Is this Raniere’s Future? Two Child Molesters Beaten to Death By Proud Cane-Wielding Prisoner

A man like Jonathan Watson might be Keith Raniere's worst nightmare.

Could something similar happen to Keith Alan Raniere as what happened to child molesters David Bobb, 48, and Graham De Luis-Conti, 62, last month?

Both men were serving life sentences for aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14, in Corcoran State Prison in California. The prison houses more than 5,400 inmates and specializes in substance abuse treatment.

Another one of the prisoners, Jonathan Watson, 41, who is serving a life sentence for first-degree murder, chose to end the lives of both molesters.

We get details from Watson, who proudly confessed in a letter to the Bay Area News Group in Northern California.

Watson explained he was transferred from a single-person cell, where he wanted to stay, to a lower-security dormitory pod at the prison.

Six days after he arrived, a child molester moved into the pod.  Watson believed the man began taunting other inmates by watching children’s television programs.

In his letter, Watson said he couldn’t sleep that night “having not done what every instinct told me I should’ve done right then and there.”

The next day, Watson told a prison counselor he needed to be transferred back to higher-level security “before I really fuck one of these dudes up.”

Jonathan Watson, a hero for killing child molesters?

The counselor “scoffed and dismissed” him, Watson said.

Watson returned to the housing pod.

“I was mulling it all over when along came Molester #1 and he put his TV right on PBS Kids again,” he wrote.

One of the fellow prisons said, ‘Is this guy really going to watch this right in front of us?’

Watson interrupted him, saying, “I got this.”

Then he picked up his cane and “went to work on him.”

After killing Bobbs by delivering blows to his head, Watson left the housing pod to find a guard and turn himself in.

On the way, he saw “a known child trafficker, and I figured I’d just do everybody a favor,” Watson wrote. “In for a penny, in for a pound.”

Watson then beat De Luis-Conti with his cane but did not immediately kill him. De Luis-Conti died three days later.

Watson then found a guard.

“I told him, ‘I’ve got some pretty bad news,’ to which he ironically replied, ‘You’re not going to hit me with that cane are you?’” Watson wrote. “So after jesting for a moment, knowing this might be the last decent moment that I have for a long time, I told him what I’d just done, which he also didn’t believe until he looked around the corner and saw the mess I’d left in the dorm area.”

After being detained for the killings, he gave prison officials a full confession.  Watson said he will plead guilty to both killings if the state takes him to court and hinted he may kill again if he is housed with child molesters in the future.

By the way, Watson got his wish and is back in segregated housing.

“Being a lifer,” he wrote, “I’m in a unique position where I sometimes have access to these people and I have so little to lose. And trust me, we get it, these people are every parent’s worst nightmare. These familys (sic) spend years carefully and articulately planning how to give their children every opportunity that they never had, and one monster comes along and changes that child’s trajectory forever.”

What is interesting is that Watson may not be punished in any measurable way. He is in for life and is likely now a hero to many prisoners.

I suspect the guards won’t look down on him either and might actually treat him with more respect.

Could the same thing happen to Raniere?

Some lifer, with nothing to lose, might one day decide to beat a very vulnerable Keith Raniere to death for something as innocuous as watching a TV show.

According to numerous reports and accounts of prisoners, in the society of prisoners and guards, they all agree: Molesters are the lowest form of life, the worst of all transgressors. Nobody hates Watson for what he has done.

From the moment a man is found to have molested a child, he is forever an outcast. And robbers, fraudsters, drug dealers and murderers look down upon him and feel morally superior, a feeling they may not enjoy with any other class of society.

In cases like Watson’s, a man might even find redemption, become a prison hero, and brag to a receptive media, as Watson has done, about his exploits, by dispatching a couple of molesters.

He did not murder; he decreased the population of child molesters by two.

Very few, maybe no one, outside of prison will condemn Watson. Some will applaud him.

Keith Alan Raniere, child molester. Sketch by MK10ART.

Sure he was also fraudster, conman, and cult leader, but what counts in prison is, Raniere was a child molester.

If he is not protected, possibly in a supermax facility, he may end up one day getting brained by some prisoner with nothing to lose.

What steps will the Federal Bureau of Prisons take to prevent this after Raniere is sentenced in April?




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  • Yep. Totally agree. Kiddy fiddlers, child molesters, lowlife scum who trick or threaten and have sex with children deserve nothing less than death.
    Pedophiles are the lowest form of life.

  • What’s wrong with all this? First of all, it’s not up to PRISONERS to mete out justice. They are, first of all, criminals. Whatever punishment is deserved, we as a society decide, not them. What happens when they decide for instance that jaywalkers deserve death.

    Second, if the prison administration can’t prevent murders within the prison walls, replace them all. If this keeps happening, just lock the prisoners in their cells, 24/7, meals in cells, exercise time alone, etc. This is how it’s done at SuperMax and no murders occur there. Prisoner rape, beatings should also be stopped. How’s this for instance? You rape, beat or murder another inmate? Permanent, duration of sentence 24/7 isolation from the rest of the population?

    We have cctv cameras everywhere else in the world, put them in prison and stop this B.S.

  • I agree with the prisoners a pedophille is the worse scum on Earth. These guys got exactly what they deserved. The guy is a hero. They deserved to die. And if there is any justice for this child? She got it. Not from the law that was meant to protect her. There is nothing like prison justice. They should bring a law in. If you do anything to a child. Fucking hang them

  • Pedophiles seek to be a part of the LGBT+ community, even going so far as to make a “Pride” flag for Gay Pride Month. The “MAP/NOMAP community” tries to pull at people’s heartstrings by claiming that pedophiles are misunderstood marginalized people, and that as long as their attraction to children is not acted upon — or in some cases when they get permission from the child — that they should not be villainized.

    • This MAP story (does anyone else think of John Podesta’s “pizza-related” MAP on the handkerchief he left behind after a house party…) is extremely ironic, because the p-word (I refuse to write it, or say it, ever) was the original term child molesters and rapists used from the 1970s to argue that they were “normal”. See the history of PIE in Britain, the P-word Information Exchange:

      Dang, there it is, I wish I could embed that link.

      This was a deliberate branding exercise on the part of these deviants to label themselves as “child lovers”. In doing so, they completely destroyed part of the language for good. There was at least one pediatrician who got assaulted because someone misunderstood his brass plate.

      In a similar way, the homosexual community and their media cohort deliberately appropriated the lovely English word “gay” and wrecked it for ever. A proud Scottish regiment had a famous marching tune called The Gay Gordons, which would raise piqued eyebrows today:

      Fortuitously, it got rebranded as Mairi’s Wedding, still one of the most famous Scottish folk songs.

      I discovered that even Westside Story has had to change its lyrics: today, Maria sings “I feel pretty, oh, so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright!”:
      when in the original, of course, she felt pretty and witty and gay, which would never play today without some snickering.

      Personally, I think the “queer” label, as proudly used by some LGBTQ activists, is quite acceptable, this was a longstanding term for homosexuals which they adopted to emphasize that they were, indeed, different from most folk and proud of it. These days, some people maintain that Q stands for “querying”, muddying the waters once again, and doing everything they can to convince children that it’s fine to rebel against their biological identity and decide to change gender.

      Now that their sanitized p-word, which was intended to show that they were “normal”, has become associated with perversity, the child molesters want to rebrand themselves as MAPs. Please can we just call them what they are, which is child abusers and rapists. Perhaps we can call them CARs, if you need a short term for a headline.

      • Absolutely agree. No amount of sophistry or semantic wrangling can hide the truth of child abuse. Or the fact that child abuse can be perpetrated by both heterosexual and homosexual predators. There can be no acceptance of this abuse if we value life, as this type of abuse can end lives before they’ve even begun. I do feel like Annie Nash above, that there should be a zero tolerance life altering penalty for child abusers. Perhaps we have to put them down, like rabid dogs or marauding bears.

  • Something similar could happen to John Tighe, who’s fingered as a pedo – justifiably or not.

    Who would “applaud” that?

  • It was another inmate’s cane that he “borrowed.” I’m surprised any prison allows canes to be used in the first place, as they are obvious potential weapons. I doubt federal prison allows the inmates the channels, or any TV, that are present in a state prison.

    • In County jail you are correct. In prison you are allowed to purchase a TV and watch whatever is available to them. Do some research before spouting off… these animals got what they deserve.

  • Attention!

    RE Keith Raniere & Preparation H:

    Good news!!!!!

    I want to remind everyone that even if Vanguard isn’t murdered, he still has to worry about prison rape. The good news is federal prison commissaries sell hemorrhoid cream at all locations.

    Why are there hemorrhoids in prison? Well mostly because of anal rape. Normally, anal sex does not cause physical damage. Unfortunately, this is not the case with anal-rape.

    “Alongside the psychological effects of rape; physical injuries were sustained by at least one inmate as a result of rectal sex. The inmate was “diagnosed with chronic hemorrhoids, an anal fissure, and symptomatic rectal prolapse”.

    “The inmate says as a result of anal [rape]intercourse he became plagued with painful bleeding hemorrhoids and eventually his rectum prolapsed[intestines slips away from the anus] and he bled every time he had a bowel movement. Years after he abandoned that lifestyle he still deals with the damage to his body. He currently wears adult diapers to deal with the damages”.

    Article on General Hemorrhoids in Prison:

    Prison Rape & Anal Sex [consensual]. This article is awesome because it actually gives you visual graphs and flowcharts, you can use to figure out the appropriate measures to take to make sure you don’t have too much physical pain and suffering; it even helps to explain how to deal with all the diseases you’ll get from unwanted anal intercourse.

    The following article is about what happens to men and women when they are anally raped both psychologically and physically. I only read a page, it’s one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever read in my life. Enjoy!

    All the information I have provided is true 100% factual, and accurate.

    Just a reminder, DOS women. All inmates in prison in who are raped end up contracting hepatitis. So no more avatar babies unless you want the baby and you to both die. Assuming you want to wait 15 to 20 years for Vanguard to get out.

    Thor no longer needs his hammer, but he does need Preparation H™️.

    Jokes aside, prison rape is no laughing matter and people should not be tortured inside of a prison. The fact that they sell mass quantities of preparation H gives credence to the fact the prison rape is happening on a large scale.

  • Great story Frank.
    I think it helped that Raniere had very rich woman like Laura Junco involved in child traffing to get him that visibility. Raniere might have just been known as a women trafficker. But junco’s outrageous emails about giving him her virgin child are so disturbing. Also the trafficking of young Mormon girls to Raniere . This was scary

  • Another thing…

    While I admire the talent of both Marie White and MK10art (both are talented artists), I don’t admire their passivity and lack of courage in the concepts they choose to depict in their drawings/paintings.

    Their shit is too safe. Not hard hitting enough. Too G-rated.

    For instance…

    I haven’t seen a single painting/drawing which depicts Keith in prison — in a vulnerable situation — complete with dialogue mocking his own philosophies on women.

    For example…

    I’m talking about PG-rated drawings (not X-rated drawings showing him getting buttfucked, though that would be cool too, lol) where there’s an implication of what’s about to happen, but before it happens.

    Such as a drawing with a jar of Vaseline or K-Y Jelly laying around the prison cell, with a handsome looking ‘Bubba’ nearby and Keith looking scared, with a quote from Keith’s philosophy such as: “it’s not rape if the man is good looking”.

    Or maybe an ugly looking Bubba standing nearby, with quote that says: “true freedom comes from totally surrendering yourself to somebody flawed”.

    (that’s what Keith told Nicole, when Nicole asked why she should surrender to a flawed person like Allison).

    Or perhaps a drawing showing a buttfuck encounter from an angle that’s PG-rated, where the reader can see Keith partially bent over from the front angle only, fully clothed of course, leaving the ‘behind’ portion to the ‘imagination’ (with Bubba standing behind him) — with a clever quote from Keith’s degrading philosophies about women.

    Or whatever. Those are just general ideas. Something else ‘hard hitting’ would be fine too.

    Just show some BALLS as an artist, for once.

    Hey Marie, why not just draw some flowers and butterflies while you’re at it?

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Somebody, please help Bangkok!
      What’s wrong with Bangkok? He has lost his friggin marbles. Maybe, Bangkok has been drinking heavily.

      Bangkok has just revealed his secret prison rape fantasies. Bangkok, in his last comment he is asking nxivmart to create “X-rated drawings showing him [Keith Raniere] getting buttfucked”. Bangkok goes on to say it would be “totally cool to see” Raniere taking it hard from a “handsome fella” or “a ugly” muscular inmate.

      Bangkok even asks the artist to draw special “PG angles” so he can almost see the penetration, but not quite. I guess Bangkok is trying to as he says “leave a little to the imagination”; at the same time Bangkok asks nxivart to show the inmates’ “BALLS”.

      I’m beginning to think Bangkok’s Boy Scout troop leader actually desecrated poor Bangkok’s fudge-tunnel without lube or a tank of ether…Because Bangkok was an eager and willing participant…Just like a schoolgirl on prom night.

  • Raniere has yet to be convicted of child molestation although it looks like he probably is a child molester.
    If he is convicted of pedophilia, he very well could be “offed” in prison.

    • Shadow,
      Keith Raniere took naked pictures of 15-year-old Cami with her legs spread open; what other evidence do you need?

    • Shadow,

      —Raniere has yet to be convicted of child molestation although it looks like he probably is a child molester.

      I love how you protect Keith Raniere, “he’s innocent until proven guilty”, but Allison Mack is “guilty, guilty, guilty…” or so you say.

      According to you shadow, Allison Mack attempted to sexually coerce a little girl, based all on the word of a neighbor Frank interviewed by phone.

      Shadow, you are not very consistent when it comes to giving people the benefit of the doubt.

      If anything you’re much more critical of women than you are men. It’s Rhiannon’s fault that Kieth Raniere “got away with sex crimes for so many years”. I haven’t read where you blame Mark Vicente whatsoever…

      Uh…Shadow can you please explain?

  • We are all the sum of the choices we have made.

    Only Raniere put himself where he is, with all its attendant risks.

    He may experience “prison justice,” and if he does, I will not mourn.

    He is where he should be.

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