likewise, not only was it wrong for this police officer to grind his knee into the back of the neck of this life-long loser/piece of human feces for eight minutes, as he wasn’t worth the punishment the officer would earn, but it was stupid to think he wouldn’t get caught red-handed on one or more phone video cameras. Stupid is as stupid does. LOL

      • Scott sounds an awful like Bangkok. LOL

        Maybe the new Scott Johnson should call into Scott’s radio show. LOL

      • Scott-

        The kid took your shorts and you ran to the principal’s office and ratted him out instead of fighting him after school?


        It’s nice to know you have always been a pu$$y.

        A whacky pu$$y retard……..

        Scott, who was your father?

        Richard Simons?

        You do have curly hair and are always whining about something.

    • Not a very good idea, for a lot of reasons:

      1. Many police organizations can’t afford two officers/vehicle;
      2. It takes time for partners to develop a teamwork/partnership, which is much safer than rotating them around;
      3. The U.S. isn’t a third-world country that encourages retribution;
      4. Most police officers are great people and a few need to be weeded out; and
      5. Misbehaving police officers should be punished like any other citizen for breaking the law.

      Other than that, great comment! LOL

  • Grinding a knee into the back of the neck of a person laying on their stomach while handcuffed with their hands behind their back for eight minutes is not a choke hold. It is excessive use of force. Regardless what happened up until that point and no matter what a scumbag they may be. LOL

  • The MSM has tried to turn George Floyd into a hero.
    In doing so the left-wing anti-American media has incited riots all over the country, riots led by agitators from the Communist Anti-Fa Terrorist group.

    The truth about George Floyd is much different.




    He plead guilty to entering a woman’s home, pointing a gun at her stomach and searching the home for drugs and money, according to court records
    Floyd was sentenced to 10 months in jail for having less than one gram of cocaine in a December 2005 arrest
    He had previously been sentenced to eight months for the same offense, stemming from an October 2002 arrest
    Floyd was arrested in 2002 for criminal trespassing and served 30 days in jail
    He had another stint for a theft in August 1998



      • Scott Tex Johnson
        If Mr. George Floyd had broken into your home and held your wife at gunpoint, you would have a different opinion.
        Scott, you are a Soft on Crime Liberal!

        • You are a liar. LOL

          You have no idea how Scott would react to that scenario. LOL

          You are too scared to come on Scott’s radio/podcast and debate the above, which PROVES you are a coward. LOL

          • Dear Old Mitch Garrity,

            There are so many gosh-darn Ghosts of Scott these days. Oh heck, how is a fella supposed to know which one is the real McCoy?

            They say the gays got Gaydar. Can you detect whom the real Scott Johnson is?

        • ‘Scott Tex Johnson
          If Mr. George Floyd had broken into your home and held your wife at gunpoint, you would have a different opinion.
          Scott, you are a Soft on Crime Liberal!’

          He did not do that. No matter what self-loathing pussy-whipped White-man scenarios you invent, these black male victims do not measure up to your bleak and nasty view of their humanity. Your justification of racist violence with a false scenario is part of the reason people are burning down your cities. Think about it. Is there a constitutional compulsion to think rationally, reflexively? Judging by you, Shadowstate, clearly not. The USA – a living embodiment of The Banality of Evil.

          • Well said, Grace. LOL

            However, the few violations need to be punished harshly, the U.S. is not as bad as you say. LOL

            Do you also speak out about the Black criminals who kill several people every week in Chicago, mostly other Blacks? LOL

          • “…No matter what self-loathing pussy-whipped White-man scenarios you invent…”-Grace

            Your assessment of Shadow is accurate. Shadow is somewhat lacking in certain areas of manliness. I guess you could say Shadow does not MEASURE up or Shadow falls SHORT of manliness. One could even venture to say Shadow is SMALL minded or lacks manly GIRTH.

            Rumor has it Shadow hides in the shadows because he possesses a CHODE.

          • Whatever issues Mr. Shadow has with a lack of manliness, and there are numerous issues, you have him outdone in spades, NiceGuy 666. LOL

        • Shadowstate

          “Mr. George Floyd had broken into your home and held your wife at gunpoint, you would have a different opinion.”-Shadow

          Shadow, how the hell is that even a point or an argument? Floyd was not in the act of holding a woman hostage when he died.

          BTW, of course, Scott would feel differently if George was holding a gun to Scott’s wife. Scott would be able to get a cheap divorce.

          Sometimes, Shadow, you act like a silly old man. What time is shuffleboard?

          PS/ Now that the library isn’t an option where do you hang out?

          • Mr. Shadow’s point is that Floyd had previously committed a crime similar to what he described, doofus NiceGuy 666. LOL

            Scott thinks your point about his wife is disgusting, but what else is new coming from NiceGuy 666? LOL

            Mr. Shadow is scared like you, he won’t come on Scott’s show, either. LOL

            Does it matter what time it is when you can play shuffleboard at any time of day? LOL

            P.S., Why do you want to know where Mr. Shadow hangs out, do you want to hang out with him? LOL

          • Scott?

            Did you take a class at a community college on “How To Be Unfunny”?

            Or are you that retarded?


            “Scott would feel differently if George was holding a gun to Scott’s wife. Scott would be able to get a cheap divorce.”

            Are you kidding?

            Scott, you, wrote a rape fantasy story regarding Heidi Hutchinson and her sister Gina which Frank, rightfully so, refused to publish.

            Scott, you are one crazy retard!!!!’

            Have a great day, Texan Tardo!!!!

    • Shadow, your comment is illogical. By your logic, police can use excessive force on people they are arresting, and if they kill that person, they shouldn’t be charged if that person had any previous convictions.

      At the time police are placing a suspect under arrest, they would not be aware if that suspect had previous convictions or not. In some instances, the police may even have the wrong suspect.

      The Scott Johnson impersonator is being more sensible that you, Shadow.

        • Scotty,

          Whatever you say, you whacky retard.


          So be it!!!!!

          If you see me as Satan, then I must be doing an awesome job at “roasting” you.

          Thank you for such fine flattery.

          No one excels better than the Devil at mentally torturing the retarded.

          Want me to stick my pitchfork up your rump roast?

      • Shadow doesn’t like the rule of law and the US Constitution, because they stand in the way of the total annihilation of his countless perceived enemies. If he could only get rid of the rule of law and the Constitution, all his problems could be solved. He would make a perfect world where everyone agreed with him about everything.

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