FBI Agent: I Would Charge James Comey With Treason Right Now

James Comey

Editor’s Note: J. Gary DiLaura is a legendary FBI agent. He helped break the Timothy McVeigh case; was involved in the John Gotti arrest; and, in the old tradition of the FBI, collared bank robbers after shootouts, setting a record one year for most bank robbers caught in NYC. He is an opinionated man, with deep-seated political views. 

By J. Gary DiLaura

I’m starting this column with what I believe is a very telling question:

What FBI Director has been involved in more controversy in criminal investigations, with lots of allegations of corruption against him and within the ranks of the FBI  – since J. Edgar Hoover’s death? (I don’t remember ANY during Hoover’s tenure.)

Is the answer James Comey?

You bet it is and that, by itself, should make a reasonable man ask WHY?

Why would Comey violate the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and make prosecutorial comments, his opinions, regarding ongoing criminal investigations against Hillary Clinton?

There must be very close ties with the Clintons. Well, a little research is very revealing. Check for yourself, starting with the Marc Rich investigation by newly appointed (2001) SDNY US Attorney, James Comey!

Comey “cleared” Clinton and Comey’s career blossomed.

Follow it. It’s very telling.

I don’t want to waste my time on Comey’s close ties to the Clintons. You won’t believe me, so check for yourselves!

I don’t recall Hoover ever being accused of anything close to what Comey is accused of doing.

Comey’s First Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe, and Second, Peter Strzok, both testified under oath, that “Comey told me to leak”.

When did you ever hear that during any other FBI Director’s tenure – including Hoover?

Hoover had problems with Bobby Kennedy as AG. He told Nixon to “F”-off when Nixon said he would accept an executive position with the FBI. He did quid pro quo with adversaries when he went before appropriation committees – and usually won – for the FBI!

Hoover was never accused of leaking. Nor was he ever accused of undermining an investigation. He was accused of being too tough on communists and Martin Luther King.

After Hoover’s death, Clyde Tolson, deep throat, leaked everything he could because he wanted the director’s job, and believed he deserved it.  I believe he would have killed to get it but never did get appointed.

Instead, L Patrick Gray got the job, temporarily.

By a set of circumstances, I met and spent time with Mr. Gray and his wife. Mr. Gray was very concerned with the morale of the FBI because of the way Hoover treated the employees — all employees.

Mr. and Mrs. Gray wanted to know what to do to turn that around. Mrs. Gray could not believe how poorly FBI Agents were paid and how poorly FBI executives, including her husband, were paid!

She said they could not make a living on his salary. Mr. Gray was a Federal Judge before becoming FBI Director.

Image result for Judge Sessions,
Former FBI Director and judge, William Sessions

My impression of Mr. Gray and of the other former judge I spent some time with, Judge William Sessions, was that neither one of them knew anything about law enforcement. They were very good people with high standards, legal scholars, but knew nothing about law enforcement.

I kept asking, “Why would they appoint only former lawmen to chief of .[police jobs? Appoint only former/current military men to chiefs of various military branches but appoint a judge as FBI Director?”

It’s insane, in my humble opinion and doesn’t freaking work!

I never got an answer that made any sense!

I can tell you why none of the other FBI Directors were in criminal, legal trouble, however. Because they did not break the law! They followed the laws, they sent people to jail for breaking. But not Comey.

He is one person who believes he is above the law!

Comey, without any doubt in my mind, wants to be president of the United States and save you and me from ourselves. He knows what’s best for us!

Image result for loretta lynch
Former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch

The difference between Comey and Obama or Lynch or Clinton is Comey doesn’t care who knows he broke the law.

He admits he leaked. He admits he knew the Steele Dossier is a phony and still signed it. He knew Hillary broke hundreds of laws, he told us, but it was “best” for us that he did those things to save us from ourselves and of course, from Trump!

If I were the FBI Director, I would charge Comey with treason right now and only cut a deal if he gave me Obama!

Comey led a coup to overthrow the president and our government and lost!

The only problem I would have winning that case is credibility — the lack of it by Comey.

So I would need Lynch at least and Hillary to lock up a conviction. And you know what, I would get both Lynch and Clinton to roll — “wanna bet”?

They would all face conspiracy to commit treason. Treason carries the death penalty and there is no statute of limitations!


Two former FBI directors Robert Mueller and J. Edgar Hoover.


List of FBI Directors — Name which one caused the most disgrace to the FBI

J. Edgar Hoover July 1, 1935 – May 2, 1972 36 years, 306 days Director of the FBI; died from a heart attack at his Washington, D.C. home on May 2, 1972; only FBI director to have died in office Franklin D. RooseveltHarry S. TrumanDwight D. EisenhowerJohn F. KennedyLyndon JohnsonRichard Nixon
Clyde Tolson.jpg Clyde Tolson
May 2, 1972 – May 3, 1972 1 day Acting Director of the FBI Richard Nixon
Patrickgrey.jpeg L. Patrick Gray
May 3, 1972 – April 27, 1973 359 days
William Ruckelshaus.jpg William Ruckelshaus
April 30, 1973 – July 9, 1973 70 days
2 Clarence M. Kelley.jpg Clarence M. Kelley July 9, 1973 – February 15, 1978 4 years, 221 days Retired Richard Nixon; Gerald FordJimmy Carter
Jbadams.jpg James B. Adams
February 15, 1978 – February 23, 1978 8 days Associate Director of the FBI; Acting Director Jimmy Carter
3 Williamwebster.jpg William H. Webster February 23, 1978 – May 25, 1987 9 years, 91 days Left the FBI to become Director of Central Intelligence; only person to have held both positions Jimmy Carter; Ronald Reagan
Otto-lg.jpg John E. Otto
May 26, 1987 – November 2, 1987 160 days Deputy Director of the FBI; Acting Director Ronald Reagan
4 William S. Sessions.jpg William S. Sessions November 2, 1987 – July 19, 1993 5 years, 259 days Dismissed by President Bill Clinton Ronald Reagan; George H. W. BushBill Clinton
Clarke-lg.jpg Floyd I. Clarke
July 19, 1993 – September 1, 1993 44 days Deputy Director of the FBI; Acting Director Bill Clinton
5 Louisfreeh.jpeg Louis Freeh September 1, 1993 – June 25, 2001 7 years, 297 days Resigned Bill Clinton; George W. Bush
Pickard-lg.jpg Thomas J. Pickard
June 25, 2001 – September 4, 2001 71 days Deputy Director of the FBI; Acting Director George W. Bush
6 Director Robert S. Mueller- III (cropped).jpg Robert Mueller September 4, 2001 – September 4, 2013 12 years Term-limited; given extra 2 years George W. Bush; Barack Obama
James Comey official portrait (cropped).jpg James Comey September 4, 2013 – May 9, 2017 3 years, 247 days Dismissed by President Donald Trump Barack Obama; Donald Trump
Andrew McCabe official photo (cropped).jpg Andrew McCabe
May 9, 2017 – August 2, 2017 85 days Deputy Director of the FBI; Acting Director Donald Trump
8 Chris Wray official photo (cropped).jpg Christopher A. Wray August 2, 2017 – Present 2 years, 157 days

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